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One More Day, Lord

One more day to praise Him
One more day to shine
One more day to tell the Lord that His will will be mine
One more day of healing
One more day of joy
One more day that peace and love will be the way I go

All around me people hurting
All around is pain
This is one more day that I can share His love again
Give me words to speak, Lord
Give me eyes to see
Give me boldness so that I might witness more of thee

Lord, I lift my praises
Worship all to thee
One more day to say I love you more than anything
One more day you’ve give
As I rise from sleep
This is one more day that your word I will keep

God Never Changes

God never changes.
If there are troubles in your life, 
God can change them to miracles
If you have doubts, 
God can change them to faith
If you are sick, 
God can change you to healed
If you're in sorrow, 
God can change it to joy
If you're trouble, 
God can change it to peace
If you're heart hurts, 
God can change it to comfort
If your lost, 
God can change you to found
If you're in sin, 
God can change you to righteous
If your alone, 
God can change it to oneness with Him
God never changes in His character, 
but he is ever changing our character if we let Him.
Allow Him to change you as He sees fit
It's always for the best.
The Believers Life

Didn’t He?

 Didn’t He promise you healing
 When sickness would come your way?
 Didn’t He promise to walk with you
 Every single day?
 Didn’t He promise you joy unspeakable
 Replacing the sorrow you feel?
 Didn’t He promise His peace would be with you
 When life would seem so surreal?
 Didn’t He teach you to trust Him
 When others would tell you He lies?
 Didn’t He leave His Spirit with you
 To comfort you when you cry?
 Didn’t He come to show us the Father
 So we could live Holy and blessed
 Didn’t He show us that even in troubles
 We could enter into His rest?
 Didn’t He shed His blood for your sins
 When He sacrificed His life?
 Didn’t He set you free from your past
 When on that cross He died?
 Didn’t He promise He’d rise from the grave
 To give you eternal life?
 Didn’t He say he was building a mansion 
 For you on the other side?
 All of His promises here for the taking
 All of His words are alive
 All that we need to do today
 Is believe that He gave His life
 He gave that life so that you could be free
 He rose again to give victory
 He’s coming soon for all to see
 He promised this all
 Didn’t He?

His Benefits

 I will bless the Lord with all my soul for all He’s done for me
 When He gave His life so long ago on a hill called Calvary
 The stripes He took and the pain He bore He suffered all for me
 Now I’ll lift my voice and raise my hands to the one who set me free
 Through His death that day upon the cross I am blessed in many ways
 His benefits will follow me through each and every day
 The sins I have committed against Him were washed away
 I now stand before my Savior for my debt has been repaid
 What a host of benefits He has for me
 Forgiveness off my sins and healing for my pain
 Redemption from destruction a crown of mercy there for me
 He fills me with good things so my youth is back again
 He is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and so kind
 He has taken all my sins; they have all been left behind 
 He has separated them as far as east is from west
 Now every day He gives to me only what He knows is best
 I will bow down at His throne and lift my voice in praise
 For the wonder of His mercy and His amazing grace
 He deserves to be the center of my world all of my days
 Jesus is the only one who is worthy of my praise

The Impossible Made Possible

 He was sitting at the gate, just biding his time
 Not expecting very much, perhaps just a dime
 He’d been brought their every day, all of His life
 It was all he knew to do.
 Then one day two men came along to find him there
 They asked him to look up and he looked into their stare
 They said they had not alms for him.  He thought they didn’t care
 There was not much he could say
 Then one man spoke to him with all authority
 He took His hand and helped him rise up on his feet
 Those legs that always failed him now held up like a tree
 True joy came over him that day
 He went leaping and shouting and praising God
 Leaping and shouting and praising the one who had raised him. 
 The one who had saved him
 He went leaping and shouting and praising God
 Leaping and shouting and praising the name of Jesus
 The wonderful name of Jesus
 All the people marveled that the man was on his feet
 Every day they’d seen him begging alms out in the street
 Now they see him dancing, no longer in defeat
 They wondered how this could be
 Peter spoke up as the one who helped him rise
 He testified of Jesus whom the people had denied
 It was Jesus name that brought the man a whole new life
 Now Jesus power they could see
 How long have you been lame or in defeat?
 Have you been afflicted with sins dread disease?
 The impossible is possible when His name you plea
 Call on Him today and you will see
 You’ll be leaping and shouting and praising God
 Leaping and shouting and praising the one who will raise you. 
 The one who will save you
 You’ll be leaping and shouting and praising God
 Leaping and shouting and praising the name of Jesus
 The wonderful name of Jesus
 In His name is power. In His name is might, 
 In His name the strongholds will flee from your life

God Is Determined

God is determined to bless me
In ways that I can’t comprehend
I am determined to praise Him
I’ll give Him the best that I can

God is determined to heal me
He’ll take away all my pain
I am determined to love Him
I’ll worship again and again

God is determined to save me
From all of my troubles and storms
I am determined to fall down
I’ll take in the health that he forms

God is determined to guide me
Through all of the valleys I face
I am determined to follow
I’ll trust in His wonderful grace

God is determined to know me
He’ll speak to me every day
I am determined to know Him
I’ll hear His sweet voice and I’ll say

Jesus I love you with all of my heart
I love you with all of my mind
All of my soul I give to you
For you are my strength all the time

On Christ Alone I Stand

Faith rises up within me
As on His word I stand
There is no greater mercy
Than Jesus Christ commands
My surgery behind me
My healing quickly comes
I stand upon His promise
My victory is won

On Christ alone I stand
I’m healed by His great hand
There is no greater plan
On Christ alone I stand

I had hernia surgery two days ago. It was quite a thing to go through. I had no fear, no trepidation, as I knew it had to be done. I was so calm that my heart rate was down around 50 and my body temp was at 96. The nurse asked if that was normal and I said no, but I am calm, cool and collected about having this surgery. The nurse laughed and my wife gave me that look that only a loving wife can concern over the pain that would accompany my recovery, as they said they would give me hydrocodone for the pain, and I knew they didn’t prescribe that very often. But I was ready. The surgery went smoothly and I awoke in the recovery room slowly. When they tried to get me up on my feet, my right leg just gave way like rubber due to the local anesthetic they used. It took a little bit to get me walking. An hour later we came home.

Recovery has been aided greatly by my granddaughter being here to care for me. The hospital called yesterday to see how I was doing. They were so pleased that was walking around without any help, there was no swelling or bruising, no pain when just sitting or walking. There was a sharp ten pain when getting up, and about a five getting down again. But that is survivable. I am thankful for all those who have been praying for me. Jesus Christ is my healer and He is doing a swift job of it. By faith I will be better than ever in a few more days (maybe weeks, but I accept His timetable). In Christ alone I stand!

Isaiah 53:5 New International Version (NIV)
5 But he was pierced for our transgressions,
he was crushed for our iniquities;
the punishment that brought us peace was on him,
and by his wounds we are healed.

I Have No Doubt

I have no doubt He loves me
Despite what I have done
He washes all my failures
Forgives them, every one

I have no doubt He’ll heal me
When sickness comes my way
If I should come up fragile
He’ll make me new each day

I have no doubt He saved me
He washed my sins away
He shed His blood in my place
And took away my shame

I have no doubt He’s with me
He’s walking by my side
When I need to be counselled
He hears my every cry

I have no doubt He hears me
When I kneel down to pray
His ear is inclined to me
Every single day

I have no doubt He’s coming
Real soon to take me home
Until then I’ll be faithful
My heart will never roam

There was a time that I was far away from God.  I was a wild child, full of mischief and always looking for the next party,  I had no desire to  serve God because I was having way to much fun.  I put my trust in the things of this earth and what I could see and hear and touch.  Those were my gods you might say.  Those were my comfort and my companions.  I didn’t think there was any purpose in serving God or even knowing Him.
I thought I had life all figured out.

Then He decided to let me know where I was headed.  He came to me suddenly and caught me in His loving arms.  I felt the warmth of His love and did not want to be without it.  I asked Him to forgive my wayward ways and to save me from that place that was never intended for me.  He did.  He did that and so much more.  Now I know who He is and who I am.  I am learning more each day about His love for me and what he did for me on that cross.  I know I will never leave Him and he will never leave me.  There is no doubt we have found each other.  And I am so glad.

Ephesians 2:8 King James Version (KJV)
For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:

Praise and Worship

At Your Name

At your name the lame man walked
At your name the dumb man talked
At your name many were shocked
At your name
Your mighty name

At your name demons shall flee
At your name I’ve been set free
At your name I am redeemed
At your name
Your mighty name

All of heaven. All of earth
All creation shouts your worth
Let me lift my hands in Praise
Jesus Savior, at your name

At your name I am healed
At your name truth revealed
At your name love is real
At your name
Your mighty name


Light of the world
My creator
Savior to all
My redeemer
Coming again
To take me home
Jesus Savior
I am yours


The Believers Life

No Matter What

I will praise you
No matter what
The storm may come
Lightning may flash
Thunder may roll
Flooding rains may sweep in
These may depict
A trial in my life
Where all seems lost
Where life seems bad
Yet I will praise you

I will praise you
No matter what
Illness may come
To weaken me
A deadly cancer
Neuropathy affects every move
Fatigue is always present
In the midst of it all
At the lowest of times
I will praise you

I will praise you
No matter what
When finances falter
Bills can’t get paid
There seems no relief
Worry sets in
Doubts of your provision
Wonder if we will make it through
Will the creditors sue
Will it only get worse
In the midst of it all
Yet I will praise you

You Oh God are my source and strength
My stronghold in the midst of the storm
My healer when sickness comes
My provider when I see no way out
My strong and mighty tower
My deliverer and counselor
You are always there
By my side
So no matter what
I will praise you