Take Flight

 Arise out of your slumber
 Awake out of your sleep
 The God of all creation
 Calls to me.  Calls to me
 Do not give in to temptation
 Do not follow your fear
 The plans I have for you
 Are coming near.  Coming near
 You are my child forever
 You are my hearts delight
 I am the God of heaven
 Open up your heart
 And take flight
 Nothing can stop you.  Nothing can harm you
 Nothing can steal your joy
 Nothing to worry. Nothing to fear
 Only my love forever
 My love forever 

Come Quickly

 I have fallen
 I am broken
 I feel lost and all alone
 Left His mercy
 Just to please me
 How on earth can I atone
 I disobeyed
 And I betrayed
 The love He showed to me
 I come humbly
 Seeking mercy
 To the cross of calvary
 Lord, forgive me for my failure
 Lord, forgive my selfishness
 Come, Lord Jesus, please come quickly
 Help me once again feel blessed
 Now He’s speaking
 He is hearing
 My heartfelt plea today
 He forgives me
 Shows His mercy
 I lift my hands in praise
 Lord, restore me in my weakness
 Lord, restore my heart for you
 Thank you that you have come quickly
 Now I know your will I’ll do
 Once again He has forgiven
 Once again he has restored
 Once again His mercy wins out
 All my heart is yours my Lord 

The Brilliance of Your Glory

I just want to lift my hands and lift my voice in worship
I just want to magnify your holy name
I just want to sing a song to let you know I love you
I just want to worship you and give you all my praise
I just want to testify of your great love and mercy
I just want to thank you for amazing grace
I just want to walk along the path you have determined
I just want to worship you and give you all my praise
Jesus, name above all names
Jesus, forever you are greatly to be praised
I lift your name on high, Oh Lord
For you are worthy to be praised
I just want to spend my day singing of your goodness
I just want to rest in your gentle loving arms
I just want to bask in the brilliance of your glory
I just want to worship you and give you all my praise

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Jesus, Jesus name above all names


Yesterday I was lost
My soul was bound for hell
Then Jesus came along
And released me from my cell
Tomorrow I’ll be with Him
In heavenly places above
He’s building me a mansion
Since He saved me with His love
Today I’m going to praise Him
For all that he has done
Today I’ll worship His sweet name
For the future that will come
For all that He has promised me
Boils down to just today
So this day I’ll make the most of it
And lift His holy name
Why do we go about thinking we can get something done tomorrow?  Has God promised us tomorrow?  Do you know something that I don’t about the future?  Because from what I read, God ahs only promised us that we have this present moment.  He can call us home any time.  He can take our faster than the blink of an eye.  He can have chariots come down from heaven and whisk us away if He wants to.  But I go about thinking I can press on toward the mark tomorrow.  I think I can have my time of prayer tomorrow, that I can [praise Him tomorrow, that I can be delivered tomorrow, that my finances will get better tomorrow.  Jesus said we should take no thought for tomorrow! (Matthew 6:34).  We often translate this into don’t worry, but  if we take it literally it would tell us to not even think about tomorrow.  God is the God of NOW, of TODAY!
I pray you will make the most of this day.  Spend a little longer today in prayer than yesterday.  Spend a little more time in the word, a little more time on your knees, a little more time reaching out to others, a little more time praising Him.  Time is a finite thing.  We can’t get more of it.  But we can redeem it properly, use it to our advantage.  Make sure you are making the most of your time by concentrating on doing more for the Lord todayt
Ephesians 5:16 King James Version
16 Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

Shout the Victory

I’ve decided not to fear
To no longer live in doubt
I’ll no longer walk in places of defeat
Now I know my enemy
He is always after me
Speaking words that are filled with deceit
I will now just trust the Lord
To work all things for my good
I know He’s the one who’s always in control
He is right here by my side
In Him I will abide
He’s victorious every time this I know
Shout the victory
No longer in defeat
Jesus reigns over all the enemies
He’s the one who died for me
From my fears He set me free
I’ll sing Hallelujah to my King
Hallelujah.  Hallelujah
Hallelujah to the one who saved my soul
Hallelujah.  Hallelujah
Jesus Christ won the victory
We have no reason to fear.   None whatsoever.  I must admit that I have been guilty of worrying and fearing over who wins this election.  There is such a difference in both the demeanor and the policies of the two candidates.  I have come to a place where I am going to trust the Lord and pray for my leaders.  Down on my knees in prayer for those in authority which is what the word tells us to do.  We bicker and murmur and complain about those in authority.  We laugh at cartoons and jokes about the Senate and the House of Representatives.  Please tell me where in scripture it says that is okay to do!  Elijah called a bear out of the words to destroy those that mocked him.  How dare we mock those whom God has put in authority over us!
We need to pray and not fear.  Pray for whoever is President, because God has put them there.  If it’s not a godly person, I blame it on the church.  We have been lax on prayer.  We have not done what God tells us to do.  When the Israelites did that in the days of the judges,. God gave them over to the enemy.  Why should we think he will do any different to us?  It’s about time we stop fearing and just pray!
Psalm 91:5-6 King James Version
Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;
Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.

If He Loves Me

If He loves me why do I suffer
If He loves me why do I hurt
If He loves me why do the trials of my life bring trouble at every turn
If He loves me why do I tremble
at what the next day will bring
If He loves me when will He come to my side and remove all the things that sting
Isn’t it enough that He died for me to take away my sins?
Isn’t it enough that the comforter comes to settle your heart within?
All that this life will throw at you will never compare to His love
So when trials and tests try to steal all your rest
Come to Jesus for He is enough
His love is always there.  It is always a comfort, always a resting place when trouble comes.  We don’t have to wonder if he loves us if we will just look at the cross.  Look at what he went through for you.  Look at how much He suffered because he loves you.  There is no pain greater than the pain of His heart breaking when the Father turned His head and darkness covered the sky.  He had never been separated from His Father, not for all eternity past.  And yet for three hours, He was covered with sin, and the Father could not look.  That is how much Jesus loves you and me.
When trouble surround you and it seems that a temptation is too hard to bear, get that picture of the cross in your mind.  Think about Jesus on that cross.  In your minds eye look at the blood dripping down from His brow.  Look at the tears in His flesh.  Look at the nails in His feet and hands.  Look at His love poured out.  This is the image that will get you through your tests and trials.  He loved you so much that he stretched out His hands and died for you.  Isn’t that enough?  Does He really need to do any more for you to show you His love?
John 3:16
For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believed in Him would have everlasting life.

Never Will I Ever Leave You

Never have I ever known a friend so faithful
Never have I ever known such joy
Never have I ever known a love unending
Never have I ever met one like you
Jesus what a name.  Name above all names
Mighty Redeemer. Healer of my soul
Jesus, Jesus. How I love that name
Never will I ever leave you
Never have I ever seen such healing power
Never have I ever seen such peace
Never have I ever seen a smile so radiant
Never have I ever met one like you

You fill my heart with joy unspeakable,
Peace unmatchable, love undeniable (REPEAT)
Never will I ever leave you

Turn Around

I was wandering in the wilderness this morning
Wondering if my life was headed for a fall
Then I heard a gentle voice
Saying “Son you have a choice.
You can walk away or answer to my call.”
I had never thought I’d leave my precious Savior
But it seemed my life was spinning out of place
I was walking really slow
Then my legs began to bow
Soon I found that I had fallen on my face
I’m not sure how I got down on my knees
But I knew the Lord would hear my heartfelt pleas
I lifted up my voice
And I started to rejoice
For all the mercy He had shown to me
It was not uncommon that He’d speak to me
I heard His voice most every single day
And I always have a choice
To heard His gentle voice
Or to walk into the wilderness my way
I slowly raised myself up off the ground
Decided I would quickly turn around
I headed back to Him
From the place that I had been
To find the place where love and peace abound

Poured Out

I can’t imagine why He would come down
From His throne in the heavens above
To become a little baby in a manger
It was His love.  It was His love
I can’t imagine why He would spend time
With a group of ragged men He called His own
He taught them of the ways of His kingdom
It was His love.  It was His love
A love that knows no boundaries
‘A love that knows no end
A love that keeps on giving
A love that calls me friend
A love that gives itself away
A love that welcomes all
His love is more than I can know
His love is all in all
I can’t imagine why he would give His life
To take away my sin and my shame
Then he rose again to grant me eternal life
It was His love.  It was His love
Poured out through the ages.  Poured out on the earth
Poured out from His heart of hearts to all who find His worth
Poured out for our sins.  Poured out for our souls
The blood He shed was poured out by His love
A love that knows no boundaries
‘A love that knows no end
A love that keeps on giving
A love that calls me friend
A love that gives itself away
A love that welcomes all
His love is more than I can know
His love is all in all