The Ultimate Test

I could fight a lion, a tiger or bear
I could scale heights up to the sky
I could go deep in the oceans below
Or out of an airplane dive

I could go into a deep and dark cave
To explore where no other has gone
I could walk into the jungle so vast
Then try and find my way back home

If I would do any of these lofty things
Most would say that courage is mine
But courage is more than a feat done by me
Just to make me seem bigger than life

Courage is giving oneself for another
To fight someone’s battle for them
The ultimate test of courage was shown
By Jesus of Nazereth

He came to this earth the King of all Kings
Then He gave His life for all mankind
He was tortured and beaten for your sins and mine
Then He hung on a cross to die

Don’t let His courage just drift from your mind
Because He was your sacrifice
He did it for you
You’ve just one thing to do
Accept His love for it brings life


In response to the daily prompt Courage

No Excuse

It doesn’t  take a rocket scientist
It doesn’t take a city boy
It doesn’t take a college professor
Or a person who’s self-employed

It doesn’t take a big jet pilot
It doesn’t take a sporting star
It doesn’t take a foreign leader
Or a rube who does not travel far

All you have to do is look up
At the heaven’s some starry night
To know that there’s a design
That put them all to flight

Then wake up in the morning
To the splendor of the dawn
At evening brilliant sunsets
Declare that there’s a God

On judgment day there’s no excuse
That your were never told
You’ve seen it every day you’ve lived
From youth to very old

So today if you’re not right
With our God who reigns above
Ask Jesus to forgive your sins
And accept His gracious love


In response to the the prompt Rube


If I would shave off my mustache
Then shave all the hair from my head
I would look quite the same
As when cancer came
I my hair was found even in bed

I never needed a costume
To go out and trick or treat
With all that head clean
The difference was seen
By all who saw me on the street

But now it has all grown back
Better than ever I think
God has been good
His mercy has stood
With me through thick and through thin

I’m in remission now
I feel quite terrific in fact
Just 8 short more months
For chemo maint’nance
I’ll be cured of cancer at last


In response to the daily prompt Costume

His Word Testifies

There are many who think God’s a myth

That His word is just a story book

Their suspicious when I testify

But refuse to take second look

If they’d just take a little time

With a heart that wants to know

Reading through His Word would touch their lives

Bit by bit their faith would grow

Because I know His word is true

It speaks only to our hearts

Anyone who’s open to the truth

Will soon have a hrand new start

Take a minute now to tell us all

In the comnents down below

How you found Jesus as your Lord

How His truth you came to know

And if you do not call Him Lord

Leave a note to tell us why

Then please take some time to read the Word

Your suspicions may just die

In response to the daily prompt Suspicious

The Hugging Armadillo

An armadillo came to me
One snowy Texas day
He told me I was all hot air
And slowly walked away

I quickly caught back up to him
And with a high pitched scream
I told him he had lots of nerve
Invading my last dream

Then I woke up and found myself
In the classroom of the Lord
His lecture for me on that day
Was forgiveness from above

I bowed my head in reverence
As I realized what He said
I must forgive all others
Or I stifle His good grace

So I found that armadillo
And asked His forgiveness too
He graciously consented
And a bug hug then ensued

If you have wronged someone today
Or if they have wronged you
Ask for forgiveness quickly
And the Lord will forgive you


In response to the daily prompt Lecture

Finding Peace

I used to look to drugs, booze and sex
To fill up the longing within my chest
Something was needed that just wasn’t there
When I could not find peace, I’d cry and I’d swear

I tried different church that thought they could help
One by one the fell short and I would just yell
Maybe someday a spiritual psychic would come
That could conjure up something so I wasn’t numb

I took a trip to Iowa one day
My friend took my hand said His church knew the way
I went and the speaker spewed brimstone and fire
I knew I was destined where I did not desire

Later that week I met Jesus Christ
He bought my sin and gave me new life
Now that peace I was seeking had flooded my soul
No longer did I feel left out in the cold

If you’re having trouble finding that peace
And you’ve tried to conjure some kind of release
Ask Jesus to help you and you will soon see
His love will fill you and set you free


In response to the daily prompt Conjure

God’s Riches

I sometimes forget how vast it is
I sometimes stretch out it’s limit
I sometimes wonder how much it costs
This grace that God has granted

I had to develop a method to use
Or abuse might get into demonic
I heard an old saying that now I employ
It is quite a simple mnemonic

God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense spells it out
This grace that God covers me with
All of my sin has been washed away
Now I owe my life to him

You have the riches of God within reach
God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense
Call out to Jesus to forgive your sins
Then you too can count on His GRACE


In response to the daily prompt Mnemonic

Answers Today


What is it you need?
What requests have you made?
What trials loom big?
What troubles your day?

What escape do you need?
What words have you prayed?
What blocks out your joy?
What stands in your way?

Just take it to God
Don’t insist on your way
If you’ll trust in Him
He’ll answer today


In response to the daily prompt Insist

Running Rampant

Hustle, bustle, toil and trouble
Life goes on like bursting bubbles
One thing comes another passes
I run rampant through the masses

Can it get much easier
Can I find a way
To become a bit more focused
Simplify my life today

Blessings mercy grace unending
Peace and joy blocks fear impending
Jesus gives me calm and hope
Helping me to thrive and cope

Life is now much easier
I have found The Way
If you need to find this life
Come to Jesus Christ today





In response to the daily prompt Simplify

Make Me Me

Can you figure it out
Does it make sense to you
That a big band just happened
Right out of the blue

Can something arrive
When nothing is there
Can complex life happen
From cells unaware

I’m bewildered, beffudled
Bewitched by belief
That any of this
Can be real and complete

This world and this space
Is much to complex
To be here by chance
As some would reflect

I will choose creation
By God as the means
That all of life happened
It makes sense to me

For if I’m an ape
As some say I should be
Then where did my purpose
Start out to be
Where did my drive
My ability
My goals and my vision
Make me me


In response to the daily prompt Bewildered