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He Watches Over You

He knows my doubts, my fears and my sorrows
He knows the way I will go tomorrow
He’s always there
Showing me care
He watches over me

Even when my feet will stumble and fall
He is right there to hear my faint call
He’ll forgive me
Of all my misdeeds
He watches over me

There’s not a day that goes by
That He is not at my side
His love will always abide
I can trust in Him
I can trust in Him

He is so faithful and always true
He’ll never leave or abandon you
Trust in His love
He’s always enough
He watches over you


In my struggles
In my weakness
In my sickness
He’s there for me
In my wand’ring
In my doubting
In my hurting
He’s there for me


You Found Me

I was wandering in the valley of despair
With no hope in sight
Could not see the light
I tried to look up but could not lift my head
I was down and out
Feeling all alone

Then you found me
You lifted me up
Set my feet on the solid rock
When you found me
You just smiled at me
And you said you loved me so
I’m glad you found me

When I wander off the path you have laid out
I can lose my way
Farther off each day
I try my best to turn around and come back to you
Then you take my hand
Lead me back again

I’m glad you found me
Set my pathways straight
Gave my heart more faith to trust
When you found me
My doubt vanished away
I drew closer each day
I’m so glad you found me

Like a lost sheep I had gone astray
Wandering farther from you every day
I could not find a way to return to you
Then you same running and found me
You came running and found me

I’m glad you found me
Now I lay in your arms
I am safe from all harm with you
You found me
When I could not find you
Did not know what to do
But you did
You knew where I was
And you found me
I’m glad you found me
So glad you found me

Praise and Worship

Wonder of Wonders

How do I love thee
Lord of all mercy
Keeper of my soul

Why do I praise thee
Wonder of wonders
Only you can know

All that I am
All that I have
All I desire
All I require
All that I know is true
Is in you

So I lift my hands
I lift my voice
I lift my heart to you
With everything
I crown you King
I give my praise to you

Mercy Finds Me

When the world closes in around me
And sin’s lying at the door
It is then that I call on His mercy
To restore
Make me whole

When I’ve wandered away from His presence
And I can’t find my way back home
It is then that His mercy finds me
Wraps His arms
Around my form

Oh what tender grace He shows me
Oh what mercy He bestows
On what love my Savior has for me
All my life I can rest in Him

When my world closes in around me
And the struggle is hard to bear
It is then that I cry out for mercy
He repairs


Mercy unending
Grace forevermore
That’s what Jesus lavishes on me
For eternity


The Believers Life

You Have Never Let Me Down

Even when the dust has settled on my footsteps
And I find my self on shaky ground
I know I can turn to you and you will have an answer
Because you have never let me down

Even when my faith has turned away from me
And I find myself wallowing in doubt
I know you will come to me and show me you are near
Because you have never let me down

Even when the joy of life has been replaced with sorrow
And I find myself so miserably alone
I know that I can call your name and you will come a running
Because you have never let me down

Even when the storms of life have taken all my peace
And it seems like the waves are all around
I know that you can calm the seas and lead me back to safety
Because you have never let me down

Even when I’m feeling lost amidst my daily trials
And life seems is filled with horrible sounds
I know that you can fill my heart with worship and with praise
Because you have never let me down

Even when I don’t feel loved because my friends have left
And I want to fill a tub and in there drown
I know that you will fill my heart with your eternal love
Because you have never let me down

You’re my precious Savior
You’re my precious Lord
Filled with life and faithfulness
You I will adore
And when the day is done
As the sun is sinking down
I know that you’ll be with me
You’ve never let me down

Jesus Warms My Heart

The temperature is frigid
I have to walk the dogs
I’d love to build a fire
And warm up with some logs

But even in this weather
When zero would be warm
I know that deep inside me
My Savior keeps me calm

Jesus warms my heart
His peace comes over me
I feel His gentle hand
As He gently takes the lead

I don’t have to worry
How cold it is outside
Jesus warms my heart
So in Him I’ll abide