Your Glory

 What makes us different than all the other beasts
 The bear and the squirrel, the otter and geese?
 What is it that makes us humans unique?
 It’s the glory.  The glory of the Lord.
 What gives us the right to call on the Lord?
 What helps us to follow His life-giving word?
 What is it that leads us to eternal rewards?
 It’s the glory.  The glory of the Lord
 His glory is life giving, shining so bright.
 His glory is healing. His glory gives light.
 His glory shines through every darkness of night.
 His glory extends to the highest height
 What is it that draws us so close to Him?
 What is it that settles His love deep within?
 What is it that will bring our Lord back again?
 It’s the glory.  The glory of the Lord
 His glory brings peace in the midst of the storm.
 His glory brings shelter and keeps our hearts warm
 His glory will keep our soul joyful and calm
 His glory will hold me safe in His arms
 Thank you, Lord, for your glory today
 ‘It guides us and leads us and shows us the way
 Your glory is what provides mercy and grace
 Your glory is all that I need 

He Sustains You

 I will sing of the wondrous love of Jesus
 He has given His life for me
 He took stripes on His back for my healing
 He rose again to give me life eternally
 I will praise the precious name of Jesus
 He taught me the meaning of love
 He showed me how t treat others around me
 And gave me the pathway to peace
 I will worship the mighty name of Jesus
 He brings joy into my weary soul
 He lifts me up when I have fallen down
 And carries me when I am too weak to stand
 I will sing glory to the matchless name of Jesus
 Every knee will bow at His feet
 Every tongue will confess he s Lord of Lords
 So I will make Him my King today
 Exalt Him, lift Him high
 Sing forth His praise in all the earth
 For it is he that made you
 That gave you breath
 And it is he that sustains you
 Exalt Him, lift Him high
 Sing forth His praise in all the earth
 For He has pardoned your transgressions
 And has provided for your redemption.
 I will never cease to praise Him
 For he has been merciful to me.

The Door

 I’m waiting for Jesus to walk through the door
 I need Him today more than ever before
 He has the answer for all of my needs
 So I will wait here, down on my knees
 My petitions are simple and He hears them all
 I just have to listen so I’ll know when He calls
 I know that real soon His knock will announce
 That He has a word that He’ll soon pronounce
 I bring you healing, He says loud and clear
 I bring you wisdom to soothe all your tears
 I bring you peace that will calm every storm
 I bring you hope that will keep your soul calm
 I bring deliverance from Satan’s strong grip
 I bring my armor so you’ll be equipped
 I bring redemption from all of your sins
 I bring salvation to clean you within
 I’ll only come in if you answer my call
 I’ll knock on your door and wait in the hall
 Please come and open the door of your heart
 Then I will be with you and never depart 

I Will Wait On You

 I wait on you Lord
 For you give me strength
 You lift me up above the tempest
 You set my feet on higher ground
 You instill peace down in my soul
 I wait on you Lord
 For you give me health
 You favor me with your loving breath
 You smile on me as I recover
 You breath life into my soul
 I wait on you Lord
 For you give me purpose
 You guide me through hard places
 You show me the path to take
 You whisper to my soul
 I wait on you Lord
 You are my all in all
 You are my heart's desire
 You are my everything
 So I wait.

Evermore He Reigns

 All hail the King
 Who sits upon the throne
 Clothed in royal majesty
 God and God alone
 All rise to Him
 Lift up your hands
 Lift your praises to His name
 Evermore He reigns
 Bless the name of Jesus
 Lamb of God is He
 Gave His life to bear our sins
 Then He rose again
 Honor and glory
 Power and dominion
 Praise and adoration
 To the King who reigns on high 

Sing Unto The Lord

 Sing unto the Lord
 Give praise to His holy name
 For He is worthy to be praised
 Sing unto the Lord
 Make a joyful noise throughout the land
 For He is merciful and just
 Sing unto the Lord
 Raise His name high in all the earth
 For His love is never ending
 Sing unto the Lord
 Honor and glory to His name
 Praise and adoration from our hearts
 Sing unto the Lord
 Sing with all your heart
 Shout His praises from the rooftop
 He is the Lord
 Righteous and true
 Faithful to all who call on Him
 Loving to all who turn to Him
 Merciful to all who seek Him
 Sing unto the Lord

Something I’ll Always Need

 I’m amazed at His mercy that covers me
 Since the day that He died on Calvary
 He forgave all my sins and set me free
 His mercy is something that I’ll always need
 I’m amazed at His grace that blesses me
 One gift to the next to fill every need
 I do not go hungry and have shoes on my feet
 His grace is something that I’ll always need
 I’m amazed at His peace that settles my mind
 I know in the difficult times He is kind
 He helps me to see when my own eyes are blind
 He’s peace is something I need in my mind
 I’m amazed at His joy that fills up my heart
 In times of great sorrow His joy will not part
 From the dawn to the dusk each moment will start
 With the joy that is something which never departs
 I’m amazed at His love that came down to me
 From the time He was born to when he did bleed
 He showed His great love by His death on a tree
 His great love is something that I’ll always need 

The Song In My Heart

 The song in my heart is mercy
 Your mercy that covers me
 The song in my heart is mercy
 Have mercy, on Lord, on me
 The song in my heart is glory
 Glory to your great name
 The song in my heart is glory
 Glory and all my praise
 All of my praise, all of my worship
 All of my adoration
 All of my love, all my devotion
 All rises up to you
 The song in my heart is holy
 Holy are you Oh, Lord
 The song in my heart is holy
 You are the one I adore
 The song in My heart is Jesus
 Jesus, Jesus
 The song in my heart is Jesus
 Jesus, my risen Lord
 All of my praise, all of my worship
 All of my adoration
 All of my love, all my devotion
 All rises up to you

The Assignment

 What is my assignment Lord
 To carry out today
 What can I do to please you
 To show others your way
 I want to be a shining light
 In this world today
 Tell me what your plan is Lord
 Give me words to say
 It’s simple son says Jesus
 My plan is in my word
 Take time to read your Bible
 Take time to observe
 Then do the thing it tells you
 Do all that you have heard
 My Spirit speaks each day to you
 Revealing all my words
 Pray unceasingly, my child
 Pray for those in need
 Speak with words of grace
 Plant redeeming seeds
 Lay your hands on those who hurt
 Free them of dis-ease
 Walk in true humility
 Be a friend in deed
 Stay away from evil
 Cleave to what is good
 Be a friend to all 
 Who are misunderstood
 Be a shining light
 To break the darkest moods
 Show joy and peace at all times
 Let your words be good
 The assignment here is simple
 You can do it every day
 Walk with Jesus daily
 In His holy way
 Then you will see a world
 That’s full of truth and grace
 Be a beacon of His love
 And give Him all the praise
Effective Prayer

Help Me

 Lord I need your mercy
 For the sins I do
 Help me know your love, Lord
 Help me follow you
 Lord I need forgiveness
 For my thoughts today
 Help me cleanse my mind, Lord
 Help me find my way
 Lord I need your healing
 For my aches and pains
 Help me to believe, Lord
 Help me breathe again
 Lord I need compassion
 For all who are in need
 Help me to reach out, Lord
 Help me do good deeds
 Lord I need deliverance
 From the mess I’m in
 Help me see your grace, Lord
 Help me rise within