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Jesus Came A Calling

There was a time that I was wandering deep in sins despair
I had no hope to live for and I really did not care
I’d almost given up on this misery of mine
Then Jesus came a calling and stepped into my life

What a change took place that day when Jesus rescued me
From a sinner who was perishing to a soul that was set free
I looked up to the heavens and raised my hands up high
To give praises to my Savior for His eternal life

Praise the one who came to give His life for mine
Praise the Lord of heaven who came to earth to die
Took on the form of man to face a cruel death
Nailed upon the cross and gave His final breath

All my sin and shame was nailed upon that tree
I give praise to my Savior who bled and died for me
But that was not the end of His mission and His plan
In three days He rose to glory so that I could live again

I will take the life He’s given me and live it for my Lord
I will follow His commandments and read His holy word
Each day I’ll lift my praises to the one that I adore
My resurrected Savior, Jesus Christ my Lord

My Savior Lives

 He knows my need
 He knows me need
 When I am afraid
 He knows my need
 He hears my prayer
 He hears my prayer
 When I’m feeling down
 He hears my prayer
 He gives me peace
 He gives me peace
 When the storms arise
 He gives me peace
 He sends His joy
 He sends His joy
 When sorrow takes hold
 He sends His joy
 He’s always there
 He’s always there
 When I’m all alone
 He’s always there
 He died for me
 He died for me
 He shed His blood
 He died for me
 He saved my soul
 He saved my soul
 I was lost in sin
 He saved my soul
 He’s coming back
 He’s coming back
 He will take me home
 When He comes back
 I’ll praise His name
 I’ll praise His name
 My Savior lives
 I’ll praise His name
Effective Prayer

Even When

 Even when I'm hurting
 Even when I cannot hear your voice
 I'll praise your name
 Even when I'm lonely
 Even when I cannot feel your touch
 'll praise your name
 Even when my life seems out of place
 Even when a smile evades my face
 Even when I've lost that sense of grace
 I will praise you
 I will praise you
 I will lift your name up high
 I will praise you
 I will lift you up
 For you are worthy of my praise
 Even when I'm troubled
 Even when I don't deserve your grace
 I'll praise your name
 Even when I'm humbled
 Even when I feel I've fallen down
 I'll praise your name
 Even when my thought life isn't great
 Even when my prayers all seem to late
 Even when I've lost that sense of grace
 I will praise you
 I will praise you
 I will lift your name up high
 I will praise you
 I will lift you up
 For you are worthy of my praise
Jesus Life

An Undeserving Sinner

 Praise to the King! He reigns on high.
 His majesty fills the heavens
 And His glory lights the sky.
 His mercy reaches to my heart
 And His grace saves me from myself
 What a wonderful, loving God we serve.
 Who sent His son, His only son
 To come to this earth, giving up His throne
 And endured suffering and shame
 To die for me.
 He was beaten and bruised
 Ridiculed and mocked
 Hung on a cross, even though He was innocent
 He gave up His life - it was not taken from Him
 He gave His life so that I could have eternal life
 He is so gracious and merciful.
 I was an undeserving sinner,
 and had turned my back on God.
 I was wretched, and cursed God
 Yet He loved me so much
 That He sent His son
 To die for me.
 Now I will serve Him the rest of my days
 He is worthy of my praise. 
 He gave His life for me,
 So I will give my life to Him.
 Praise to the King. He reigns on high.

Pure, White, Clean

 I wake up
 Fresh fallen snow covers the ground
 Pure, white, clean
 Unstained by the world
 As the day goes on
 Plows go by
 Cars go by
 Dirt rises from beneath
 Staining the pure, white snow
 I wake up to my sin
 Jesus covers it with His blood
 Though my sins be as scarlet
 He will wash me white as snow
 Pure, clean
 Stained by sin no more
 Then the day goes by
 And the world comes in
 And sometimes I don't stay
 Pure , White, Clean
 I stumble and get stained again
 But His blood cleanses me
 Over and over
 Clean, Pure, White as snow
 Help me awaken each day
 And apply His blood to my life
 So like fresh fallen snow
 He will keep me
 Pure, White, Clean

The Cross Was the Reason

 When I think about the manger, I think about the cross
 All the wondrous things God did on those two days
 The first tells of the birth of the precious Son of God
 To bring to us the dawn of peace and grace
 The shepherds in the field show all are welcome there
 The kings who came with gifts show us His worth
 The star was like a beacon that anyone could see
 But only few received the Saviors birth
 The manger shows His meekness and deep humility
 That the Son of God would come to such a place
 The inn shows us that many would turn the babe away
 Refusing to partake of God’s sweet grace
 The cross shows us His passion for every single one
 The bruises and the scars He took for us
 His cry of please forgive them rings down throughout all time
 Showing that our God is true and just
 He gave His mother comfort from the agony He felt
 As He gave John the charge to care for her
 His cry of don’t forsake me shows His bitter taste of death
 For the first time He was parted from His Father
 When He cried it is finished all creation should have bowed
 To the King who gave His life for all mankind
 The plan of our redemption was finally complete
 And His death would be a light for all of time
 But it was not finished, the story’s not complete
 Three days later He arose from death to life
 Now He lives forevermore and He reigns from High above
 Providing for us all eternal life
 Yes, the manger stands so tall as a beacon in the dark
 Of a world that’s full of sin and much despair
 But you cannot see the manger as a symbol by itself
 The cross was the reason that He came

Life Abundantly

 I can’t explain this peace that washes over me
 Every time a troubled sea is in my soul
 It seems I put my trust in Him to guide me safely home
 Because I know my God is in control
 I can’t explain this joy that brings a smile to my face
 When tribulation rears its ugly head
 I know that He will teach me of His wondrous grace
 And everything will work out for my good
 I can’t explain this hope that says I’m bound for heaven
 I’ve put my faith in Jesus Christ
 He promised He was building me a mansion home
 A place to dwell through my eternal life
 I can’t explain the love that God has shown to me
 His wondrous plan I didn’t even know
 He gave His son to die for me amidst my sinful ways
 Remove them all and wash me white as snow
 Even though I can’t explain it still I know it’s true
 That God became a sacrifice tor me and you
 If there is just one thing you really need to do
 Is call upon His name and He will pardon you
 Your sin was nailed to His cross on calvary
 Forgiveness He has spoken hanging on that tree
 He rose again and to show us His great victory
 Come before the Lord and pray with me
 Father forgive me. Father I have sinned
 Father take my life. Give me joy within
 I now make you Lord of my life today
 Come and show me your precious ways
 If you prayed that prayer now you have life abundantly
 The Son of God has saved your soul today
 I pray you’ll go to church and read your Bible more
 So God can lead you safely on your ay


 I’ve squandered my existence on things I should not do
 I’ve travelled many roads where I truly should not go
 I’ve spoken many words that I never should have said
 I’ve done so many things that should have left me dead
 One day I was just walking with a  friend of mine
 He told me about Jesus and His love sublime
 I thought about that message and bowed my head in prayer
 Jesus saved me from myself right then and there
 He forgave me.  He redeemed me. 
 He set me on the path to heaven
 He restored me.  Oh what mercy
 I’m adopted as a son of God
 Now I do my best to walk with Him each day
 Sometimes I wander off the path and lose my way
 Bet He is quick to rescue me and take me in His arms
 He never lets me suffer long or come to any harm
 He upholds me.  He adores me
 I am not sure why He loves me so much
 He restores me.  Oh what mercy
 I’m adopted as a son of God
 An heir of the kingdom, His promises are mine
 His will has been written and my name is on the line
 I’ll praise Him forever with all my heart and soul
 For he is my Savior and my Lord
 He upholds me.  He adores me
 I am not sure why He loves me so much
 He restores me.  Oh what mercy
 I’m adopted as a son of God
 He forgave me.  He redeemed me. 
 He set me on the path to heaven
 He restored me.  Oh what mercy
 I’m adopted as a son of God

A New Hope

I was shackled
Held by the snare of the enemy
Only I did not know it
I did not feel the chains
The weight
The burden
I was enjoying the pleasure
The high of life
The solitude of my sin
Each day brought new pleasure
New darkness
New shadows in my life
I had no hope
I did not care about the future
Only today mattered
Only what made me feel good today
There was no god
No judge
No one that challenged my way
No one that helped me see where I was going
And I cared not
I had today
I had pleasure
I had money
I thought I was free
I was free to do what I wanted
When I wanted
How I wanted
No guidelines
No destiny
No path to follow
Just a long and winding road
That led nowhere
Then I heard a voice
It sounded faint and soft
It was almost a whisper
In a place where there was shouting
A preacher spouting fire and brimstone
A preacher telling me my destiny
Telling me where I was heading
A place of horror
A place of darkness
A place of fire
I was scared
For the first time I confronted myself
As if looking in a mirror
I sat in that seat
Knowing my destiny now
Knowing it was not a good place
Knowing I did not want to go there
And I heard that voice
That soothing gentle voice
In the middle of my chaos
In the midst of this turmoil in my head
He spoke words of kindness
Of love
Of mercy
Of grace
An I wanted to follow that voice
I wanted to abandon my previous path
And start a new course
A new destiny
A new hope
He said I was chosen
He came to me
I was not seeking Him
I was not looking for a change
I was not wanting a change
But He found me
A wandering sheep
Lost and alone in a sinful world
In a dark place
In a place of bondage and shame
He found me
He loosed the shackles
He untied my hands
He loosened my mind from the enemies control
He set my fee on a new path
With a  new destiny
A new hope
A new life
He made me His own
He made me righteous
He sanctified me
He cleaned me up
He set my feet on higher ground
To stay
Now I write what He speaks
Words of praise
Words of blessing
Words of  grace and mercy
Words of protection and provision
I write His words for you
His voice speaks to me
And I write
My mind is free from clutter
Free from the noises of the world
Free from the shackles of my sin
He has chosen me
I am not sure why
I am not sure where it will lead
But I am sure this is what he has asked
He has called me
To write His words
To share His message
His love
His compassion
To a lost and dying world
Many are where I once was
Many are lost or have lost their way
I can only pray
That one will hear
That one will listen
That I can plant one seed
Touch one life
With His love
His words
Because God so loved the world
He gave His only Son
If you believe in Him
Hope is yours
Love is yours
Peace is yours
Joy is yours
Eternal life is yours
Just ask Him to be your Savior
Allow Him to be your Lord
And the Kingdom of God is yours

Jesus Saves

Some things have to be shouted from the rooftops
Some things have to be declared
I just can’t hold back any longer
It’s time to testify
And here’s the reason why
Jesus set this simmers soul on fire
He came and rescued me
From a life of little worth
So I could be His witness
To a dying, desperate earth
The life that I once lived
And the change He brought about
Is a story for the ages
So I will stand and shout
Jesus saves.  Jesus saves
Jesus saves a sinner just like me
Jesus saves. Jesus saves
Every day in every way Jesus saves
Now I have a moment to declare the truth
I’m no longer who I was
I have given Him my broken life
It’s time to testify
A thousand reasons why
Jesus set this prisoner free

From a poor man to His riches
From a sick man to good health
From a lost man to a leader
From His voice no longer deaf
From a drunkard now I’m sober
From addiction now I’m free
From a life of heavy shackles
His blood delivered me
Jesus saves. Jesus saves
Jesus saves a sinner just like me
Jesus saves. Jesus saves
Every day in every way Jesus saves