Restore The Land

The enemy gathers daily

Just before the dawn

To plan a way to take you down

They gather up the gossip

Rumors and lies

And start a chain to spread it all around


Wording carefully crafted

And very neatly spun

Their web of deception knows no shame

The little minions gather

One by one they flee

To the human destination with their name


The saints of God gather

Just before the dawn

To plan a way to lift you to the King

They sound aloud their prayers

For healing and strength

To fight the battles this day’s going to bring


Interceding Prayers

And praises to our God

Their voices sing a song of victory

The angels gather round

To protect the saints of God

From any and all attacks of the enemy


With which of these groups

Do you work today?

The one lifting up?

Or the one breaking down?


Because as Christians we seem

To take both sides in stride

One minute we tear up

And the next we edify.


This ought not to be

In our lives as His church

We ought to be always

Lifting up those who hurt


Gossip and tale bearing

Have no place in the body

Putting others down for fun

Is an affront to our Lord


So come on church, rise up

Let the good words win out

Let the body of Christ

Rise up with a shout

Encourage each other

Pray for the sick

Help out the lonely

Make your faith stick


If all of us would

Take the time for this plan

The church would rise up

And restore this land

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