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Make It So

I feast on the bread of this world
Instead of the bread of Life
I drink from my cup and my glass
Instead of the Living Water
I wake up to cares of this world
Rather then thoughts for your word
I’m not sure what I’m searching for
But I know what I need from my Father

I need a deeper desire to learn
A deeper desire to pray
A deeper desire to walk with you
A deeper desire to praise

Make it so, Lord
Make it so today
Let not another day go by
That I do not walk in your way
Fill me with your grace and mercy
Help me give it out to the world
Make it so, Lord.  Make it so
Make it so today.

The One I Adore

I don’t know why I just sit here and stare at this screen
Sometimes I feel like I’m lost in my own little dream
I try to think of something to say
All the while this little game I play
I just can’t find the words to write down on this page
So, I write Jesus. I write Lord
I write Savior you’re the one I adore
I write healer. I write deliverer
I write thank you to the one I adore

I write praise Him.  I write worship
I write glory to my wonderful Lord
I write honor.  I write holy is He
I write Jesus is the one that I adore

Then I bow down my head say a prayer to my King
I thank Him for me the words that I speak
He gave me a thought.  He gave me a plan
He guided my fingers and took over my hand
And all that came out was His precious name
And praises to the King.  
I type praises to the King

I write Jesus. I write Lord
I write Savior you’re the one I adore
I write healer. I write deliverer
I write thank you to the one I adore

I write praise Him.  I write worship
I write glory to my wonderful Lord
I write honor.  I write holy is He
I write Jesus is the one that I adore

Do You Hear Me?

Are you there?
Do you hear me?
As I quietly call your name.
Are you there?
Do you hear me?
My prayer is still the same.
I want to know you more
I want to feel your touch
I want to hear your voice
Do you hear mine?

Are you there?
Do you see me?
As I go through trials of life.
Are you there?
Do you see me?
When my life is full of strife.
I want to know you more
I want to feel your touch
I want to hear your voice
Do you hear mine?

Out of the silence
I hear your voice - 
Gently it speaks to my soul
"I am here
I hear your voice
I will answer in my time
I am here
I see your life
My help is near you all the time
Do not fear
Do not worry
I will never leave your side."

Call on Jesus

When you wake up in the morning brew your coffee
Have a muffin, or banana or some toast
Make sure all the house around you is in order 
Take a shower, brush your teeth and out the door

Wait a minute, somethings missing in that sequence
Something all of us should do to start our day
There is nothing more important than this one small thing 
Take some time down on your knees to pray

Pray for children, pray for neighbors, pray for grandma
Pray for friends that live both near and far away
Pray for pastor and for mayor and for workers 
Pray for everything you'll do throughout the day

You see the secret to success is not your bankroll
Not your wisdom, or your power or your fame
It’s not a matter of the place you have climbed to
Your success comes from the times you called His name

The name of Jesus is the key to all your future
The name of Jesus is your peace in every storm
The name of Jesus is a joy you can hold onto 
He’s a refuge and a strong and mighty tower

So, when you find that you are rushed and running ragged
And it seems you don't have time to even think 
Take a break down on your knees to call on Jesus
And you'll find you have more time to follow Him

He's the way. The truth, the life and He's your answer 
To the question of a day that seems too short
Just a little time with Jesus in the morning 
Will make the whole day better from the start 

My Heart Cries Out

 Arise from your slumber
 Awake from your sleep
 The spirit of God is calling
 Seek out His mercy
 Seek out His grace
 The spirit of God is falling
 Falling on all who call out to Him
 Lord hear my heart
 Lord hear my heart
 My heart cries out to you
 Lord, hear my prayer
 My heart cries out to you
 Forgive my sin
 My heart cries out to you
 Bring a revival
 Bring a revival to my heart today
 I need you now, Lord
 I need you now
 I humbly bow, Lord
 I humbly bow
 I lift your name, Lord
 I lift your name
 Come to me now, Lord
 Come to me now
 My heart cries out to you
 Lord, hear my prayer
 My heart cries out to you
 Forgive my sin
 My heart cries out to you
 Bring a revival
 Bring a revival to my heart today

The Place for Me

My enemy is standing at the door
Grumbling and complaining to get in
I could feel the evil he would pass to me
I didn’t freeze
Got on my knees
Then I heard a voice I had heard before
Saying get away from him, he is mine
I knew it was my Savior and my Lord
He heard my prayer
Down on my knees
The place for me is down on my knees
I can’t stand before the Son of God
His throne is where I want to spend my time
Giving Him praise
Lifting His name
He raised me to my feet and held me tight
I could heard the devil as he walked away
A smile came on my face in that moment
He say me there
Down on my knees
The place for me is down on my knees
There’s no other place I would rather be
It is there my Savior hears my every word
I need to stay
Down on my knees
I know my enemy will return someday
I know he won’t give up that easily
But when he does I know I have a weapon
A humble prayer
Down on my knees
The place for me is down on my knees
There is victory when I surrender all
So I’ll lift my voice and bow my head
And pray to God
Down on my knees

Will You?

Will you walk with me today?
Will you talk with me today?
Will you listen and hear the words I will speak?
Will you spend just a moment with me?
Will you pray for a friend today?
Will you help out a stranger in need?
Will you speak words of faith to a soul who’s in doubt?
Will you be what I want you to be?
I have given you this day
Every minute is a gift of grace
I pray you don’t waste it
But please make the most of it
Follow my will today
Will you walk in my way, not yours?
Will you speak my words, not yours?
Will you take all your thoughts captive to me?
Will you truly be set free?
Every breath you breathe is from me
Everything you see is from me
Make the most of this day by being a friend
Finding and meeting their needs
I truly believe that every day God gives us opportunity to minister to someone, and often we don’t recognize that opening when it comes.  When a person starts talking to you and tells you that there is a problem in their life, do you take time right then and there to pray?  I have a habit of saying that I will pray for them ,but don’t always take the time to pray while I am with them.  While Jesus was on this earth, the bible is very clear that He prayed for everyone that came to Him, and they were all healed.  Now, I am obviously not Jesus, but I believe if I walked in this kind of faith, more people would see the healing power of God.  Not because I am praying, but because I extended faith to them so they could believe.
The most precious gift we have is our time!  We must utilize it more for Him and less for ourselves.  We all have daily tasks that take up precious minutes in our day.  But taking a minute or two to pray with someone at the time we are with them should be a  flexibility we will have.  May we all take this precious gift and share it with others.  We can change the world one person at a time!
James 5:16b King James Version
The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

Desire of God

I don’t want to die
Things are going so well right now
People are listening to me
Hearts are being touched
Lives are being changed
The crowds follow me everywhere
They love my stories
Stories of farming and young men
Stories of pearls and tares
Stories of harvest and sowing
They long for my words
And pay attention when I talk
They need me
It just can’t be time for me to go
This ministry is touching too many people
The lame walk
The blind see
The deaf hear
The cripple stretches forth his body
The leper becomes whole
Diseases go
Demons flee
Water to wine
Fig trees whither
So many good things are going on
So many wonders are bringing people from afar
Miracle after miracle
Healing after healing
There are so many more than need a touch from me
I have so much more to do
There are other women with issues of blood
Other harlots who need forgiveness
Other centurions who need their servants healed
There are so many abuses of your word
Pharisees seeking the higher place
Moneychangers robbing the people
Pious ones praying but empty
Clean but filthy
Wrong but thinking they are right
Leading so many astray
Showing so many the wrong way
How can I leave now when so many are deceived
Hearts to mend
Minds to cleanse
Lives to change
It can’t be my time
I want to stay here
To minister to the masses
To give more to those who need my help
I want to touch more lives
To heal more
To deliver more
To forgive more
To bring more back to life
To rebuke those who are misleading your people
If I leave who will they turn to
Who will they follow
Who will shepherd them
I can’t go yet
I have so much more to do
That is my will
My way
My wish
But it is not yours
Your purpose is greater
Your love is stronger
You know what is best
You know how all can be blest
You know there is only one way to truly set them free
One way to bring complete healing
One way to ultimate deliverance
You have brought others alongside me to continue the ministry
It will not die
It will stay alive
It will be your church
Your people
Your way to touch lives
Your heart’s desire
So not my will
Not what I want
Not what I desire
Not what I would do if I had my way
Your will
Your desire
As much as I want this cup to pass from me
I want your will more
I must die
I must die for your kingdom to go forth
I must die for you to be glorified
I must die for them
All of them
They all need forgiveness
They all need a sacrifice
Pure and holy
Undefiled by sin
You have kept me
Protected me
Enabled me to be at this place
At this time
All I want is what you want
All I desire is to do your will
Not mine
Not my way
Let me be your servant
Let this flesh die
So the Spirit can come
Your will be done

Down on My Knees

I could walk a million miles or swim a thousand seas
I could climb the highest mountain or explore the oceans deep
I could lift my hands in worship
Sing a worship melody
But the closest I can get you is down on my knees
I could feed a hundred thousand or set the captives free
I could help a man in trouble or cure a dread disease
I could give to the less fortunate
The blessings I’ve received
That would not draw me closer than being down on my knees
Down on my knees there is healing
Down on my knees there is peace
Down on my knees there are springs of joy
Down on my knees I’m set free
Down on my knees He will hear me
Every time I cry out in prayer
When I’m down on my knees for others
I can know He is always right there
Help me humble myself
Put my flesh in its place
Help me cry out to you
Down on my knees in prayer
Effective Prayer

I Give My Call

I come to you this morning
Down on my knees in prayer
There is no fear or worry
I know that you are here

I see the sun arising
I hear the birds new song
You made all of creation
Just so I could sing along

As the sun brings light from darkness
You alone will bring me joy
Help me stay right here before you
Help me stand up and rejoice

I cry out to you my Lord
I bow down before your throne
You are all that I have longed for
Make me yours, yours alone

I lift up my hands to worship
God of glory, Lord of all
This is how I start my morning
Unto you I give my call

My days are full. I have a lot of jobs and responsibilities and can get very busy and distracted as he day wears on. Correcting maps, selling insurance, working the garden, caring for the dog, cooking various meals, writing my poetry and other projects, reading, devotions, preparing he worship services, recording lessons and so much more make it a hectic day once things get going. That is why I choose the mornings to come to my Lord in prayer. If I waited until later in the day I would rarely take the time. Now don’t get me wrong, I pray when the Spirit leads me to throughout the day. It would be interesting to make a note each time God brings someone to my remembrance and I pray for them at that moment. I do not do that because I think God intends these type of prayers to be private. The morning is my main time with God because it is uninterrupted and quiet. I can hear Him when it is quiet. I can hear Him when I am still, before the chaos of the day creeps in. That is why I choose the mornings to spend time with my Savior. It’s by far the best of times!

Psalm 63:1a King James Version (KJV)
63 O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: