Jesus is knocking
Knocking at your door
He’s wanting to give you so much more
Jesus is waiting
Waiting just for you
He’s waiting ti give you so much more to do

You have so much potential
Wrapped up inside your heart
Why don;t you let Him in today
To make a brand new start

Jesus is longing
Longing for your soul
He’s wanting to revive you and make you whole
Jesus is watching
Watching over you
He’s hoping you’ll choose Him so He can comfort you

You have so much potential
Wrapped up inside your heart
Why don;t you let Him in today
To make a brand new start

Today and not tomorrow
Right now not later on
Give Him all you are
You just can not go wrong

You have so much potential
Wrapped up inside your heart
Why don;t you let Him in today
To make a brand new start

Love Like Jesus Loved

To love like Jesus loved we have to love them all the same
It doesn’t matter where there from or how they spell their name
Thin or tall, large or short their size is not an issue
Neither is the color of their skin or what they’ve been through

To love like Jesus loved we must remember who we are
Sinners that are saved by grace because we gave our heart
No one deserves His grace at all especially not me
Who am I to keep that grace when He says set it free

To love like Jesus loved means to reach out every day
We must give all we have to those who need to find their way
We cannot pick and choose who comes across our daily path
Each person that we meet is someone He has planted there

To love like Jesus loved means to put away our pride
It means that when we get put down we take it all in stride
It means that grace is over all and mercy rules the day
It means that when someone needs help we take the time to pray

To love like Jesus loved is not an option we can shun
He gave us His command that we must reach to everyone
So let’s get busy church and do the bidding of the Lord
Because to love like Jesus loved is what He truly called us for

If You Could, Would You?

If you could walk up to a bind man
And pray that he would see
Then watch as his eyes opened
Would you?

If you could touch a deafened ear
And proclaim that he could hear
And watch as he rejoiced
Would you?

If you could look up at a storm cloud
And ask it to change course
Then watch as blue skies opened
Would you?

If you could see the homeless hurting
And give them food to eat
Then watch as they gained favor
Would you?

Well, you can
In Jesus mighty name
You can
All these things are possible
With faith
Step out of your comfort zone
And pray
That they be saved
And healed today

If your finances were hurting
Your desire was to give
To a needy missionary
Would you?

If someone asked for prayer
When you met them on a street
And you said you’d pray for them
Would you?

If a friend offended you
Very deeply in your heart
And asked you to forgive
Would you?

Well, you should
Trusting God each moment
You should
All these things are needful
For your peace
Don’t delay one moment
Follow through
So that God will bless you
And bless those around you
With His love

What An Amazing Story

I listened to the Lord when He spoke to me
Knew that He loved me abundantly
And I knew what He spoke would come to be
At a time He had already planned

He told me that I should tell everyone
Of the work on the cross that he had done
I should tell of the Father who sent His Son
Because of His love for the world

What an amazing story
What an amazing friend
He asks us to share
And make them aware
Of His love that will last ‘til the end

I asked Him for boldness so I could speak
To all those who lovingly I would seek
And tell them the story of His great deed
And hopefully they would be saved

He told me don’t worry about the results
My job was to tell them the truth that’s all
The Spirit would be there to give them a call
The word would not return void

What an amazing story
What an amazing friend
He asks us to share
And make them aware
Of His love that will last ‘til the end
I’ll tell them I’ll tell them of your great love
I’ll praise you forever for all you have done
Until all my friends have been saved and won
To your precious holy way

What an amazing story
What an amazing friend
He asks us to share
And make them aware
Of His love that will last ‘til the end

Supernatural Grace

Grace will move your mountains
Grace will pardon sin
Grace will bring you healing
Give you peace within

Grace will soothe your sorrows
Grace will calm your fears
Grace will bless tomorrow
Wipe away your tears

Lord let your grace wash over me
Amazing grace is all I need
Pour out your grace into my soul
Abundant grace supernatural

Grace will still your worry
Grace will ease your mind
Grace will bring you true joy
Makes my heart to sing

Pour your grace
Over me
Pour your grace
Over me
Lord, pour your grace
Over me
And let it flow
To all I see

Lord let your grace flow out of me
Amazing grace to all I see
Pour your grace through my soul
Abundant grace supernatural
To all the world
To all I know

Inspired by Dan Ledwith’s Post Grace Is Supernatural

My Way Back

I saw the old man
walk into church that Sunday morn
His clothes were tattered
his skin was worn
I could smell the hardness of life
Three pews away
And I was ready to move
when I heard him pray

I’ve got to find my way back to you
I’ve drifted too far away
Not sure how far I’ve strayed
I’ve got to find my way back to you
Please keep shining your light
into this night
that I’m going thru
He sat alone

no one dared to come near
The music started
he bowed his head
I could see the tears
were running down his face
As we sang Amazing Grace
he looked up and prayed

Dear God
I’m not sure what I need to do
My life is such a big mess
I can’t find any rest
Dear God
please show me what I need to do
To get turned around
and be grounded in you again

I could feel the tears
start running from my eyes
And while the music played on
I moved to his side
I said friend
the Lord has heard your cry
Would you come with me right now
I will help you find your way

As the music
played just as I am
We knelt down
bowed our heads
closed our eyes
and he started to pray

Father forgive me
for the wrongs I have done
I give you my life
I’ll follow your Son
I promise my life
will be yours from now on
Dear Jesus
thank you for my friend

Then he took my hand
and gave a gentle squeeze
A smile as big as heaven
broke his weary, worn face
I know that he’d met Jesus
and I looked up in praise

Lord I thank you
for showing us the way
When we get lost on the path
you keep drawing us back
Lord I thank you
for this new-found friend
Yes he found his way back
all the way back to you


Where Is Christ

I see you

Sitting in darkness

Covered by life



Overtaken in dismay




I wonder 

How you got there

What was you’re life



Enriched by children

Bright future 



Then it all fell apart


Like a house of cards

All gone 





One mistake

All gone

I don’t see

Your need

I blind myself 

I shut my mind

I walk on by

Where is Christ 

Where is mercy

Where is compassion 

Where is love


Is in you

Calling out

Wanting me to turn

To open the door 

To let you in


Is in me

Begging to act

To touch you

To heal you

To bring peace

Bring joy

I don’t listen

I walk on by

I fail

Help me, Lord

To open my eyes

And my heart

To you.

What Can I Do But Pray

When a distant friend is down with pain

And his family doesn’t care, again

There is no one close

Who can lend a hand

What can I do but pray?


When I hear of someone who’s been hurt bad

From an accident that they’ve just had

There too far away

For me to be there

What can I do but pray?


When a trial or test is taking its toll

And there’s no one else that they have told

It is mine to bear

For the burden’s large

What can I do but pray?


I can send a card with a message bright

I can give an encouraging word each day

I can keep upbeat when we talk at night

That’s what I can do while I pray


When a friend is in the hospital room

And I just can’t get there to see them soon

They won’t be there long

They’ll be out of touch

What can I do but pray?


When a death has come to a family

And I know that they’re not real close to me

The funeral is soon

But I’m out of town

What can I do but pray?


I can bring some food to their house for them

I can offer to clean or to lend a hand

I can give them rides or run errands

That’s what I can do while I pray


It’s the Golden rule that we must obey

Do unto others is the good Lord’s way

That when I want to do more than pray

I can think about what I would need


And then when the time has come for aid

I can give of my time and give of my day

And then when I have done all I can

I can rest peacefully and pray.

To Tell

Why do I write these words of mine
Words from my mind that come out in rhyme 
Why do I often take the time
To write down these words of mine

To tell of His love, His wonderful love
That came down from God,  our Father above
Born in a manger, that was enough
To tell of His wonderful love

To tell of the peace He has for you
That helps to sustain you in all you do
And lead you through trials that you’ll go through
To tell of His precious peace

To tell of the joy that bubbles inside 
No matter what life may ask you to hide
This joy overcomes every time you might slide 
To tell of unspeakable joy

To tell of His mercy so rich and free
For on that cross He pardoned me
Rose from the grave so with Him I’ll be
To tell of His marvelous mercy

To tell of His grace so abundant and vast 
To me He brings blessings that will always last 
He showers my life with a glorious blast 
To tell of amazing grace

To tell you that you can be saved today 
All you must do is call on His name 
And Jesus will came so you can give praise
To tell you that Jesus saves

Those are the reasons I write my rhymes 
I desire salvation for all of mankind
These blessings are yours if you’ll take the time
To ask Jesus Christ to abide.

Tell it Like It Is

Living in this world has it’s moments

When it seems everything goes wrong

As a Christian if I witness with my comments

Theres a chance I won’t be free for very long


Because the Bible says that sin is only covered

By the blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God

And when we accept ths Son and are converted

We must turn away from sin amd walk with God


If I dare proclaim that sin is sin to some

There are those who’d say I’m speaking out of hate

And they would love to make a martyr of me

Because they don’t want to leave their sinful ways


It matters not what they might do to harm me

My calling is to preach the word of God

So excuse me if I follow what He tells me

I would rather follow Him than man’s applause




In response to the daily prompt Martyr