Deceiving Myself

As I look back on my youth
All the fun times I used yo have
Seem to pale in reflection of thoughts
That I formed about life and God

As a young adult I would wrangle
Hoping I could hold my own
But I had deceived myself
Into thinking I was alone

In the end His love one out
I no longer question His grace
He’s shown me that I’m His child
Now I’m happy in His embrace

in rwsponse to the daily prompt

Nothing Can Separate

In every storm I still hear His voice
Calming the wind and the waves
There’s never a time He is not there with me
His peace sustains me always

In every sorrow I know He is there
Comforting me in my grief
He always speaks words that cause me to soar
His joy always brings sweet relief

Nothing can separate me from my Lord
His mercy makes my life whole
His joy and His peace
Are always with me
And His love tarries deep in my soul

When I feel down He lifts my head up
Inclining to hear my prayer
His back never turns away in disgust
His love will always remain

Nothing can separate me from my Lord
His mercy makes my life whole
His joy and His peace
Are always with me
And His love tarries deep in my soul

Through trial and test
He knows what is best
He’ll carry me through
From doubt He’ll rescue
To don’t to fear
He always is near
My Jesus, my Savior, my Lord

Nothing can separate me from my Lord
His mercy makes my life whole
His joy and His peace
Are always with me
And His love tarries deep in my soul

Be At Ease

This world has its troubles that won’t go away
It seems there’s a new disease every day
Just this morning I watched the news and they say
That addiction to video games is not safe

Then there’s cancer and heart disease  flu and a cold
Dementia and Alzheimer’s as we grow old
Lou Gehrig Disease Tommy John elbow
Diabetes and lupus and Crones so much more

Now if any of you have a nasty disease
Especially if you should have one of these
Your situation may be robbing your peace
But I know a way you can be at ease

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
From your understanding now depart
In all your ways let your words give Him praise
And He will direct you all of your days

In response to the daily prompt

What A Wonderful Day

I heard Jesus today
In the song of the birds
In the gentle cool breeze
In the rustling leaves
I heard Jesus

I saw Jesus today
In the eyes of a child
In the glow of their smile
In the faith the displayed
I saw Jesus

I touched Jesus today
When I prayed for the lame man
When I sat with the widow
When I sang to the lonely
I touched Jesus

So often we go through our life
Letting Jesus just pass us by
Because often we don’t recognize
He is right there by our side

Remember He said to beware
That the person we meet unaware
If we minister to them and share
It’s the same as if He was right there

So take notice throughout this day
That you recognize Him all the way
And in the evening you’ll say
I heard Jesus today
I saw Jesus today
I touched Jesus today
What a wonderful day

Eye Wide Open

After the walk in the morning
After a breakfast so good
After the short drive to church
My body’s misunderstood

It’s not that the message is boring
Or that I can’t understand
It’s just that I’m languorous
My eyes close and close again

I find myself falling asleep
My wife gently nudges my side
I thank her for helping me wake up
From then on my eyes are wide

The message to learn is quite simple
It is one I have not learned yet
To keep from a nudge in your side
Eyes wide open would be your best bet



In response to the daily prompt /

The Greatest Brilliance

It’s not the stars that twinkle
Way off in outer space
It’s not the smile that radiates
On a little child’s face
It’s not the sun that rises
And sets with beauty rare
It’s not the thoughts of men
That make us all aware

When searching for the greatest
Brilliance of them all
We have to look at Jesus
And just stand back in awe
For there are many attributes
That we could mention here
I think I’ll list a few of them
Because He is so rare

His majesty is glorious
His might beyond compare
His wisdom is so high above
He’s always everwhere
His power never ceases
His mercy falls like rain
His grace is so amazing
His love will never fail

I could go on forever
His brilliance shines so bright
But now I’ll stop and praise Him
For He has brought me light
He’s worthy of my worship
All day and into night
Let’s give Him all the glory
And praise Him with delight





In response to the daily prompt

Holy Are You

Holy are you
Holy are you
Holy are you oh Lord
Reigning in splendor
King of all heaven
Holy are you oh Lord

Worthy are you
Worthy are you
Worthy are you oh Lord
Lamb that was slain
For the sins of all man
Worthy are you oh Lord

Gracious are you
Gracious are you
Gracious are you oh Lord
Always restoring
Mercy is flowing
Gracious are you oh Lord

Righteous are you
Righteous are you
Righteous are you oh Lord
All things are good
That come from your hand
Righteous are you oh Lord

Be the Blessing

So many people look around for relevance these days
It seems that we got lost along the way
Either we have closed ourselves to putting others first
Or we’ve gotten caught in our own selfish ways

It’s so unfortunate that we don’t see the others needs
That we don’t extend the mercy we’ve received
We’re called to be benevolent and merciful to all
Because mercy is what fills the others needs

Let’s look outside ourselves today and see who we can touch.
Let’s be the blessing God wants us to be
We can change the world if we’ll step outside ourselves
To be what God intended us to be



In response to the daily prompt

Find His Presence

Sometimes we have our worries
Sometimes we have our doubt
Sometimes we have a problem
That we cannot work out

Sometimes we feel abandoned
Sometimes our fear is strong
Sometimes our hopes are shattered
And answers take too long

But these are not the times
To bow down in despair
These are times to praise Him
You’ll find His presence there

For when we lift our praises
His presence dwells with us
When we lift up our voices
His spirit lifts us up

It’s time to praise Him
It’s time to lift our voice
It’s time to celebrate
Let’s rejoice

It’s time to worship
It’s time to lift our holy hands
For even in the hard times of our lives
When we lift up His holy name on high
He promises He’ll be right by our side
So come and praise Him
Come and worship
Come and bow down
Come to Jesus