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The Believers Life

Jesus You Are Marvelous

Jesus you are marvelous
Your glory fills the skies
I cannot wait until the day
I look into your eyes

Jesus you are wonderful
Your love has captured me
I didn’t even know you
When you came and rescued me

Jesus you are glorious
Your Word is now my Light
I used to live in darkness
You’ve given me my sight

Jesus you are everything
You fill my every need
I cannot live without you
You are more than life to me

Jesus you’re amazing
Your mercy covers me
I don’t deserve your love
Yet you still take hold of me

Jesus you are all I need
All my heart requires
All of me will praise your name
Until my breath expires


It’s His Mercy

People often ask me why I follow Christ
They just don’t seem to understand His benefits in life
I tell them it’s quite simple and easy to receive
Just ask Him for forgiveness and then His Word believe

Once these things have happened your eyes will open wide
You’ll understand that Jesus is right there by your side
Truly you will know that He cares for you each day
One thing will really stand out as you walk along His way

It’s His mercy plain and simple
His mercy came for me
His mercy left a throne above to die upon a tree
His mercy then forgave me
His mercy gave me life
His mercy keeps me everyday
His mercy is my guide

His mercy brings me healing
His mercy frees my soul
His mercy brings such joy and peace
His mercy I will hold
I’ve learned I cannot live without
This mercy that He gives me
His mercy is the source of Life
His mercy covers me

When anybody asks again what Jesus did for you
When they say they just can’t why you worship like you do
Just smile and look at them with your eyes just full of love
And tell them it’s His mercy His mercy is enough

The Believers Life

His Only Son

I never understood the tests
I always tried to do my best
But never found a quiet place to rest

But then the Holy Spirit comes
He places me in Jesus arms
I realize I’m free from any harm

What a wonder my God is
What a miracle He gives me
He sent His Son
His only Son
To die and set me free

I now can safely rest in Him
I have a quiet peace within
I’ll never doubt His wondrous grace again

He’ll always be there by my side
His loving mercy will abide
And I will be forever satisfied

What a wonder my God is
What a miracle He gives me
He sent His Son
His only Son
To die and set me free

His only Son delivered
His only Son has healed me
His only Son took all my pain away
His only Son became my Lord
His only Son whom I adore
His only Son to whom I pray

What a wonder my God is
What a miracle He gives me
He sent His Son
His only Son
To die and set me free

Born again

A New Start

Leave all your doubt
Leave all your fear
Leave all your worry
Be of good cheer
Trust in the Lord
With all your heart
He’ll light your path
He’ll bring you out

Leave all your anger
Leave gossiping
Leave all your troubles
Come to the King
Trust in the Lord
Give Him your life
He’ll give you peace
In the midst of your strife

Leave all your sin
There at the cross
Leave all your shame
He paid the cost
Bow at His feet
Worship His name
Jesus is Lord
Give Him your praise

Holy is He
Holy is he
Bring adoration
Down on your knees
Humbly before Him
Seek His sweet grace
Once your forgiven
Look in His face

He loves you more
Than you can imagine
He’ll help you through
In ways you can’t fathom
Trust in the Lord
With all your heart
This is the time
To make a new start

Praise and Worship

Living in the Lord

I used to run and hide when the devil came at me
He seemed so big and strong and His countenance was mean
But now I stand and say Satan get behind me
I know who I am I’m a child of the King

I used to fear and tremble when trials came my way
I thought they’d overwhelm me and carry me away
But now I stand and say I will take the trial today
I know that these troubles will only build my faith

Living in the Lord is so rewarding
Living in the vine gives life to me
I’ll never leave His side
In me His word abides
No longer will I fear the enemy

I used to be a child that would lose his joy and peace
Whenever I was troubled by my worldly enemies
But now I stand and say that my soul will stay at ease
I know the Holy Spirit will always be with me

No longer will I doubt
No longer will I fear
No longer will I run
No longer shed a tear
No longer will the enemy
Have a grip on me
I’ll call the name of Jesus
To repel the enemy

Living in the Lord is so rewarding
Living in the vine gives life to me
I’ll never leave His side
In me His word abides
No longer will I fear the enemy


Born again

The Choice

The day is coming soon my friend for Jesus to appear
I pray that you are ready for the time is very near
Today you have a choice to make that will affect your days
Once this life is all over and eternity awaits

If you do not accept the Lord and what He did for you
When He died on the cross and saved your soul so long ago
Then you will meet a fiery lake where worms and moth corrupt
Your thirst will never cease and your soul will cry enough

But days will never end and the torment will increase
The fury of our enemy on you will be unleashed
His dark domain is full of hate and evil all the time
Your soul will wallow in that pain until the end of time

But if you’ve asked the Lord of Lords to come into your heart
And if you’ve made the choice to let Him give you a new start
You are a new creation and the old many passed away
You will go straight to heaven when He returns that day

The pearly gates await you and you’ll walk on streets of gold
There will be no pain or tears or sorrows that you’’ll hold
We’ll see all of our friends who have made Jesus their choice
We all will be rejoicing with one heart and voice

Please make today the day that you make Jesus Lord
Ask Him to forgive your sins and save your sinful soul
Bow before His throne and honor Him as King of Kings
Then He will give you heaven and your heart will gladly sing

Holy holy are you Lord you are my souls delight
Power strength and glory be to you who sits on high
Hosanna in the highest you’re the Lamb upon the throne
Forever I will sing my praise to Jesus Christ my Lord