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Mercy and Grace

His Mercy is There

I struggle some days to see
The mercy of God for me
I know He is there
I know that He cares
I just don’t know why He loves me

I know He sees all my faults
He sees the worst parts of me
But He quickly forgives
Then He helps me to live
In the mercy He pours out to me

His mercy is always there
His mercy is always there
No matter where I go
His mercy is there
I cannot escape His love
He showers me from above
When I look at myself
His mercy is there

I have to open my eyes
To see all the love He provides
It’s more than enough
To fill up my cup
He has an enormous supply

Now I can plainly see
That His mercy is meant for me
I raise up my hands
I thank God for His plans
He always does the best for me

His mercy is always there
His mercy is always there
No matter where I go
His mercy is there
I cannot escape His love
He showers me from above
When I look at myself
His mercy is there

To Tell

Why do I write these words of mine
Words from my mind that come out in rhyme 
Why do I often take the time
To write down these words of mine

To tell of His love, His wonderful love
That came down from God,  our Father above
Born in a manger, that was enough
To tell of His wonderful love

To tell of the peace He has for you
That helps to sustain you in all you do
And lead you through trials that you’ll go through
To tell of His precious peace

To tell of the joy that bubbles inside 
No matter what life may ask you to hide
This joy overcomes every time you might slide 
To tell of unspeakable joy

To tell of His mercy so rich and free
For on that cross He pardoned me
Rose from the grave so with Him I’ll be
To tell of His marvelous mercy

To tell of His grace so abundant and vast 
To me He brings blessings that will always last 
He showers my life with a glorious blast 
To tell of amazing grace

To tell you that you can be saved today 
All you must do is call on His name 
And Jesus will came so you can give praise
To tell you that Jesus saves

Those are the reasons I write my rhymes 
I desire salvation for all of mankind
These blessings are yours if you’ll take the time
To ask Jesus Christ to abide.

Beneath the Light

The stars shine so brightly at night

They really are quite a sight

I love when they twinkle

My heart feels a sprinkle

Of joy as I watch in delight


Yet as soon as the sun shows it’s face

The stars are all faded away

And though they’re still there

Way up in the air

They seem to be gone out of space


When Jesus came into my life

I faded beneath His pure light

Jesus shines through

In all that I do

I pray that His ligt outshines mine






The starsIn response to the dailly prommpt

Amazing Love

I came running to my Lord today

I had Jesus on my mind

He wrapped His arms around me

And He said “My son, your mine”

A calming reassurance

Flooded through me from above

As He held me close beside Him

I could feel His awesome love


Love that overlooks my faults

Love that conquers all

Love that washes sin away

Love that hears my call

His love is amazing

It is with me everyday

I’m not sure what I would do

Without His love today


I found that I was lost again

And couldn’t find my way

Somehow, I’d walked away from Him

So I knelt down to pray

I asked Him to draw close to me

And soon I felt Him near

His tenderness surrounded me

And wiped out all my fear


Love that wipes away my fears

Love that calms my heart

Love that tells me I’m okay

Love that never parts

His love is amazing

It’s always there for me

Even when I’ve lost my way

He fills my deepest need


This time I stayed real close to Him

I did not want to leave

He told me that He loved me

And He’d always be with me

Now I must go tell others

About His wondrous love

So they can know the Savior too

And be blessed by God above


Love that took Him to the cross

Love that gave His life

Love that washed away my sin

Love that came to die

His love is amazing

He gave His life for me

And rose again so I could be

With Him eternally


I’ll shout about this wondrous love

As long as I have breath

For He has given everything

From birth until His death

I will sing His praises

Everywhere I go

For He is Lord of all the earth

And everyone should know


His love is amazing

His love conquers sin

His love is for everyone

His love always wins

His love gives and gives some more

Until the day is done

No one can out give His love

No, not anyone


What? I Have Cancer?


March was a tough month for me

I was told I had cancer, you see

Now my vigor is gone

And I still have long

To rid  myself of this disease


But nothing will change my mind

I will still praise the Lord all the time

He has been good to me

As He gives me mercy

And I know that I’ll end up just fine


Maybe you have some disease

You’ve been praying down on your knees

He hears your cry

And he wil supply

As you praise Him, He will bring peace


In response to the daily prompt Vigor

Grace is Enough

Though my body is worn and feeble

And I have trouble walking at all

I know that you hear all my prayers

And your grace is enough


Though my spirit is troubled with worry

And I can’t seem to muster much faith

I know that you walk beside me

And your grace is enough


When all else fails

Your grace comes through

It reaches me

In all I do

There’s nothing else

That I can plead

Because your grace

Is all I need


Though my world has been turned upside down

And I can’t seem to find solid ground

I know that you still love me

And your grace is enough


Though my enemy keeps getting closer

And I feel surrounded and lost

I know that you’ve won the victory

And your grace is enough


I don’t need everything to be perfect

I don’t even need to know why

I just need to know you’re near

For your grace is enough


And no matter what comes I will praise you

I will worship your almighty name

Because you are seated in heaven

And your grace is enough


When all else fails

Your grace comes through

It reaches me

In all I do

There’s nothing else

That I can plead

Because your grace

Is all I need

Ten Lepers

Ten lepers heard that Jesus Christ

Was coming soon their way

He was passing by their camp

It could be most any day


They knew that He had healed the sick

And made the lame to walk

He opened eyes and ears for some

And made the deaf to talk


So they thought perhaps if He would pray

Their leprosy would go

The called out to Him as He passed

And He turned around real slow


Walking over to them, Jesus smiled

And reached out with His hand

He prayed, and touched them one by one

And their sores dried up again


Jesus sent them to the priest

And he’d pronounce them clean

Their lives would be restored

They’d return to family


Rejoicing, they all went

Down the road to their new lives

But one of them turned back

And came to Jesus side


He told the Master thank you

Then Jesus smiled and said

My son, you are made whole

Your body is no longer dead

All your sores are vanished

Your skin again does shine

Now go your way rejoicing

But where are the other nine?


The former leper turned to Him

And said I do not know

He thanked Him one more time

And headed down the road


You see that simple thank you

Made quite a difference

Instead of only being cleansed

That leper was made whole

No more scars to show His plight

No more nasty skin

He had a new life now to live

Again He would begin


The lesson for us all in this

Is to always be aware

When Jesus comes and touches us

That Thank You should be said

Mercy To Me

When I think of His mercy 
His wonderful mercy
I can’t help but lift up my voice
For it is His mercy
Magnificent mercy
That gives me great cause to rejoice


I was a sinner
A mess of a man
When mercy came calling to me
I heard His voice
And accepted His words
His mercy has now set me free


Mercy saved me
Mercy raised me 
Mercy gave me a brand-new life
Mercy healed me
Mercy sealed me
I’m a child of the King for all time


Now I have Jesus

Beside me each day

He guides me with His gentle hand

I call on His mercy

Whenever I fall

And He will restore me again


Mercy touched me
Mercy cleansed me

Mercy washed all my sins away
Mercy called me
Mercy loved me
And this love follows me every day


So, I sing of His mercy 
His wonderful mercy
I lift up my voice to His name
For it is His mercy
Magnificent mercy
That’s worthy of all my praise


Praise be to Jesus

Wonderful Jesus

The author of mercy is He

I worship you Jesus

Magnificent Jesus

You have shown mercy to me


What A Change!

I have long been searching

For fulfillment in my life

As a child the toys and play would fit the bill

Then my friends would fill my life

But I always needed more

And I searched both in the dale and up the hill


I turned to drugs and alcohol

Thinking this would be the way

Girls were thrown into the mix quite often too

But the more I went that  way

The more I needed more

I just nver got enough to make me full


Then I met Jesus, and all that changed

Every need I had He did supply

His mercy forgave all my misgivings

And His grace has sated every thing inside


I  no longer need to search for my fulfillment

Because all that I need is in His love

If today your life is wandering, not sated

Then why not look to Jesus up above!


In response to the daily prompt Sated

He Is Your Sacrifice

I can’t imagine heaven

Beyond what I can read

A paradise unlike

Any that I’ve ever seen

Prepared from the beginning

For those who find the way

And no one knows when Jesus

Will declare “This is the Day”


Way back in the beginning

The Father had a plan

He created all this earth

And then He made a man

But man’s seed became sinful

When he chose to disobey

And God chose Cherubim

To block our access to the way


Many centuries went by

Before a virgin heard the call

The Holy Ghost descended

And His seed produced a child

They named the child Jesus

He was born to save the world

He taught men of the Father

And healed them with His words


He was hated by the leaders

For the people all loved Him

So, the leaders of the day

Decided He they should condemn

They beat and crucified Him

As He hung His blood dripped down

Then He died before they killed Him

And they buried Him in the ground


Before He went He told us

That He was the Way

And that no one came to God

Unless they came through Him by prayer

His blood would cleanse their sins

And bring healing for disease

And because He rose again

He gave us life eternally


Those who have accepted Him

Will make heaven their home

We’ll dance upon the streets of gold

Never more to roam

If you have not accepted Him

And His wondrous gift of life

Any not ask Him in today

He is your sacrifice.