The Humble Heart

I saw the angels gather
By the throne of God
Before the sun had dawned one cloudy day
I strained to hear them talking
And then the angels said
Lord, how can we go bless someone today

God smiled and nodded slowly
That question pleased Him so
He rose up from His throne and all got still
His voice then filled the heaven’s
I could hear the words He said
I’ll write them here so you can know His will

Bring peace to those that fear
Bring joy to those that weep
Bring hope to all who think their life is bleak
Bring healing to the sick
Deliverance to the bound
Bring strength to all who tremble and are weak

Give sight to all the blind
Give hearing to the deaf
Give words to those whose tongues have never talked
Wisdom to the seekers
Knowledge to the teachers
Give strength to all the lame who’ve never walked

The angels listened closely
As the master spoke these words
They sang hallelujah when He sat back down
Then one spoke up for all of them
Lord we gladly will do all
Just tell us which ones need which blessing now

God leaned over to the angels
I will not forget His words
Just listen to their prayers was His reply
Give ear to intercessors
As they lift up their requests
Fulfill the cries of those with humble hearts

The angels then retreated
They headed down to earth
One question filled my heart and mind day
When I lift up my voice
In petition to the Lord
Is it with a humble heart that I pray


Grass dusted with dew
Dawn coming in view
Stars glittering bright
Moon absent from light

Birds greeting the day
Leaves falling like rain
Breeze gentle and cool
Freeze coming real soon

Marvel at His creation
Wonder that’s ever-changing
One day differs from others
All as a gift from the author

Precious each passing moment
Our job to be a witness
All who love this creation
Need to know their situation

Heaven or hell does await them
Their choice determines the outcome
Choose Christ and His wondrous mercy
Or fall to the depths of pure misery

He’ll make you a new creation
When you give Him your life without caution
Repent of your sin
Ask Jesus in
He’ll build you a mansion in heaven

Marvel at His creation
He’s made you an heir to His glory
Love, peace, joy and hope
Will fill up your home
As you tell His marvelous story

The Gift of Love

He’s given me life everlasting
And a joy this world cannot afford
But it’s only for me
When I bow on my knee
And make Him my Savior and Lord

Some think they are saved by their actions
That His grace covers them through their lives
His Word shows one way
That you can be saved
The blood that He shed must apply

It’s a gift of love that must be received
A gift of love that you must believe
A gift of love that covers your sins
You must ask the Savior to come live within

If you are not sure that heaven’s your home
If you have depended on your deeds alone
Repent of your sin
Give your life to Him
This gift of love then you will know

It’s a free gift and you must accept it
It’s there in the Saviors hands
Just humble yourself
And ask for His help
Receive Jesus Christ as your Lord

It’s a gift of love that must be received
A gift of love that you must believe
A gift of love that covers your sins
You must ask the Savior to come live within

Rise up

From the ashes I rise

As I look in His eyes

I soar to the skies 

Like an eagle 

My sins are erased

By His glorious grace

My heart filled with praise

For my Savior

Rise up

Let His love by your guide 

Rise up

As He walks by your side

Rise up

Let the world know about His great love 

Rise up

He has given new life

Rise up

Let your voice testify 

Rise up

Let us boldly go forth for the Lord

Now heaven’s my home

I’m at peace in my soul

Jesus paid what I owed

At the cross

There’s a mansion for me

By the clear crystal sea

That’s where I will be


Rise up 

See the glory He brings

Rise up

Jesus Christ King of Kings

Rise up

Let the world know about His great love

Rise up

Your purpose is clear

Rise up

The world needs to hear

Rise up

Let us boldly go forth for the Lord 

We shall rise on wings like eagles 

We shall walk and not be faint

We shall run and not be weary

As we rise

He will give us words of wisdom

He will teach us how to pray

He will always go before us

To prepare the way 

So rise up 

Be a witness bold and strong

Rise up

For His coming won’t be long

Rise up

Tell them all the battles won

Rise up

Rise up

Rise up

Is He Lord, or Just Savior?

This piece was inspired by my blog post today on the same subject from Psalm 132. You can view it at if you like

We all can call Him Savior
For that is who He is
The stripes on His back saved us from sickness and disease
The thorns on His brow brought healing to our minds
The nails in His feet makes Him a lamp to light the way
The nails in His hands bring His peaceful touch
The blood dripping down His face redeemed us from our sin
The spear in His heart heals our broken hearts
And all this brings us joy
His resurrection brings us hope
And the guarantee of eternal life
All for just accepting that sacrifice on the cross
So many years ago
And accepting Him as our redeemer
Confessing our sins
Repenting and turning away
And following Him
Savior He is and always will be

But is He Lord
Do I follow His word
Do do as He asks
Do I give Him my liife
For that is what He requires
For entry to heaven
Or do I selectively do what He wants
And then what I want
Wallowing in between His truth
And mine.
This is lukewarmness
And the lukewarm He will spew out of His mouth
I don;t want to Be in that state
Is He Lord
Or is He just a puppet you call when you need Him
Is He Lord
Or is He just a gift giver to you
Is He Lord
Or is he just mercy and not truth
Is he Lord
Or is He just grace and not judgment

If He is not both Savior and Lord
You do Him a disservice
And yourself
And you may miss heaven
According to His own words
Make Him Lord today
Submit to His will
Follow His ways
Heed His words
Peace and Joy will seek you out
When He is Lord

Watching Over Me

When I am feeling lonely and afraid
When doubt has started creeping through my life
When obstacles distract me
When thoughts and fears attack me
Whenever I can’t seem to sort things out

There’s a calm assurance that comes over me
A peace that passes everything I feel
It slowly overtakes me
The soothing balm awakes me
I sense your holy presence and remember

You are there in heaven
Watching over me
Keeping me protected from all harm
I can trust in you Lord
Even when I fall
You are there to pick me up again
And set me on my way

When I get weighed down by cares of life
When everything I do just comes out wrong
When just the dark surrounds me
When sorrows overwhelm me
Whenever I don’t see a clear way out

There’s a joy that starts to bubble from inside
A joy that doesn’t come from what I feel
It slowly overwhelms me
My heart can then assure me
That even in this place I must remember

You are there in heaven
Watching over me
Keeping me protected from all harm
I can trust in you Lord
Even when I fall
You are there to pick me up again
And set me on my way

In my darkest hours you are right beside me
In my hardest days you never leave my side
In my weakest moments I place my trust in you Lord
You wont let me fall
You won’t let me fail

You are there in heaven
Watching over me
Keeping me protected from all harm
I can trust in you Lord
Even when I fall
You are there to pick me up again
And set me on my way

One Way

To travel outside of our country
A passport is needed by all
If you don’t have one and try it
Your trip will end up being stalled

The same thing is true of life’s journey
You’ll end up in heaven or hell
You will need a passport for heaven
Despite all the lies people tell

You need Jesus Christ as your Savior
He is the one way this I know
Accept Him today and gain entrance
Make heaven your eternal home



In response to the daily prompt Passport

Make The Right Call

He beckons me out of my slumber
He speaks in His soft, gentle voice
Write the words that are settled within you
Let the world know that they have a choice

I thought for a minute about this
Then I picked up my paper and pen
I knew what the message would be like
I knew there’s a choice in the end

He tells us in plain, simple language
That it’s heaven or hell for us all
Each of us has a decision
I hope that you make the right call

You can follow your own path as always
Ignoring the warnings of God
Refusing to know His sweet mercy
And the price His Son paid at the cross

We are all born with sin in our system
That seed was placed long ago
And sin will not make it to heaven
It can only be covered by blood

God sent His Son to redeem us
From the curse of sin we all acquired
Accepted His blood as our ransom
Is the remedy that God required

So today you have a decision
If Jesus is not in your heart
You can ask Him in and gain heaven
Orr from God you’ll forever depart

I put down my pen and I pondered
These words that he spoke to my heart
Then I once more asked Him to forgive me
For the times I had not done my part

He longs for us all to come to Him
Free from sin by the work of His Son
So accept Him today
And you’ll find the way
To make heaven your eternal home

In The End

I can’t imagine how I would feel
If  I didn’t know where I would go
There’s eternal bliss in heaven above
Or fire and torture below

There’s a way you can know where you will go
So you won’t have to be nervous again
Make Jesus your Lord by asking Him in
And in heaven you’ll be in the end


In response to the daily prompt Nervous

Heavenly Vision

When I read about Heaven
It’s plain to see
That’s Heavens the place
That I want to be

With a colorful mind
A vivid mind set
I picture a scene
Like none I’ve seen yet

Streets of gold
Gates of pearls
A foundation of gems
Light of Jesus
Shines so bright
There’s no need for the sun

Can you picture it?
Do you know you’ll be there?
Jesus is the way
That you can be sure


In response to the daily prompt Vivid