Homeward Bound

I’m waiting for the trumpet sound
When dead believers leave the ground
They rise to Him
Free of their sin
And will go with Him, homeward bound
Then those of us who still remain
And confess the Lord, Christ Jesus name
Will leave this earth
And rise with mirth
And join Him in the clouds that day
But all who do not know the Lord
Will stay here on this earth forlorn
The judgment day
Will soon take place
And they will weep, and cry and mourn
The book of Revelation comes
God’s wrath us poured out on everyone
Though some get saved
That will be spared
The rest will suffer pain unknown
And when the final battle ‘ s won
Christ’s victory will all be done
If we’re with Him
We also win
And heavens home for everyone
But those who lose this fateful day
Will with their last breath surely pay
The Lake of Fire
Is their last pyre
Hells’ torment is where they remain
You must tell those around you now
That Jesus soon is coming down
Please get them saved
So they’ll evade
The judgement coming in the clouds

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