Rise up

From the ashes I rise

As I look in His eyes

I soar to the skies 

Like an eagle 

My sins are erased

By His glorious grace

My heart filled with praise

For my Savior

Rise up

Let His love by your guide 

Rise up

As He walks by your side

Rise up

Let the world know about His great love 

Rise up

He has given new life

Rise up

Let your voice testify 

Rise up

Let us boldly go forth for the Lord

Now heaven’s my home

I’m at peace in my soul

Jesus paid what I owed

At the cross

There’s a mansion for me

By the clear crystal sea

That’s where I will be


Rise up 

See the glory He brings

Rise up

Jesus Christ King of Kings

Rise up

Let the world know about His great love

Rise up

Your purpose is clear

Rise up

The world needs to hear

Rise up

Let us boldly go forth for the Lord 

We shall rise on wings like eagles 

We shall walk and not be faint

We shall run and not be weary

As we rise

He will give us words of wisdom

He will teach us how to pray

He will always go before us

To prepare the way 

So rise up 

Be a witness bold and strong

Rise up

For His coming won’t be long

Rise up

Tell them all the battles won

Rise up

Rise up

Rise up


God Thinks of Me

Why should I ever worry
Why should I ever doubt
Why should I ever fear inside
When His thoughts are on me

Why should I fuss and fret
Why should I lose my peace
Why should my joy be down
When His mind is stayed on me

His thoughts are precious
Precious toward me
His thoughts are countless
Like sand by the sea
I cam not fathom
His love for me
His thoughts are precious
Precious to me

Why would my troubles throw me
Why would I oft feel lonely
Why would my hope escape me
When His precious thoughts touch me

Mercy abounding
Grace everlasting
Joy overflowing
Peace overwhelming
These are His thoughts
Precious toward me

His thoughts are precious
Precious toward me
His thoughts are countless
Like sand by the sea
I cam not fathom
His love for me
His thoughts are precious
Precious to me

Where Is Christ

I see you

Sitting in darkness

Covered by life



Overtaken in dismay




I wonder 

How you got there

What was you’re life



Enriched by children

Bright future 



Then it all fell apart


Like a house of cards

All gone 





One mistake

All gone

I don’t see

Your need

I blind myself 

I shut my mind

I walk on by

Where is Christ 

Where is mercy

Where is compassion 

Where is love


Is in you

Calling out

Wanting me to turn

To open the door 

To let you in


Is in me

Begging to act

To touch you

To heal you

To bring peace

Bring joy

I don’t listen

I walk on by

I fail

Help me, Lord

To open my eyes

And my heart

To you.

Pray and Give Thanks

Lord, I thank you for my family
As we share this special day
You know they mean so much to me
In a multitude of ways
And especially I’m thankful
For the wife you’ve given me
She’s more thank I could ask for
She is my everything

I pray for those who are not blessed
With family on this day
Or for those who’ve lost a loved one
And don’t have the words to say
I ask that you would comfort them
In this theirytime of need
And help me to avail myself
To be their friend indeed

I thank you for my health dear Lord
For all that’s going right
Even though I have this cancer
That has given me a fight
I know that you will heal this
And my feet and shoulder too
So I thank you for my health
Because my healing comes from you

I pray for those who suffer
Through sickness and through pain
And do not trust you fully
To bring them health again
I pray you give me words to say
That will encourage them
And then they’ll know your healing
Will touch them in the end

Lord, I thank you for your joy and peace
They are with me all the time
I am filled with great awareness
Of the blessings that are mine
Your joy fills me abundantly
And helps me feel just fine
And your peace keep me from fear
When the trials are so nigh

I pray for those who suffer
With depression or dis-ease
And I ask your Holy Spirit
To bring comfort and bring peace
Help them feel the joy you promised
Down deep inside their soul
So that even in their troubles
Their heart will be made whole.

Lord, I thank you for salvation
You paid the price for me
When you gave your life a sacrifice
Your blood did set me free
You rule my life as Lord of love
And now I plainly see
Whom the Son of God has purchased
He has been set free indeed

I pray for those who don’t know you
That this Thanksgiving day
As we share about the blessings
That you have brought our way
That our words will reach their hearing
And someone will boldly say
How can I get salvation
I want to ask today!

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Have a blessed day!

When Tomorrow Comes

Tomorrow is a day.

We stop to give our thanks

For all the things that bless our earthly lives

We gather with our loved ones

And eat a worthy feast

Remembering all the wonderfully good times


When we give our thanks for family

And those who eat with us

Will we also pray for those we know

Who a close one they have lost?


When we thank God for the meal we eat

So abundant and so good

Will we pray for those who have much less

And perhaps take them some food?


When we give thanks for all the things

That we have been blessed by

Will we pray for those in poverty

That a blessing they will find


When we give thanks to God above

For His salvation plan

Will we pray for those who don’t know Him

And give to them His plan?


When tomorrow comes it’s easy

To give our thanks to God

But this year let’s remember

That’s really not enough


Let’s lift our prayers for others

Who suffer through this day

Let’s lift our hands to help them

With aid along the way


Our blessings weren’t for us to hoard

And save up for some day

They were given so we can give

So let us find a way.


Yes, when tomorrow comes

Let the Golden Rule win out

We can change the world this way

By simple acts of love

My Thankful Song

I take some time this morning 

To write a song for you

A song of thanks for all you’ve done for me 
And in this song I lift my voice
And give you all the praise
Your love inspired this new melody

Thank you, Lord, for giving up
Your royal,  heavenly throne 
To come down to this earth
Only to die alone

Thank you for your courage
To fulfill your Father’s plan 
Beaten and rejected 
Yet you didn’t lift a hand

Thank you that you died for me
To take away my sin 
Thank you that you rose again
So in heaven I will sing

Thank you for your mercy
That forgives me when I fall
Thank you for your grace
That supplies me for the call

Thank you for your joy
Thank you for your peace 
Thank you for the hope
You’ve forever given me

Thank you for your love 
That’s always there for me
Thank you for your Spirit
That guides and comforts me

The list of things to thank you for
Goes on and on and on
I bring it to a close right now 
And end this thankful song.

For Me

This one thing I know.
Jesus loves me so
Died upon a tree
Just to set me free
Shed His precious blood
Just to show His love 
For me


I will give my life
All to Jesus Christ
His I’ll always be
For He’s done so much 
For me


How incredible
How amazing
How extraordinary is His love
I’m undeserving
Such a sinner
Yet His mercy reaches out to me
Great compassion 
Down from heaven
Grace will always be enough

For me


One more thing I know

One day I will go

Up into the air

He will meet me there

Never more to roam

He’s prepared a home

For me


How incredible
How amazing
How extraordinary is His love
I’m undeserving
Such a sinner
Yet His mercy reaches out to me
Great compassion 
Down from heaven
Grace will always be enough

For me

Avoiding The Fire

I have to admit, I’m a sinner

I’ll never be perfect down here

Try hard as I can

I never will stand

As a sinless man, that’s for sure


But I made a choice long ago

To avoid being scorched for all time

I asked Jesus in

And He covered my sin

Now heavens my home for all time


I am sure that you don’t intend

To burn in hell when your life ends

Why not ask Him today

To take your sins away

And you can have peace in the end


In  response to the daily prompt Scorched

Is It True About You?

Yes, in my youth I was vulgar

Ostentatious and loud

My life was a blur

Of drugs, booze and girls

And my words would make no one proud


But then I met Jesus, the Savior

And I asked Him into my heart

He set me free

From sins dread disease

And He gave me a brand new start


Now I sing praise to Him daily

My words are uplifting and true

I’m sober at last

And my wife is a blast

I sure hope this is true about you!



In response to th daily prompt Ostentatious

What A Friend

What a friend, an awesome friend

He’s with me all my life

He promised He won’t leave me

Or forsake me for all time


We have in Jesus, wonderful Jesus

Came to earth, God’s only Son

Gave His life, His precious life

Now the victory has won


All our sins, every one

Are washed as white as snow

Now I walk free and complete

Each day He shows me how


And griefs to bear, h\He gives me peace

And joy has filled me heart

His blessings overwhelm me

They flow when day does start


What a privilege, an awesome right

Has mercy will always be

It’s amazing I can approach Him

King of Kings and Lord to me


To carry. bring to Him

As He’s seated on His throne

Up in heaven, ruling all

The universe is His alone


Everything, every little thing

All my worries and my doubts

When I give them all to Him

I can know He cares about


To God in prayer, heartfelt prayer

To the King of Kings on high

He hears every word I pray

And He answers in His time


Oh, what peace we often forfeit

There’s no need be distressed

When we call out to the Savior

He will always give His best
Oh, what needless pain we bear

There’s no need for suffering

When we cry in heart felt worship

He will come and mercy bring

All because we do not carry
Everything to God in prayer