Help Me to Yield

Not in my strength but yours
Not in my will but yours
Not in my way
Not in my day
But only through you Lord

Not in my grace but yours
Not my mercy but yours
Not what I think
Not what I bring
But the off ‘ring you require

Only by you can I overcome
This world is too strong for me
Only in you can the fight be won
Help me to yield
Help me to yield

I don’t need my joy but yours
I don’t need my peace but yours
Not my own self
Not my thought life
I don’t need my love but yours

I have tried everything I know how and failed
There is no way to victory on my own
I need to give you my life
As a living sacrifice
That is the only way to come through

Only by you can I overcome
This world is too strong for me
Only in you can the fight be won
Help me to yield
Help me to yield

Where Would I Be

If God were not merciful where would I be
I’m guessing I’d be dead for sin would kill me
My body would be buried under a tree
But my soul would be bound for hell

If God did not shed His grace where would I be
Most likely I would be without my family
I’d still be bound by the things that thrill me
Running around for the thrills

If God did not give His peace where would I be
Daily my worries would put fear in me
My hair would be gray and I would not be free
Most likely I’d hide in my shell

If God did not give me hope where would I be
I’d live for today and have constant parties
I would not care what tomorrow might bring
I certainly would not fear hell

If God did not live me where would I be
Lost in the depths of a sinful sea
Waves would be crashing in around me
And I would be bound for hell

Oh God you are merciful beyond degree
Your grace peace and hope are all around me
Your love reached my soul and has set me free
Now heaven is truly my home

I thank you dear Lord for setting me free
I thank you that I do not have to worry
I thank you that you sent your Son for me
Now I will live just for you


The baby in the manger
The shepherds in the field
The wise men and their gifts
The angel in the heavens
The star shines up above
Mary bows her head
Joseph standing tall

The pageant is before us
As Christmas day does near
Maybe in the town square
Or in our church so dear

Usually little children
Act out the yearly scene
Showing us the Christ child
The way that it would seem

But do we really see Him
The King of Kings is He
Lord of all the heavens
Filled with God’s mercy

Do we bow before Him
Repenting of our sins
Do we give Him honor
And ask Him to come in

Come in to all our failures
Come in to all our pain
Come in to rescue us
And save us once again

This Christmas as you watch
The pageant and the show
Remember that this child
Is the one who saves your soul
In response to the daily prompt

Make Full My Cup

Lord grant your mercy to me
I need forgiveness now
I must repent
My heart is rent
Before your throne I bow

Lord shed your light upon me
Help me see what must change
I want to be
From sin set free
My life must rearrange

Lord light the fire within me
Give me a fervent zeal
That it may glow
And others show
That Your great love is real

Lord quench this thirst within me
That longs for more of you
Make full my cup
I lift it up
That mercy I will do

Lord fill this hunger in me
Your word is my delight
With open mind
Your truths I’ll find
As you reveal your Light

Truly Amazing

There are many who seem to think’
That they are in control
They run along in life
And end up in a hole
I know ‘cause I have been there
I thought I had a hold
But soon it all came crashing down
And brought me to the floor

There is a God in heaven
Who has a plan for you
When you become imperious
He knows just what to do
He lets you go your own way
You’ll find there is no groove
It’s then you must decide
Which life you want to choose

You can choose a life of pleasure
Of doing your own thing
But in the end it costs you
And death is what it brings
Or you can trust in Jesus
And then your soul will sing
The song of His great mercy
Truly amazing

In response to the daily prompt


What yonder star is shining bright
What wonder in this dazzling light
That splits the sky and stills the night
The star of Bethlehem

It shines down on a manger’s hay
Where just a small newborn does lay
His mother and his father pray
This night in Bethlehem

An angel comes to fields afar
He tells the shepherds of the star
The leave their flocks and travel far
To little Bethlehem

This world will never be the same
Since the night this baby came
The call Emmanuel His name
This day in Bethlehem

And he will reign o’er all the earth
For all creation knows His worth
We all rejoice to praise His birth
Way off in Bethlehem

So lift you’re voices high this day
Give Jesus Christ all of your praise
He came down this world to save
To chosen Bethlehem



I look at what my life was like
Before I knew the Lord
I had no cares or worries
And I truly had no goals

One day I realized
Just how fatuous this was
As I sat and heard a preacher
Telling me about the Lord

I gave my heart to Jesus
Later on in that same week
Now I know where I am headed
And I truly feel unique

For the King of Kings does love me
And He treats me as His child
Why don’t you come to Jesus
And give up being wild

In response to the daily prompt

This Night

This night is a holy night.
With the star shining brightly in the sky
Where the child lay
This night is a holy night.
For the spirit of God has come to stay
In a stable filled with hay.
It’s a Holy Night

This star is a holy star.
Shining so brightly in the sky
There to light the way
This star is a holy star.
Giving light to Mary’s newborn babe
He has come the world to save.
It’s a Holy Star.

All of heaven rejoices, singing hallelujah
Emmanuel has come to earth
Angels ring in His coming on this glorious day
The son of God has come to save

This child is a holy child.
The angels proclaim His lowly birth
To shepherds in the field
This child is a holy child.
Kings bearing gifts come from afar
And they kneel before the child.
He’s a Holy Child.

Lift up your voice and sing praise to the newborn king
Good will to man and peace on earth He brings
Join with the chorus as angels sing
Praises to the King. Sing praises to the King!

All of heaven rejoices, singing hallelujah
Emmanuel has come to earth
Angels ring in His coming on this glorious day
The son of God has come to save

Jesus, You Are My Life

You are my Light
You brought me out of darkness
Out of a deep pit
My sin stained life was bound for hell
You shed your light
On all my transgressions
You asked me to come out
Come out of darkness
Into your Light
Now I can walk in the Light
Your Light
The Light of life

You are my breath
All that I once breathed
Was dying and decayed
It did not nurture my body for good
But brought evil in
I was bound for that evil place
But you breathed into me
Your Holy Spirit came alive
Inside me
Now breath fresh air
Your breath
The Breath of life

You are my bread
I have feasted on leaven
The leaven that destroys my soul
The things I have eaten
Dig deep into my life
They overwhelm me at times
And carry me away to sin
But you offer me bread
That makes me a new creation
No longer bound to sin
But to grace and mercy
Deep within
Now I eat of your manna
Your bread
The Bread of life

You are my water
I was thirsting in the desert
Crawling for just a sip of relief
My lips parched
From the vinegar of this world
Then you brought me water
Living water that will never be quenched
Spring flowing from within
Filling me with refreshing
Flooding me with joy
Your water of life

You are my life
Before I was walking astray
Not able to find my way
Lost in darkness
Lungs wheezing to breathe
Body aching from malnourishment
But you brought me Light
And Breath
And Bread
And Water
Now I live
For you
Because you gave me life
And you are my life