Rain is falling heavily
Has been all night long
Raindrops in the puddles
Make a merry song

Wind is whipping loudly
Rustling the leaves
Birds are huddled closely
Covered in the tree

Suddenly I hear a chirp
Sounding in my yard
Then I hear some others
Listening real hard

Looking out my wind
Cerulean skies appear
Clouds are rolling back
Sun is shining clear

Rain still falling gently
I look to the east
Rainbow casts its splendor
Bringing with it peace

God had made a promise
Many years ago
He’ll never flood the earth again
Like in the days of Noah

I look at to the rainbow
And thank God for the rain
I thank Him for the sunshine
His promise kept again


In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/08/20/your-daily-word-prompt-Cerulean-august-20th-2018/

The Good Life

It’s just a fact of life
We think we know it all
We have it figured out
Why question it at all

After this life’s done
There’s not much more for me
I might as well have fun
For this is all there’ll be

That misses one big question
That can’t escape my mind
Why are we here at all
Why is there a mankind

When I truly think about it
One basic truth comes out
We were put here on this earth
To help one another out

We’re not here for ourselves
How pointless that would be
We’re here to lift each other
And live in harmony

Let’s stop all the confusion
That comes when it’s just me
Let’s put the other first
How good would life then be


In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/08/19/your-daily-word-prompt-basic-august-19th-2018/

Don’t Be Distracted

When I am down and weary
And life seems like just a fight
There’s only one thing that revives me
One thing that will make things right

I summon up all that’s within me
I make up my mind to change course
Then way down deep in my spirit
I hear a resounding noise

Praise the Lord
I will praise the Lord
In any dark time or stormy sea
I will praise the Lord

Praise the Lord
I will praise the Lord
Nothing can keep the words in my mouth
I will praise the Lord

The next time you’re in a battle
The next time your mood is down
Just make up your mind to praise Him
Relief will quite soon be found

Praise the Lord
You should just praise the Lord
Don’t be distracted by things in your life
You should just praise the Lord

Praise the Lord
Let’s all just praise the Lord
When we lift Him up He lifts us up too
Let’s all just praise the Lord



In response to the daily prompt Don’t Be Distracted

Truly Inhumane

Some people say it’s not humane
To grow up livestock for their meat
Some say that it is not humane
For murderers to their fate to meet

But I say one thing trumps this all
As I see sinners set to fall
It’s not humane that they should go
Without the Gospel being told

Let’s tell them all of His story
That Jesus died to set us free
He gives new life eternally
For all who make Him Lord



In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/08/17/your-daily-word-prompt-humane-august-17th-2018/

Your Mantra

Do you have a problem with worry
Does fear of the unknown lurk within
Your mind can find no peace
Your heart is not at ease
And it seems there is no joy life can bring

I have a suggestion you should try
That can change the outlook for each day
It takes a little time
But quite soon you will find
Your worries will dissolve along the way

Praise the Lord
Give it all you’ve got
Read His Word
Live it every day
Pray for needs
Listen for His voice
Give Him thanks
For each mercy found

And then take just one verse
Philippians four and eight
And make that verse your mantra
Follow it always

Think on things just
Think on things pure
Think on thing honest
Think on things true
Think on things lovely
Think on things virtuous
Think on things praiseworthy
Think on good reports

Then your mind will be renewed
Your heart will be restored
His peace will flow through you
His joy will overflow
Your life will be at rest
Your spirit will be eased
Worry will dissolve into the air
And you’ll be free

In response to the daily prompt
Your Mantra

No Complaints

Some people give out hatred
Others emit fear
There are those who always have complaints
Some will bring you down
Others make you doubt
There’s even some who have a hundred pains

All of the above
And many more beside
Can truly work to bring a person down
It’s not the way to be
If Christ is in the lead
The words He spoke gave mercy all around

Let us dispense His mercy
To everyone we meet
That we might speak in words of love and grace
No place for our complaining
No murmuring or doubt
Only those things that fill our hearts with praise

In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/08/15/your-daily-word-prompt-dispense-august-15th-2018/


Some people will believe a lie instead of seeking truth
Some people will tell gossip tales that end up harming you
Some people drink their alcohol each night so they feel good
Some people do their harmful drugs and stay misunderstood

Some people think it’s quite alright to swear in Jesus name
Some people think that causing pain is all just fun and games
Some people cannot say a word unless they swear and curse
Some people will refuse to listen and their life just gets worse

None of this is natural
It’s not what we’re made for
This world has got it all wrong
When His word they do ignore
We were made to walk with Him
In the garden He prepared
So put aside your wicked ways
And praise His name instead

In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/08/14/your-daily-word-prompt-natural-august-14th-2018/

A Sanctuary

I awoke this Monday morning
Looking forward to the day
I rose to greet the sunrise
As it lightened up the gray
I ate a bit of breakfast
With coffee on the tray
Then I walked out of my house
And I began to say

Thank you, Lord for giving me
Your mercy on this day
Thank you Lord, for your sweet grace
Which blesses me always
Thank you Lord for peace of mind
Provided by your grace
Thank you for the joy you give
And hope that always stays

Thank you Lord for this creation
Beautiful and wise
Thank you Lord for singing birds
Filling up the skies
Thank you Lord for flowers and trees
Colors for my eyes
Thank you Lord for loving me
And helping me through trials

As I finished my short song
Of praise unto my King
I thanked Him once again
For providing everything
And in that moment I could feel
The Spirit praises bring
My porch became a santcuary
For the King of Kings



In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/08/13/your-daily-word-prompt-porch-august-13th-2018/

The Lab of Life

I used to love the science room where we could have real fun
Mixing up those chemicals could bring up things that stunk
I also like the movies that scared us half to death
Frankenstein was one of them I think he was on meth

Our laboratory fun was a place of learning much
But most of us grow older leaving lab work in the dust
Yet if we really seek the truth the lab of life still runs
We are an experiment until we think we’re done

I know in my daily walk with Jesus Christ my Lord
The tests and trials that will come are things I can’t ignore
For each is there to help me grow and become all I can be
I just want to be the clay while God is making me


In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/08/12/your-daily-word-prompt-laboratory-august-12th-2018/

Without Apps

Email is so nifty
It gets there very quick
Messenger is just as fun
And WhatsApp is real slick
Instagram exposes you
Pinterest your likes
The phone is always handy
A letter finds a smile

All these different ways
To touch each other’s lives
Yet all of them are lacking
In portraying what’s inside
Today’s communication
Lacks time for face-to-face
To see their true expression
To hear a voice that’s raised

Let’s try to put aside
Our gadgets and our apps
To walk up to our neighbor
And share a heartfelt chat
Perhaps then love will win out
Over all the ugly ways
That have captured so much news
In too many of our days



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