Stay Calm

If you want to gain
A sure sense of peace
Then don’t let tomorrow creep in
Today’s all you’ve got
So give that to God
His grace is a timely free gift

He does not give more
Than you need for today
Until the next day has come
So don’t fret or worry
And don’t be distressed
He’ll give what you need to stay calm


In response to the daily prompt Timely

It Moves!

I never before have announced
Something special in one of my rhymes
But today I am breaking tradition
‘Cause I want to announce this on time

I’m pleased to let all of you know
This bad shoulder I’ve had for a year
Has now started to move on it’s own
In response to all who gave prayer

So I thank you with all my heart
For the prayers you have said for me
This cancer will certainly pass
Since we all have the faith to believe


In response to the daily prompt Pleased

Eyes Wide Open

So many people follow
The words of mortal man
No question if it’s truth
They move at their command

It seems they wander blindly
The path laid out for them
By those who could not care less
If they lose or if they win

I’ve made my big decision
My eye’s are open wide
I’m going to follow Jesus
His word will be my guide

No blindness in His message
No question of the truth
The victory lies in His hands
He loves me through and through



In response to the daily prompt Blindly

Your Reward


When Jesus walked
On this old ground
He came across people in need
The word says whoever
Came to Him sick
Would find that His touch would heal

Leprosy, blindness
Lame or disabled
All of them walked away free
Deaf ears and dumb mouth
All the diseases
Just by His touch they would leave

If you need a touch
From Jesus today
Simply trust Him as Savior and Lord
He’ll bring in His spirit
And transform your heart
And healing will be your reward


In response to the daily prompt Heal

Heroes Galore


Some look to superstars
Some to the stars
Some look at history
Some look at wars
Heroes and Champions
Are different to all
Some are quite big
While other stand tall

But my Champion
Is none of those
When I sought victory
Jesus I chose
He won the battle
Of life evermore
By paying sins debt
Now He’s my Lord



In response to the daily prompt Champion

His Watchful Ear

You go your way I’ll go mine
Is a phrase we often hear
Some people think the path they take
Escapes God’s watchful ear

But He hears every word you say
He sees the things you do
When you decide to turn your back
He calls right out to you

If you are on the cusp today
Not knowing where too turn
Ask Jesus  to come rescue you
For your heart He does yearn



In response to the daily prompt Cusp

Positive Things

So many people are often so blind
They have no idea what they leave behind
I know in my life, I’ll be prudent and kind
Leaving positive things for others to find

Words of encouragement will often flow
Deeds that are helpful often will show
Helping them in their desire to grow
We all need Jesus to love and to know


In response to the daily prompt Prudent

My Poor Tired Feet

I cannot remember the last time I ran
My body is older and larger
There is no doubt
That running is out
It’s too hard on my feet and my arches

But I do run to Jesus when troubles arise
And He gives a pause that refreshes
He inclines His ear
My prayers He does hear
And blesses me with His good answers


In response to the daily prompt Pause