Holy, Holy Are You Lord

This is a new chorus God gave me this morning at church. I hope to record it tomorrow and will port it if I get it done. I will lift my hands and lift my voice in worship I will celebrate His mercy and His grace I will tell the world how much Jesus loves … Continue reading Holy, Holy Are You Lord


Sulking in a corner Downstairs in my room Thoughts of taking my life All is doom and gloom I can’t see a future When I see my past Why don’t I just end it This misery will last Isolated All alone The enemy attacks here Going crazy Hope is gone Why am I in such … Continue reading Isolated

A More effective prayer life for you

Have you been longing for a more effective prayer life? 30+ years in the making, "The ASK Principle" is the book for you! Scouring scriptures for answers to those age old questions about why God seems ti answer some prayers and not others. You will find a treasury of thoughtful stories and thought out teaching … Continue reading A More effective prayer life for you

His Mercy is There

I struggle some days to see The mercy of God for me I know He is there I know that He cares I just don’t know why He loves me I know He sees all my faults He sees the worst parts of me But He quickly forgives Then He helps me to live In … Continue reading His Mercy is There

At the Time Appointed

Every morning Day after day The sun rises slowly Casting it’s light Whether cloudy or clear We see it approaching The rays stretching far across the horizon Creeping slowly across the sky Until the brilliant light Peaks above the horizon At the time appointed Twice a day Day after day The tide rushes in Farther … Continue reading At the Time Appointed

It’s His Mercy

People often ask me why I follow Christ They just don’t seem to understand His benefits in life I tell them it’s quite simple and easy to receive Just ask Him for forgiveness and then His Word believe Once these things have happened your eyes will open wide You’ll understand that Jesus is right there … Continue reading It’s His Mercy