The Ultimate Test

I could fight a lion, a tiger or bear
I could scale heights up to the sky
I could go deep in the oceans below
Or out of an airplane dive

I could go into a deep and dark cave
To explore where no other has gone
I could walk into the jungle so vast
Then try and find my way back home

If I would do any of these lofty things
Most would say that courage is mine
But courage is more than a feat done by me
Just to make me seem bigger than life

Courage is giving oneself for another
To fight someone’s battle for them
The ultimate test of courage was shown
By Jesus of Nazereth

He came to this earth the King of all Kings
Then He gave His life for all mankind
He was tortured and beaten for your sins and mine
Then He hung on a cross to die

Don’t let His courage just drift from your mind
Because He was your sacrifice
He did it for you
You’ve just one thing to do
Accept His love for it brings life


In response to the daily prompt Courage

Close To You

When my eyes are weary and I lay me down
I can trust in you, Lord, to bring the calm
From a busy day to a quiet night
Knowing you’ll be near until the light

When I raise my head to the newborn day
I will look to you, Lord, to find my way
You will lead me on through the day ahead
As your Spirit speaks and my heart obeys.

Close to you, close to you
Every moment, this I choose
Never far from your sweet call
Close to you, you’re my all

When my way is lonely, and I’m feeling sad
I can look to you, Lord, and I’ll be glad
Just to know you walk every step with me
I can go through life knowing you are near

You will never leave me,
Never desert me
Never stop loving me
Never stop giving
Never be angry
Never give up on me

Close to you, close to you
Every moment, this I choose
Never far from your sweet call
Close to you, you’re my all

No Excuse

It doesn’t  take a rocket scientist
It doesn’t take a city boy
It doesn’t take a college professor
Or a person who’s self-employed

It doesn’t take a big jet pilot
It doesn’t take a sporting star
It doesn’t take a foreign leader
Or a rube who does not travel far

All you have to do is look up
At the heaven’s some starry night
To know that there’s a design
That put them all to flight

Then wake up in the morning
To the splendor of the dawn
At evening brilliant sunsets
Declare that there’s a God

On judgment day there’s no excuse
That your were never told
You’ve seen it every day you’ve lived
From youth to very old

So today if you’re not right
With our God who reigns above
Ask Jesus to forgive your sins
And accept His gracious love


In response to the the prompt Rube

Mercy Overwhelms

Every second of the day
Every moment when I pray
Every hour that goes away
His mercy overwhelms me

Every word that my mouth speaks
Every time His will I seek
Every day of every week
His mercy overwhelms me

Mercy at my every turn
Flows into my life
Mercy more than I can see
Helps me to survive
Mercy grand and glorious
Like a wave that swells
Washes down all over me
Mercy overwhelms

Every week that passes by
Every month that hears my cry
Every year for all of time
His mercy overwhelms me

Every breath
Every sound
Every touch
Every word
Every prayer
Every song
Every sight
Every thing

Mercy at my every turn
Flows into my life
Mercy more than I can see
Helps me to survive
Mercy grand and glorious
Like a wave that swells
Washes down all over me
Mercy overwhelms

Mercy grand and glorious
Like a wave that swells
Washes down all over me
Mercy overwhelms
Mercy overwhelms
Mercy overwhelms


If I would shave off my mustache
Then shave all the hair from my head
I would look quite the same
As when cancer came
I my hair was found even in bed

I never needed a costume
To go out and trick or treat
With all that head clean
The difference was seen
By all who saw me on the street

But now it has all grown back
Better than ever I think
God has been good
His mercy has stood
With me through thick and through thin

I’m in remission now
I feel quite terrific in fact
Just 8 short more months
For chemo maint’nance
I’ll be cured of cancer at last


In response to the daily prompt Costume

Release and Replace

Release all things that trouble you
They put you in a bind
Replace them with the Holy Fruit
The Spirit plants inside

Release the fear that follows you
Through every passing thought
Replace it with a lasting love
That only comes from God

Release the sorrow of past sins
That come back just to bother
Replace it with abundant joy
That’s given from your Father

Release the worry that you feel
When thinking of tomorrow
Replace it with the peace of God
That’s permanent not borrowed

Release frustration that demands
You shouldn’t have to wait
Replace it with longsuffering
To guide you through each day

Release the harshness of your tongue
That lashes out at friends
Replace it with His gentleness
Which speaks with good intent

Release the hurtful things you do
When someone does you wrong
Replace it with His goodness
Which makes others feel strong

Release the doubts that creep in
When things just don’t go right
Replace it with unfailing faith
That guides you to His Light

Release all things that make you want
More than you should have
Release the temperance that helps
Your lifestyle to behave

Release the insecurity you feel
When facing unbelief
Replace it with a meekness that
Speaks with authority

Release all things that trouble you
They put you in a bind
Replace them with the Holy Fruit
The Spirit plants inside

His Word Testifies

There are many who think God’s a myth

That His word is just a story book

Their suspicious when I testify

But refuse to take second look

If they’d just take a little time

With a heart that wants to know

Reading through His Word would touch their lives

Bit by bit their faith would grow

Because I know His word is true

It speaks only to our hearts

Anyone who’s open to the truth

Will soon have a hrand new start

Take a minute now to tell us all

In the comnents down below

How you found Jesus as your Lord

How His truth you came to know

And if you do not call Him Lord

Leave a note to tell us why

Then please take some time to read the Word

Your suspicions may just die

In response to the daily prompt Suspicious

Jesus, My Shepherd

Jesus is my shepherd and I am His sheep
He is my refuge and strong tower
A fortress built to withstand any attack from my enemy
He guards me and protects me
He keeps me safe in all situations
He watches over his flock with great diligence and with the utmost love.
As long as I follow him and stay in his flock
There is nothing that I shall ever want for
He provides everything that I need
He brings me to places that are lush with the things I have need of.
His provision is pleasing for both my body and my soul
He supplies life giving nourishment in the green valley pasture
That He lays out before me
I could not ask for a better place to be
There are streams wherever He leads me
Streams of clear, cool, refreshing water that is still
It is living water that never runs dry
I can partake of it easily and often because it is not rushing by me
There are no rocks or rapids in it
It is calm and it calms me
I stand beside it and enjoy the beautiful view
My shepherd restores all that is within me
I can be at peace in these wonderful valleys
My soul can be renewed and revitalize
By the soothing sound of the river of life slowly going by me
The river is full of those things that I need to keep me vibrant and alive
He guides me in the right way all the time
I never have to worry that He will lead me astray
He shows me the way to live my life
So that I will bring Him glory
It is also a way that keeps me safe from all harm
His way helps me to grow in my faith every day
He will never fail me
Even though I am facing the most difficult of circumstances
I will never be afraid
Even when it seems like the walls of my life or crashing in around me
I will not worry
Even when sickness comes in and could destroy me
I will not crumble or complain
I can have this attitude because I know that He is always with me
He will never leave my side
He will never leave me without remedy for my situation
He has the power and the strength to bring me out of anything
I can call upon this power and this strength in His name
It will arrive swiftly when I call
Even if my enemies are coming in around me
I do not have to worry about them
God will prepare a feast for them so they will be my friends.
He will give me calm in the midst of that storm
He is the one who lifts them up
He is the one who brings them down
He is the one who makes nations rise and fall
He is the one that puts their Kings on the throne and removes them.
There is nothing I need to fear from my enemies
Jesus anoints me as His follower with the Holy Spirit
His Spirit teaches me and guides me by His word
Whenever I need His help
He’s always there to comfort me and protect me
He shows me the word
He gives me the understanding on how to apply it to my life
That anointing brings in the fruit of the spirit
Which guide my life and everything that I do
He fills me so full that it runs over to other people around me
They can feel the love, joy and peace of God in their lives
I have no doubt in my mind that His goodness and His Mercy
Will always be my guiding light.
They will go wherever I go
They will be wherever I am
Every day I will have His mercy and His goodness alive in my life
Every day I will taste of the goodness of God for the rest of my life
Not a day will go by that He will not be my shepherd
I will be in his presence for all eternity


I Want to Thank You Lord (Music Video)

This is my favorite of all the choruses and songs I have written.  I can’t begin to tell you the comfort it gave me while going  through to stem cell transplants in 2016.  My church loves it, and my Pastors wife adores this song.  I hope it blesses you a well.

I Want to Thank You, Lord  (C) 2012 Pete Gardner  Belmond, Iowa

Missed His Grace

When I see all the chaos
In this crazy world of ours
I sit here and I wonder
How our time has been devoured

The preciousness of each new day
Seems best to have escaped
Before we know it sun has set
And we have missed His grace

His grace is with us every day
Each moment we’re alive
It gives us hope to carry om
It helps us to survive

But most times we just let it slip
Not giving grace a thought
We think we made it on our own
Through every battle fought

The truth is that His grace was there
When we were in a bind
He brought us out and lifted us
Out of the daily grind

But we just went our way again
Not giving grace a thought
While all the while it was right there
Our future grace has bought

The next time trouble comes your way
Lift up your eyes and see
That grace was there beside you
And grace has set you free