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I love the Lord. Each day, he gives me words of praise and encouragement, and asks me to share them with you I pray that they minister to you as you read them, share them, or ponder on them. Have a blessed day!

You Haven’t Given Up On Me

I often wonder how you found me when I was in sin
Your word says you can't look upon the filth that lied within
Yet somehow you looked through my mess and saw my troubled soul 
You reached out and you touched my heart.  By your blood I was made whole

I often wonder how you stay with such a wretch as me
Who, even though you've touched me, still to sin i often flee
Such love I can't imagine that would cover ally shame
That's why each day I lift my hands and praise your holy mane

Jesus, precious Jesus
I'm so glad you haven't given up on me
Jesus, precious Jesus
You will carry me along to victory

I often wonder why you love me even when I fall
You come and pick me up again and then you forgive all
Your mercy still amazes me and I stand in awe of grace
As I humble seek your presence and I yearn to see your face

Jesus, precious Jesus
I'm so glad you haven't given up on me
Jesus, precious Jesus
You will carry me along to victory

You hold me
You love me
You heal me
You deliver me
You free me
You save me
You carry me to victory 


It’s outrageous the way He loves me 

Outrageous the way He cares 

Outrageous the way He looks at me

With His eyes of tender grace

It’s outrageous that He would die

Outrageous the pain He bore 

Outrageous that He would shed His blood 

In order to save my soul

It’s outrageous that He would rise again

Outrageous He still lives 

Outrageous that He will walk with me

Outrageous He still forgives 

I can’t imagine my life without Him

Without His mercy and grace 

This outrageous gift that He gave to me

When He died to take my place

His Mercy Is Always Enough

It’s a wonderful, glorious day
The sun rises high in the sky
Jesus is walking here right by my side
It’s a wonderful, glorious day

He is right there with me each step that I take
When I stumble, He lifts me back up
Every day I’m alive I will trust in His grace
For His mercy is always enough

It’s a grand and spectacular day
I know that my Savior abides
He shows me His plan and is always my guide
It’s a grand and spectacular day


It’s a truly amazing day
The birds lift their song in the air
When I rest in Jesus, I don’t have a care
It’s a truly amazing day



The house stood there in shambles,  abandoned and alone 
The roof was full of leaks and the walls had gaping holes 
Windows broken, shutters torn, boards all filled with smelly mold
You could tell it wasn't lived in even though it wad not old 

 A carpenter on day walked by that weathered house
He looked and saw potential in a place no one would choose
He paid the price to buy that house and did what he did best 
Day by day repaired that house without taking rest

He filled the holes within the walls until they sturdy stood 
Repaired the looks throughout the roof to withstand the flood 
The boards were all replaced,  the windows and the floors
Them finally He finished off by strengthening the doors

The carpenter stepped back and saw the work he'd done
He said it now is livable but there's still much to be done
That house that was in shambles now stood on solid ground 
And he would keep on working until it made him proud

My life was in shambles. Abandoned and alone
My body full if sin and deep doubt throughout my soul
I had no place or purpose and wandered aimlessly
I wondered every day who could save a wretch like me

Then a carpenter named Jesus was walking by one day
A friend had introduced us and I asked Him to stay
I needed His attention and I ached for something new
He said that He had paid my debt of sin and made me new

Once I recognized Him as my Savior and my Lord 
I found a joy and peace that I had never known before
He quickly went to work on me and repaired me from within
I realized that now I must live my life for Him 

He will keep on working in my heart and in my soul
Abs this work will go on until I'm very old 
I'm not a perfect vessel but He loves me anyway
And I will let Him work on me each and every day

A Blessing for Today

May the Spirit of the Lord be upon you
May His love always shine on your face
May you walk on the path He has shown you
May you give out His amazing grace

May the hope that is in you be contagious
May you share joy with all that you meet
May you bring peace to all of your neighbors
May you pray for them all at His feet

Become Alive

What am I to do with this Jesus
Who is bleeding and dying on a cross?
What am I to say about His mission?
Is it all just a waste and a loss

He was King of Kings and Lord of Lords in Heaven
Now the nails pierce His hands and His feet
How can I declare He is Messiah
When it looks like He is drowning in defeat?

He cries out “It is Finished” and His head bows
It seems all hope is lost for you and me
They take Him to the tomb and seal it tightly
His life would be lost in History

But then the third day comes
The stone rolls away
The guards faint in fright
Jesus is alive

He walks out of that grave
Alive for all to see
Death is defeated
He has gained the victory

In His weakness He was strong
When all seemed lost His mercy won
He lives again for all to see
That He had come to set us free

Now He sits upon the throne
King of Kings and Lord of Lords
The true Messiah for us all
It’s time to listen for His call

He calls to you.  He calls to you
Come out of death to life renewed
No more let sin reign in your life
Be born again.  Become alive!

It Is Good

He made the earth but it was void
No life could there survive
But His Spirit roamed across the earth
And began to bring it life

On the first day He spoke Light to come
But not the Light we see
This was the Light that brings all Truth
Revealed to you and me
And it was good

The second day He made heaven and earth
The ground then did appear
He divided the waters from the earth
And heaven was set up higher
And it was good

The third day He made plants and herbs
And fruit so filled with seed
He set in motion the cycle of life
Our meat to come from trees
And it was good

The fourth day He brought forth the sun
And set the stars in place
Night and day were ruled by them
His glory on display
And it as good

The fifth day He brought fish and birds
The seas teamed full of life
The sky was filled with songs of praise
The waters brought forth life
And it was good

The sixth day he made animals
To roam upon the earth
The snakes and insects also came
The food supply was birthed

And then His crowning achievement came
When He made man to live
In His own image did He work
To make this man like Him

He gave dominion to the man
Over all that roamed the earth
And to this day that has not changed
Man is the king of earth

All of this in six short days
All of it was good
Creation shows His majesty
I hope you’ve understood

The wisdom of this man has gone
He says that evolution won
But God’s word has never changed
Creations’ truth will still remain
And all of it is good!

The Gifts He Gave

When Mercy seems so distant
And grace seems way far off
I remember that your word says
There will always be enough

When my wand’ring ways lose sight
Of the path I should be on
Your mercy and your grace
Will bring me back unharmed

Mercy, oh sweet mercy
Grace, amazing grace
The gifts He gave upon that cross
Forever I am saved

I’ll always seek His mercy
His grace will be my aim
In all my tribulation
I will stop to give Him praise

Praise for His sweet mercy
Praise for all His grace
Amazing is His love for me
My sin is all erased


I was leaning like a plant, all withered and dried out
Leaning on a past that was full of sin and doubt
Leaning in the gale that the storm had brought about
Ready to fall over if no one could help me out

A friend came by one day and said He had a plan for me
I asked him who it was that could come and set me free
He said it was a Savior who died upon a tree
And all I had to do was ask Him to pardon me

I had my doubts and fears but I cried out anyway
If you are really there con and help me find my way
I nearly cried out loud when I heard His still voice say
My child your are free by the power of my grace

Now I am walking daily in the mercy He provides
I’m leaning on Him all the time and He helps me survive
If you need to restore your life than please take my advice
Ask Jesus to forgive you and all will come out right