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Great God

What a great God you’ve been
Your mercy has freed me from sin
Your love overwhelms me within
What a great God you’ve been

What a great God you are
You placed the sun and the stars
And now you hold me in your arms
What a great God you are

What a great God you will be
You’ll come in the clouds like a breeze
I’ll fly away to be with thee
What a great God you’ll be

Never changing
Always blessing
Always my strength and my song
You lift me up
With your precious love
You’re a great God all along

It’s You I Choose

His voice spoke silently
As I awoke from my night’s sleep
Words that filtered to my soul
Words of peace and joy and hope

I knew that He was there with me
To tell me He has set me free
Free from worry doubt and fear
Free from sorrow with its tears

Oh what mercy then I felt
I stooped down and there I knelt
Quietly beside my bed
Slowly bowing down my head

Lord I don’t deserve your grace
I don’t deserve your warm embrace
I haven’t done all that you’ve asked
I’ve been too lazy in the task

As I bowed with weeping eyes
He spoke to me with words so wise
My child I paid the price for you
And now my child it’s you I choose

I choose to love you more each day
I choose to guide you in my ways
I choose to show my word to you
No matter what it’s you I choose

I wept there as I knelt in prayer
I felt His spirit in the air
He chose me to be His child
All my sins He reconciled

Because He’s done so much for me
From now on it’s my heartfelt plea
To do all that He asks me to
So now my question is will you?


Our Salvation

The Reaches of Your Grace

In the morning skies
In the clouds that rise
In the stars at night
In the bright sunlight
In the morning dew
In the flowers hue
In the world around
I see you

All creation is your masterpiece
Declaring who you are
Precious Lord make all aware
Of your mercy and your love

In the rain drops splash
In the winds that lash
In the birds that sing
In the eagle’s wings
In the brook that flows
In the corn that grows
In the world around
I hear you

All creation shows your majesty
Help us all to be amazed
At the wonder of your love for us
And the reaches of your grace

Merry Christmas

An Amazing Year

When look back on this year
And all God’s done for me
I just cannot get over
His generosity

First there was my cancer
Which was destined to go
I am in remission
I saw the end of chemo

In spring we got a puppy
It’s been years since we have one
The joy that he has brought us
Just cannot be outdone

He had me write a book
From notes made long ago
It started early in the year
It’s published now you know

My granddaughter was sinking
Under weight of troubled life
She came to live with us
And now is free from strife

To have a teenage girl
Again in this old house
Has brought a sense of peace
To me and my spouse

There are so many ways
That this year has been blessed
I pray that you have found
His mercy you possess

He died to take your sins
And free you from your pains
Will you please give Him praise
And make Him Lord again

The Believers Life

Over and Over Again

I just can’t get over His love
It reaches to me from above
It touches my soul
It makes me whole
His great love is more than enough

I just can’t get over His grace
It reaches to me in this place
By grace i am saved
Grace showed me the way
His grace showers blessings my way

Over and over and over again
He reaches down from His throne
Time after time He is there for me
He never will leave me alone

I just can’t get over His mercy
When I’m weak He comes and defends me
His blood cleansed my sin
His love brought me in
His mercy is there to forgive me

When I feel unloved He loves me
When I feel unblessed He blesses
When I feel I’ve done too much wrong to survive
His mercy is there
No need to despair

Over and over and over again
He reaches down from His throne
Time after time He is there for me
He never will leave me alone

The Believers Life

Your Choice

We are not robots
Not programmed for life
Not controlled by another
Not hard wired to a specific task
Not bound to a certain set of rules
Not mindlessly obedient

We are human beings
Determined to our own way
Free to choose our destiny
Free to decide our path
Free to walk where we want to walk

God created us
To love Him
But to make our own choice
Salvation is free
But not mandatory
You can choose
Heaven or hell
It’s up to you
What will you choose

In response to the daily prompt



Jesus Life


Sometimes I can explain and other times I can’t
The science of this world is not enough
It can only go so far
To explain the sun and stars
But just cannot explain my Father’s love

They say it was a big bang that started everything
And all creation came from not a thing
But then they say that something
Cannot come from nothing
It seems they just can’t grasp a lot of things

Perhaps it was a big bang that began the world we know
It happened in the blink of an eye
The Father spoke the Word
Let there be Light was heard
And all the universe came into sight

But to explain a Father that would give His only Son
To die a painful death upon a tree
To save a sinful soul
To come and make us whole
I can’t explain His ardent love for me

So when you talk of science and logical response
Just remember that He died to give you life
It just does not make sense
For God to recompense
This kind of love for one’s who cause Him strife

We all were sinners lost with no hope for future life
Hell and it’s torture was our destiny
But God did send His Son
He was the only one
Who could give eternal life to you and me

So today I ask you please to put aside that hardened heart
And accept what Jesus did for you and me
Because science can’t explain
His purpose and His plan
It’s faith that will decide your destiny

The Believers Life

No Matter What

I will praise you
No matter what
The storm may come
Lightning may flash
Thunder may roll
Flooding rains may sweep in
These may depict
A trial in my life
Where all seems lost
Where life seems bad
Yet I will praise you

I will praise you
No matter what
Illness may come
To weaken me
A deadly cancer
Neuropathy affects every move
Fatigue is always present
In the midst of it all
At the lowest of times
I will praise you

I will praise you
No matter what
When finances falter
Bills can’t get paid
There seems no relief
Worry sets in
Doubts of your provision
Wonder if we will make it through
Will the creditors sue
Will it only get worse
In the midst of it all
Yet I will praise you

You Oh God are my source and strength
My stronghold in the midst of the storm
My healer when sickness comes
My provider when I see no way out
My strong and mighty tower
My deliverer and counselor
You are always there
By my side
So no matter what
I will praise you

The Believers Life

Treasures in Heaven

I used to seek fame and fortune
My friends were what mattered to me
I’d laugh and I’d smile
I was high all the while
In their favor I wanted to be

Now my life values are different
Pleasing God is what matters to me
The one that I seek
Is truly unique
Just like Christ know want to be

This world has some treasures of dust
Their future is dim and bleak
What I will lay up
Will not corrupt
It is treasures in heaven for me

In response to the daily prompt


Praise and Worship

All Hail the King

I see cherubim and seraphim
As they dance in sheer delight.
The elders bow before the Lamb
A he comes full in their sight.
The sound of anthems fills the skies
And the clouds bear majesty
As we sing around His throne
All hail the King
Who is sitting on the throne
All hail the one
Who came to earth below.
He chose to bleed and die
So that I could have new life.
Now the heavens sound his praise forevermore.

As angels gather ’round the throne of God
And their praises soar to the heavens,
I enter the throne room and bow on my face
At the sight of Holy splendor.
I hear loud hosannas ring
And hallelujahs sing,
I can’t help but join the chorus with my praise

All hail the King
Who is sitting on the throne
All hail the one
Who came to earth below.
He chose to bleed and die
So that I could have new life.
Now the heavens sound his praise forevermore.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah,
Hallelujah to the King.
Loud Hosannas in the highest
Is the chorus that we sing.