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Can I Get A Witness?

Can I get a witness of amazing Grace?
Has He set your feet in a higher place?
Do you long each day to see his face?
Can I get a witness of amazing Grace?

Can I hear a testimony of His love?
Has He touched your heart from His throne above?
Do you have compassion that hugs everyone?
Can I hear a testimony of His love?

Shout it from the mountain top. Let your voice be raised
Jesus Christ is Lord of all, worthy of our praise
Tell the whole world of His love. Witness every day
He redeemed me for all time, washed my sins away

Can you tell your neighbor of His sacrifice?
How he bled and died to give eternal life?
How He washed away their sin by taking stripes?
Can you tell your neighbor of His sacrifice?

Don't be silent any longer.
Don't be fearful of their doubt
Lift your voice and tell His story.
Make Him known so they'll find out
There's a Savior waiting for them.
Jesus is His mighty name
He is knocking at their heart now.
Help them lift their voice in praise

Shout it from the mountain top. Let your voice be raised
Jesus Christ is Lord of all, worthy of our praise
Tell the whole world of His love. Witness every day
He redeemed me for all time, washed my sins away

Can You Hear Me?

Can you hear me?
I am calling you
In my still small voice 
Will you hear the words 
I long for you to hear

Can you hear me?
I am calling you
To perform my words 
Will you do the things 
I ask you to do

Heal the sick 
Set the captives free
Make the lame to walk
In my name all is possible 
If you just believe

Open blinded eyes 
Make the deaf to hear
Raise the dead to life
Greater things will you do 
In my name

For I have given you
Power over all
Your enemies
Take authority
And hear the will of God

I want you to pray
All throughout your day
When I ask you to
Do not be afraid
For I will be with you

Can you hear me
Calling out to you
In my still small voice?
You can do all things
In Jesus name!

Look in the Mirror

I looked in the mirror and what did I see
A reflection of the old man who lived in me
But I know that Jesus has set me free
So, I need to see what He wants me to be

I adjusted my mirror and focused my eyes
As I looked for the Spirit that lived inside
Suddenly I saw, much to my surprise
The new man in me was very much alive

He filled me with peace.  He filled me with joy
He filled me with hope that flooded my soul
He filled me with His love and with a love for Him
And now there’s a new man living within

Now I need to make sure that the whole world will see
This new man that’s taken up residence in me
If I show grace to others in their time of need
They will see that Jesus is living in me
They need to see that Jesus is living in me

He wants me to live holy. He wants me to be free
He wants me to show others this love He has for me
Looking in the mirror all that I should see
Is the man that He made me when He set me free.


All Over Me

How can we know we’re your children?
How can I know I’m your son?
How can I know that your work in me
Has only just begun?

How can I know the goodness that you have bestowed on me
Will be a blessing to others that belong to your family?

It’s your presence, Lord
Your presence in me
A holy anointing that’s all over me
Wherever I go. Whoever I meet
Will feel that anointing that’s all over me

How can I share this good news that you have brought liberty?
How can I share this compassion that you have rained down on me?
Every day in every way this world is looking at me
To see if I have the courage to speak and set captives free

It’s your presence Lord
Your presence in me
Your Holy Spirit that’s all over me
I walk in your goodness overflowing with love
Everyone will know that your all over me

Every word I speak. Everything I do
Every one I meet is a chance to prove
That your glory shines in the heart of man
Let your kingdom come through my life again

It’s your presence, Lord
Your presence in me
A holy anointing that’s all over me
Wherever I go. Whoever I meet
Will feel that anointing that’s all over me

The Natural Order

If I could pluck a star out of both time and space
It would upset the natural order and would have to be replaced
No matter what the distance between these fiery balls
They have been placed distinctly where God calls

If I could move a planet that circles ‘round the sun
And change its safe rotation much damage would be done
For God has placed each one where gravity requires
To keep the natural order is God’s only desire

If I would change the trees so they’d breathe like you and I
No oxygen created would cause us all to die
The cycle of the air is a wonder to behold
For God has made it all and His wonders are untold

You see, the natural order was put in place by God
It goes on day by day with His guidance from above
Man tries and tries to copy it but will ever produce life
Only God can breathe that into His creation from on high

What a wonder to behold this creation we live in
From the awesome natural order to the miracle within
Our bodies are the greatest feat that God has done by grace
Yet we take them for granted and forget to give Him praise

Praise for all the stars above that circle through the sky
Praise for all the blood within that circulates with life
Praise for His creation, so mighty and so grand
Praise for how it all works by His sweet, gentle hand

So, this morning as you wake up, ponder what you are
Remember that your body is more complex than a star
Remember that God made you and holds you with His hand
To be the person that you are and fit into His plan

This is the natural order and the course that we should take
To come to Christ the Lord and fall down on our face
Confessing all our sins and trusting in His grace
Then rising up to shout aloud His glory and His praise

He waits in heave above to hear your voice today
Come to Him with all your cares and bow to Him in prayer
Then be still and just listen to what He has to say
I guarantee He has some things for you to do today

The Assignment

 What is my assignment Lord
 To carry out today
 What can I do to please you
 To show others your way
 I want to be a shining light
 In this world today
 Tell me what your plan is Lord
 Give me words to say
 It’s simple son says Jesus
 My plan is in my word
 Take time to read your Bible
 Take time to observe
 Then do the thing it tells you
 Do all that you have heard
 My Spirit speaks each day to you
 Revealing all my words
 Pray unceasingly, my child
 Pray for those in need
 Speak with words of grace
 Plant redeeming seeds
 Lay your hands on those who hurt
 Free them of dis-ease
 Walk in true humility
 Be a friend in deed
 Stay away from evil
 Cleave to what is good
 Be a friend to all 
 Who are misunderstood
 Be a shining light
 To break the darkest moods
 Show joy and peace at all times
 Let your words be good
 The assignment here is simple
 You can do it every day
 Walk with Jesus daily
 In His holy way
 Then you will see a world
 That’s full of truth and grace
 Be a beacon of His love
 And give Him all the praise

He Calls

 He hears our every prayer
 He sees our every tear
 He heals our every wound
 He calms our every fear
 He fills our heart with peace
 He soothes out soul with joy
 He gives us grace for sin
 He’s Jesus, Lord of Lords
 He came to earth a child
 He grew to be a man
 He taught us about love
 He taught us of His plan
 He gave His life for me
 He sacrificed it all
 He died and rose again
 He lives and me He calls
 He calls me to forgive
 He calls me to have grace
 He calls me to spread love
 He calls me to sing praise
 He calls me out of darkness
 He calls me into light
 He calls me every day
 He calls me to do right
 Jesus, blessed Jesus
 May I head your call
 Help me to have mercy
 Help me forgive all
 Help me sound the trumpet
 For your return one day
 Help me to show others
 The truth, the life and the way

Works of Grace

 It really doesn’t matter what happens
 Whether good or bad
 Whether the enemy attacks of stands back
 Whether I stand or fall
 Whether I abide in the shelter of His wings
 Or walk on my own path alone
 It really doesn’t matter if I’m happy or sad
 If I’m blessed or in need
 If I’m energized or tired
 If I can clearly see the future 
 Or if I have no hope
 None of these things should determine
 If I give Him thanks
 Thanks is due the Lord at all times
 In every situation
 In every trial
 In every test
 In every hour of every day
 Because He is righteous
 He is worthy
 He is God in heaven
 No matter what happens on this earth
 He never changes
 His love always remains
 His compassion is from generation to generation
 His mercy can grace surround us
 Like a fortress and a refuge
 For all  he has already done
 Not for what is happening now
 I must give Him thanks
 Give Him thanks with the fruit of my lips
 Give Him thanks by my actions
 By working out my salvation
 By showing mercy to others
 By being full of grace and forgiveness
 My thanks is not just words of praise
 But works of grace
 Feeding the hungry
 Quenching the thirty
 Brining peace to the troubled
 And joy to the sorrowful
 I thank Him by spreading His love
 By sowing seeds of faith
 By sharing the Gospel
 Thanks is not an attitude
 It is gratitude
 Thanks is not a reaction
 It is an action
 Thanks is not just words
 But deeds
 Thanks is abiding in Him
 Thanks is making disciples
 Thanks is preaching the word
 Thanks is being in season and out of season
 Thanks should inhabit our lives
 Overflowing so others will see
 Not just hear
 This hour
 This minute
 Give thanks
 Give thanks to the Lord for all He has done
 For this great creation
 For the future He has for you
 For the joy that is set before you
 Thanks for your friends’
 Thanks for your enemies
 Thanks for your good times
 Thanks for your trials
 Thanks for His great compassion on you
 No matter what comes
 Or what doesn’t come
 Give thanks 

My Part

 I often sit and wonder,
 In my quiet little place –
 If this love will last forever,
 And a smile comes on my face.
 Again, this is so different – 
 The feelings are immense,
 My first life has been spent
 Without question of expense.
 I can feel his love so deeply
 In my heart throughout the day,
 And I know that I will always be
 Walking in his Holy way.
 And I truly thank you Lord of all
 For the love you bring within;
 I have heard your true and Holy call,
 I will never turn again.
 You fill my life with joy
 In a world where I was lost,
 I no longer feel that I’m a boy – 
 I’m a man; I’ve paid the cost.
 Now Jesus lives within me,
 And a love does fill my heart
 That I wish to share with all of you
 To fulfill my rightful part. 

(Note: This poem was written back in 2002 and never posted.  The Lord led me to this today and said to post it for you.)  

Tell Them of His Love

  Tell them of His mercy
 Tell them of His grace
 Tell them of His love that on the cross displayed
 Tell them of His peace
 That calms the raging storm
 Tell them about Jesus and all that he has done
 Tell them of His words
 Tell them of His joy
 Tell them of forgiveness that was spoken long ago
 Tell them of His healing
 From every ill or pain
 Tell them He has promised that He will come again
 Tell them all the lessons
 He spoke as He was led
 Tell them of the feast He prepared from fish and bread
 Tell them of His passion
 Tell them of His death
 Tell them that he cared for them until His dying breath
 Tell them of the thorns
 Tell them of the stripes
 Tell them of the agony our sin caused Him inside
 Tell them that he bore our sins
 And cast them far away
 Tell them He is with them every single day