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My Mission 

I looked out to the world

To see what there would be

And everwhere I looked

I saw pain and misery

There was no understanding

Compassion seemed misplaced

People were elusive 

They would lie right to my face

Then I looked to God

To see what I would see

His mercy and His grace

Did flow abundantly 

I saw it streaming to me 

Like rays shine from the sun

The blessings that they brought me

Did lift my heart in song 

I asked the Lord to show me

How this blessing could reach out 

To those who only saw the world 

Missing out on God above

He told me that’s my mission 

My calling from above

To share with everyone I know

The message of His love

I must admit I’ve faltered

At this task He’s given me

From this day forth I promise

This mission will drive me

My Offering

I offer you my life, my heart, my soul

I offer you myself, dear Lord

I offer you my praise, my words, my mind

I give it all to you, my Lord


It’s my offering of praise

The worship of my heart

All I have I give to you

I lift up holy hands

I lift my voice in song

All I have I give to you


I offer you today, tomorrow and all time

To use me as your vessel, Lord

I offer you each hour, each minute of my day

Fill me with your love, oh Lord


Everything I have

Everything I am

All of it is yours

Lead me in your plan

All that I can do

All that I can say

I offer it to you

Use me, Lord, today


It’s my offering of praise

The worship of my heart

All I have I give to you

I lift up holy hands

I lift my voice in song

All I have I give to you

Touch The Lord

I see the Lord

Most every day

He’s right beside me

As I pray

He walks with me

Along the way

He’s everywhere I go


When I see someone

Steeped in pain

I see the Lord

Inside of Him

I go and pray

That health would win

And I have touched my Lord


If someone’s feeble

In their home

And I go visit

When their alone

They brighten up

That someone comes

And I have touched my Lord


Jesus said that when we touch

One of His children, him we touch

He asks us to go out of our way

To make a difference in the world today


If one’s in prison

For their crime

And I go visit

And give my time

It cheers them up

They glad I came

And I have touched my Lord


Do you see Jesus

As you walk

In other people

In the park

He’s right there

Inside their heart

Waiting for a touch


Open your eyes

To others needs

And soon you’ll see

Their needs are real

It’s up to you

To help them heal

Your time to touch the Lord

Lending the Light

A birthday cake is always fun

When children are involved

Their faces will light up the room

As the we sing a familiar song


The candle count goes with their years

They are lit and shining bright

The light reflects in the child’s eyes

As they blow them out of sight


But much more important is the light

That my candle shines each day

The love of Jesus in my heart

Must show others the way


And I must guard real closely

That it never gets blown out

Because that child depends on me

To know what God’s about


Keep your candle burning

Let it always lend it’s light

To those who need a Savior

Let it shine both day and night




In response to the daily prompt  Candle

Made to Make a Difference

You travel through life a day at a time

Trying to find your way

It seems you are not getting anywhere fast

As you tackle life every day

Then you meet Jesus, and you ask Him to com

Into your heart to stay

And now you feel there’s a purpose to life

So you start to ask as you pray.


Lord, why have I had so many hurts

And difficult times in my life

Why have I faced such a series of tests

That have brought me a good deal of strife

And God answers back that now you’re prepared

To help others with things in their life

Because your an original, one of a kind

But what you have learned helps mankind


So get out and share your experiences

And see who wil heed your call

What you  have gone through will help many come

And answer the Masters call


In response to the daily prompt Original

Lonely People

I walk into the church here in Iowa
Waiting for the choir to begin
I settled into the back of you as I always do
As an elderly gentleman walks in


I have seen him here before, but it had been a while
His appearance seems to drive some folks away
I was sitting on the pew on the other side
As the congregation starts to sing God’s praise


Why are there so many lonely people
In a country where so many claim to know
That Christ came for the Lost
And He paid such a cost
Now our mission is His love to show


As I sang I couldn’t help but notice him
Tears were welling up with in his eyes
His feeble voice did lift his praise to Christ the King
I sensed His heart was breaking inside


The worship service came to a mighty end
In the sermon was inspiring to all
As the pastor gave an altar call prepared that day
The old man slowly rose and went aisle


Why are there so many lonely people
In a country where so many claim to know
That Christ came for the Lost
And He paid such a cost
Now our mission is His love to show


A sudden urge came over me to join him there
So I went and knelt beside him for a while
He was weeping as he bowed his head in silent prayer

Then he turned and looked at me with a smile


He said “Son, my wife passed on 5 years ago

And I was blaming God that she was gone

But this morning I awoke and felt the Holy Spirit call

And I knew that God had loved me all along


I hadn’t been to church

For all those many years

And when I heard the choir sing, I was so blessed

For God to still love me

When I had turned on Him

Overwhelmed me and brought me to His rest


We left the church that morning as friends

And vowed that we would keep in touch through time

I thanked the Lord He’d given me this day to realize

That a simple deed can change a person’s life


Let’s all try to look for lonely people

And ask the Lord what he would have us do

His mission is the same

His love will never change

He desire is to reach them through you

The Little Dash

We all live our lives the best that we can

Trying to leave some mark on the land

When our time is done and our life is at rest

Our bodies are laid in the ground


The graves are all marked with a stone of some kind

With some words written to keep through time

And the dates of the life of the person are there

Separated by a dash of a line


That dash is now sandwiched between birth and death

All of your life is wrapped up in it

What does that dash say about you?

That is the question we one day will get.


So let’s make a sandwich that touches our friends

That reaches beyond to incredible ends

Don’t let that dash just be a small line

Let it bring joy and peace through the land



In response to trh daily prompt Sandwich