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Truth in Every Word

Once upon a time there was a sinner
Who looked and acted just like me
He didn’t know He needed a redeemer
To wipe away his sin and set him free

Once upon a time there was a Savior
Who came into this world from heaven’s throne
He died to bring salvation to this sinner
And make him like a child of His own

Once upon a time this sinner fell down’
Upon His knees in wonder of it all
He confessed his sin and asked the Savior
To wipe away the stain and make him whole

Once upon a time the Savior saw him
Crying out in desperate need of love
He picked the sinner up in His arms
And carried him to his new home above

This may sound like a fairy tale to some folks
But I assure there’s truth on every word
The sinner once was me in desperation
The Savior’s name is Jesus Christ the Lord

He came into this world to buy my pardon
They crucified Him on a rugged cross
The sin of all the world upon His shoulders
His death brought life that day upon that cross

Once upon a time he came to save you
Once upon a time he bore your sin
Won’t you please take Jesus as your Savior
So He can bring you back to God again?

Oh, What A Savior He is to Me

I once was bound but now I’m free
I once was blind but now I see
I once was troubled but now have peace
Oh, what a Savior He is to me

I once had fear but now have faith
I once was guilty but He took my place
I once was a sinner but he showed me grace
Oh, what a Savior He is to me

What a Savior He is to me
Took my sin, nailed it to a tree
All my shame and guilt gone forevermore
Gave me new life, my heart restored

I once had sorrow but now have joy
I once had despair, but hope I enjoy
I once was so poor, but now riches untold
Oh, what a Savior He is to me 

What a Savior He is to me
Gives me life eternally
Relieves all my fears and all of my doubts
From all of my troubles He leads me out

So, I will praise Him, I will lift my voice
Up to the heavens with a shout of praise
So, I will praise Him, I will lift His name
Higher and higher will I lift my praise.

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time there was a garden
Where everything was good and right for all
God set down.one rule for man to follow
In order to stay pure and never fall

Once upon a time there was a serpent 
Who tempted man to break the rule God made
Man tasted of the fruit that was forbidden 
And on the day he fell from God's good grace

Once upon a time there was a baby
Who truly came from God to make things right
He grew in wisdom and He taught the masses
What it means to walk in holy light

Once upon a time the priests were angry
And they arranged to put this man to death
The did not realize they were fulfilling 
The prophecies of old that they had read 

Once upon a time they bruised and beat Him
They hung Him on a cross until He died 
But then the third day came with big surprises 
The tomb was empty and He was alive

Once upon a time this man named Jesus
Redeemed us all from all our sin and shame
He took the stripes to heal our broken bodies 
And renewed our Covenant with God again

I know this poem reads quite like a fable
And sounds like it is to good to be true
But I assure you now it really happened
That the Son of God came down to earth for you

He came to show us how much He does love us
He came to being new life to everyone 
Today won't you please give your life to Jesus 
And you will know the victory is won.

What Do I See

I look in the mirror and what do I see
But my old soul looking back at me 
Decrepit and sinful as I can be
I need someone to set me free 

Free from the burden I carry each day
Free from the trials that get in my way
Free from the hurt, the sorrow, the shame
Free from a life that has lost its way 

What will it take to restore my soul?
Who can redeem me and make me whole?
Who can make new something so old?
Who can make free that which sin controls?

I pick up a book that I never have read
I read of a man who came back from the dead 
He promised he'd give me a new life ahead
If I'd just believe and from my sin repent 

I fall on my knees and lift up my voice
I make up my mind and I make a new choice 
No longer will I live without any joy
I will follow Jesus and make Him my Lord

I look in the mirror and what do I see
But a soul that is saved and from sin set free
A new life was born when He heard my plea
What a great Savior is Jesus to me

Then You Found Me

I was lost and wandering farther every day
I was blind and I could not find my way
All my sin was too heavy 
My mistakes had destroyed me
I was ready to give up and fade away

Then you found me
Put your arms around me
Led me out from all my misery and shame
Then you saved me
Put your love within me
Taught me all I needed now is your sweet name

Now I walk the road that you would have me walk
And I talk the talk that you would have me talk
I am saved and now set free
Peace and joy they comfort me
I’m a child of the king eternally

Because you found me
Put your arms around me
When I did not know my way, you showed me out
Then you saved me
Put your love within me
I will lift your name and praise you with a shout

The name of Jesus
The name of Jesus
What a precious name it is to me
The name of Jesus
The name of Jesus
You set me free.  You set me free

Because you found me
Put your arms around me
Now I walk with you and talk with you each day
Then you saved me
Put your love within me
I’m devoted to you, Lord, all the way

He Made Me New

I can almost hear His voice calling out
In the depths of my soul, it does speak
Saying “My body today has been broken for you
And my blood has been spilled painfully
But it’s all worth the price I have paid
To give you the gift of my grace”
As I hear these words, I bow lift up my eyes
To the one on the cross, who has given His life
And I lift up my voice in praise

Hosanna to God in the highest
Praises to Jesus the Son
He died just for me
With His blood set me free
The victory for me He has won

What an amazing gift He has given
When he died on the cross for me
The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords
Came to earth just to set me free
He took all my sin, my sickness, my scars
And bore them all for me as he hung on the cross
I can’t help but lift up my worship to Him
And sing out my song from deep down within
For all he has done for me

He took all my pain.  He took my disease
He took all my doubts.  He took all my scars
He took all my troubles.  He took all my anguish
He took all my worry.  He took all my suffering
He took all my sorrow.  He took all my sins
He took everything then He made me new

Hosanna to God in the highest
Praises to Jesus the Son
He died just for me
With His blood set me free
The victory for me He has won

He Did It All For Me

I am so glad He was born for me. 
In a manger where almost no one could see. 
He was born with great humility. 
And He did it all for me

I am so glad that he lived for me. 
Teaching the way that I should be. 
Miracles that everyone could see. 
And he did it all for me

I am so glad that he suffered for me. 
Took the stripes on his back and the nails in his feet. 
Made the devil go down in eternal defeat. 
And He did it all for me

I am so glad that he died for me 
and then rose again to victory 
now all live with him eternally.
He did it all for me

His mercy and grace are more than enough. 
His atoning death was what brought him to us. 
And now we are free from the curse of the cross. 
Because He did it all for me.

So, rise up and shout in victory. 
Give him the praise and the glory. 
And tell everyone you know eternal story 
Of how he did it all for me

Beside Me

Today I can say how good it is
To sleep in my house 
To lay in my bed
To rest in my living room
With the one I love beside me
It was lonely when we were apart
It was hard to sleep
It was uncomfortable to rest 
It was unusual in its waiting
With one beside me now and then
Our Father in heaven gave his son
To be born in a Manger
To die on a cross
To forgive our sins and give us life
So we could be with Him eternally
He cries to us 
Come, rest in my peace
Come, lay in my arms
Come, be with me forever
For you are the one I love
If you don't know Jesus
As your Lord and Savior
Why not ask Him today to forgive you
Ask Him into your heart
And He will save your soul
And you will be with Him

All It Takes

By His miraculous hand
He was wounded for our transgressions
Bruised for our iniquities
The chastisement of our peace was upon Him
And by His stripes we are healed
Could the prophet make it any clearer?
Can God make it any clearer?
Have you experienced His healing?
His forgiveness?
His deliverance?
Do you have His peace?
It is right there, waiting for you -
A simple acknowledgement of His sacrifice
And your unworthiness
Is all it takes.
Won't you ask Him in today?
Allow the Savior to heal your hurt
Remove your iniquities
Grant you His peace?
He is standing at the door knocking
Gently knocking at the door of your heart
Now is the accepted time
Today is the day of salvation!

He Died For You

In the midst of my troubles when all seems so lost
I turn my eyes upward to that man on the cross
He suffered in anguish pain ripped His soul
Despised and rejected the scars took their toll

In one last, deep breath "It is finished" He said
And He gave up His life and was taken for dead
"What was finished" you ask as you look on that tree
"Did the death of one man make a difference to me"

The plan of salvation that God had begun
In the beginning had now been won 
For Jesus took all of our sin on that cross
He gave up His life at a terrible cost

The perfect lamb slain for all of our sin
So that we might find freedom deep down within
Have you knelt at His cross and accepted this truth?
So precious and gracious - he died there for you.