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Grant Me Wisdom

Grant me wisdom so that I can know your ways. 
Grant me courage to walk beside you all the way
Help me listen so that I can know your plan. 
For I know that everything you have for me Is only good

You have given me life and breath 
so that I can follow you. 
You have given me eyes and ears 
to behold your glory
You have given me hands and feet 
that I might be about your work 
Now I pray that all these gifts you give 
will help me in the way I live
To bring the lost into a life with you

Grant me wisdom so that I can know your ways. 
Grant me courage to walk beside you all the way
Help me listen so that I can know your plan. 
For I know that everything you have for me Is only good

You have given me trials and tests 
so I can learn to trust in you. 
You have given me times of silence 
to teach me patience
You have given me friends who bring to me 
heartache and despair
All to drive me to my knees in prayer 
so that I might seek your answers there
And can bring the lost into a life with you.

All of my life is designed for one purpose. 
All of my days are ordered for one goal
To show others through my situations 
That the love of God is real

Grant me wisdom so that I can know your ways. 
Grant me courage to walk beside you all the way
Help me listen so that I can know your plan. 
For I know that everything you have for me Is only good
Now I pray that all these gifts you give
Will help me in the way I live to bring the lost into a life with you

He Is The Answer

Why do I question my tomorrow when He’s got tomorrow in His hand
Why do I question my future when He’s always working out His plan
Why do I question what He’s doing when He’s doing good for me
Why do I question my decisions when He’s got His arms around me

Why do I wonder if I hear Him when His voice is deep inside me
Why do I wonder if He’ll heal me when breath is still flowing through me
Why do I wonder if He’ll hear me when He’s answered every prayer
Why do I wonder if He’s near me when He said He’ll always be there

I don’t have to question but I do
I don’t have to wonder what will be
I just have to rest in His arms
For He knows what’s best for me
Come trial or test
Come trouble or pain
I know I am His
I know I’ll be safe
I’ll trust in His love
For He is enough
Yes, He is the answer for me

It’s inevitable. At some point in our lives we will question God. We will question what He is doing. We will ask why we have to go through this trial or that struggle. We will wonder how our financial obligations will be met. We will be concerned over what the future holds when today looks so bleak. These question and many more are no problem for God. He is the answer to every question. He will answer you if you ask Him. That promise is repeated over and over and over again in His Word. Psalm 66:18, Jeremiah 33:3, John 14:14, are just a few of the many examples. He has no intention of leaving us in a place of questioning and doubt. His word is there to build our faith upon, to show us His ways, to reveal His plan for our lives. When questions start to arise, get into the word, for there you will find your answers. This world does not have the answer to these questions. I do not have the answer. But He does. Trust Him!

Matthew 7:7 King James Version (KJV)
7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

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Deeper In Love With You

Deeper in love with you
Deeper my Lord
Help me grow deeper in love with you Lord
Purge me with hyssop
Make my life pure
Deeper in Love with you forevermore

Draw me in closer
Closer to you
Deeper and deeper in love with you Lord

Sin comes so easily into my life. I am riding along with my Lord so calmly and all of a sudden there it is again. A harsh word, a little white lie, a backbite here and there or maybe something more serious yet more hidden. Sin is always lurking at the door. There is only one way to keep it at bay. A deep, deep love for Jesus and the sacrifice He made that day on the cross. Knowing that He paid the bitter price for my sin, and now will sprinkle His blood with the sweetness of hyssop over my transgressions should be enough to bring me deeper in love with Him.. After all, He is in love with me! And I have done nothing to deserve it. He has done so much to deserve my love. Oh, Lord how I want to be deeper in love with you!

Psalm 51:7 King James Version (KJV)
7 Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

Praising Through the Pain

Is anyone awake out there?

Can anybody hear?

I sure could use a friend right now

To talk to through my tears.


My back is aching once again

I cannot sleep at all

I took a pain pill hour ago

And I’m afraid I’ll fall


Oh, my God, where are you?

Can you hear my cry?

Why won’t you deliver me?

Why won’t pain subside?


My feet are aching also

It hurts me just to stand

And when I try to walk somewhere

The drop foot seems to land.


The walker helps to get up

And get into my chair

And that is where I sit right now

Not going anywhere


Oh, God, I’m crying out to you

Please heal these pains of mine

I need to know you hear me now

I need you at this time


I will lift my voice in praise

To you, my precious Lord

For you have done so much for me

A fact I can’t ignore


I thank you for your mercy

And I ask you now for more

But even if you leave me here

I’ll worship you, my Lord


I lift your name up high right now

Your glory I proclaim

Your worthy of my worship Lord

Even if my pain remains.

Thank you for your prayers

A while back I posted about the fact that I had Multiple Myeloma, a form of cancer, and asked for your prayers.  I know many of you have been praying for me, and I  can’t thank you enough.  After two stem cell transplants this summer  I met with my oncologist at the University of Iowa and want to share with you my current status.

The great news is the I am officially in remission!  Praise the Lord!  For Myeloma patients, what that means is that the number of cells carrying the Myeloma cancer has dropped below 100 million, making any cancer undetectable.  So next week Monday I start on a maintenance program that will last the next two years.

The first year, I will have chemo by infusion on Monday and Tuesday every other week, and also an oral chemo medication.  This is necessary is because once the remaining Myeloma cells realize that all the ones in my system are dead, they will wake up, and as they do they must be killed over a period of time.  The second year I will just do the oral chemo.  By the end of the second yea, they have found that all the sleeping cells have woken up and been killed off, and I can then be declared cancer free.

I also still have other issues I am dealing with that have come up during my treatments.  The first and most difficult is neuropathy in both of my feet and hands.  Both of my feet have developed drop foot as a result of this.  So not only do my feet hurt and are numb all over, I also have to wear a brace all the time in order to get around.  Moving about is not something I look forward to atoud all.  In my hands, it’s my pinkie finger, both of which are numb, and the finger next to it, which is about half numb.

The second issue is my right shoulder, which is not functioning at all.  The fortunate thing about it is that I have no pain in the shoulder.  I am working with a neurologist on both of these issues and can only hope there is some solution.

Of course, I know my healer is Jesus, and I trust that H will heal me in His time, and that he will give me the strength to endure until the healing comes.  He has been very merciful to me, and I love Him with all my life!

I thank you again for your prayers and support.  One of the big pluses for me through this whole thing is that I have become involved in this community of bloggers, and it has brought me a lot of joy.  You are wonderful people, and I am blessed to have the time now to stay involved.   God bless you all!


I see so many Christians

(Or at least that’s what they say)

Who profess that Jesus is their Lord

But they live a different way

On the surface they look very good

And they fool me quite a bit

But underneath and in their heart

They really don’t have it.


They gossip of their neighbors

And do honof them

They tear apart the pastor

When they should pray for him

Their ways are full of sinful things

When Christ asks righteousness

And often they complain and gripe

When they are oh so blessed


Hidden is humility

Pride is on display

Hidden is forgiveness

Anger comes each day

Hidden is compassion

They just walk on by

Hidden is their love for God

They just don’t testify


I pray today that you are not

One who hides their faith

That you are not ashamed to say

That Jesus is the way.





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What A Change

I was sure

No one could hear my cry

No one could feel my hurt

No one could truly love me


Then I found

Jesus would hear my prayer

Jesus would heal my pain

Jesus would always love me


I knelt down

And prayed through in tears

And prayed for His peace

And prayed He would save me


He came in

And filled up my soul

And filled me with joy

And filled the void in my heart


Now I know

His love has no end

His love is by grace

His love shows His mercy


What a change He brought

To my longing heart

What a Savior He is to me

Because He has set me free


He’s all that I ever sought

To fill up my poor dead heart

And He’ll do the same for you

If you’ll only ask Him to

Heal Our Land

I sit amidst the chaos

Of a lost and dying world

And I wonder when they’ll come to realize

That the softening of morals

And the sin they now condone

Is truly a reproach in God’s eyes


But I also wonder when the church

Will rise up and start to pray

That this world will turn away from all their sin

For it is our duty and our task

To know what the Bible says

And to pray from very deep down within


I must first humble myself

And know that I am no better

We are all the same in the sight of God

And if I lift my neighbor
As I would like to be lifted

My prayers will soon be heard in heaven above


And once I humble myself I pray

For the lost soul deep within

Everyone who has followed the devils’ lies

I do not judge nor condemn

But pray the light will shine through

And open the sinner’s eyes


Then I seek God’s grace

To know how to pray

For the Holy Spirit will give me the words

I must go to Him

To pray righteously

And not have my own thoughts be heard


And last but not least

I put my sin aside

If God is to answer my prayer

For If I regard

Sin in my heart

The Lord will not hear what I say


After all this

His promise is true

He says He’ll forgive our sin

And then, only then

Will our country revive

For He says He will heal our land

Homeward Bound

I’m waiting for the trumpet sound
When dead believers leave the ground
They rise to Him
Free of their sin
And will go with Him, homeward bound
Then those of us who still remain
And confess the Lord, Christ Jesus name
Will leave this earth
And rise with mirth
And join Him in the clouds that day
But all who do not know the Lord
Will stay here on this earth forlorn
The judgment day
Will soon take place
And they will weep, and cry and mourn
The book of Revelation comes
God’s wrath us poured out on everyone
Though some get saved
That will be spared
The rest will suffer pain unknown
And when the final battle ‘ s won
Christ’s victory will all be done
If we’re with Him
We also win
And heavens home for everyone
But those who lose this fateful day
Will with their last breath surely pay
The Lake of Fire
Is their last pyre
Hells’ torment is where they remain
You must tell those around you now
That Jesus soon is coming down
Please get them saved
So they’ll evade
The judgement coming in the clouds

Restore The Land

The enemy gathers daily

Just before the dawn

To plan a way to take you down

They gather up the gossip

Rumors and lies

And start a chain to spread it all around


Wording carefully crafted

And very neatly spun

Their web of deception knows no shame

The little minions gather

One by one they flee

To the human destination with their name


The saints of God gather

Just before the dawn

To plan a way to lift you to the King

They sound aloud their prayers

For healing and strength

To fight the battles this day’s going to bring


Interceding Prayers

And praises to our God

Their voices sing a song of victory

The angels gather round

To protect the saints of God

From any and all attacks of the enemy


With which of these groups

Do you work today?

The one lifting up?

Or the one breaking down?


Because as Christians we seem

To take both sides in stride

One minute we tear up

And the next we edify.


This ought not to be

In our lives as His church

We ought to be always

Lifting up those who hurt


Gossip and tale bearing

Have no place in the body

Putting others down for fun

Is an affront to our Lord


So come on church, rise up

Let the good words win out

Let the body of Christ

Rise up with a shout

Encourage each other

Pray for the sick

Help out the lonely

Make your faith stick


If all of us would

Take the time for this plan

The church would rise up

And restore this land