Praising Through the Pain

Is anyone awake out there?

Can anybody hear?

I sure could use a friend right now

To talk to through my tears.


My back is aching once again

I cannot sleep at all

I took a pain pill hour ago

And I’m afraid I’ll fall


Oh, my God, where are you?

Can you hear my cry?

Why won’t you deliver me?

Why won’t pain subside?


My feet are aching also

It hurts me just to stand

And when I try to walk somewhere

The drop foot seems to land.


The walker helps to get up

And get into my chair

And that is where I sit right now

Not going anywhere


Oh, God, I’m crying out to you

Please heal these pains of mine

I need to know you hear me now

I need you at this time


I will lift my voice in praise

To you, my precious Lord

For you have done so much for me

A fact I can’t ignore


I thank you for your mercy

And I ask you now for more

But even if you leave me here

I’ll worship you, my Lord


I lift your name up high right now

Your glory I proclaim

Your worthy of my worship Lord

Even if my pain remains.

4 thoughts on “Praising Through the Pain

  1. Charlotte Spolar

    I Pray that the Lord will heal your pain.
    This is one that is heartbreaking cause only our Lord can truly deliver us from pain & some don’t know this or want listen.
    I praise the Lord even in pain.
    Have a Blessed Day!!

    Liked by 1 person


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