I was wandr’ing through life going nowhere
My path even unknown to me
I wallowed in sin
As I struggled to win
My anguish was buried beneath

Then a voice came to me from somewhere
And called me to somewhere unknown
I determined to go
Down this new, unknown road
Perhaps this somewhere could calm my soul

As I followed that voice it led somewhere
To a place so amazing to me
A peace filled my soul
While true joy sweetly flowed
I knew this was somewhere so sweet

The someone who called me was Jesus
The somewhere was close to His side
Somehow He found me
And lent me His mercy
His helped my soul to survive

If you’re trav’lling through this life lonely
Heading somewhere that you do not know
His voice calls to you
To come somewhere new
You’ll find refuge for your troubled soul


He’s Mine

If not for the Lord I’d still be in sin
No pardon for me the devil would win
I’d flounder through life and wish for retrieve
Then in the end hell my soul would receive

If not for the Lord no joy would be mine
My laughter would be empty echoes through time
Sorrow below in my merriest rhymes
I’d wind up with smiles my face would tell lies

But He’s mine, all mine
He redeemed me that day long ago
He’s mine, eternally mine
He is with me wherever I go

If not for the Lord all hope would be lost
I’d pay the price now an eternal cost
No future would hold anything prosperous
I’d flounder through life in a whirlwind of loss

If not for the Lord my peace would subside
I’d think I was calm but I’d tremble inside
When it seemed things were right only fear would reside
Only terror would fill up the thoughts of my mind

But He’s mine, all mine
He redeemed me that day long ago
He’s mine, eternally mine
He is with me wherever I go

I don’t have to worry
I don’t have to fret
I don’t need to have any doubt
When I asked Him to save me
He did it that day
And my life was turned about

Yes He’s mine, all mine
He redeemed me that day long ago
He’s mine, eternally mine
He is with me wherever I go

Sweet Showing of Grace

The death angel roamed through the city
His mission he had to obey
The firstborn would die
There’s be sorrow that night
For Pharaoh was stuck in his ways

The people of God were prepared for the angel
They took a new lamb to their care
For three days He stayed
Then a sacrifice made
The lamb was their meal to share

There was a sign for the angel to pass
So the firstborn would be left alive
If the blood was applied
They all would survive
The death angel passed in the night

Sin has been passed to us from Adam’s seed
All are infected within
One day will soon come
The return of the Son
Will He find we have covered our sin

He shed His own blood as our Passover lamb
On that cruel cross so long ago
When His blood is applied
To the sin in our lives
He washes us whiter than snow

Be prepared for the day that the Son will return
Accept His sweet showing of grace
It’s for you that he died
In the tomb He did lie
Then in three days He rose from the grave

Turn Your Heart Strings

For so many years I heard about Christ
And all he had done for me
Raised in the church every Sunday
Yet I slipped away late in my teens

For many years I wandered aimless
In denial of all I had learned
Until a good friend turned my heart strings
I accepted the Savior I’d spurned

Maybe today you deny Him
And all He has done by His grace
Accept Him today as your Savior
And one day you’ll see His face


In response to the daily prompt Denial

With Every Breath

He gave up all His glory
To come to earth a lowly child
No pomp or royal feast announced His birth
His childhood was quiet
Though His parents knew His fate
They knew just who He was and His great worth

Then when the time was comes
That He should start to show Himself
He submitted to the baptizing of John
The heavens opened wide
A voice spoke loud and clear
God said Behold This is my beloved Son

For three years He did preach
And heal the sick and raise the dead
As He put the wisdom of the wise to shame
The people followed close
The leaders of that day sought ways
They could rid themselves of Him and all His fame

The plot against Him thickened
When He tore the leaders down
They determined It was time for Him to go
They riled up the crowds
They condemned Him in great haste
Urged the crowd to cry out Crucify Him now

He was whipped and beaten
Spit upon, a crown of thorns
Then they nailed His hands and feet to that tree
He cried Father God forgive them
As He bowed and gave His life
Taking all my sin and shame, He set me free

He was buried
Stone secured Him
The hope they had was dead
Then early Sabbath morning
The guards fainted in dread
The stone rolled away
He arose from that old grave
Victory forevermore
For His children, young and old

With all that I have in me
With every breath I take
I will lift my song of praise up to the Lord
His worship fills my heart
And flows out through my lips
Forever He’s the one that I adore

Heroes Galore


Some look to superstars
Some to the stars
Some look at history
Some look at wars
Heroes and Champions
Are different to all
Some are quite big
While other stand tall

But my Champion
Is none of those
When I sought victory
Jesus I chose
He won the battle
Of life evermore
By paying sins debt
Now He’s my Lord



In response to the daily prompt Champion

Have You Been?

Have you been to the manger where He was born
Where shepherds and wise men worshipped the Lord
He came from His throne up in heaven above
To become a man and show us His love

Have you been to the river, Jordan’s the name
Where John was baptizing so many that day
When Jesus came to be baptize
The Father spoke up and said I’m pleased with Him

Have you been to the mountain of Olives to hear
The sermon of Jesus that challenged your ear
He spoke with authority as the crowd heard
How they could show love through the pow’r of the word

Have you been to the tomb where Lazarus lay
He was buried and gone for over four days
Yet He came back to life when Jesus had prayed
He walked out of the tomb and gave God the praise

Have you been to Gethsemane’s garden at night
The shadows are deep in the soft pale moonlight
It is here Jesus prayed not my will but thine
As disciples slept close by not liking the time

Have you been to the cross where He suffered for you
I can’t imagine the pain He endured
In agony He cried forgive them today
Then He gave His life freely and died

The sepulcher waited, the stone closed the door
But nothing could hold down my Savior and Lord
Three days later He rose, the victory won
Have you tasted His love
Have you asked Him to come
Into your heart to save you today
If you desire heaven there’s no other way

You say I can’t go there it’s too far away
I tell you I visit them every day
Just open your Bible and read of these things
Day after day new faith it will bring

No Reason

There is no earth;y reason
To pack up for the season
If you love winter, there’s a place to go
The Northern Territory
Year round has winter’s glory
You can ski and sled in mountains of cold snow

There also is no reason
To be stuck in life’s dead pattern
If you haven’t come to know the Savior yet
Just ask Him to come in
He’ll forgive all your sin
Then in His arms you’ll be forever blessed

In response to the daily prompt Territory


I asked the Lord to bless me
He said I always do
I asked Him if He’d heal me
He said it’s done for you
I asked the Lord to give me peace
He said I left it long ago
I asked Him to fill me with joy
He said it always flows
Always He is there
Always taking care
Meeting every need
Doing righteous deeds
Building up my faith
Answers never late
He is always there for me
I asked the Lord to build my faith
He said to read His word
I asked Him for a hope that lasts
He said I could be sure
Whatever thing I asked of Him
He said it’s been supplied
All things were given on that day
When Christ was crucified
There’s no more sacrifice for sin
The work has all be done
Now I just have to live the word
And victory is mine
Always He is there
Always taking care
Meeting every need
Doing righteous deeds
Building up my faith
Answers never late
He is always there for me

What Are Yours?

We pay it little attention
We hardly know it’s there
We go through life so blindly
And most of us don’t care

When we’re young we learn to say no
And push the limits of all
As we grow our pride takes center stage
And our own way is our call

We strive for worldly riches
And we thing we know all things
There’s nothing that can teach us
Of a better way to live

My friends this is the symptom
Of the sin that’s born in all
From Adam’s seed it entered
And caused us all to fall

But Jesus paid redemption’s price
To take our sin away
Won’t you accept Him as your Lord
And save your soul today?




In response to the daily prompt Symptom