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What A Blessing

 Oh Lord, what a blessing you are to me
 Each day you wake me and give me breath
 You make my eyes to open and see your glory
 The moon shining brightly in the night
 Smiling down at me
 The stars flickering so far away, yet so radiant
 Then comes the dawn
 The sun showing it’s light ever so slowly
 And so brilliantly, gilding the clouds with gold
 Spreading through the sky above
 You give the birds songs of praise to greet the morning
 And the day has begun
 Oh Lord, what a blessing you are to me
 You give me peace in the midst of my storms
 You adorn me with joy in the midst of my sorrows
 Your faith rises up in me when doubt comes in
 There is hope in just knowing you
 Hope that all will work out well in the toughest of time
 Hope that knows there is a better tomorrow
 Hope that carries me through each day
 Your love comes in like a flood
 Capturing me in its arms and holding me close
 Oh Lord, what a blessing you are to me
 You heal all my diseases and pains
 You set my troubled mind at ease
 You deliver me from all that can oppress me
 You forgive all my sins and transgressions
 You teach me through the word of life
 Your Holy Spirit guides me through this world
 And comforts me when I am troubled
 You give me living water that I might not thirst
 The bread of Life that I might never be hungry
 You provide all my needs and strengthen me for every battle
 Oh Lord, what a blessing you ae to me
 You brought me to a wife who would love me through good times and bad
 She helps me keep a level head and walk in your ways
 She is a wonderful mother to her children
 She is a woman of grace and mercy
 She laughs and brings joy to the whole house
 She makes things for her grandchildren to bless them
 She works hard to provide for our household
 She loves you with all her heart and serves you with all her soul
 She is fair and just in all her ways
 I love her with all that is within me
 And I know she loves me as well
 We enjoy being together
 Oh Lord, what a blessing you are to me
 You have given me a wonderful family to enjoy
 Friends that I can call on in times of trouble
 A church that is loving and kind
 A Pastor who is wise to help me learn your ways
 Work for my hands to keep busy 
 A home I can find comfort in
 A community that is always there for me
 So many things that bring me pleasure
 A life filled with joy and peace
 Oh Lord, what a blessing you are to me
The Believers Life

Didn’t He?

 Didn’t He promise you healing
 When sickness would come your way?
 Didn’t He promise to walk with you
 Every single day?
 Didn’t He promise you joy unspeakable
 Replacing the sorrow you feel?
 Didn’t He promise His peace would be with you
 When life would seem so surreal?
 Didn’t He teach you to trust Him
 When others would tell you He lies?
 Didn’t He leave His Spirit with you
 To comfort you when you cry?
 Didn’t He come to show us the Father
 So we could live Holy and blessed
 Didn’t He show us that even in troubles
 We could enter into His rest?
 Didn’t He shed His blood for your sins
 When He sacrificed His life?
 Didn’t He set you free from your past
 When on that cross He died?
 Didn’t He promise He’d rise from the grave
 To give you eternal life?
 Didn’t He say he was building a mansion 
 For you on the other side?
 All of His promises here for the taking
 All of His words are alive
 All that we need to do today
 Is believe that He gave His life
 He gave that life so that you could be free
 He rose again to give victory
 He’s coming soon for all to see
 He promised this all
 Didn’t He?

Pure, White, Clean

 I wake up
 Fresh fallen snow covers the ground
 Pure, white, clean
 Unstained by the world
 As the day goes on
 Plows go by
 Cars go by
 Dirt rises from beneath
 Staining the pure, white snow
 I wake up to my sin
 Jesus covers it with His blood
 Though my sins be as scarlet
 He will wash me white as snow
 Pure, clean
 Stained by sin no more
 Then the day goes by
 And the world comes in
 And sometimes I don't stay
 Pure , White, Clean
 I stumble and get stained again
 But His blood cleanses me
 Over and over
 Clean, Pure, White as snow
 Help me awaken each day
 And apply His blood to my life
 So like fresh fallen snow
 He will keep me
 Pure, White, Clean

Lord, You Are Everything To Me

 I woke up from my sleeping
 Alive and full of breath
 I set my feet upon the floor
 And stood up from my rest
 My eyes could see
 My ears could hear
 I knew that I was blessed
 I said dear Lord
 I have one day more
 To give my very best
 I headed out and pondered
 The wonder of His grace
 That He would put His life in me
 Every single day
 With lifted hands
 My heart cried out
 Lord, guide me in your ways
 I could not wait to lift to Him
 My words of grateful praise
 Lord, you are marvelous
 Lord, you are glorious
 Lord, you are everything to me
 Lord, you’re amazing
 Lord, you are awesome
 Lord, you are everything to me
 Lord, I will follow you
 Lord, I will worship you
 Lord, you are everything to me
 Lord, I will praise your name
 Lord, I will give my life
 Lord, you are everything to me

Open Up

 Have you seen it?
 Have you seen the glory on His face?
 Have you seen His power and His grace
 This day?
 Have you heard it?
 Have your heard the voice that calmed the sea?
 Have you heard His call to you and me
 This day?
 Open up your eyes!
 Open up your ears!
 He is always by your side.
 Open up your spirit
 Open up your heart
 He alone can be your guide
 Have you felt it?
 Has the Spirit calmed your doubts and fears?
 Has the Spirit filled your heart with cheer
 This day?
 Have you sensed it?
 Has He healed the hurts this world can give
 Has he given strength for you to live
 This day?
 Open up your eyes!
 Open up your ears!
 He is always by your side.
 Open up your spirit
 Open up your heart
 He alone can be your guide
 I will praise His name
 Name above all names
 I will praise the precious name of Jesus.
 I will praise His name
 Name above all names
 I will praise the precious name of Jesus.

Beside Me

 Today I can say how good it is
 To sleep in my house 
 To lay in my bed
 To rest in my living room
 With the one I love beside me
 It was lonely when we were apart
 It was hard to sleep
 It was uncomfortable to rest 
 It was unusual in its waiting
 With one beside me now and then
 Our Father in heaven gave his son
 To be born in a Manger
 To die on a cross
 To forgive our sins and give us life
 So we could be with Him eternally
 He cries to us 
 Come, rest in my peace
 Come, lay in my arms
 Come, be with me forever
 For you are the one I love
 If you don't know Jesus
 As your Lord and Savior
 Why not ask Him today to forgive you
 Ask Him into your heart
 And He will save your soul
 And you will be with Him

I Exalt You, Lord

 I exalt you Lord.
 I lift up your name with my whole heart.
 I honor you with my first words every morning
 And until my last breath at night.
 You watch over me from on high.
 You keep me safe in times of trouble.
 You provide my every need.
 You bring me help when I am wear
 And strength when I am weak.
 I look to your word to guide m
 And I trust your Holy Spirit to show me which way to turn. 
 He keeps me safe from all harm.
 Thank you Lord for looking over me.
 Thank you Lord for looking over my family.
 Thank you Lord for looking over my grandchildren.
 Thank you Lord for abundant blessing a friends.
 May I continually lift your name on high
 And make my presence known to those around me.
 May I never be shy or bashful about my faith.
 I exalt you, Lord. 

His Benefits

 I will bless the Lord with all my soul for all He’s done for me
 When He gave His life so long ago on a hill called Calvary
 The stripes He took and the pain He bore He suffered all for me
 Now I’ll lift my voice and raise my hands to the one who set me free
 Through His death that day upon the cross I am blessed in many ways
 His benefits will follow me through each and every day
 The sins I have committed against Him were washed away
 I now stand before my Savior for my debt has been repaid
 What a host of benefits He has for me
 Forgiveness off my sins and healing for my pain
 Redemption from destruction a crown of mercy there for me
 He fills me with good things so my youth is back again
 He is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and so kind
 He has taken all my sins; they have all been left behind 
 He has separated them as far as east is from west
 Now every day He gives to me only what He knows is best
 I will bow down at His throne and lift my voice in praise
 For the wonder of His mercy and His amazing grace
 He deserves to be the center of my world all of my days
 Jesus is the only one who is worthy of my praise

How Gracious he Is To Me

 His mercy and grace wash over me
 Like a cleansing stream from Calvary
 His stripes and His blood have set me free
 How gracious He is to me
 He heals and delivers from every sin
 Sends His Holy Spirit to dwell within
 What a glorious friend I have in Him
 How gracious He is to me
 Oh, how I love Him
 Oh, how I need Him
 Oh, how I love Him so
 Jesus my Savior
 Gracious redeemer
 He is the answer to all of my question
 How gracious He is to me
 How gracious He is to me
 He sets my feet on higher ground
 He gives me joy that always abounds
 I am so glad that I have found
 How gracious He is to me
 He picks me up when I fall
 He holds my hand and leads me
 He never leaves me alone
 He is always near
 He is always near

How He Loves Me So

 I long for the sound of His voice
 Teaching me how to rejoice
 He whispers so clear
 In my spiritual ear
 Hoping I'll make the right choice
 I long for the touch of His hand
 Confirming the path of His plan
 As he gently leads
 And quietly pleads
 He urges me to understand
 He loves me, more than I can know
 He loves me, and promises to show
 His grace is complete
 As I sit at His feet
 Oh, How He loves me so
 I long to see His face
 To feel His warm embrace
 He's always right there
 To hear every prayer
 He leads me inside heavens gates
 I long to know His love
 Streaming down from above
 He dwells deep inside
 In my heart he abides
 His spirit descends like a dove
 He loves me, more than I can know
 He loves me, and promises to show
 His grace is complete
 As I sit at His feet
 Oh, How He loves me so
 I shout Hallelujah to His name
 Glorious Hallelujahs to His name
 His praises I sing
 My worship I bring
 My voice cries blessed be His name
 My voice cries blessed be His name