Great Practice

I love to watch gymnastics
The athletes are superb
They balance on a little beam
And fly above the earth

Between the bars called parallel
They toss themselves and swing
They vault and spin and land so fair
They do most anything

Great practice and long years are spent
To learn the feats they do
Just as anything in life
It’s really up to you

What do you take the time to learn
What is your chosen path
If you would choose a Godly life
It’s His word that will last

The Bible is our source of strength
Where all the truth is heard
So take the time practice great
In God’s most Holy word



In response to the daily prompt Parallel

Forever Love

He loves us always
Yes it is true
Forever His love
Abides with you

Through sunshine and rain
His love abides
Through sorrow and pain
His love does not hide

When difficult times
Come in like a flood
His love will be there
Always enough

When i feel defeated
When my hope is gone
His love will hold me
And bring me along

When heartache has touched me
When life disappoints
His love will uplift me
His spirit anoints

There’s no situation
His love will not win
Forever His love
Is settled within

All But Tame

I Dream of Genie was a favorite show
For all my kids when on the grow
The laughed at how she folded arms
Providing good but sometimes harm

Aladdin was a movie name
The genie there was all but tame
He made us laugh and wish that we
Could have a genie just like he

But genie’s will not bring us peace
Joy and hope they can’t release
If you need these and also love
The place to look is God above

He may not fold His arms and blink
He may not work as you would think
But He will fill your life with good
More than a genie ever could


In response to the daily prompt Genie

Set Fast

Wonder what tomorrow brings
Silent worry when birds sing
Troubled over everything
This used to be my way

I’m glad the days are gone and past
When I would worry to the last
My sights are now always set fast
On what God has in store

God says do not fret or stew
Over things that trouble you
He will always see you through
So put your trust in Him


In response to the daily prompt Fret

God’s Great Inspiration

I waited for the word today
With great anticipation
This day is full of hope
And God’s great inspiration

Then when the word appeared
A song was in my heart
He fills my soul with singing
His words He does impart

If you want to see these songs
His voice does speak to me
Just read my previous post
And His words you will see

In response to the daily prompt Song

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What A Merciful God

What a merciful God we serve
What a merciful God we serve
He gave His own Son
To die in our place
What a merciful God we serve

What amazing grace He gives me
What amazing grace He gives me
Al His blessings divine
Are forever mine
What amazing grace He gives me

What abundant hope God has shared
What abundant hope God has shared
I know heaven is mine
For He lives for all time
What abundant hope God has shared

What adoring love God reveals
What adoring love God reveals
Every promise I own
As He sits on the throne
What adoring love He has shown

Wandered Off?

I grew up in Sunday School
Attended every week
When teenage years arrived
I even helped to teach

I went astray much later
Early twenties were a mess
My life became a party
Of God I could care less

But even with that background
Of church at every turn
The prospect of salvation
Was foreign as a term

Then I heard one day
That Jesus died for me
Despite all of my past
I still His child could be

I quit the party life
I gave my life to Him
And now I am set free
From all my guilt and sin

If you have wandered off
And God seems far away
Ask Jesus for His grace
He’ll save your soul today


In response to the daily prompt Foreign


He is high and lifted up
Higher than the rooftops
They adorn my dwelling places
Where He protects me and shelters me
They protect me from rain and snow
They keep out the cold and heat
Higher than the treetops
Through which the wind gently blows
Rustling the leaves in symphony
Providing accompaniment to the singing birds
Letting us know He is near
So close, moving all the time
Their limbs reaching up to the light
Reaching up to the heavens in praise to Him
Higher than the mountains
Majestic and beautiful
Rising so elegantly to the skies
Reigning over all the earth in size and strength
Unmovable and unshakable
Higher than clouds
Roaming over the earth as the Spirit moves
Providing shade and beauty
Brining the former and latter rain
Clapping with thunder and bursting with lighting
Coming in on the wind
Ever changing their shape and size
Ever bringing new delights
Higher than the stars
Displaying the glory of God
Lighting up the heavens eternally
Giving us direction and stability
Beyond all we can see or imagine
Beyond what our minds can grasp
He looks down at the stars
He looks down over the mountains
He looks down through the clouds
He looks down past the treetops
He looks down past the rooftop of my house
And He lifts me up


Be Still

Silently I come before you
Listening for the Spirit’s call
Seeking you in humble reverence
Giving you my heart and soul

Lord I want to draw in closer
Have you whisper in my ear
Feel your presence as I linger
Bringing you my heartfelt prayer

Being still before you
To know that you are God
I come to thee
Listening for your love

Now I wait in expectation
Knowing you will honor faith
Patiently I bow before you
Your voice I anticipate

Being still before you
To know that you are God
I come to thee
Listening for your love

I long to hear your voice
I long to see your face
I look up and rejoice
To you I lift my praise

Being still before you
To know that you are God
I come to thee
Listening for your love