All For His Glory

The mountains bow down
The seas wave
The trees lift their arms
All for His glory

The birds sing their song
The lion roars
The ants build their kingdoms
All for His glory

The sun rises majestically
The moon reflects the light
The stars shine brightly in the dark
All for His glory

All of creation shows His handiwork
All creatures sing His praises
All that have breath praise Him
All for His glory

So should I
I should sing His praises
I should do His will
I should tell others of His love
All for His glory

Declare His mighty works
Tell of His excellent love to us
Shout out in worship to His name
All for His glory

This is what I was designed to do
This is why He made me in my mother’s womb
This is why he gave me breath
To give Him glory
So glorify His name
Shout it from the housetops
Display His wonderful love to others
That they also may know
His glory!

All Creation Sings

Sitting by an apple tree                 
Listening to the birds and bees
Realizing all creation sings His praise

Wind blows through the willow tree
Praises from the rustling leaves 
Creation calling out His mighty name

Jesus, Holy Jesus
Full of love and grace 
All creation lifts their voice
To sing His praise

Flowers blooming near to me
Sunrise shows His artistry
All creation testifies that He is Lord

Mountains loom in majesty
Clouds roll on a gentle breeze
Every bit of nature lifts His word

Jesus,  Holy Jesus    
Full of peace and joy
All creation shows His beauty
In our eyes restored

Lift your voice oh people
Lift your voice and sing
Sing of joyous wonder
To creation ' s King

Alive For All

Alive, alive
Alive for all to see
He has risen from the dead
New life to bring to me

Alive, alive
Alive for all to hear
Of the wondrous love of Jesus
I must preach to every ear

Hear the blessed news today
Jesus Christ is Lord
For you He died and rose again
So you can trust His word
He did not have to give His life
But out of His great love
He paid the price for all your sin
So you could live above

Call on Him from deep within
Confess that He is Lord
Ask Him to forgive your sin
Ask for His reward
When you do these things in truth
And turn your heart to Him
New life will rise within your heart
And you'll be born again

Alive, alive
He lives within my heart
Won't you give your life to Him
And have a brand new start
Alive, alive 
New life He gives to you
Receive the love of Jesus Christ
Accept His gift to you.

One More Day, Lord

One more day to praise Him
One more day to shine
One more day to tell the Lord that His will will be mine
One more day of healing
One more day of joy
One more day that peace and love will be the way I go

All around me people hurting
All around is pain
This is one more day that I can share His love again
Give me words to speak, Lord
Give me eyes to see
Give me boldness so that I might witness more of thee

Lord, I lift my praises
Worship all to thee
One more day to say I love you more than anything
One more day you’ve give
As I rise from sleep
This is one more day that your word I will keep

God Never Changes

God never changes.
If there are troubles in your life, 
God can change them to miracles
If you have doubts, 
God can change them to faith
If you are sick, 
God can change you to healed
If you're in sorrow, 
God can change it to joy
If you're trouble, 
God can change it to peace
If you're heart hurts, 
God can change it to comfort
If your lost, 
God can change you to found
If you're in sin, 
God can change you to righteous
If your alone, 
God can change it to oneness with Him
God never changes in His character, 
but he is ever changing our character if we let Him.
Allow Him to change you as He sees fit
It's always for the best.

In Step

When I arise in the morning as the sun greets the day
I will wait to hear your voice Lord: to know what you will say
And I will read in the bible, and I will bow my head to pray
Lord help me walk in step with you all the day

When at sit at the table, and am ready to take bread
I will bow and ask your blessing as a cover for my head
And I will turn my eyes to heaven, not knowing what’s ahead
I will pray that every step I take will be heaven led

I always want to be in step with you Lord,
Always walking in your ways
Always seeking where you’d lead me
Always giving you my days
Keep me step by step with you Lord
Please don’t let me go astray
Place your mercy all around me
As I bow my head to pray

When I lay my head down softly at the end of the day
I will listen for your voice Lord, to see what you want to say
I will call upon your mercy as I bow my head to pray
Lord help me walk in step with you all the way

The Giver of Mercy

I find I have much unforgiveness
For things others have done in past times 
My mind is wrapped up with vengeance 
My heart has left love far behind

I can't seem to find strength to get over
The hurts and the pains of the past
Now bitterness knocks at my hearts door
And I'm not sure how long it will last

Then I think of the giver or mercy
The Savior who died on the cross 
If He could forgive me if my sin
Who am I to refuse the same thought?

Who am I to refrain from forgiving?
Who am I to hold onto a grudge?
Who am I to refuse to pass on
This gift I've received from my judge?

So I set out to ask true forgiveness
For all the past thoughts in my mind
One by one I approach those who hurt me
Even though they don't know what they've done

I become the giver of mercy
I become the reliever of sin
I become what the Father has longed for
To be like His only Son

Jesus came to this earth to forgive us
To wipe away all our offense
All He asks us for us to pass on
The great gift if mercy immense

Please don't hold onto hurts any longer
Be a giver of mercy to all
This is truly the will if the Father
This is how you can answer His call

Wonderful Day

Is this the day that the Lord has made?
With snow and wind and cold on the way
As long as I give Him thanks for this day
He will make this a wonderful day

Is this the day that the Lord has made
Finances seem to have gone astray
As long as I give Him praise on this day
He will make this a wonderful day

Wonderful day.  Wonderful day
This is the day that the Lord has made
Wonderful day.  Wonderful day
This is the day that the Lord has made

Is this the day that the Lord has made
No matter what comes to distract me this day
I will bow down my head and pray
He will make this a wonderful day



Rejoice!  Rejoice! Rejoice in the Lord for this wonderful day
Rejoice!  Rejoice!  This is the day that the Lord has made


Look in the Mirror

I looked in the mirror and what did I see
A reflection of the old man who lived in me
But I know that Jesus has set me free
So, I need to see what He wants me to be

I adjusted my mirror and focused my eyes
As I looked for the Spirit that lived inside
Suddenly I saw, much to my surprise
The new man in me was very much alive

He filled me with peace.  He filled me with joy
He filled me with hope that flooded my soul
He filled me with His love and with a love for Him
And now there’s a new man living within

Now I need to make sure that the whole world will see
This new man that’s taken up residence in me
If I show grace to others in their time of need
They will see that Jesus is living in me
They need to see that Jesus is living in me

He wants me to live holy. He wants me to be free
He wants me to show others this love He has for me
Looking in the mirror all that I should see
Is the man that He made me when He set me free.


What A Mystery

What if I had a million stars to put in place?
What if I knew them all and called them all by name? 
I’d pick a special one to put up in the sky
Over the place where soon the Savior would arrive

What if the angels came to me with wondrous praise?
What if they asked me who should hear the news they gave?
I’d pick the ones who would be humble and obey
Shepherds out in the field who kept watch every day

Oh, what a mystery. Oh, what great love
The Son of God left His throne above
Oh, what compassion on sinners like me
He left His royal throne to die for me

What if the shepherds brough their flocks to see the King?
What if three wise men travelled far their gifts to bring?
There in a manger lay the Savior of the world
Today He’s just a babe but He’ll be Lord of Lords


What if He had not come?  I’d still be lost.
No hope to look for, all peace is gone
Joy would be sorrow, True love unknown
If Jesus had not come this Christmas morn