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Our Salvation


Brightly shining
From the sky above
Down to earth below
Every day
The sun’s rays stream down
From so far away
To touch us all
To heat us all
To give us sight
The light reveals colors
In its prismatic glow
Radiating energy and warmth
Even when the clouds appear
Seemingly blocking it out
The warmth still comes
The light still comes
It cannot be quenched
It cannot be darkened
It cannot be stopped
From rising each day
At the appointed time
And setting the same
With brilliance
And majesty
It shines from the heavens
Through all the earth

So is God’s love
It always shines
Touching us all
With His mercy
And amazing grace
His love is pure and kind
Patient and not envious
His love always seeks our best
Always finds a way
Through every trial
Every test
Every temptation
His love
Never leaves us
Never forsakes us
Always shines its glory on us
Though He is King of Kings
And Lord of Lords
He still loves a sinner like me
He still loves me
When I lose my way
Nothing can separate me from His love
Not mountains or valleys
Not rivers or oceans
Not heaven or hell
Not forces of the spiritual realm
They have no power over His love
His love is always there

Safe In Your Arms

I can’t imagine what I’d do without you
You fill up all my days with Joy and peace
And when I am afraid
You send your precious race
To give me rest and set my mind at ease

I never will go anywhere without you
Your Spirit guides me down the path of life
And if I go astray
You gently show the way
To get me back where I can walk the line

Oh precious Savior
Oh wondrous Lord
You give me victory
In this old world
My life is yours, Lord
I’ll always be
Safe in your arms
For all eternity

I never will do anything without you
You give me wisdom for the trials of life
And if I should mess up
Your mercy is enough
To gently guide me through every time

You show me and you lead me
Guide me and precede me
You carry me
You rescue me
You’re everything to me

Oh precious Savior
Oh wondrous Lord
You give me victory
In this old world
My life is yours, Lord
I’ll always be
Safe in your arms
For all eternity

The Believers Life

Jesus My Lord and King

When I lift up my hands
And lift up my voice in praise
I can sense your sweet spirit
And feel your amazing grace
I will honor you
And worship your holy name
Jesus you’re all to me
My loving Savior

Jesus, my Lord and King
Jesus, my everything
I will love and adore you
Bow down before you
Your praise I’ll gladly sing
Jesus my Lord and King
I love you
That’s why I offer my praise
This day

He’s the Best

He’s the best
He can pass any test
He’s above all the rest
He’s the best

When I need healing
When life is reeling
When sins appealing
He’s the best

When peace is gone
When I’m alone
When life goes wrong
He’s the best

He’s the best for my soil
The best for my spirit
The best for the depths of my heart
He’s the best for my health
The best for deliverance
The best for my days from the start

So I’ll trust in Jesus
I’ll run to Him
I’ll give my life to Him
Make Him my Lord
Because when all is done
He’s the best


I’ll Always Come Back

When it seems all is lost
And I feel all alone
That’s when I come crawling to you
When my sorrow grows dark
And my peace disappears
That’s when I come crawling to you

I can feel you draw near me
I can sense your sweet grace
That’s when I come walking to you
In the still of the night
Is the sound of your voice
That’s when I come walking to you

In your presence is mercy
Your face is all love
That’s when I come running to you
The closer I draw
The more wonders I feel
That’s when I come running to you

Then your joy overtakes me
Your peace rests my soul
That’s when I come leaping to you
My voice singing praises
To your wondrous name
That’s when I come leaping to you

I come crawling
I come walking
I come running
I come leaping
Whatever the trial
Whatever the test
I’ll always come back to you

My Story

This is my story
How God came from glory
To save an old sinner like me
He gave His life
As my sacrifice
So from sin I would be set free

Now I rejoice
For I hear His voice
Guiding me every day
His peace goes with me
His Word I believe
From His plan I never will stray

Wonderful Savior
Glorious Lord
Keep me in your loving arms
Grant me your grace
So I’ll see your face
That day when the trumpet alarms

I lift up my praise
To your merciful name
I lift my song up to you
With all that I am
With worship I stand
Singing Jesus I’ll always love you


Hold On

When all seems lost
When life is not fair
When you are alone
And it seems no one cares
When it seems all your plans
Are like smoke in the air
Hold on

When trials take over
And you see no way out
When the storms come up hard
And they fill you with doubt
When you cannot find peace
As waves toss you about
Hold on

Hold on to Jesus
Never let go
Hold onto hope
He’s the giver of hope
Hold onto love
He’s the author of love
Hold onto Jesus
He is enough

Hold onto grace
His grace covers all
Hold onto mercy
His mercy can’t fail
Hold onto faith
He’ll work with that seed
Hold onto Jesus
He’ll meet your need

He’ll never fail
He’s always there
He’s true and just
He is enough
He’ll see you through
He will calm you
Just cling to Jesus
Hold on