One Way

To travel outside of our country
A passport is needed by all
If you don’t have one and try it
Your trip will end up being stalled

The same thing is true of life’s journey
You’ll end up in heaven or hell
You will need a passport for heaven
Despite all the lies people tell

You need Jesus Christ as your Savior
He is the one way this I know
Accept Him today and gain entrance
Make heaven your eternal home



In response to the daily prompt Passport

Make The Right Call

He beckons me out of my slumber
He speaks in His soft, gentle voice
Write the words that are settled within you
Let the world know that they have a choice

I thought for a minute about this
Then I picked up my paper and pen
I knew what the message would be like
I knew there’s a choice in the end

He tells us in plain, simple language
That it’s heaven or hell for us all
Each of us has a decision
I hope that you make the right call

You can follow your own path as always
Ignoring the warnings of God
Refusing to know His sweet mercy
And the price His Son paid at the cross

We are all born with sin in our system
That seed was placed long ago
And sin will not make it to heaven
It can only be covered by blood

God sent His Son to redeem us
From the curse of sin we all acquired
Accepted His blood as our ransom
Is the remedy that God required

So today you have a decision
If Jesus is not in your heart
You can ask Him in and gain heaven
Orr from God you’ll forever depart

I put down my pen and I pondered
These words that he spoke to my heart
Then I once more asked Him to forgive me
For the times I had not done my part

He longs for us all to come to Him
Free from sin by the work of His Son
So accept Him today
And you’ll find the way
To make heaven your eternal home

In The End

I can’t imagine how I would feel
If  I didn’t know where I would go
There’s eternal bliss in heaven above
Or fire and torture below

There’s a way you can know where you will go
So you won’t have to be nervous again
Make Jesus your Lord by asking Him in
And in heaven you’ll be in the end


In response to the daily prompt Nervous

Heavenly Vision

When I read about Heaven
It’s plain to see
That’s Heavens the place
That I want to be

With a colorful mind
A vivid mind set
I picture a scene
Like none I’ve seen yet

Streets of gold
Gates of pearls
A foundation of gems
Light of Jesus
Shines so bright
There’s no need for the sun

Can you picture it?
Do you know you’ll be there?
Jesus is the way
That you can be sure


In response to the daily prompt Vivid

The Narrow Gate

Not to the left
Not to the right
Will I find your way, oh Lord
Right down the middle
I’ll center my life
On the straight and narrow path

For wide is the gate
And broad the path
That leads to destruction down here
Narrow the gate
And straight the path
That leads to my heavenly home





In response to the daily prompt Center

For All Eternity

My life was such a mess back then
I gave death little thought
I always lived my life down here
Like I didn’t give a squat

But then I learned there was a hell
And it was not for me
I didn’t want to burn down there
For all eternity

So I accepted Christ as Lord
And the price He paid for me
And I will live in heaven above
For all eternity

In response to the daily prompt Squat

Heaven Is Waiting

Your mansion is ready
The streets are all swept
The Light of the city is bright
The angels are singing
The people are gathered
For the moment that you will arrive

There hoping and longing
That soon you’ll be with them
You’ve been apart way to long
But the questions remains
As the days dwindle past
Who will you bring along

Heaven is waiting for you
The crowds are all dressed in white
Find someone today
And show them the way
Take someone to heaven with you

We have been asked to preach
His good news to everyone
So they might believe and be saved
If we’ll just do that task
We’ll have our reward
Find someone who needs His grace

There will be singing
There will be shouting
There will be dancing around the throne
Lots of rejoicing
Loud Hallelujah’s
The day you bring someone else home

Heaven is waiting for you
The crowds are all dressed in white
Find someone today
And show them the way
Take someone to heaven with you

One Good Choice

Many will say their life is just fine
And I think that’s terrific
But when they talk about what comes next
They don’t get too specific

Some say maybe heaven’s for me
Others think a party in hell
Some say they will just rot in the ground
And some just cannot tell

I’d like to get real specific today
There is only one good choice to make
Accept Jesus Christ and heaven’s your home
If not, then in hell you will bake



In response to the daily prompt Specific

Eternally There

In my youth I spent all of my money
On drugs and booze and a party
I  wasn’t concerned
With how much I earned
I spent all my fortune on me

But as I got older and wiser
And I gave my life to the Savior
My fortune was placed
Behind heaven’s gates
And now it’s eternally there

You can save all you want while down here
But it sooon will be gone unaware
Would you rather have wealth
That will end at your death
Or a eternal treasure up there





In response to the daily Fortune

Where Is Yours?

Some people have possessions

Their money or their fame

They gather up their treasure

Here on earth to lift their name

But they don’t realize

That all that stuff is just a game

To keep them occupied

Until the final judgment day


There are those of us who store up

All our treasure up above

Where the Lord of all the heavens

Will protect it with His love

Our families and friends

And all the good deeds we have done

Will fill our treasure chest

Until the judgment day has come


On that day, one by one

We’ll be called before his throne

He will open up the book

To see who made Jesus their own

And if their name is written there

Then heaven is their home

And their treasure will be theirs




In response to the daily prompt Treasure