Colors Overdue

Through days and days of gentle rain the cloudy skies held close
I was wondering if the sun was hiding or if it soon would show
This morning I awoke to a clear and starry sky
And I knew the dawn was coming and the sun would then arise

The leaves were turning color but the clouds did hide their hue
This morning I would surely see their colors overdue
Nature’s plan would once again fulfill its solemn script
Winter spring summer fall never will they slip

But this plan is a minor thing compared to one I know
Where God sent His anointed Son His love to us to show
The brilliant plan was set in time so many years ago
Now we are promised more than life here on this earth below

For God sent His begotten Son that all who would believe
Would not face eternal death but live eternally
His promise is to all of those who ask Him to be Lord
I pray this plan lives in your hear and fills your longing soul

In response to the daily prompt

Colors of my Life

Colors of the Leaves

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our life would show
All the lives we’ve touched while here on earth below
Perhaps we could turn colors as the leaves upon the trees
And flutter to the earth on the whims of gusty breeze

Each color could then show the kindness that we gave
One color could be loyalty another might be prayer
One color could be mercy and another may be grace
I wonder what my colors would in the end display

Would they be a vibrant mixture of every color known
Or would they just fall to the earth simply dead and brown
I pray that when the time is come for my life to be gone
The colors of my leaves will give joy to everyone

In response to the daily prompt

Our Destiny

The masks come out to hide the face
The costumes all are put in place
The pumpkins carved and lights ablaze
It’s Halloween again

The horror movies play all day
To honor fright and death’s decay
We laugh and cringe at such displays
It’s Halloween again

But there is something all must know
The scary thing is many don’t
That one day death will take its toll
Do you know where you’ll go

On one side hell is open wide
Where demons dwell and Satan hides
If we do not know Jesus Christ
This is our destiny

A lake of fire is the scene
Fire and brimstone in between
Our bodies there will shout and scream
For all eternity

But those are who’ve asked for God’s true grace
Who’ve trusted that Christ took their place
He has all their sin erased
They will be heaven bound

A robe of righteousness they’ll wear
The saints of old all gathered there
No more sickness, death or tears
Forever in His arms

Have you made the choice today
That God’s true Word you will obey
Ask Jesus to be Lord today
The choice is up to you

In response to that daily prompt

The Latter Rain

I live In rural Iowa where corn and soybeans rule
Our rainy spell is over and now it has turned cool
The harvest lingers way behind and must get done real soon
Because we are the breadbasket for many in this world

But my eyes look for something else when I think of the rain
The former rain is good for life on earth as it sustains
But I look for the latter times of Holy Spirit rain
To come and fill our souls and bring us back to God again

It seems our country’s lost it’s soul to morals that do lack
And people all around us seem to fall much further back
They know longer recognize when Satan is in full attack
They just go with the flow and fall into his world of slack

It’s time the church rise up and call upon the latter rain
To overcome the enemy and raise up Christ again
He said if he were lifted up he’d draw to Him all men
Come on church pray with all your might that Jesus Christ will reign

In response to the daily prompt

Quickly Overgrown

My garden was incredible this year
A used a new ingredient called Preen
For in the past I did not have the time
And soon my plot was overgrown with weeds

Our walk with Christ is very much the same
For it is easy to get pulled aside
This world can quickly overgrow our faith
And cause His word to gradually subside

So make sure you take time each day in prayer
Read the scriptures regularly to grow
The last thing you must do will keep you safe
Give thanks for all the blessings He bestows

In response to the daily prompt

The House on the Hill

There’s an old house up on the hill
People say it is haunted still
Someone died in it long ago
Now they say she’s quite the ghost

I say the spirits fool your mind
Make you think they are still alive
But the truth is they’ve bit the dust
When our Lord died upon the cross

Satan was defeated there
Now he just tries to fool and scare
He has no more authority
So do not give into fear

Perfect love casts out your fear
He will hear your fervent prayer
If fear has taken hold of your life
Call on Jesus to renew your mind

In response to the daily prompt

As Winter Weather Comes

It’s that time of year again
Cooler weather on the way
Time to store the summer clothes
Get the flannel out to stay

It would be nice to hibernate
And skip the cold completely
But that would not be good for me
I’d live life too discretely

I want to be a witness
Of the Grace of Jesus Christ
He died to set me free from sin
And He’s given me new life

I will not let my light grow dim
Or hide it under a bushel
It will shine all the more you see
For lost souls are the issue

As the winter weather comes
So many will be searching
It’s time to make my writing count
For these words speak of mercy

In response to the last two daily prompts

When Life Seems Lost

In autumn we view many things
That make us marvel at our God
The brilliance of a lowering sun
The clouds produce a show of awe

This is a time of cooler days
When leaves in sunlight start to glow
Deciduous trees light up the air
Their yellows, reds and oranges show

Then these brilliant leaves do fall
Adorning all the earth and sod
The trees lay bare but still raise high
Their branches lifting praise to God

We’d learn a lot to take their cue
To lift our eyes when life seems lost
For even though the winter comes
Spring will soon be greeting us

In response to the daily prompt

The Chair Thief

My chair awaits
My dog Bandit
My lapdog Bandit
Is lying in my chair
Keeping it warm
Warm for me
Hoping I will sit with him
Not on him

I walk over
Looking at him
Talking to him
As if he were human
“Do you like my chair”
“is it warm enough for you”
“Can I sit down”
He looks at me
Cocking his head
As if to say “Huh?”

I start to sit
He moves over to the side
He stands there as I sit
Then he steps over
Walking on my lap
Licking my neck
My face
Giving me love
Like he’s thanking me
For keeping him warm
On this chilly day

In response to the daily prompt