He Peeks Through

When storm clouds have gathered
When lightning cracks loud
He peeks through the storm
Rainbow colors abound

When sickness has found us
We’re feeling quite low
He peeks through the hurt
And all pain must go

He parts the darkness
He shines His light
He peeks in with mercy
And brings us new life

When finances crumble
Our battle seems lost
He peeks through the chaos
He pays all the cost

When sin was abounding
Our lives bound for hell
He peeks in with grace
His story we’ll tell

He parts the darkness
He shines His light
He peeks in with mercy
And brings us new life

He peeked down from heaven
He saw our estate
He died on a cross
Provides our escape
From sin’s deathly blow
He made us a way
He peeked past our sin
And showed us the way

He parts the darkness
He shines His light
He peeks in with mercy
And brings us new life


It Seemed Enough

I’ve given myself to studies
I’ve given myself to work
I’ve given myself to liqueur
I’ve often been a jerk

I’ve given myself to women
I’ve given myself to drugs
I’ve given myself to this world
At times it seemed enough

Bu then I heard a voice calling
Calling me by name
‘Twas the voice of Jesus my Savior
I have never been the same

So from now on I dedicate
My life to Jesus my Lord
And I give my whole self to Him
I will trust in Him alone


In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/09/23/your-daily-word-prompt-dedicate-september-23rd-2018/

The Nature of our Soul

Some say that they will be fine in the end
That Jesus saved us all that fateful day
The sacrifice was made
On Him our sins were laid
And now we can go on our merry way

There’s an element of truth in what they say
Jesus did atone for all our sins that day
But still you must repent
Of a life that has been spent
With the sin stain of the past still in place

You see it’s not the sin that we all see
That is critical to rid from this body
It’s the nature of our soul
That keeps us from being whole
It’s been there since the beginning of all time

This natural sin is deep within your heart
And there is only one way it departs
Confess that you have sinned
Repent and ask Him in
Take a personal step to Jesus Christ our Lord

In response to the daily prompt

The Right Path

I loved to play a part or two with the Iowa River Players
They put on stage plays several times a year
For many years my wife and I filled roles that made us smile
And sometimes they would also bring a tear

These roles were usually fun to play and kept us very busy
It stole a lot of time away from home
It also took away from spending time alone with God
And that is when my mind began to roam

I went a long way off the path where I should not have gone
I found myself destroying my own life
Then I remembered the dramatic way that Jesus came
And took all of my deathly sins away

He was beaten close to death by a Roman soldiers scourge
His flesh was ripped with wounds on back and chest
A cruel crown of thorns was placed upon His head
He was beaten, spited on and mocked in jest

All His followers denied Him as they called out crucify
He carried His own cross to Calvary
Nails pierced through hands and feet as they hung Him to a tree
Then He breathed His last and died for you and me

He died to free us from our sin and heal us from our pain
He died to reconcile us to God
The He rose again to give us all eternity with Him
He proved to all that He had overcome

Now we all have a choice to accept the price He paid
And become the sons of God he called us to
This is what has brought me back to the path I am now on
And the path that I am praying is for you

In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/09/14/your-daily-word-prompt-dramatic-september-14th-2018/

My Conclusion

When I think of the fact that water and ice
Are made from two gases that meet and splice
I can’t help but wonder how they first met
And decided their union would be complex

When I think of how stars form a pattern in space
As the wander around from place to place
I can’t help but wonder how it came to be
That they would give guidance to sailors at sea

So many questions have flooded my mind
Of incredible things that have happened through time
I have made the conclusion that satisfies me
There’s a God up in heaven who makes this all be

Our God in heaven sent us His own Son
He died on a cross to redeem everyone
The curse of sin broken by His sacrifice
Death is defeated by eternal life.

Do you live with this incredible gift
Have you accepted what only God gives
Ask Him today to forgive your sins
Then He will pardon and live within


In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/09/12/your-daily-word-prompt-incredible-september-12th-2018/

Only Our God

Who tells the sun when to rise each day
Who tells the moon when to shine or fade
Who moves the stars from place to place
Only our God. Only our God

Who starts the wind and commands it to blow
Who steers the clouds where they should go
Who rises temperature or sets it low
Only our God. Only our God

Who gives the birds a song to sing
Who rises flowers from seeds each spring
Who allows bees to buzz and sting
Only our God. Only our God

Who brings the leaves upon the trees
Who changes their color before the freeze
Who has them fall in autumns breeze
Only our God. Only our God

Who sent His only Son to die
Who rose Him up to bring new life
Who loves us more than we realize
Only our God. Only our God

Who wants us for His own today
Who hears us when we bow and pray
Who blesses us in every way
Only our God. Only our God



I come to you with just one plea
That you would listen close to me
It’s not that I am all that smart
I just have something to impart

This life can be a lonely place
Time seems to vanish as we race
Friends come and go as years pass by
There is no rhyme or reason why

We all need one to walk us through
The valleys that our steps don’t choose
When storms arise we’ll have that friend
That will be with us to the end

Jesus Christ is just that way
He’ll walk alongside us each day
If you have made Him Lord of all
His strong arms will not let you fall

Ask Him to take your sin away
Ask Him to live in you today
Then follow Him with all your heart
You’ll find that life has hit restart

In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/09/08/your-daily-word-prompt-alongside-september-8th-2018/

No One Knows

No one knows the depth of sin that once ruled in my heart
No one knows the damage that this sin to me imparts
No one knows the chains that bound my mind to think I’m smart
No one knows but Jesus

No one knows the depth of love that God showed me that day
No one knows the cost He bore to give His Son away
No one knows how much it took to change my sinful ways
No one knows but Jesus

He knows my every sorrow
He knows my every care
He knows when I am hurting
His love is always there
He knows my inner struggles
He knows my wandering heart
He knows deep down I love Him
His love never departs

No one knows how much I want to serve Him with my all
No one knows exactly what will be my lifelong call
No one knows how often I still stumble and then fall
No one knows but Jesus

He gave His all for me
That day on Calgary
He died to take my sin and set me free
He knew what it would take
This was no mistake
He bled and died
Then rose on high
To bring me victory

He knows my every sorrow
He knows my every care
He knows when I am hurting
His love is always there
He knows my inner struggles
He knows my wandering heart
He knows deep down I love Him
His love never departs


What is Life?

What is life
Why are we here on this earth
An earth filled with strife
An earth filled with fear

What should we do
With this life we’ve been given
With all we’ve been through
While we’ve been living

I cannot answer for you my friend
But I know the answer I found
The definition of why I am here
Is to tell of my Saviors love

When I was lost He called to me
He loved me even in my lost estate
He died on a cross a long time ago
That from my despair I could escape

My life is now centered on Him
I must tell you all that He died for you
There’s no one that He cannot save from their sin
Won’t you accept His great love for you

Cry out to Jesus forgive me my Lord
I give you my sin please save me today
He’ll gather you up in His loving arms
You’ll be His child for all of your days

In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/08/31/your-daily-word-prompt-definition-august-31st-2018/


I’ve had a change of lifestyle

Through the last 40 years
I’ve walked through hills and valleys

I’ve shed a lot of tears

My life before was earthly
Filled with drugs and drink
My mind was in the gutter
My tongue spewed only stink
But then I met my Savior
He washed my sins away
He’s changed my life completely
Now mercy fills my days
There’s still vestigial sins
That haunt my tongue and mind
Every day I ask the Lord
To free me from my pride
For pride us what will keep me
From giving all to Him
When I control this heart of mine