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Great God Almighty

I will praise God the Father, great things He has done 
He has given us a Savior. He has given us His son
Who died for our sins and then He rose again, 
Sent the Holy Spirit to guide us to His love

Great God Almighty how I love Him
He came to us a lowly child
Born of a virgin in a stable 
Lived life as one whose meek and mild

He walked upon this earth healing sickness
Opened blinded eyes so they could see
Taught us about a loving Father
Who always cared for you and me

He walked this earth to show His power 
Great things He did and always good 
But those in authority distained Him
His mission they had misunderstood 

They whipped him and spit on Him in hatred
They put a crown of thorns upon His head
They nailed Him to a cross and crucified Him
Left Him to hang ‘til He was dead

Some friends laid Him in a borrowed tomb
Rolling a stone across the door
The people all thought that it was over
They would not gear from Him anymore 

Three days went by
Three days went by
The stone rolled back
He rose alive. 
Out of the tomb
Out of the grave 
He is alive 
He is alive 
He is alive
So we can live
To spread His love 

I will praise God the Father, great things He has done 
He has given us a Savior. He has given us His son
Who died for our sins and then He rise again, 
Sent the Holy Spirit to guide us to His love

I Can’t Imagine

I can’t imagine what went through the shepherd’s mind that night
When the angel of the Lord appeared, bringing brilliant light
I can’t imagine what they heard when those angels start to sing
Peace on earth and Hallelujah, glory to the newborn king

I can’t imagine what the wisemen thought from distance far
When they looked up in the sky and saw that brilliant star
I can’t imagine as they journeyed to a foreign land
To see the King of Kings as the prophecy had said

I can’t imagine Joseph’s thoughts a Mary was in pain
Bringing forth the baby that would be the great I AM
I can’t imagine Mary holding Jesus as a babe
And singing lullaby’s to Him as He lay in the hay

I can’t imagine Jesus before the Father on that day
Saying I will go to earth and become a little babe
I can’t imagine walking with Him as He taught the crowds
And being there when he scolded all the Pharisees aloud

I can’t imagine all the pain he felt that fateful night
As they beat Him and they whipped Him into a frightful sight
I can’t imagine seeing Him just hanging on a cross
I probably would think that this is such a loss

I can’t imagine when one day I’ll see Him in the clouds
As He returns to take us home and give to us our crowns
I can’t imagine what a time that we will have in heaven
Praising Him and joining saints forever and forever.

What Is it?

What is it that makes me love Him so?
Is it the joy in my heart or the peace in my soul?
Or is it the fact that He gave up His life
To die on a cross so long ago

What is it that causes my heart to sing?
Is it the pain that He heals or the faith that He brings?
Or is it the fact that He rose up again
Giving hope amidst everything

What is it that makes my praise to arise?
Is it all that He taught just to open my eyes?
Or is it that He will one day return
And meet me way up in the sky

Whatever it is that causes these things
I hope that they always remain
My love and my song and the praise that I bring
Will always be full of amens

Amen that He came from His heavenly throne
Amen that He made a manger His home 
Amen that He healed everyone that He touched
Amen that He taught us that He was enough
Amen that He suffered and died for my sin
Amen that He gave me new life within
Amen that He rose up alive from the grave
Amen that He promised me heaven one day

All these amens and so many more
Are due to the one that I so adore
My praise and my worship never will cease
‘Til I rest in His arms and my life is complete

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time there was a garden
Where everything was good and right for all
God set down.one rule for man to follow
In order to stay pure and never fall

Once upon a time there was a serpent 
Who tempted man to break the rule God made
Man tasted of the fruit that was forbidden 
And on the day he fell from God's good grace

Once upon a time there was a baby
Who truly came from God to make things right
He grew in wisdom and He taught the masses
What it means to walk in holy light

Once upon a time the priests were angry
And they arranged to put this man to death
The did not realize they were fulfilling 
The prophecies of old that they had read 

Once upon a time they bruised and beat Him
They hung Him on a cross until He died 
But then the third day came with big surprises 
The tomb was empty and He was alive

Once upon a time this man named Jesus
Redeemed us all from all our sin and shame
He took the stripes to heal our broken bodies 
And renewed our Covenant with God again

I know this poem reads quite like a fable
And sounds like it is to good to be true
But I assure you now it really happened
That the Son of God came down to earth for you

He came to show us how much He does love us
He came to being new life to everyone 
Today won't you please give your life to Jesus 
And you will know the victory is won.

He Made Me New

I can almost hear His voice calling out
In the depths of my soul, it does speak
Saying “My body today has been broken for you
And my blood has been spilled painfully
But it’s all worth the price I have paid
To give you the gift of my grace”
As I hear these words, I bow lift up my eyes
To the one on the cross, who has given His life
And I lift up my voice in praise

Hosanna to God in the highest
Praises to Jesus the Son
He died just for me
With His blood set me free
The victory for me He has won

What an amazing gift He has given
When he died on the cross for me
The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords
Came to earth just to set me free
He took all my sin, my sickness, my scars
And bore them all for me as he hung on the cross
I can’t help but lift up my worship to Him
And sing out my song from deep down within
For all he has done for me

He took all my pain.  He took my disease
He took all my doubts.  He took all my scars
He took all my troubles.  He took all my anguish
He took all my worry.  He took all my suffering
He took all my sorrow.  He took all my sins
He took everything then He made me new

Hosanna to God in the highest
Praises to Jesus the Son
He died just for me
With His blood set me free
The victory for me He has won

He Did It All For Me

I am so glad He was born for me. 
In a manger where almost no one could see. 
He was born with great humility. 
And He did it all for me

I am so glad that he lived for me. 
Teaching the way that I should be. 
Miracles that everyone could see. 
And he did it all for me

I am so glad that he suffered for me. 
Took the stripes on his back and the nails in his feet. 
Made the devil go down in eternal defeat. 
And He did it all for me

I am so glad that he died for me 
and then rose again to victory 
now all live with him eternally.
He did it all for me

His mercy and grace are more than enough. 
His atoning death was what brought him to us. 
And now we are free from the curse of the cross. 
Because He did it all for me.

So, rise up and shout in victory. 
Give him the praise and the glory. 
And tell everyone you know eternal story 
Of how he did it all for me

What A Savior He Is To Me

He left his throne to bear the cross
He left his crown my sin He bought
He left his majesty Supreme 
To come and save a wretch like me

He left His royal robes aside
He left the praise of heaven’s choir
He left His seat at God’s hand
To come and walk this sin filled land

It overwhelms me when I think
Of all He left behind
What a Savior He is to me
I’ll praise Him for all time

What great compassion
What boundless love
He covered my sin
His grace is enough

It’s All jesus

If there’s one thing I have learned
There is no way I can earn
His mercy
Or His grace

One more thing I have learned
It’s that I do not deserve
The glory
Or the praise 

It’s all Jesus
It’s the price that He paid
On the cross
It’s all Jesus
It’s the blood that He gave
Just for us

If there’s one thing I must do
It’s to lift my voice to you
My Savior
And my Lord

And give you praise
Give you glory
Give you honor
All my days

It’s all Jesus
It’s the price that He paid
On the cross
It’s all Jesus
It’s the blood that He gave
Just for us

Jesus Life

Happily Ever After

Once upon a time there was a Savior
Who came down from the heavens high above
He came a humble babe
And in a manger lay
He came to teach us of His Father’s love 

He walked upon the earth and brought deliverance
The common people flocked to hear him speak
But man of high estate
Thought death would be His fate
They convinced the people that His life was fake

This Savior was condemned to cruel death
They whipped Him so His blood ran crimson red
Then they nailed Him to a tree
Thinking they had victory
They’d be rid of Him once His flesh was dead

Then on that cross He spoke some words that traveled
Down through the course of man for all of time
He said father forgive them
For they know not what they do
Then he bowed His head and silently He died

The men of high estate were quite elated
The man they couldn’t stand was finally gone
But three days after death
He rose again to life
Bringing happily ever after to us all

This little verse may seem a fairy tale
But it is true and Jesus lives today
Just give your life to Him
And He’ll forgive your sin
Then for all time you will reign and live with Him

A Crown of Victory

Adam and Eve were awakened that day
When their innocency was washed away
From God’s presence they became afraid
So they hid from the face of God
He asked them why they hid away
They blamed one another for their shame
But God knew that they were both to blame
Sin had now entered the world
He told the woman she would give birth
He told the man that the earth would be cursed
Thorns and thistles would grow to hinder their work
In that garden that once was free
The way was blocked to the tree of life
For thousands of years man lived in strife
Then Jesus cam and offered His life
As a ransom for you and me
He told a story about seeds that were sown
The seed of the Word of God was His own
Yet for many the thorns made the word unknown
And the seed withered and died
The thorns He wore that day as a crown
Represented the thorns that grew from the ground
Of the garden that day when man fell down
He wore them the day that He died
But those thorns were a crown of victory
That Jesus won for you and me
He is the way to that wonderful tree
That gives us eternal life