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Mercy is All I Need

Lord how I need to cry out to you
In the middle of my distress
I cannot find rest
In the midst of this mess
Your mercy all that I need

Lord I have walked away from you
I cannot find peace for my soul
I’m desperate for you
Don’t know what I should do
Your mercy is all I need

Mercy is all I need
Mercy is all I need
My soul’s in your hands
Only you understand
The depth of the mercy I need

Then I hear your sweet voice calling out to me
Saying son I’ve forgiven your sins
Don’t give them a thought
Just turn and walk
Follow the path where I lead

I do not hold them against you
I do not tell them again
I do not see your sins anymore
To me you are sin free and clean

Mercy is all I need
Mercy is all I need
My soul’s in your hands
Only you understand
The depth of the mercy I need

The Lord is With Me

The Lord is with me
Wherever I go
He is before me and behind me
He is to my right and to my left
He is above me and He guides my steps
If I should turn
He turns with me
And guides me back on the path
If I should stumble
He steadies my feet
And gently holds me up
Even if I fall
He is there to pick me up
And set me on my feet again
And if I tire
He is there to carry me

The Lord is with me
He knows my every thought
Whether good or bad
His Holy Spirit helps me see
When I have not thought right
He guides me to the truth
His wisdom comes from above
He helps me understand
Where I went wrong
Then He gives me His word
Which transforms my mind
So that I might speak with grace
To build up those around me
I listen for His voice
To tell me the words to say
Day in and day out

The Lord is with me
He knows my every deed
He knows when I do good
He knows when I do wrong
He forgives me when I mess up
Then he shows me the right way
The way to ask forgiveness
Of those I may have wronged
He keeps me from being offended
Then I ask forgiveness
When I have wronged others
He shows me the needy
So that I might help them
He shows me the sick
So that I may lay hands on them
Then He will heal them

The Lord is with me
Thus I will praise Him
I will lift my voice
I will raise my hands
I will look for His face
I will sing Hallelujah
Hosanna in the highest
Honor glory and power
To the Lamb upon the throne
Holy is He
High and lifted up
Worthy of my praise
Worthy of all honor
I will praise Him
For the Lord is with me


It’s His Mercy

People often ask me why I follow Christ
They just don’t seem to understand His benefits in life
I tell them it’s quite simple and easy to receive
Just ask Him for forgiveness and then His Word believe

Once these things have happened your eyes will open wide
You’ll understand that Jesus is right there by your side
Truly you will know that He cares for you each day
One thing will really stand out as you walk along His way

It’s His mercy plain and simple
His mercy came for me
His mercy left a throne above to die upon a tree
His mercy then forgave me
His mercy gave me life
His mercy keeps me everyday
His mercy is my guide

His mercy brings me healing
His mercy frees my soul
His mercy brings such joy and peace
His mercy I will hold
I’ve learned I cannot live without
This mercy that He gives me
His mercy is the source of Life
His mercy covers me

When anybody asks again what Jesus did for you
When they say they just can’t why you worship like you do
Just smile and look at them with your eyes just full of love
And tell them it’s His mercy His mercy is enough

Merry Christmas

An Amazing Year

When look back on this year
And all God’s done for me
I just cannot get over
His generosity

First there was my cancer
Which was destined to go
I am in remission
I saw the end of chemo

In spring we got a puppy
It’s been years since we have one
The joy that he has brought us
Just cannot be outdone

He had me write a book
From notes made long ago
It started early in the year
It’s published now you know

My granddaughter was sinking
Under weight of troubled life
She came to live with us
And now is free from strife

To have a teenage girl
Again in this old house
Has brought a sense of peace
To me and my spouse

There are so many ways
That this year has been blessed
I pray that you have found
His mercy you possess

He died to take your sins
And free you from your pains
Will you please give Him praise
And make Him Lord again

The Believers Life

Over and Over Again

I just can’t get over His love
It reaches to me from above
It touches my soul
It makes me whole
His great love is more than enough

I just can’t get over His grace
It reaches to me in this place
By grace i am saved
Grace showed me the way
His grace showers blessings my way

Over and over and over again
He reaches down from His throne
Time after time He is there for me
He never will leave me alone

I just can’t get over His mercy
When I’m weak He comes and defends me
His blood cleansed my sin
His love brought me in
His mercy is there to forgive me

When I feel unloved He loves me
When I feel unblessed He blesses
When I feel I’ve done too much wrong to survive
His mercy is there
No need to despair

Over and over and over again
He reaches down from His throne
Time after time He is there for me
He never will leave me alone

Heaven and Hell

Where Would I Be

If God were not merciful where would I be
I’m guessing I’d be dead for sin would kill me
My body would be buried under a tree
But my soul would be bound for hell

If God did not shed His grace where would I be
Most likely I would be without my family
I’d still be bound by the things that thrill me
Running around for the thrills

If God did not give His peace where would I be
Daily my worries would put fear in me
My hair would be gray and I would not be free
Most likely I’d hide in my shell

If God did not give me hope where would I be
I’d live for today and have constant parties
I would not care what tomorrow might bring
I certainly would not fear hell

If God did not live me where would I be
Lost in the depths of a sinful sea
Waves would be crashing in around me
And I would be bound for hell

Oh God you are merciful beyond degree
Your grace peace and hope are all around me
Your love reached my soul and has set me free
Now heaven is truly my home

I thank you dear Lord for setting me free
I thank you that I do not have to worry
I thank you that you sent your Son for me
Now I will live just for you

The Believers Life

Make Full My Cup

Lord grant your mercy to me
I need forgiveness now
I must repent
My heart is rent
Before your throne I bow

Lord shed your light upon me
Help me see what must change
I want to be
From sin set free
My life must rearrange

Lord light the fire within me
Give me a fervent zeal
That it may glow
And others show
That Your great love is real

Lord quench this thirst within me
That longs for more of you
Make full my cup
I lift it up
That mercy I will do

Lord fill this hunger in me
Your word is my delight
With open mind
Your truths I’ll find
As you reveal your Light