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Raised Up

A widows son had died and left her all alone 
The funeral proceeded and a crowd gathered around
Jesus walked by as the people wailed and wept
With compassion He raised that young boy back to life again

A ruler of the templd had a daughter who was dead
The doctors had ann9unced it and all the people wept
But Jesus walked into her room and took her by the hand
Rise up on your feet my child, you're alive again

They were raised up!
From the dead, they were raised up
When Jesus comes around
New life will abound
So set your eyes on Him and be raised up!

Lazarus had died,  three days was in the grave
Jesus came a calling, lifted up His voice and prayed
The stone was rolled away and
Lazarus came out
I'm sure he praised the Lord and lifted up a shout

He'll raise you up from the depths of sin
New life will be yours, Victor within 
Come to Him today, fall upon His grace 
Be raised up!  Be raised up

The Impossible Made Possible

He was sitting at the gate, just biding his time
Not expecting very much, perhaps just a dime
He’d been brought their every day, all of His life
It was all he knew to do.

Then one day two men came along to find him there
They asked him to look up and he looked into their stare
They said they had not alms for him.  He thought they didn’t care
There was not much he could say

Then one man spoke to him with all authority
He took His hand and helped him rise up on his feet
Those legs that always failed him now held up like a tree
True joy came over him that day

He went leaping and shouting and praising God
Leaping and shouting and praising the one who had raised him. 
The one who had saved him
He went leaping and shouting and praising God
Leaping and shouting and praising the name of Jesus
The wonderful name of Jesus

All the people marveled that the man was on his feet
Every day they’d seen him begging alms out in the street
Now they see him dancing, no longer in defeat
They wondered how this could be

Peter spoke up as the one who helped him rise
He testified of Jesus whom the people had denied
It was Jesus name that brought the man a whole new life
Now Jesus power they could see

How long have you been lame or in defeat?
Have you been afflicted with sins dread disease?
The impossible is possible when His name you plea
Call on Him today and you will see

You’ll be leaping and shouting and praising God
Leaping and shouting and praising the one who will raise you. 
The one who will save you
You’ll be leaping and shouting and praising God
Leaping and shouting and praising the name of Jesus
The wonderful name of Jesus

In His name is power. In His name is might, 
In His name the strongholds will flee from your life

My God Will Rescue You

Cry to the Lord with your prayers
He hears you wherever you are
Tell Him your plans and your dreams
He’ll take you to the stars

Do you need healing today?
Is your body in sickness or pain?
Cry out to Him and be healed
He’ll cover you with His grace

Do you need direction today?
Do you seek to know His will?
Cry out and ask Him to lead
Then just be quiet and still.

Do you need deliverance today?
Does sin have a hold on you?
Repent and turn from your way
My God will rescue you

Do you need understanding today
For decisions that you may face?
Trust that the Spirit will come
With words of assurance and grace

He hears every word you say
He knows every trial and test
Just wait on the Lord and be still
Your prayers always bring His best.

Rescue Me

I'm fighting an enemy I can't see
My mind and my flesh fight against me
I'm tossed about like a ship in the sea
I need someone to rescue me

Why is it so hard to walk the straight path
Without the trials and tests that I have
Why can’t there be a peace that will last
When these storms seem to always come back

I pick up your word and look for the light
You say don't be anxious amidst the fight
Just pray and give thanks in the darkest nights
That's when my peace will erase your plight 

So, I bow my head and fall on my knees
I surrender to you, Lord, and I ask you please
Take this storm away and rescue me
Out of the harsh and wind tossed seas

You say my child I will rescue you
But this storm is one that you must go through
You’ll be amazed at what I will do
When all is done it will strengthen you

Then I lift my hands and I give Him praise
For I know there’s a light at the end of this day
This battle is one where He’ll make a way
And this enemy will go away

The Overcomer

Has life come unraveled and you feel undone?
Has it given you blows that you can’t overcome?
Life is hard and you think the enemy has won.
But even through trials there is still one

One who’s an anchor in every storm
One who’s a refuge to keep you from harm
One who will lift up into His arms
Come, meet Him today.  He’s the Overcomer

Don’t despair. Be aware. This is not how it ends
You’re still here today because He has a plan.
He will bring you to an expected end
Because He loves you more.  You’re His dearest friend

He overcomes sickness, pain and disease
He overcomes sorrow and bondages cease
He overcomes doubt, unforgiveness and fear
He overcomes all things and brings victory

He is an anchor in every storm
He is a refuge to keep you from harm
He will lift you into His arms
Come, meet Him today.  He’s the Overcomer

Sinking Sand

The sinking sand where I once walked was treacherous indeed
More troublesome than all my woes, more stormy than the sea
While I would struggle to get out, the deeper I did sink
Until I found myself so stuck, I couldn’t even think

But one thing had my head afloat above the muck and mire
A little ray of faith did shine inside my weakened mind
I shouted out to God above to pull me from this mess
I told Him I would walk away and all my sins confess

Then I felt a hand from heaven grab hold of my hand
My body lifted from the mud and landed on dry land
I felt a wind come dry me off and soon I was all clean
I looked up to the heavens above and with my voice I screamed

Thank you, Lord, for saving me and giving me new life
I wasn’t sure if all my sins were too much to survive
I now know that you are the way to leave my troubled past
I only have to call your name to have a peace that lasts

Please help me Lord to always call when troubles come my way
Help me turn to you when temptation comes to play
Help me always turn from sin and walk within your light
Help me to remember your redeeming sacrifice.

Free From Satan’s Games

Jesus you're my guiding light
Jesus you turn dark to light
Jesus you have won the fight
And set the captives free

Jesus you have shown the way
Jesus you give grace each day
Jesus you're the one I praise
For you have set me free

Free from all my past of sin
Free from troubles deep within
Free from what my life has been
You've made me new today

Free from fear and doubt and shame
Free from playing Satan’s games
Free from being quite insane
You've showed me a new way

So I will sing your praises loud
So all the world can hear
That Jesus is the Lord of all
There's nothing now to fear

Just give your life to Him today
And He'll show you a brand new way
His mercy and His grace abound
To all who call His name.

Greatness out of This Great Mess

This was written back in 2017 when I was still undergoing Chemo treatments. I never did get it posted on this site

Riddled with cancer
Shoulder just quits
Neuropathy covers my feet
Two stem cell transplants
Weakness ensues
God will make some greatness out of this great mess

Jesus the master healer 
He supplies all the strength that I need
I fill all my days
With words of His praise
As His healing starts working in me

First I walked with a walker
A cane followed closely behind
I walked just a block at a time
But my drive just kept up
With my faith in my Lord
Now a mile a day isn't long

My shoulder would not move at all
The doctors could not understand
They said maybe never would heal
Movement came in ten months 
Therapy started at once
Now full range of motion is here

Jesus the master healer 
He supplies all the strength that I need
I fill all my days
With words of His praise
As His healing starts working in me

God will make some greatness
Out of this great mess
Cancer is no longer found
I'm healed from above
With doctors involved
In the therapy of Jesus love 

Jesus the master healer 
He supplies all the strength that I need
I fill all my days
With words of His praise
As His healing starts working in me

Astounding Grace

I am not forsaken.  I will not give up
I found my strength in Jesus. He is enough
Though Satan storms against me I will not turn aside
I will stand strong in the battle with Jesus by my side

It seems old Satan tries every means he can
To turn me from my Savior so I will trust in man
I will not be deceived by all His trickery
I’ll turn my heart to God for He’s my victory

Right now I call on Jesus and all the host of heaven
To come and hold me up in the comfort of His hand
The enemy seems strong but God is stronger still
I’ll fight on through this trial and heed my Saviors will

And when I gain the victory I’ll lift my hands in praise
To my precious loving Father who filled me with His grace
I’ll worship Him for giving me the mercy that I need
When Satan comes against me I’ll be found down on my knees

On my knees to pray for deliverance each day
On my knees to offer up my life to Jesus way
On my knees to praise Him for Her will show the way
On my knees before His throne astounded by His grace

For victory can only come when I am on my knees
The enemy is helpless when my cries to God increase
And even if it seems that my prayers have not been heard
I will stay down on my knees and trust His holy word

I know He won’t forsake me.  I know He won’t depart
I know that His great joy and peace will come and soothe my heart
I know without a doubt that all things work for good 
I know that Jesus loves me and my prayers He understood

Thank you Lord for giving me this peace within my soul
Thank you Lord for mercy when the devil seemed so bold
Thank you Lord for showing me your astounding grace
This day and every day I will lift your name in praise
Effective Prayer

Help Me

 Lord I need your mercy
 For the sins I do
 Help me know your love, Lord
 Help me follow you
 Lord I need forgiveness
 For my thoughts today
 Help me cleanse my mind, Lord
 Help me find my way
 Lord I need your healing
 For my aches and pains
 Help me to believe, Lord
 Help me breathe again
 Lord I need compassion
 For all who are in need
 Help me to reach out, Lord
 Help me do good deeds
 Lord I need deliverance
 From the mess I’m in
 Help me see your grace, Lord
 Help me rise within