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Your Mansion

As I rode the clouds to heaven there was no surprise
The see Jesus waiting there when I arrived
Clothed in royal splendor, adorned by love and grace
I fell down on my knees as I gazed into His face

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord
Holy, holy, much to be adored
Clothed in royal splendor.  High above all things
Majesty on High.  Jesus King of Kings

He said your mansions ready.  Come and dine with me
The table is already for the royal marriage feast
The wedding of the bridegroom and His long-awaited bride
My church has entered in top their eternal life


Then He took me by the hand and walked me down the street
Gold was all round us as His love enveloped me
Scores of angels followed singing praises to His name
I couldn’t help but join them as they praised the risen Lamb

CHORUS (2 times)

Sounding Out His Praise

 I can’t wait to see Him
 Sitting on the throne
 Surrounded by the elders
 Who bow to Him alone.
 Cherubim and Seraphim
 Sounding out His praise
 I bow before His glory
 And with my heart upraised I sing
 Holy, holy, holy is the Lord
 Holy, holy, holy is the Lord
 We walk on the streets of glory 
 His face is all I see
 He leads me to a mansion
 That was built just for me and I sing
 Worthy, worthy, worthy is the Lord
 Worthy, worthy, worthy is the Lord
 All power and honor and glory and strength to Him who sits on the throne
 All power and honor and glory and strength to Him who sits on the throne
 I sing holy, holy, holy is the Lord
 Holy, holy, holy is the Lord
 And I sing worthy, worthy, worthy is the Lord
 Worthy, worthy, worthy is the Lord


Yesterday I was lost
My soul was bound for hell
Then Jesus came along
And released me from my cell
Tomorrow I’ll be with Him
In heavenly places above
He’s building me a mansion
Since He saved me with His love
Today I’m going to praise Him
For all that he has done
Today I’ll worship His sweet name
For the future that will come
For all that He has promised me
Boils down to just today
So this day I’ll make the most of it
And lift His holy name
Why do we go about thinking we can get something done tomorrow?  Has God promised us tomorrow?  Do you know something that I don’t about the future?  Because from what I read, God ahs only promised us that we have this present moment.  He can call us home any time.  He can take our faster than the blink of an eye.  He can have chariots come down from heaven and whisk us away if He wants to.  But I go about thinking I can press on toward the mark tomorrow.  I think I can have my time of prayer tomorrow, that I can [praise Him tomorrow, that I can be delivered tomorrow, that my finances will get better tomorrow.  Jesus said we should take no thought for tomorrow! (Matthew 6:34).  We often translate this into don’t worry, but  if we take it literally it would tell us to not even think about tomorrow.  God is the God of NOW, of TODAY!
I pray you will make the most of this day.  Spend a little longer today in prayer than yesterday.  Spend a little more time in the word, a little more time on your knees, a little more time reaching out to others, a little more time praising Him.  Time is a finite thing.  We can’t get more of it.  But we can redeem it properly, use it to our advantage.  Make sure you are making the most of your time by concentrating on doing more for the Lord todayt
Ephesians 5:16 King James Version
16 Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

This Heavenly Place

I’ve lived a little less than seventy years
Sometimes in joy and sometimes in tears
Sometimes I’ve cried and sometimes I’ve cheered
I’ve sure had my ups and downs
But all of those years are nothing at all
To the future I’ll have in heavens great halls
Where I’ll eternally answer that heavenly call
To bow down and worship the Lamb
I’ll join with the elders around His throne
And all of those numbered as one of His own
Who they all are I truly don’t know
In that day I will dance with them all
My mouth will I open my voice will I raise
In a thunderous ovation of heavenly praise
As I worship the mighty magnificent name
Of Jesus Christ my Lord
Jesus, my Jesus I love you so much
Jesus, my Jesus I’m glad that you touched me
Jesus, my Jesus I lift up my praise
To your magnificent name
I am with you today
In this heavenly place
What a Savior you are to me
The Believers Life

Whan All Is Said And Done

I had trials and tribulations down on this earth below
My life seemed so uncertain, i did not know which way to go
I’m so grateful for the day that i was saved by grace
Soon I’ll see my Savior this I know

When all is said and done I’ll see Jesus
He’ll meet me just inside those pearly gates
All sorrow will be gone and pain will be erased
When I meet Jesus face to face

Many friends and family left me as they passed from death to life
Some had asked me if I’d see them when i reached the other side
So i opened up the book and i gave them all a look
Where it says we have eternal life


I’m looking forward to the day when I will fly away
When my life on earth is o’er and time will be no more
I’ll rise by His sweet grace before I see His face
I’ll be with Him forevermore


I’ll Pass

One day I’ll pass from this earth
My friends will see me no more
Don’t weep for me
Because Jesus I’ll see
When I reach heavens shore

There will be a great celebration 
When I pass through those pearly gates 
For when I arrive 
I’ll look in His eyes
I’ll stand there amazed by His grace

He loved me when I did not know Him
He took all my sins away
Then He rose from the grave
Guaranteeing my place
In the mansion that He would make

I ask you this day to give thanks
To my Savior and my Lord
He made the way
For you to be saved 
On this day let him be adored

I Want to See You Lord

I want to see you Lord
High and lifted up
Angels ‘round your throne
Giving praise

I want to see you Lord
Bow down at your feet
Look into your eyes
And give you praise

You are worthy
You are holy
You are all that I need
All that I desire

You are worthy
My life is in your hands
Let my mouth declare
You are Lord

Until That Day Comes

I want to go home
I want to be close to Him
Walking the streets of gold
In Heaven

I want to be free
From the pain and tears
Living a life of peace
In heaven

But until that day comes I will serve Him
Until that day comes I will give Him my all
Until that day comes I will follow His word
And do my best to do His will

Sweet anointing
Fall on me
Help me see
Your glory
Holy Spirit
Fill my heart
With your love
Each day

I want to know Him
Hear every word He says
Know that He hears my prayers
Right now

I want to be all
He has asked me to be
Until that day He comes
Back for me

But until that day comes I will serve Him
Until that day comes I will give Him my all
Until that day comes I will follow His word
And do my best to do His will

Sweet anointing
Fall on me
Help me see
Your glory
Holy Spirit
Fill my heart
With your love
Each day


The King is Coming

The King is coming
He is coming soon
He will ride a white horse
His raiment will be dipped in blood
The blood that was shed a Calvary
The blood that washed away our sins
And made us white as snow

The King is coming
He is faithful and true
His name is the Word of God
His eyes are ablaze with fire
He wears many crowns
His army is with Him
The army of the saints

The King is coming
The Lamb that was slain
The Lamb of God who is worshipped in heaven
Worshipped by four and twenty elders
Cherubim and Seraphim fly around His throne
They praise Him continually
Singing Holy, holy, holy
Honor and glory and blessing and power
To the Lamb upon the throne

The King is coming
He is coming for His own
He is coming for the born again
For those who have repented of their sins
For those who have asked His forgiveness
For those who believe He died for them
For those who believe that he rose again

The King is coming
Is He coming for you?
Will you be with Him in Heaven
Or will you be cast into the lake of fire
Will you spend eternity with Him
Or eternity in regret and suffering
Make Jesus Lord today
And eternity in heaven is yours

Born again

The Choice

The day is coming soon my friend for Jesus to appear
I pray that you are ready for the time is very near
Today you have a choice to make that will affect your days
Once this life is all over and eternity awaits

If you do not accept the Lord and what He did for you
When He died on the cross and saved your soul so long ago
Then you will meet a fiery lake where worms and moth corrupt
Your thirst will never cease and your soul will cry enough

But days will never end and the torment will increase
The fury of our enemy on you will be unleashed
His dark domain is full of hate and evil all the time
Your soul will wallow in that pain until the end of time

But if you’ve asked the Lord of Lords to come into your heart
And if you’ve made the choice to let Him give you a new start
You are a new creation and the old many passed away
You will go straight to heaven when He returns that day

The pearly gates await you and you’ll walk on streets of gold
There will be no pain or tears or sorrows that you’’ll hold
We’ll see all of our friends who have made Jesus their choice
We all will be rejoicing with one heart and voice

Please make today the day that you make Jesus Lord
Ask Him to forgive your sins and save your sinful soul
Bow before His throne and honor Him as King of Kings
Then He will give you heaven and your heart will gladly sing

Holy holy are you Lord you are my souls delight
Power strength and glory be to you who sits on high
Hosanna in the highest you’re the Lamb upon the throne
Forever I will sing my praise to Jesus Christ my Lord