Great Practice

I love to watch gymnastics
The athletes are superb
They balance on a little beam
And fly above the earth

Between the bars called parallel
They toss themselves and swing
They vault and spin and land so fair
They do most anything

Great practice and long years are spent
To learn the feats they do
Just as anything in life
It’s really up to you

What do you take the time to learn
What is your chosen path
If you would choose a Godly life
It’s His word that will last

The Bible is our source of strength
Where all the truth is heard
So take the time practice great
In God’s most Holy word



In response to the daily prompt Parallel

All But Tame

I Dream of Genie was a favorite show
For all my kids when on the grow
The laughed at how she folded arms
Providing good but sometimes harm

Aladdin was a movie name
The genie there was all but tame
He made us laugh and wish that we
Could have a genie just like he

But genie’s will not bring us peace
Joy and hope they can’t release
If you need these and also love
The place to look is God above

He may not fold His arms and blink
He may not work as you would think
But He will fill your life with good
More than a genie ever could


In response to the daily prompt Genie

Set Fast

Wonder what tomorrow brings
Silent worry when birds sing
Troubled over everything
This used to be my way

I’m glad the days are gone and past
When I would worry to the last
My sights are now always set fast
On what God has in store

God says do not fret or stew
Over things that trouble you
He will always see you through
So put your trust in Him


In response to the daily prompt Fret

Glory Abounds

They turn up the volume
When driving their car
The music blares loudly
The ground trembles hard

That bass beat repeats
As the sound echoes on
I try to zone out
But I’m deaf from the pound

Then I have an idea
I turn up the sound
I roll down the window
The music comes loud

High and majestic
Holy is He
Lord of Creation
Full of mercy

High Hallelujahs
Worship the King
Crank out the praises
His glory we sing

This world can’t compete
With that heavenly sound
When we sing His praises
His glory abounds


In response to the daily promptĀ Crank

God’s Great Inspiration

I waited for the word today
With great anticipation
This day is full of hope
And God’s great inspiration

Then when the word appeared
A song was in my heart
He fills my soul with singing
His words He does impart

If you want to see these songs
His voice does speak to me
Just read my previous post
And His words you will see

In response to the daily prompt Song

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The Right Course

I can run out of gas
I can run out of food
I can run out of time
I can spend like a fool

I can use all my senses
And lose them as well
I can waste this great life
And go straight to hell

But I cannot deplete the love of God
He has so much grace for me
When I think all His lost
He says I paid the cost
His great love has set me free

Lord, help me to lose my own life
So that I can start living yours
Because this life is like a vapor
I want to be on the right course



In response to the daily prompt Deplete

Trudging Along?

Many people go through life
Trudging from day to day
They don’t have a spring in their step
They are not quite sure of their way

The thing that there missing is easy
It’s a hope that is steadfast and sure
When we put all our trust in Jesus
That glimmer of hope is assured

In fact it’s no longer a glimmer
But a bright shining light up ahead
When Jesus is Lord and Savior
Then Heaven a bright light instead

So set your mind squarely on Jesus
Let Him be your guiding Light
No longer will life be just trudging
You’ll find it is sunny and bright


In response to the daily prompt Glimmer

Warmer Times

It’s nice that spring is arriving
Warmer times are on the way
I can get out my bike and pedal
Get my exercise in each day

I am counting steps on my smartphone
The GPS tracks every move
But sometimes things disrupt the signal
So the accuracy does not groove

Life can be like that tracking device
Moments come that disrupt the flow
Sometimes those moments are pleasant
And sometimes we wish they’d go

There is one thing I’m sure of
And I hope that you are too
My God controls every moment
I know He’ll take care of you


In response to the daily prompt Disrupt

Summer Favorite

There’s nothing much that I like more than root beer floats in summer
The ice cream and the drink go hand in hand
I must be careful every time
I make one of these drinks sublime
That froth does not too drastically expand

For there’s no substance in the froth that builds up rather quickly
Then slowly shrinks back down into place
I may enjoy the frothy taste
But soon it all will dissipate
My root beer float will fill its rightful space

This world is full or froth in all the various ideas
Of how eternal life can be attained
One thing I know is true
Jesus must be Lord of you
If hell you will avoid and heaven gain


In response to the daily prompt Froth