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Pardon My Abuse

I walked the walk
And talked the talk
So many years ago
And people thought
That I had sought
The Lord in all I showed

But in actuality
I was not what I appeared
My interior was messy and confused
So I took time out to pray
And I got pride out of the way
And I asked the Lord to pardon my abuse

Now I quietly
Walk in humility
Knowing I can easily fall
I listen intent
I speak a lot less
And I silently wait for His call


In response to the daily prompt Interior

The Day After

The day has quickly past
The gifts are all unwrapped
The wrappings have been swiftly thrown away
The Christmas feast is done
Guests have all gone home
Now you rest from such a busy day

Your mind goes drifting back
To the year that has just past
You write down all the wonderful events
Then you start to plan
For the year that is at hand
Hoping to achieve the very best

You start to make a list
Of thinks that you would wish
Would come true in the coming year
Perhaps this year would be
A good year to agree
A closer walk with God would be so dear

Take more time to pray
Read the word each day
Listen for the sound of His sweet voice
Help those who have needs
Be a friend indeed
Always strive to make the righteous choice

Tell God all your fears
Let Him dry your tears
He will fill your heart with His sweet peace
Bring your needs to Him
And you will always win
All your doubts and worry He’ll release

With these resolutions
We know that the conclusion
Will open up a year that’s full of life
So please take time to pray
That you would find a way
To have a closer walk with Jesus Christ

The Reason

Bells and lights and bows of holly

Certainly can lead to folly

If we take our eyes of why there here

At Christmas time we celebrate

With food and drink and parties late

The reason for the season isn’t clear


So lets review the story

How Jesus came from glory

To become a sacrifice for all our sin

This baby in the manger

Saved  me from timeless danger

And gave me peace and joy within


So in this Christmas season

Let’s not forget the reason

We celebrate December 25th

It’s not for winter folly

Or a fat man who is jolly

But a Savior in a manger at His birth



In response to the daily prompt Folly

Fulfilled Heart

The drugs I was abusing

The booze that I was drinking

The girls that I was kissing

Did not fill my spirit from the start


The money I was making

The laughter I was faking

But something still was missing

That would satisfy my longing heart


Then He came and saved me

Jesus Christ gave me His mercy

From my past sins I was set free

And I got a barnd new start


Now my life is filled with love

That was sent down from above

And joy and peace enough

To fulfill my grateful heart










In response to the daily prompt Missing

Where Is Yours?

Some people have possessions

Their money or their fame

They gather up their treasure

Here on earth to lift their name

But they don’t realize

That all that stuff is just a game

To keep them occupied

Until the final judgment day


There are those of us who store up

All our treasure up above

Where the Lord of all the heavens

Will protect it with His love

Our families and friends

And all the good deeds we have done

Will fill our treasure chest

Until the judgment day has come


On that day, one by one

We’ll be called before his throne

He will open up the book

To see who made Jesus their own

And if their name is written there

Then heaven is their home

And their treasure will be theirs




In response to the daily prompt Treasure

He Outlasted Me

I fought against the Lord 

For many long years

Thinking He’d eventually give up

I did protest His wanting me

To give my life to Him

There were things I just did not want to give up
But He remained persistent 

And I learned I needed Him

Because my life was spinning out on control

So I finally called out

And I asked Him to come in

And I gave to Him complete control
Now I wonder why I protested 

My life is now complete 

And I have the blessed assurance of His love

His joy and peace are constant 

And His grace does cover me

And His mercy is abundant by His love 

In response to the daily prompt Protest

In a Flash

One day it’s going to happen

And it’s too far away

Jesus Christ will split the Eastern sky

And all have accepted Him

As Lord of all their lives

Will vanish as from earth they take their flight


Imagine all the chaos

That will happen on that day

When millions will be gone iin just a flash

If you don’t want to stay behind

Ask Jesus to come in

And you will rise with us because you asked




In respone to the daily prompt Vanish

The King Eternal

He started in a manger filled with hay 
At death borrowed tomb is where He lay
He never owned a home
In ministry He roamed
Teaching of the truth, the life, the way.


He was the King who came to die

A minister of light and life

The masses followed Him

He eased their suffering

And told them words that opened up their eyes


He is the King eternal

The everlasting God

The mighty creator

The one who reigns above

His victory is forever

He shed his precious blood

He died for you and me

So we could know His love


The leaders of the day were mad

The words He shared they thought were bad

They sought to take His life

Against Him the conspired

They turned the crowd against Him and were glad


This King was beaten mercilessly

He carried His cross to Calvary

His feet and hands were nailed

The soldiers had prevailed

They crucified Him there upon that tree


The borrowed tomb became His grave

The guards had sealed the tomb and stayed

But death could not hold Him

Over the grave, He wins

Now eternal life is mine always


He is the King eternal

The everlasting God

The mighty creator

The one who reigns above

His victory is forever

He shed his precious blood

He died for you and me

Which Do You Choose?

Some people quote Confucius

Or Plato  or Gandhi

Others look at stars and think

They need astrology


I prefer the words of Jesus

They echo down through time

Not only are they full of truth

They also changed my life


For I was once a sinful  man

Who did a whole lot wrong

But Jesus took my sin away

So now I sing His song


It is amazing how just words

Can make a difference

I pray that my words echo down

And touch my grand children



In response to the daily prompt Echo

Beneath the Light

The stars shine so brightly at night

They really are quite a sight

I love when they twinkle

My heart feels a sprinkle

Of joy as I watch in delight


Yet as soon as the sun shows it’s face

The stars are all faded away

And though they’re still there

Way up in the air

They seem to be gone out of space


When Jesus came into my life

I faded beneath His pure light

Jesus shines through

In all that I do

I pray that His ligt outshines mine






The starsIn response to the dailly prommpt