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Lord, help me
Through and through
Life is a lost and lonely place
Without you.
Lord, help me
As I pray
I am needful of your grace
Every day
Lord, help me
Through this night
Fear has pushed my faith aside
As I write
Lord,  help me
See your light
Draw me to your loving side
By your might
Lord, help me
Trust in you
Only then can I have peace
Faith renewed
Lord, help me
Be like you
Help me live a life of grace
Mercy too.
You’ve helped me through the battles
That daily come along
You’ve helped me through the trials
When I am weak, you’re strong
You’ve helped me through the hard times
When I think I will fall
You’ve helped me all throughout life
I’ve given you my all
And  now I come to you, Lord
With one more desperate plea
I know that when I call on you
You’ll never fail to help me

I Need Jesus

I need Jesus
More today than yesterday
I need Jesus
More tomorrow than today
I need Jesus
When life takes a turn
And I can’t discern
The path to return
I need Jesus
When sorrow arrives
And I want to hide
From sadness in life
I need Jesus
When peace can’t be found
And troubles abound
And chaos is loud
I need Jesus
When joy goes away
And I have dismal days
When every smile fades
I need Jesus
And every time I call on Him
He’s swiftly by my side
Bringing His sweet mercy and His grace
I know I can depend on Him
To constantly abide
He always gets me back to the right place
My need for Him is more than life
It’s more than breath or blood
My need for Him is deep inside my heart
So give me Jesus every time
The storms of life get rough
And every time He’ll give me a fresh start
I need Jesus
More to today than yesterday
I need Jesus
More tomorrow than today
I need Jesus

Let The Church Rise

Lord, I come to you this morning
With a very heavy heart
I need your Spirits comfort
But I’m not sure where to start
So many things are going on
Throughout our troubled land
I need to just come talk to you
And pray you’ll understand
So many people died
In a senseless tragedy
One man filled with hate
Brings terror to our streets
We cannot understand this rage
Or what would make it stop
The only thing I know to do is pray
So I will pray.
Two candidates are running
For the leader of our land
The greatest country in the world
Is going to take a stand
Why are these two left
Who have so many flaws
I know my duty is to choose
So the only thing I know to do is pray
So I will pray.
I see the moral fabric
Of our nation running wild
Men and women doing things
That should not be allowed
Children facing chaos
In the bathrooms of their school
I’m having trouble with it all
So the only thing I know to do is pray
So I will pray
I will humble myself before you, Lord
Pray with all my heart and soul
Seek your face with every breath I take
And turn from all my wicked ways
I will humble myself before you, Lord
Pray with all my heart and soul
Seek your face with every breath I take
And turn from all my wicked ways
For you tell me in your word
If I do these things
You will hear my prayer
And forgive our sins
And heal our land.
Let the church rise
Let the church rise
Let the church rise
On their knees
And pray


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I want to be closer.  Closer to your side

I want to be nearer.  Never let me hide

I want to be purer.  As I walk through life

I want to be yours.  In you I will abide


There is never a time you will leave my side

But I may wander away

When I do I can rest assured you abide

In my heart each and every day


You promised you’ll never leave or forsake me

Even if I should mess up

When I find myself far from where I should be

You come and fill my cup


When I cannot hide from the trials I face

I just want to walk away

But you come and guide me to a peaceful place

Where I can bow and pray


These are the reasons I trust in you

Every promise I know is true

You will be with me my whole life through

Jesus, my Lord

A Simple Life

Written in response to the prompt from the daily caller

Life often gets  complicated

The time just slips on by.

With work, family and social things

I wish I could sometimes fly


I am often off running in circle

To get where I need to be

It’s not that I think it’s annoying

It’s just that I can’t schedule me


My Lord says to be a like a child

To live in simplicity

They don’t have a plan book or schedule

They just live by faith in mercy


Lord, help me to be like thia child

Who totally trusts in your love

Let me live a life that’s simple

Not complicated with stuff



Near To You

I want to walk with you
For miles and miles
Everyday, Lord
To be in your presence
And feel your sweet touch
I want to stay with you
Step by step
Never leave your side
Constantly abide
In your love
I want to talk with you
For hours and hours
Everyday, Lord
To soak in your wisdom
And learn how to love
I want to hear your voice
Word by word
Never close my ears
Listen all the years
To your love
Being with you
And hearing your voice
Is my hearts desire
My only choice
Every minute
I spend with you
Just draws me closer
To your side
Near to you
Near to you
Knowing your touch
Hearing your voice
Near to you
By your side
That’s where I’ll abide.

Prayer Request

To my faithful readers:
Words cannot express my gratitude that you take the time to visit this page. I pray God is ministering to you through the words that He gives me to post here.
I would like to ask for your prayers. I have Multiple Myeloma Cancer. Tomorrow, I start the process for a Bone Marrow Transplant. This will be a three week hospital stay. We have a mighty army of saints holding us up, and I know the Lord is in control of everything. I have no fear or worry what the future holds, because I know He’s a good God.
I will continue to post as I can during this time. I know He has plenty more for me to share with you.
May God richly bless each and every one of you.