I see so many Christians

(Or at least that’s what they say)

Who profess that Jesus is their Lord

But they live a different way

On the surface they look very good

And they fool me quite a bit

But underneath and in their heart

They really don’t have it.


They gossip of their neighbors

And do honof them

They tear apart the pastor

When they should pray for him

Their ways are full of sinful things

When Christ asks righteousness

And often they complain and gripe

When they are oh so blessed


Hidden is humility

Pride is on display

Hidden is forgiveness

Anger comes each day

Hidden is compassion

They just walk on by

Hidden is their love for God

They just don’t testify


I pray today that you are not

One who hides their faith

That you are not ashamed to say

That Jesus is the way.





In response to the daily prompt Surface

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