Eyes Wide Open

I wish my eyes were open so I could truly see
The miracle that happened when He saved a wretch like me
I was lost and all alone in a world of sin and shame
But He sought be out relentlessly and called me by name

I didn’t know His word or the price that He had paid
I didn’t know He came down from His throne that fateful day
I didn’t know the manger was the birthplace of a King
To be honest I did not know very much of anything

Then I heard a preacher telling of the price He paid for all
He was beaten, whipped and crowned with thorns upon His brow
They led Him to a cross where He was naied and crucified
Then He gave His blood and breathed His last, hung His head and died.

I never knew this story had an impact on my life
After all it happened long ago and I never did ask why
Why tell this story more and more as time kept moving on?
Why does this man stand out above the others who have gone?

Then I heard the preacher say They put Him in a grave
They rolled a stone and set a guard to ensure He would stay
But three days later that old stone was moved and opened up the door
And this man walked out of that grave to live forevermore

This had my attention as the preacher bellowed on
His death was just for you and for you He lives on
Your sins were washed away by the blood that flowed that day
You have eternal life because the Son of God was raised

He said that all I had to do was ask Jesus to come in
And believe with all my heart that He wouldA cleanse me from my sin
Then repent of what I’d done and leave my life of shame
To walk with Him in heaven one day, forever to remain

I didn’t waste a minute, to that altar I did run
I repented of my sin and my new life had begun
Now I now the reason and my eyes are open wide
For me and you He bled and for all of us He died

All Of My Praise Belongs To You


I will praise you for the faith you give to me
I will praise you for a calm and gentle peace
I will praise you for the love that’s in my heart
I will praise you for a joy that won’t depart

I will lift my hands. I will lift my voice
I will praise you.  I will praise you
I will shout it loud from the mountain top
I will praise you.  I will praise you

I will praise you for the victory in the battles that I face
I will praise you that you show me through my trials by your grace
I will praise you for the mercy that sent my sins away
I will praise you ever moment of every single day

I will lift my hands. I will lift my voice
I will praise you.  I will praise you
I will shout it loud from the mountain top
I will praise you.  I will praise you

Yours is the victory
Yours is the power
Yours is the mighty hand that comforts me
Yours is the honor
Yours is the glory
All of my praise belongs to you

I will lift my hands. I will lift my voice
I will praise you.  I will praise you
I will shout it loud from the mountain top
I will praise you.  I will praise you

A Beautiful Sight

I look up at the stars tonight
All in their places and shining so bright
I say Lord what a beautiful sight
Your glory displayed in the skies tonight

Then the sun begins to cast its rays
Turning clouds crimson red from their pre-dawn grays
Golden beams stretch across my gaze
What a beautiful sight to start my day

As the sun crosses the sky His beauty grows
The trees wave their arms in praise below
The birds sing a song because they know
This beautiful sight is for all to behold

Then the dusk arrives and the sun begins to set
He paints the sky all across the west
His majesty is on display again
This beautiful sight brings day to end

Don't miss a single moment of His grace
No matter what may come He'll make a way
The beautiful sights He gives to us each day
Are a token of His love so give Him praise

Longing To See His Face

Here I sit, wondering, when He will come
Longing to see His face
Until that day coines, I will sit here in faith
Rest in His arms of grace

All of my life has pointed to this
The struggle to find my way
I was lost in a sea of shame and doubt
‘Til my Savior came to stay

He met me when I was adrift in my sin
I did not know which way to turn
Then He cried out to me through the voice of a friend
And I welcomed Him in in return

Oh, the love that I felt that day I gave up
Oh, the peace that flooded my soul
I realized then He’d been there all along
When I finally gave Him control

I’m amazed that He’d love such a wretch like me
All broken and covered with scars
But His mercy reached out and came down from the cross
He accepted me and healed my heart

Now I wait for the hour that He will return
His promise will come true that day
I sit here and lift up my praise to the Lord
Longing to see His face

The Son Has Arrived

The brilliance of dawn is on display 
Nighttime is gone, the stars fade away
Along with the birds, I lift up my praise 
For the sun has arrived today

Deep in my spirit a new day awakes
Joy in the morning relentless like waves 
A smile overtakes the sleep on my face
For the Son has arrived today

I lift up my hands and I lift up my voice
All I can do is give thanks and rejoice
I'll give all my praise for the grace I enjoy
For the Son has arrived today

He never gives up on me, never looks back
On the sins in my life that were done in the past
Each day starts anew, His grace will outlast 
For the Son had arrived today

Oh, My Child

I’ve journeyed far and wide to different places
I’ve seen expressions change on many faces
This world is oh, so vast
And life goes by so fast
I wonder what’s ahead and what may fate is

It’s not a mystery that I have questions
About the God of heaven and His methods
Each day brings new confusion
Sometimes life seems an illusion
I cry out to the heavens seeking answers

Oh, my God.  What is my purpose?
Oh, my God.  What is your plan?
Oh, my God please come and fill me
With the faith to travel down this path I’m on

Then I hear a voice from heaven up above
And I sense the presence of my Father’s love 
He says “Son, don’t ever fear.
I’ll always be right here.
You’re my child and I’ll lead you through with love”

Oh, my child. You have a purpose
Oh, my child.  I have a plan for you
Oh, my child.  Just trust completely
Every trial and test will bring new faith to you

I will bring you through the fire. Bring you through the storm
Bring you through the heartache. Bring you through unharmed
For no weapon formed against you can ever stop my plan
When you feel like you are falling take my hand

Oh, my child. You have a purpose
Oh, my child.  I have a plan for you
Oh, my child.  Just trust completely
I am here and I am yours.
I am here and I am yours

Right Here

I’m down in a whole in deepest despair
I feel like I’m drowning an gasping for air
I’m filled up with sorrow
No hope for tomorrow 
This life seems to get me nowhere

Then I heard of your love, your mercy and grace
I bowed on my knees in deepest disgrace
I cried out forgive me
You heard my hearts plea
Then you lifted me out of that miry clay

Thank you, Jesus for your love
Thank you, Jesus for your love
You left your throne above to die for me
Thank you. Jesus for your grace
All your blessings I embrace
How I long to give you praise eternally

Now I walk in your Spirit every day
And I talk with you softly as I go my way
You’re here with me in a wonderful way
You’re here with me in a wonderful way
I don’t have to worry, I don’t have to fear
For when I cry out, you are right here

Right here to save me. Right here to heal me. Right here to love me
You are right here.
Right here to lead me.  Right here to hear me.  Right here to deliver
You are right here

Truth in Every Word

Once upon a time there was a sinner
Who looked and acted just like me
He didn’t know He needed a redeemer
To wipe away his sin and set him free

Once upon a time there was a Savior
Who came into this world from heaven’s throne
He died to bring salvation to this sinner
And make him like a child of His own

Once upon a time this sinner fell down’
Upon His knees in wonder of it all
He confessed his sin and asked the Savior
To wipe away the stain and make him whole

Once upon a time the Savior saw him
Crying out in desperate need of love
He picked the sinner up in His arms
And carried him to his new home above

This may sound like a fairy tale to some folks
But I assure there’s truth on every word
The sinner once was me in desperation
The Savior’s name is Jesus Christ the Lord

He came into this world to buy my pardon
They crucified Him on a rugged cross
The sin of all the world upon His shoulders
His death brought life that day upon that cross

Once upon a time he came to save you
Once upon a time he bore your sin
Won’t you please take Jesus as your Savior
So He can bring you back to God again?

When I Look At the Cross

When I look at the cross, I see mercy
Pouring down from the blood on His brow
All of heaven came down at that moment
To forgive to forgive me and make me His child

When I look at the cross, I see great grace
Given freely with the nails in His hands
All the riches of heaven became mine
When they He suffered and died for my shame

When I look at the cross, I am peaceful
He took all my punishment there
I don’t have to worry about storms that may come
They all crumble and vanish away

When I look at the cross, I see His love
As He gave up His life for me
All the suffering that He endured that day
Just to pardon and sanctify me

When I look at the cross I am hopeful
For eternally living with Him
I will lift up my praise and my worship
Top the Lamb who has washed all my sin

The Still Small Voice

I’ve wandered too long in the shadow of death
The mountains tower high on each side
It seems that I cannot find my way out
So, I look for a place to abide

I see a small cleft in the side of the rock
It seems like a good place to stay
When I get there, I am surprised to find
That the cleft is actually a cave

I stand at the entrance and look out below
The river runs down through the land
Then suddenly strange things begin to unfold
As I watch from the place where I stand

First the wind howled hard and the mountains did shake
Then I heard the rumblings of a great earthquake
Soon a fire was roaring from some unknown place
All of these brought no solace to me

But after the commotion of these three strange things
A still, small voice started speaking to me
I listened really closely to hear the voice speak
And I knew that this voice was speaking to me

He said “Child, do not worry or fret in this place
I have carved out the cleft so you’ll know my grace
You are safe and secure in the palm of my hand
Even in the midst of the storms and the rain”

Then I felt a comfort that I’d never known
The valley of death was no longer my home
I was now in the hand of my Savior and King
I could not be hurt be anything