Valuable Time

It seems that my time is fleeting
The day’s gone before it begins
Then when I look back
It seems that I lack
Anything that would last in the end

I observe how my day proceeded
To see if there’s something I missed
The thought came to mind
I did not carve time
To spend with my Savior and Lord

I bow down and make a commitment
That upcoming days I will change
I’ll start out the day
With prayer and with praise
Then my time will have value again




In response to the daily prompt Carve

Never Above

Never Above my Savior
Always below His feet
His love divine
Will always be mine
In Him I am complete

Never Above His mercy
Always below His gaze
His peace sublime
Mine for all time
When i am under His grace

Sweet is His love for me
Sweet mercy given so free
Love was nailed onto a tree
Raised high so all could see

Never above redemption
Always forgiveness I need
Sinner within
Finds comfort in Him
Daily I bow at His feet

Never above His calling
Always beholding to Him
Every new day
I bow down to pray
Asking His guidance within

Sweet is His love for me
Sweet mercy given so free
Love was nailed onto a tree
Raised high so all could see

Oh what a savior
Oh what a friend
Gave all He had
Right to the end

Sweet is His love for me
Sweet mercy given so free
Love was nailed onto a tree
Raised high so all could see

The Day After Christmas

The day has quickly past
The gifts are all unwrapped
The wrappings have been swiftly thrown away
The Christmas feast is done
Guests have all gone home
Now you rest from such a busy day

Your mind goes drifting back
To the year that has just past
You write down all the wonderful events
Then you start to plan
For the year that is at hand
Hoping to achieve the very best

You start to make a list
Of thinks that you would wish
Would come true in the coming year
Perhaps this year would be
A good year to agree
A closer walk with God would be so dear

Take more time to pray
Read the word each day
Listen for the sound of His sweet voice
Help those who have needs
Be a friend indeed
Always strive to make the righteous choice

Tell God all your fears
Let Him dry your tears
He will fill your heart with His sweet peace
Bring your needs to Him
And you will always win
All your doubts and worry He’ll release

With these resolutions
We know that the conclusion
Will open up a year that’s full of life
So please take time to pray
That you would find a way
To have a closer walk with Jesus Christ

You Are Mine

You ask why I allowed sickness
That had you in bed for days
You spent the time praying to heaven
In hopes that I’d take it away

You ask why you went through a trial
When finances were a mess
You spent the time asking provision
In hopes I’d take care of the rest

I allow these because I know you
I know you will call out my name
You’ll depend on my strength
My mercy and grace
I always know you are mine

You ask why so many temptations
Have come across your path
You spent the time asking for mercy
In hopes you’d avoid my wrath

I allow these because I know you
I know you will call out my name
You’ll depend on my strength
My mercy and grace
I always know you are mine

I’ll protect and provide
I’ll stay by your side
I’ll watch over you
When you are mine
Strength day by day
All will be yours
When you are mine.

I allow these because I know you
I know you will call out my name
You’ll depend on my strength
My mercy and grace
I always know you are mine

I Waited on the Lord

The flood waters were rising against me and I cried into the Lord for help
They would not cease
Their volume was more than I could fathom
Covering my ankles
Then my knees
Up to my waist
I considered putting my finger in the leak
And solving it myself
But I waited on the Lord and He came
He turned the water into blessing
And it overwhelmed me
Oh how good and how merciful is our God
He makes our trouble into our testimony
As He delivers us from them all
My finances were dwindling and I cried into the Lord for help
Money was tight and food was scarce
The winter was closing in and the storehouse was bare
My belly was empty
My hunger was growing
I considered taking food from a neighbor unawares
Just to survive
But I waited on the Lord and He came with manna from heaven
Through men He brought food to fill my cupboard
It overflowed from that day forward
Oh how good and merciful is my God
He will not suffer His children to go hungry
But will fill them with honey and milk
From His vast storehouse
I was sick and fever racked my bones so I cried into the Lord to heal me
My belly groaned with cramps that would not cease
If I ate the food would not stay put
Nourishment did not sound soothing at all
Chills and sweats abounded
Headache wad unceasing
I considered just giving up as death sounded like sure relief
But I waited on the Lord and He healed me
He made the fever to go out of me
The sweats finally covered my bed clothes
My strength was restored and my appetite wad renewed
Oh how good and how merciful is my God
He does not leave me sick unto death
His living arms wrap around me in my hurting
And He takes it from me every time
I was down and feeling sad and lonely so I cried unto the Lord
The sorrow on my heart was worsening
My soul grieved out of my loneliness
As I idly sat in my house
No one there to commune with
No one calling or stopping by
Not able to go outside
I despaired for me life
But I waited on the Lord and He came in like a flood
He brought His peace and His joy and filled my heart
His love surrounded me wo beautifully
Ob how good and how merciful is our God
He comes when I call
He rescues me from all my despair
He loves me with an everlasting love
Thus I will praise His name
I will lift up my voice to the heavens
And exalt the name of the Lord my God
Because He is good and His mercy endures forever.

The Humble Heart

I saw the angels gather
By the throne of God
Before the sun had dawned one cloudy day
I strained to hear them talking
And then the angels said
Lord, how can we go bless someone today

God smiled and nodded slowly
That question pleased Him so
He rose up from His throne and all got still
His voice then filled the heaven’s
I could hear the words He said
I’ll write them here so you can know His will

Bring peace to those that fear
Bring joy to those that weep
Bring hope to all who think their life is bleak
Bring healing to the sick
Deliverance to the bound
Bring strength to all who tremble and are weak

Give sight to all the blind
Give hearing to the deaf
Give words to those whose tongues have never talked
Wisdom to the seekers
Knowledge to the teachers
Give strength to all the lame who’ve never walked

The angels listened closely
As the master spoke these words
They sang hallelujah when He sat back down
Then one spoke up for all of them
Lord we gladly will do all
Just tell us which ones need which blessing now

God leaned over to the angels
I will not forget His words
Just listen to their prayers was His reply
Give ear to intercessors
As they lift up their requests
Fulfill the cries of those with humble hearts

The angels then retreated
They headed down to earth
One question filled my heart and mind day
When I lift up my voice
In petition to the Lord
Is it with a humble heart that I pray

My Salvation Story

I still remember where I was when Jesus set me free
I still remember who was there the day He rescued me
I remember the reaction that all those friends could see
On that happy day when Jesus saved me

I’d traveled out to Iowa to visit with my friend
My life was full of drink and drugs I partied without end
The plan was to enjoy the stay and party long with him
Things took quite a change soon when I arrived

The second night of stay my friend took me to church
I heard a message that convinced me I was truly lost
I raised my hand for prayer but was frozen in my seat
I knew I didn’t want to go to hell

Later in the week that pastor came to visit me
He said he saw my hand and asked if he could pray with me
I prayed a prayer of sorrow for the sin that was so deep
I asked God for forgiveness and asked him to save me

I sat on my friends’ couch as that prayer came forth that day
Suddenly a cold sweat started coming out of me
It felt as if my sin was being cleansed from inside out
My clothes were drenched in sweat as I wept at His great love.

That day set things in motion for who I am today
My mind and soul and heart all long to walk along His way
I live as pure as I can in this fallen world each day
Giving praises to my Savior for His mercy and His grace

Now that’s my testimony of the day He set me free
I’d love to hear your story would you comment yours for me
Or write a post that testifies of how faith came to be
And give you the glory all to Jesus Mighty God us He

Morning Prayer

Prepare me for the battles that come my way today
Keep my mind stayed on you and well above the fray
Let my spirit be uplifted as in your sweet grace I stay
Jesus thank you for this day

Touch those people on my prayer list with your love today
Bring healing to their bodies and strength to those who wait
Help them see the answer to the needs for which they pray
Jesus thank you for this day

Our government needs you Lord for wisdom on this day
Help them follow in the right and Godly way
A new spirit of unity us needed Lord I pray
Jesus thank you for this day

My family needs you desperately in oh so many ways
Give strength to my sweet wife as she goes throughout this day
A touch to all three daughters that you’ll answer when they pray
Jesus thank you for this day

My pastor needs your wisdom to bring the word today
I ask you send your spirit and give him words to say
Bless our church and people and hear them as they pray
Jesus thank you for this day

Now Lord I lift my heart to you and offer up my praise
I worship you with all my soul and thank you for your grace
Your mercy is around me and you hear the words I pray
Jesus thank you for this day

I now arise to greet this awesome day
My feet hit the floor and I am on my way
I know you have heard every word I pray
Jesus thank you for this day¬¬

He Can

If it’s healing that you need He can
If it’s finance woes indeed He can
If you need a miracle
If it seems impossible
You can always rest assured He can

If a storm needs moved away He can
If a night needs to be day He can
If a mountain needs to move
If a neighbor bothers you
You can always rest assured He can

He parted the Red Sea
He rained manna from the sky
He brought water from a rock
He brought quails all piled high

He stopped the sun and moon
He shut the Lions mouth
He fed Jonah to a whale
He turned enemies about

He raised children from the dead
He turned water into wine
He fed thousands with one lunch
He healed lame and deaf and blind

If He did this all before
He can do it all again
He doesn’t change
His love remains
Call on Him and you will win

Just one warning I will give
He’ll not regard your prayer
If your mind still dwells on sin
My dear friends please beware (1)
Of your life is pure today
Then whatever you will pray
In His time the answer comes
Because He can

(1) Psalm 66:18 “If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me”

He Longs To Hear

I often seek to hear God’s voice
To guide me day by day
He comes and gently speaks to me
Showing me the way

He spoke before the dawn today
His words were very clear
He told me that most every day
My voice He longs to hear

He longs to hear me giving thanks
For all that he has done
From the Spirits leading in my life
To the giving of His Son
Each day He makes the sun to rise
And the stars to shine at night
Oh that we would thank the Lord
For the blessings in our lives

He longs to hear me praying
For the many that I know
Who need a touch from Him today
His power He wants to show
All week I told those close to me
That I would pray for them
He longs to have me take the time
To lift those prayers to Him

He longs to hear me praise Him
With all my heart and soul
To lift His name above all names
His glory to be told
With mighty anthems raising high
Our Hallelujahs ring
Lift up His praise for all to hear
As His great name we sing

Jesus mighty Son of God
All power and praise to you
Glory in the highest
I lift my arms to you
Praise and adoration
With all I have within
Exalted is your name oh Lord
My God, my everything