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About Pete

I love the Lord. Each day, he gives me words of praise and encouragement, and asks me to share them with you I pray that they minister to you as you read them, share them, or ponder on them. Have a blessed day!

The Believers Life

Whan All Is Said And Done

I had trials and tribulations down on this earth below
My life seemed so uncertain, i did not know which way to go
I’m so grateful for the day that i was saved by grace
Soon I’ll see my Savior this I know

When all is said and done I’ll see Jesus
He’ll meet me just inside those pearly gates
All sorrow will be gone and pain will be erased
When I meet Jesus face to face

Many friends and family left me as they passed from death to life
Some had asked me if I’d see them when i reached the other side
So i opened up the book and i gave them all a look
Where it says we have eternal life


I’m looking forward to the day when I will fly away
When my life on earth is o’er and time will be no more
I’ll rise by His sweet grace before I see His face
I’ll be with Him forevermore


I Close My Eyes

I seek a place of rest.
I walk through the forest
Majestic pine trees on every side
with branches that form a canopy above
Below a beautiful pine needle bed good for my feet tread upon
There is no path laid before me
No way that I have to go to get somewhere
Only the tiny round needles everywhere
my eyes come upon a stump that juts out as if it were a seat waiting for me
I sit and I close my eyes
No trouble there is
No enemy to attack me
Only His gentle breath that the summer breeze leaves behind
I am at rest

I seek a place of peace
in a world where peace is difficult to find
I walk down a path
through a Meadow
which leads into the forest
Deep into the dense
Brush land with trees all around
In the distance I hear a babbling Brook
I set my gauge to get there
Slowly transcending the rocky terrain
I arrive at the bottom of the Hill
The voice of the brook is mumbling over the rocks
Water sweeps from my right to left
I see a stump sitting there just waiting for me
I rest myself upon that stump
I sit and close my eyes and listen to that brook
Wandering aimlessly yet relentlessly toward some distant destination
I am at peace

I seek a place of love
I am not sure where that can be found today in this city
I settled in to watch a romance movie with my wife
sitting in a chair across the Room
There are a few words
every once in a while a question
We just enjoy the movie together
There’s a connection there that one can only describe
as a feeling one gets from a long marriage
a closeness that young people just don’t understand
where that time is precious
I sit and close my eyes
I can sense her love coming across the Room
Like an aroma from a candle
I am in love

I seek a place of joy
It would be easy for me to get caught up in the things of this world
in troubles that are all around me
it would be easy to get disgusted, cold or unhappy
It would be easy to complain and murmur and boast
But I choose a higher path
I choose to walk with the Lord
To know He is always guiding and leading me
even though the Valley
even through the storm
protecting me even if serious trouble comes
Even when the tempter is so strong
I close my eyes and hear His gentle voice
I have found a place of joy

I seek the Lord
He is found
All these other things come my way
Because I put Him
All these other things I are ornaments upon the tree
The tree He is growing as He grows me
All these are the things are my desires
But His desire is that I would want only Him
When I will seek only Him
All these other things will be a natural by-product
of closeness I feel with my Lord
so when I close my eyes
I pray that God will bring me closer to Him
And that is all I pray
Then I am with my Lord


The Believers Life

Storms Will Subside

When I’m feeling left out I look in
To see Jesus is right there with me
I’m never alone
When My Saviors along
Always in Him I will be

When I’m feeling down I look up
To see Jesus is looking at me
The smile on His face
Shows me His grace
This is where I want to be

When I’ve lost my way I look back
I see Jesus is running to me
I give Him the lead
He knows what I need
Behind Him is where I must be

When I do not know I look lost
My faith seems a long way from me
His word will I seek
His truth I will speak
My faith will rise up in me

When I might be faced with some trouble
His mercy is all I need
His love will abide
Even storms will subside
I know Jesus is right there with me

The Father Has Promised

The Father has promised us rest
In the midst of the trial and test
He will always give us His best
Because He has promised us rest

The Father has promised us peace
He will always set us at ease
All our worries will surely release
Because He has promised us peace

The Father has promised us joy
All our sorrows He will destroy
No enemies weapons annoy
Because He has promised us joy

The Father has promised us hope
Through every trial we will cope
Heaven is ours this we know
Because He has promised us hope

The Father has promised us love
That flows down from His glory above
Throughout life He is enough
Because He has promised us love

His Loving Hand

Wherever I walk He’s beside me
Wherever I go He will lead
Wherever I turn He’ll be with me
I trust in His loving hand

Whenever I fall He revives me
Whenever I slip He gives grace
Whenever I stumble He holds me
I trust in His loving hand

He holds me tight all the time
He never lets me go
No matter what trials or troubles come
His loving hand I will hold

Whatever I need He supplies me
Whatever I do He will bless
Whatever I fear He will lift me
I trust in His loving hand


All the day long. All of the night
Every moment I won’t leave His sight
He’ll be there with me holding my hand
Oh what a Savior. Oh what a friend


I’m Looking for Jesus

I’m looking for Jesus wherever I go
In Him I am sure that all blessings will flow
His power is greater.
His love is divine
I’m looking for Jesus all of the time

I’m looking for Jesus beside me each day
I know He’ll be with me to show me the way
His joy overwhelms me
His peace calms my soul
I’m looking for Jesus for he gives me hope

Oh what a sight to see
My Savior beside me
Oh what a pleasure. Oh what a thrill
Jesus is all I need

I’m looking for Jesus to show me the Light
Each day that passes He shows me what’s right
I love Him with all of my heart and my mind
I’m looking for Jesus my strength all the time



I know He’s not far away (4 times)
I know He’s right here to stay (4 times)


That’s What I’ll Do

Whatever it takes to draw closer to you
That’s what I’ll do, lord
That’s what I’ll do

Whatever it takes to hear your sweet voice
That’s what I’ll do, Lord
That’s what I’ll do

Wherever you call me. Wherever you lead
Through ever trial I know you’ll succeed
There’s never a time when you can’t meet my need
I will follow you, Lord. That’s what I’ll do

Whatever it takes to do what you ask
That’s what I’ll do Lord
That’s what I’ll do


No matter the cost. No matter the pain
No matter the trials I know you’ll remain
No matter how hard the enemy fights
In your will my heart will find great delight


God Is Determined

God is determined to bless me
In ways that I can’t comprehend
I am determined to praise Him
I’ll give Him the best that I can

God is determined to heal me
He’ll take away all my pain
I am determined to love Him
I’ll worship again and again

God is determined to save me
From all of my troubles and storms
I am determined to fall down
I’ll take in the health that he forms

God is determined to guide me
Through all of the valleys I face
I am determined to follow
I’ll trust in His wonderful grace

God is determined to know me
He’ll speak to me every day
I am determined to know Him
I’ll hear His sweet voice and I’ll say

Jesus I love you with all of my heart
I love you with all of my mind
All of my soul I give to you
For you are my strength all the time

Your Gentle Voice

I’ve come to listen, Lord, to hear you speak
For your truth is what I seek

I long to hear your gentle voice
Come to me now and I’ll rejoice

For you speak life into my soul
You speak hope and make me whole

You speak wisdom so I might learn
You speak glory for which I yearn

You speak peace to calm my storms
You speak joy/ My heart you warm

Lord give me life today I ask
To hear your voice is my only task