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He Comes Running

I was lost without redemption
And I needed His salvation
Deep inside my soul I knew He was the way
I looked up and saw the cross
Then I knew that I was lost
He shed His blood so I could live another day

When I realized my weakness
I knew I needed His forgiveness
I knelt down and cried out for His saving grace
All at once I felt His presence
Giving me a brand-new essence
It was time to lift my hands and give Him praise

God I still on the throne
His mercy and grave never fail
God is still on the throne
Giving life to all who call upon His name

Still today there are times
When my life seems out of rhyme
I go drifting of and leave His loving arms
In my heart I still believe
That He beckons out to me
He is there to keep me safe from any harm


He comes running after me.  He comes running after me
He comes running after me with grace so free
He comes running after me so that h\He can show His mercy
He comes running, running after me


Sinking Sand

The sinking sand where I once walked was treacherous indeed
More troublesome than all my woes, more stormy than the sea
While I would struggle to get out, the deeper I did sink
Until I found myself so stuck, I couldn’t even think

But one thing had my head afloat above the muck and mire
A little ray of faith did shine inside my weakened mind
I shouted out to God above to pull me from this mess
I told Him I would walk away and all my sins confess

Then I felt a hand from heaven grab hold of my hand
My body lifted from the mud and landed on dry land
I felt a wind come dry me off and soon I was all clean
I looked up to the heavens above and with my voice I screamed

Thank you, Lord, for saving me and giving me new life
I wasn’t sure if all my sins were too much to survive
I now know that you are the way to leave my troubled past
I only have to call your name to have a peace that lasts

Please help me Lord to always call when troubles come my way
Help me turn to you when temptation comes to play
Help me always turn from sin and walk within your light
Help me to remember your redeeming sacrifice.

Christmas poetry

The Only Way

Welcomed as a baby
In a manger He lay
Shepherds came to greet Him
Kings from far away

People came to see Him
As He taught them truth
Everyone that came to Him
Found love that He imbued

Day turned into darkness
He crowds all turned away
Soldiers came to take Him
No one with Him would stay

Beaten, bruised and scarred
A crown of thorns He wore
Nailed upon a cross
His garments they all tore

As He hung there bleeding
Breath barely possible
He cried out to is the Father
Please forgive them all

Then He died for all mankind
His blood shed on that cross
Redemption freely given
His grace for all of us	

In three days, He arose
Escaped a sealed-up tomb
He now abides in Heaven
The Lamb upon the throne

This grace that He extended
He day he came to earth
Was finally fulfilled
On the cross and with His death

Accept His gift of love today
And know His peace within
He only way to heaven
Is forgiveness for your sins

For this peace the angels sang of
To shepherds in the field
Is only yours if you decide
Your life to Him to yield

He stands there knocking at the door
Please open up your heart
The baby born this Christmas morn
Will give you a new start

New life is for the taking
The best gift ever given
A baby born to die for you
The only way to heaven
Christmas Poetry

The Angels Song

Quiet night. Stars shine bright
Giving light to all below
Shepherds watching. Sheep all grazing
All not knowing what’s in store

Suddenly, from the heavens
Angel saying fear thou not
Unto you today is born
A Savior, Christ the Lord

Then angelic host starts singing
Glory to God in highest heaven
Still proclaiming peace on earth
Goodwill to man. Go see the child

They went to see Him in the manger
Quiet babe among these strangers
Knelt to worship, Saw no danger
Praising Christ, the Lord

Glory to God, The Angels sang
Great is the Lord our God
Peace on earth, good will to all
Is the Angels song above

When we bow down to Christ the Lord’
For the first time the Angel chorus
Sings out a song  in joyful glee
That one more has entered heaven

Will that be you this Christmas day?
Will you ask Christ to be your way?
Will you invite Him in to stay?
Accept His gift today
And then angels will sing again

Glory to God, The Angels sang
Great is the Lord our God
Peace on earth, good will to all
Is the Angels song above

Glorious King

The first time He came as a babe
In a lowly manger He lay
The announcement came to shepherds on the field
He had left His throne in glory
To write a good news story
Of a Savior who would make the devil yield

The next time He’ll come in the clouds
The trumpet to all will resound
Those who put their trust in Him will meet in the air
Many will be left behind
In a world of chaos and crime
I am so glad I have put my life in His hand

Glorious King, Lord Jesus
Savior, deliverer friend
Glorious King, Lord Jesus
Victorious in the end
Victory over all my sin
Victory over pain within
Glorious King. Glorious King, Lord Jesus

The third time He’ll come in power
He will ride and the saints will follow
The sword of the Word will be wielded and ready for battle
All His enemies will be defeated
His redemption will then be completed
For a thousand years we will reign with Him in the heavens

Oh, what a day. What a glorious day
When Jesus comes down to earth
But even today He is coming your way
Into your heart is His birth
Will you welcome Him into your heart
Once He’s with you He will not depart
Today let the Savior show you what you’re really worth

Glorious King, Lord Jesus
Savior, deliverer friend
Glorious King, Lord Jesus
Victorious in the end
Victory over all my sin
Victory over pain within
Glorious King. Glorious King, Lord Jesus

He Came Down

Down from above
Bringing His love
The Savior came on Christmas day
Babe in the hay
Quiet He lay
While angels proclaimed His praise

Shepherds rejoiced
They heard Angels voice
To Bethlehem they made their way
Bowing in honor
Glory forever
To Jesus who came as a babe

He came down to save us
He came down to free us
From sweet little babe
To sacrifice made
He came down and gave us His grace

I cannot imagine
His love I can’t fathom
That He would give up His throne
His birth was obscure
His life was a blur
Only three years was this earth His home

From lowly beginning
To triumphant King
He had to give all he had
His death on the cross
Was such a great loss
But victory came in the end

He came down to save us
He came down to free us
From sweet little babe
To sacrifice made
He came down and gave us His grace

God with us
The form of a babe
The Lord of Lords lay
Ready to redeem us all

He came down to save us
He came down to free us
From sweet little babe
To sacrifice made
He came down and gave us His grace

Forever Free

I was lost but now I’m found
I was blind but now I see
I was dead but now I live
I was bound but now I’m free

Free from worry, free from fear
Free from satan’s grip on me
Free from sadness, free from shame
Now I’m free. Now I am free

Forever free, forever free
Because you died upon that tree
Rose again new life to bring
I am now forever free

Jesus ransomed my lost soul
Came and made me fully whole
I will magnify His name
Because I’m now forever free

Praise the Lord, praise His wonderful name
The name of Jesus.  The Lamb of God
Praise His name.  Praise His name
The name of Jesus Christ our Lord
CHORUS (2 times)

I Come

I come to seek your mercy, Lord
I know it’s there for me
You displayed it mightily
When you died upon that

I come to seek your healing, Lord
I know it’s been fulfilled
You took care of al disease
When your blood you freely spilled

I come to seek deliverance, lord
I know you set me free
The crown upon your head declared
That you’ve become my peace

I come to seek forgiveness, lord
I know you made a way
When you spoke those words upon the cross
They still are true today

I come to seek your grace, Oh Lord
I know you give it all 
The blessings you pour out on me
Are more than I recall

I come to give you praise, Oh Lord
For all you’ve done for me
You died and rose again to give me
Life Eternally


The house stood there in shambles,  abandoned and alone 
The roof was full of leaks and the walls had gaping holes 
Windows broken, shutters torn, boards all filled with smelly mold
You could tell it wasn't lived in even though it wad not old 

 A carpenter on day walked by that weathered house
He looked and saw potential in a place no one would choose
He paid the price to buy that house and did what he did best 
Day by day repaired that house without taking rest

He filled the holes within the walls until they sturdy stood 
Repaired the looks throughout the roof to withstand the flood 
The boards were all replaced,  the windows and the floors
Them finally He finished off by strengthening the doors

The carpenter stepped back and saw the work he'd done
He said it now is livable but there's still much to be done
That house that was in shambles now stood on solid ground 
And he would keep on working until it made him proud

My life was in shambles. Abandoned and alone
My body full if sin and deep doubt throughout my soul
I had no place or purpose and wandered aimlessly
I wondered every day who could save a wretch like me

Then a carpenter named Jesus was walking by one day
A friend had introduced us and I asked Him to stay
I needed His attention and I ached for something new
He said that He had paid my debt of sin and made me new

Once I recognized Him as my Savior and my Lord 
I found a joy and peace that I had never known before
He quickly went to work on me and repaired me from within
I realized that now I must live my life for Him 

He will keep on working in my heart and in my soul
Abs this work will go on until I'm very old 
I'm not a perfect vessel but He loves me anyway
And I will let Him work on me each and every day

Become Alive

What am I to do with this Jesus
Who is bleeding and dying on a cross?
What am I to say about His mission?
Is it all just a waste and a loss

He was King of Kings and Lord of Lords in Heaven
Now the nails pierce His hands and His feet
How can I declare He is Messiah
When it looks like He is drowning in defeat?

He cries out “It is Finished” and His head bows
It seems all hope is lost for you and me
They take Him to the tomb and seal it tightly
His life would be lost in History

But then the third day comes
The stone rolls away
The guards faint in fright
Jesus is alive

He walks out of that grave
Alive for all to see
Death is defeated
He has gained the victory

In His weakness He was strong
When all seemed lost His mercy won
He lives again for all to see
That He had come to set us free

Now He sits upon the throne
King of Kings and Lord of Lords
The true Messiah for us all
It’s time to listen for His call

He calls to you.  He calls to you
Come out of death to life renewed
No more let sin reign in your life
Be born again.  Become alive!