Heal Our Land

I sit amidst the chaos

Of a lost and dying world

And I wonder when they’ll come to realize

That the softening of morals

And the sin they now condone

Is truly a reproach in God’s eyes


But I also wonder when the church

Will rise up and start to pray

That this world will turn away from all their sin

For it is our duty and our task

To know what the Bible says

And to pray from very deep down within


I must first humble myself

And know that I am no better

We are all the same in the sight of God

And if I lift my neighbor
As I would like to be lifted

My prayers will soon be heard in heaven above


And once I humble myself I pray

For the lost soul deep within

Everyone who has followed the devils’ lies

I do not judge nor condemn

But pray the light will shine through

And open the sinner’s eyes


Then I seek God’s grace

To know how to pray

For the Holy Spirit will give me the words

I must go to Him

To pray righteously

And not have my own thoughts be heard


And last but not least

I put my sin aside

If God is to answer my prayer

For If I regard

Sin in my heart

The Lord will not hear what I say


After all this

His promise is true

He says He’ll forgive our sin

And then, only then

Will our country revive

For He says He will heal our land

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