It Seemed Enough

I’ve given myself to studies
I’ve given myself to work
I’ve given myself to liqueur
I’ve often been a jerk

I’ve given myself to women
I’ve given myself to drugs
I’ve given myself to this world
At times it seemed enough

Bu then I heard a voice calling
Calling me by name
‘Twas the voice of Jesus my Savior
I have never been the same

So from now on I dedicate
My life to Jesus my Lord
And I give my whole self to Him
I will trust in Him alone


In response to the daily prompt

A Sweet Life

Some call it circumstances
Some just call it luck
Some say all the stars aligned
Or your just one smart duck

Whatever situation
Whatever comes your way
Others will think it’s just fate
That guided you that day

But i say phooey to all that
I’m not fortuitous
My life has been designed by God
And I am truly blessed

I’m blessed in every trouble
I’m blessed in every test
For my God goes before me
And guides my every step

He has a glorious plan for me
It’s full of love and peace
He’ll bless me every day I live
Any my life will be sweet

In response to the daily prompt

Breaking News

There’s lots of people all around

Who like to listen to the sound

Of many others who expound

The things they seem to know

They take in these eclectic views

And turn it into breaking news

Then all of us have got to choose

What’s true and what is not

I prefer a different way

I’ll take what Jesus had to say

He is the truth the light the way

His word is always good

So if you’re struggling to know

What isn’t true and has to go

Open your Bible which will show

You’re path in this old world.

In response to the daily prompt 

Hidden Faults

I’ve seen them wearing their strange clothes
That just don’t cover up at all
It seems they want to flaunt their stuff
And don’t care if it’s just too much

I’m not one to be so sensuous
As to wear something diaphanous
That’s a sight you would not want to see
Some things just should not be revealed

But when it comes to pleasing God
I want to be searched by His word
It can reveal my hidden faults
And help me see where I am lost

His word is like a sword you see
Dividing up what’s inside me
It sees right through my pride and sin
Revealing what lies deep within

In response to the daily prompt

Simple Words

I’ve worked in sales for many years
At times I would break down in tears
A sale did not go through
Or goals were far from true
Those days would just cement all of my fears

Those were the times that others came around
They would cajole me back to steady ground
Their leadership was good
Because they understood
That sales could ruin one who was not sound

Our walk with Jesus Christ is just like that
There are those days our faith just seems to lack
But others are on hand
To help us rise again
They share with us their faith and bring us back

Today I hope that you are not afraid
To reach out to someone who’s gone astray
They only need a friend
To take them by the hand
And change their course with simple words of prayer

In response to the daily prompt

The Nature of our Soul

Some say that they will be fine in the end
That Jesus saved us all that fateful day
The sacrifice was made
On Him our sins were laid
And now we can go on our merry way

There’s an element of truth in what they say
Jesus did atone for all our sins that day
But still you must repent
Of a life that has been spent
With the sin stain of the past still in place

You see it’s not the sin that we all see
That is critical to rid from this body
It’s the nature of our soul
That keeps us from being whole
It’s been there since the beginning of all time

This natural sin is deep within your heart
And there is only one way it departs
Confess that you have sinned
Repent and ask Him in
Take a personal step to Jesus Christ our Lord

In response to the daily prompt

One Thing Remains

In all the world I cannot find
A match for what God leaves behind
Each day He comes and illustrates
His love for us in different ways

Today in might be flowers bloomed
Whose end with frost is marked with doom
And then there are majestic clouds
That come and go as lightning shouts

The grass is green for many days
Then it turns brown like chopped up hay
The leaves turn colors beautiful
Before they fall and lose their hue

All these things God leaves behind
But one thing still remains through time
The brilliance of a new sunrise
The palette of a sunset shines

We just go on our merry way
And take for granted all He gave
From natures wonder on display
To Calvary’s cross and a borrowed grave

He gave His all to show His love
He came to die from heaven above
Today I hope you realize
The love He has for you

In response to the daily prompt

Amazing Things

What keeps me from giving my all
To answer the call
You’ve given to me

Why do I hold back
Is it for lack of faith
That you’ll do what you say

Help me Lord to see
That I can be
All that you’ve showed to me

Lord I humbly come before you
Take my pride away from me
Lord I truly do adore you
Make me all that you want me to be
If I’d only trust in you
And not myself
If I’d give all that I have
Get off the shelf
You’d do amazing things

I must find a way
To walk in faith
And reach the lost today

Open my eyes
Help me realize
You’ll give the words to say

All of you
None of me
So that others may see
Of your love
From above
Shine through me

Lord I humbly come before you
Take my pride away from me
Lord I truly do adore you
Make me all that you want me to be
If I’d only trust in you
And not myself
If I’d give all that I have
Get off the shelf
You’d do amazing things

A Plan For You

Do you feel like you are on this earth just to pass the time?
Do you think that this is all there is and there’s no reason why?
Do you think that once this life is o’er what’s left is just to die?
Is that what you’ve been listening to all of your life?

I’m here to tell you differently and help your eyes to see
There really is a plan for you there’s more for you to be
Don’t let this world beguile you to thinking you’re not free
To give your all and serve the Lord on High

For He’s the one that will determine where you go from here
You’re life will not be over once you shed that final tear
There’s heaven to gain and hell to shun the time is drawing near
Today accept the Savior Jesus Christ

In response to the daily prompt


Proclaim His Love

How can I begin to say I love Him
The words within my mouth just seem to fail
Mere words cannot express
The love that I possess
For Jesus Christ my Savior and my Lord

I think I’ll start by loving those around me
They need to see the love He wants to share
How can they even know
If I don’t start to show
How much He loves them each and every day

He’ll lead me as I take His love to others
He’ll guide my words as I speak out in love
I do not need to fear
For He is always near
To comfort me as I step out in faith

For telling others is the best expression
Of the love I have for Jesus Christ
No more will silence reign
His love I will proclaim
To all of those I meet along the way