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Escaping Hell

Once upon a time there was a sinner
His name was spelled the same as mine
The drunkenness and drugs were his lifestyle
He did those things to pass the time

He was a long-haired, dope smoking hippie
He was dirty and smelly and raw
His filthy language matched his appearance
People really got what they saw

He hadn’t ever cared about salvation
Hell seemed liked the perfect place to go
He thought it would be a giant party
And forever he’d enjoy the show

A friend of his took him to church one Sunday
Where a missionary came on stage
He talked about a final destination
But the sinner didn’t recognize the place

He said hell was like a fiery furnace
Where the lost would burn forever and a day
Gnats and ants would run all through their living bodies
And there was only one way you could escape

A man named Jesus died upon a cross
To save all those who walked each day in sin
The sinner heard that he could have this rescue
If he’d confess his sin and repent

Of course, by now you know this is no fable
The sinner mentioned here was surely me
The day I heard that powerful story
Would change my life eternally

I now knew I did not want to go to hell
I knew I needed Jesus in my life
And when I asked for His blessed forgiveness
I knew that His salvation was now mine

Do you think hell will be a great big party?
If so, I have bad news for you today
Just think if you were tossed into a furnace
Where your body would burn up every day

Don’t get me wrong, you would still be living
The fire would not consume your life
But you would feel the fire burn and keep on burning
The blisters and the pain would not subside

Ants and gnats would bite you without ceasing
Demons kicking, clawing, scratching all the time
You’d feel every pain and every ounce of torment
And all the while your flesh would be alive

The end of all our days is drawing nearer
Maybe now’s the time you realize your end
Jesus came to save you from this hell destruction
And make heaven your home instead

Will you, today, put your trust in Jesus?
Will you ask Him for forgiveness of your sins?
Will you make Him Lord of your life forever?
If you will, you can rest assured you’ll win.

It’s not that all your trials will just vanish
But in the midst of them you will find peace
In sorrows you will find a place of comfort
In sickness you will find that He will heal

Joy will always be at your disposal
A joy that no earthly power can quench
And the hope of heaven will always be before you
No more sorrow, no more pain, and no more death

You Are Faithful

My eyes have seen and my ears have heard
That you are faithful
Faithful in all things 

So, my heart cries out and my Spirit shouts
That you are worthy
Worthy of all my praise

Blessing and glory, honor and power be unto Jesus, Lamb on the throne
Blessing and glory, honor and power be unto you

He Comes Running

I was lost without redemption
And I needed His salvation
Deep inside my soul I knew He was the way
I looked up and saw the cross
Then I knew that I was lost
He shed His blood so I could live another day

When I realized my weakness
I knew I needed His forgiveness
I knelt down and cried out for His saving grace
All at once I felt His presence
Giving me a brand-new essence
It was time to lift my hands and give Him praise

God I still on the throne
His mercy and grave never fail
God is still on the throne
Giving life to all who call upon His name

Still today there are times
When my life seems out of rhyme
I go drifting of and leave His loving arms
In my heart I still believe
That He beckons out to me
He is there to keep me safe from any harm


He comes running after me.  He comes running after me
He comes running after me with grace so free
He comes running after me so that h\He can show His mercy
He comes running, running after me


Sinking Sand

The sinking sand where I once walked was treacherous indeed
More troublesome than all my woes, more stormy than the sea
While I would struggle to get out, the deeper I did sink
Until I found myself so stuck, I couldn’t even think

But one thing had my head afloat above the muck and mire
A little ray of faith did shine inside my weakened mind
I shouted out to God above to pull me from this mess
I told Him I would walk away and all my sins confess

Then I felt a hand from heaven grab hold of my hand
My body lifted from the mud and landed on dry land
I felt a wind come dry me off and soon I was all clean
I looked up to the heavens above and with my voice I screamed

Thank you, Lord, for saving me and giving me new life
I wasn’t sure if all my sins were too much to survive
I now know that you are the way to leave my troubled past
I only have to call your name to have a peace that lasts

Please help me Lord to always call when troubles come my way
Help me turn to you when temptation comes to play
Help me always turn from sin and walk within your light
Help me to remember your redeeming sacrifice.

Mercy Falls

Spring time showers bringing life
Raindrops splashing through the night
Storm clouds billow up so tall
Like the raindrops, mercy falls

Our great God is oh so wise
Mercy keeps us all alive
Through his endless, boundless love
He desires us all above

Winter cold is drawing near
North wind chill that you can hear
Snow is swirling in the air	
Like the snowflake, mercy falls	

Our great God the seasons made
This His promise does remain
Mercy is His promise too
It will come and rescue you

Mercy falls, oh praise His name
Mercy falls, our lives are changed
His great love reaches to all
Oh what joy when Mercy falls

The Day After Christmas

The day has quickly past 
The gifts are all unwrapped 
The wrappings have been swiftly thrown away
The Christmas feast is done
Guests have all gone home
Now you rest from such a busy day 

Your mind goes drifting back
To the year that has just past  
You write down all the wonderful events
Then you start to plan
For the year that is at hand
Hoping to achieve the very best

You start to make a list
Of thinks that you would wish
Would come true in the coming year
Perhaps this year would be
A good year to agree
A closer walk with God would be so dear

Take more time to pray
Read the word each day
Listen for the sound of His sweet voice 
Help those who have needs
Be a friend indeed
Always strive to make the righteous choice

Tell God all your fears
Let Him dry your tears
He will fill your heart with His sweet peace
Bring your needs to Him
And you will always win
All your doubts and worry He’ll release

With these resolutions
We know that the conclusion
Will open up a year that’s full of life
So please take time to pray
That you would find a way
To have a closer walk with Jesus Christ

A Christmas Prayer

The day is finally here
A day of mirth and good cheer
We’ve waited this long
And sung all the songs
That deck the halls this year

The Christmas tree shines so bright
And the houses are covered with lights
The presents are many
The foods getting ready
And soon we’ll all wake from the night

The children flock to the tree
And open their presents with glee
Paper flies everywhere
Parents laugh without a care
They just hope the children are pleased

Once all the presents are open
It’s time for the feast to begin
We sit at the table
And all who are able
Take turns as we start to dig in

Then a gentle hand says wait
Let’s take a minute to pray
So they all bow their heads
As these words are said
To give God the thanks for this day

Oh, the joy of Christmas
Glad tidings we all sing
Blessed Hallelujahs
To the King of Kings
Glory in the highest
Emmanuel is here
Let’s not forget the reason
For this special time of year

Because God sent His son
In a manger bed He lay
Such a simple start
Yet we celebrate this day
Because that little babe
Gave His life our debt to pay
And now we’re born again
If we follow in His way

There’s a hush that fills the room
As a little child says
I want to follow Him
Will you show me the way?
And right there at the table
Before the meal begins
We pray the sinner’s prayer
And that child has entered in

Oh, the joy of Christmas
Glad tidings we all sing
Blessed Hallelujahs
To the King of Kings
Glory in the highest
Emmanuel is here
Let’s not forget the reason
For this special time of year

On This Christmas Eve

On this Christmas Eve
I wish you the best
May this special night
Bring you a good rest

I wish you much joy
On this special night
May your holiday spirit
Be jolly and bright

I wish you sweet peace
That will help keep you warm
As you snuggle in bed
Free from all harm

I wish you the hope
Of a future that shines
May your days all be filled
With the best of the times

I wish you the love
That you can hold near
The love of the Savior
Who draws us all near

I wish you life this Christmas
Life in the Savior above
And as you go through this day
Remember The depth of His love

Don’t Take The Cross Out of Christmas

I am sure that the angel were stunned
To see the throne empty that day
When the Son of God came down from heaven
And became a mere mortal babe

He created all things by His power
He provided all things man would need
But now in His greatest assignment
He came down to die on a tree

Don’t take the cross out of Christmas
He died on a tree meant for me
Don’t take the cross out of Christmas
It was there that He set me free

I cannot understand His mercy
Nor the thought of His amazing grace
They were offered when He came from heaven
To be nailed to a cross in my place


His story was from the beginning
The blood of the Lamb must be shed
He suffered and died
As my sacrifice
Now I’ll praise Him with all of my breath


In His Arms

Mary held her baby
Tightly in her arms
She laid him in a manger
Safely from all harm

Joseph held his baby
Tightly in his arms
The Savior from our sins
Safely from all harm

The angel told them both
Who this babe would be
Messiah of all nations
To set the captive free

Shepherds came to greet Him
Safe in Mary’s arms
They knew this babe was special
They heard the angels’ song

Wise men came from far away
Following a star
They came to see this Holy Child
Safe in Marys’ arms

Today we come before Him
And He holds out His arms
He gives salvation freely
He saves us from all harm

His peace is for the taking
His joy will sooth and calm
If we will only settle
Safely in His arms