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He Reigns In Majesty

High above the mountains
High above the sea
High above all nature
He reigns in Majesty

High above the creation
High above all men
High above the heavens
He reigns for all to see

His glory fills the skies above
His glory fills my soul
His glory all around us
For all men to behold

I can’t deny His goodness
I can’t deny His grace
I can’t deny His mercy
I long to see His face

Majestic is the Lamb
Who sits upon the throne
Forever we will worship Him
Jesus Christy our Lord

The Cross For Me

The cross stood there before you
Ready to take your life
You were beaten, mocked and tortured
As the crowd cried crucify

They led you up a mountain
Exhausted you complied
Then they laid you on that cross
To suffer, bleed and die

Nails were swiftly driven
Through your wrists and feet
They raised the cross up high
So that all the world could see

All through that agony and pain
You never said a word
No slight complaint or whisper
Did you utter in return

Just a few hours later
It is finished you cried out
In that moment all of heaven
Let out a painful shout

The Son of God had given up
His life for you and me
Heaven’s Lamb, the King of Glory
Gave sin it’s last defeat

They laid Him in a borrowed tomb
A stone was put in place
Yet in three days it rolled away
From death to life, He raised

He raised my hope for heaven
He raised my peace from pain
He raised my joy from sorrow
He gave me life again

Oh, what a precious Savior
Is Jesus Christ my Lord
Forever I will praise Him
For the cross for me He bore

I Need Help

This is going to be a difficult post to write. I have always tried to encourage and uplift the body of Christ through my poetry and words, but tonight I come to you with a different purpose. I hope you will understand.
I have been scammed big time. I have not used Godly wisdom and been taken for several thousand dollars. It humbles me to admit this, bit it is true. I need help. My marriage, my home and my lifestyle are at stake tonight and I don’t have anywhere else to turn at the moment, so I am turning to God, and turning to you, my faithful followers.
I am not going to get into details with you, I am only going to ask once. If you can help me out, I know God would be pleased and I would be richly blessed. Any amount will help, but I do need thousands. I pray you will ask God what you might be able to do. And please share this message with anyone and everyone who you think might be able to help me out,.
You can make checks out to Pete Gardner and mail to 707 3rd Ave NEBelmond, Iowa 50421
If you would like, I would send you a copy of my book “The ASK Principle”, which is all about prayer, for your donation. Just include your return address.
I can also receive cash through CashApp at $pgandj7
Thank you for bearing with me and for your faithfulness in following my page. I know I have not been here much lately, but this financial burden has me reeling, and I have not been listening close enough to my Savior’s voice.,
May the blessing of God be on you and your house.
In Christ
The Psalmist

Jesus Life

Happily Ever After

Once upon a time there was a Savior
Who came down from the heavens high above
He came a humble babe
And in a manger lay
He came to teach us of His Father’s love 

He walked upon the earth and brought deliverance
The common people flocked to hear him speak
But man of high estate
Thought death would be His fate
They convinced the people that His life was fake

This Savior was condemned to cruel death
They whipped Him so His blood ran crimson red
Then they nailed Him to a tree
Thinking they had victory
They’d be rid of Him once His flesh was dead

Then on that cross He spoke some words that traveled
Down through the course of man for all of time
He said father forgive them
For they know not what they do
Then he bowed His head and silently He died

The men of high estate were quite elated
The man they couldn’t stand was finally gone
But three days after death
He rose again to life
Bringing happily ever after to us all

This little verse may seem a fairy tale
But it is true and Jesus lives today
Just give your life to Him
And He’ll forgive your sin
Then for all time you will reign and live with Him

My Child

When I woke up this morning, I heard Jesus
He was calling out my name loud and clear
I rose up from my bed and said I’m here Lord
Please speak your words of comfort in my ear

He said I love you son
I said I love you Lord
He said I’m with you everywhere you go
He said I’ll lead you, Son
I said I’ll follow, Lord
He said You’re my child forevermore

As I go about my daily preparation
I keep listening to hear the words He says
If we block out all the noise that this world offers
We can know His voice is there throughout the day

He says I’ll heal you son
I say forgive me Lord
He says I forgave all your sins upon the cross
He says I’ll give you peace
I say my words of praise
He says you’re my child forevermore

My child I’m with you in the darkest moments
My child I’m with you in the raging storm
My child I’ll lift you up out of the valley
And set your feet on the solid ground

He said I love you son
I said I love you Lord
He said I’m with you everywhere you go
He said I’ll lead you, Son
I said I’ll follow, Lord
He said You’re my child forevermore

Your Glory

 What makes us different than all the other beasts
 The bear and the squirrel, the otter and geese?
 What is it that makes us humans unique?
 It’s the glory.  The glory of the Lord.
 What gives us the right to call on the Lord?
 What helps us to follow His life-giving word?
 What is it that leads us to eternal rewards?
 It’s the glory.  The glory of the Lord
 His glory is life giving, shining so bright.
 His glory is healing. His glory gives light.
 His glory shines through every darkness of night.
 His glory extends to the highest height
 What is it that draws us so close to Him?
 What is it that settles His love deep within?
 What is it that will bring our Lord back again?
 It’s the glory.  The glory of the Lord
 His glory brings peace in the midst of the storm.
 His glory brings shelter and keeps our hearts warm
 His glory will keep our soul joyful and calm
 His glory will hold me safe in His arms
 Thank you, Lord, for your glory today
 ‘It guides us and leads us and shows us the way
 Your glory is what provides mercy and grace
 Your glory is all that I need 

The Door

 I’m waiting for Jesus to walk through the door
 I need Him today more than ever before
 He has the answer for all of my needs
 So I will wait here, down on my knees
 My petitions are simple and He hears them all
 I just have to listen so I’ll know when He calls
 I know that real soon His knock will announce
 That He has a word that He’ll soon pronounce
 I bring you healing, He says loud and clear
 I bring you wisdom to soothe all your tears
 I bring you peace that will calm every storm
 I bring you hope that will keep your soul calm
 I bring deliverance from Satan’s strong grip
 I bring my armor so you’ll be equipped
 I bring redemption from all of your sins
 I bring salvation to clean you within
 I’ll only come in if you answer my call
 I’ll knock on your door and wait in the hall
 Please come and open the door of your heart
 Then I will be with you and never depart 

I Will Wait On You

 I wait on you Lord
 For you give me strength
 You lift me up above the tempest
 You set my feet on higher ground
 You instill peace down in my soul
 I wait on you Lord
 For you give me health
 You favor me with your loving breath
 You smile on me as I recover
 You breath life into my soul
 I wait on you Lord
 For you give me purpose
 You guide me through hard places
 You show me the path to take
 You whisper to my soul
 I wait on you Lord
 You are my all in all
 You are my heart's desire
 You are my everything
 So I wait.