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Have You Seen the Lord?

Have you seen the Lord today?

Looked in His eyes?

Have you walked down His street?

Have you stopped to say Hi?


There was that beggar who asked you for bread

You walked on by, hanging your head

You had the money to spare him a dime

But you did not want to take the time


You passed by a lame man trying to walk

Your spirit said help him, but the flesh just balked

You watched as he fell and tried to get up

But you did not want to stay and get stuck


Then there’s that girl who asked you the time

She said she was late, but you drove on by

You were going her way with plenty of room

But you were afraid she would do harm to you


Have you seen the Lord today?

Looked in His eyes?

Have you walked down His street?

Have you stopped to say Hi?


Jesus said even when I do it for them

It is the same as I’d done it for Him

If I’d look in their eyes, I’d see my Lord

As He asks me to help His floundering child


When will I learn to reach out in faith

And help those in need when they pass by my way

God showed me His mercy when I was so lost

Now I must reach out and help His dear cause


Every day we’d see the Lord if we’d look

Every day we can do what he says in His book

Every day we can show grace to meet needs

Every day we must reach out and believe


Have you seen the Lord today?

Looked in His eyes?

Have you walked down His street?

Have you stopped to say Hi?

Now I Can See

I can see, I can see said the blind man

As he wiped the mud out of His eyes

He’d been touched by a man whom he did not know

And His sight was now fully realized

He cried where is the man who touched me?

Jesus came up and stood by him

He said I am the one who brought back your sight

Will you now give witness to me?


The man looked at Jesus and smiled

He said surely I’ll ell the whole world

Because I was just blind and now I can see

Just help me to speak the right words

Jesus told him to just tell his story

Of how he’d received his sight

And the man went his way as a witness for Christ

Sharing with all of his might.




In response to the daily prompt Witness


I heard God Calling

In a voice sweet and low

He said “Child, you are ready

It’s time that you go

You’ve studied and prayed

That the harvest would come

So go out today

And touch everyone.


Hope for despair

Joy for their sorrow

Peace in the storms

Through all their tomorrows


Deliver the captive

Give sight to the blind

Bind up the demons

And cast them aside


Cleansing for lepers

Words for the dumb

Strength for their weakness

Heal everyone


Faith for the doubters

Forgive all their sin

Calm down their minds

Bring solace within


On top of all that

Show mercy each day

Give them my love

Teach them my ways


And treat everyone

With unrestrained grace

Never be harsh

Fill them with praise


And when you have done

All the things I have said

Then people will listen

And souls will be saved”

Life is Not a Game

We hear familiar music on the TV every day

Of a game show that so many love to play

People wager what they’ve won as they try to guess the clues

And every time they answer they’re in jeopordy to lose


It’s fun to play along on this trivial pursuit

In fact the board games really are a hoot

Simple fun can be a way to come together with your friends

And create a bond that opens up a door to let you in


So take advantage of those times when gathering together

And find out if their lives are jeopardized forever

Or if they have met Jesus and are now bound up for heaven

Please don’t let that moment pass you by.


Written in response to the daily prompt Jeopardize

Get Busy

“What is your will, Lord” I asked Him today
As I knelt down this morning and started to pray
I want to know that I’ll walk in your way
For all the days of my life

“My will is that all will come to know me
Go into all of the world is my plea
Preaching the gospel and setting them free
My will has never changed ”

I bowed my head as I knew I’d done less
I hadn’t been doing His work to my best
And still He had seen that my life was blessed
I praised Him for His sweet grace

He said “Son, I am pleased with your life at this time

You have done a great work, many souls are now mine

Never believe that your light has not shined

Your testimony is sure”


“But I know there’s so much more I can do

To bring others along so they can know you

And save them from lives of eternal doom

Why have I been so laid back?”


I heard Him smile as He said “That is past

Remember the future is mine, and it lasts

So start today and give me your best

Get busy and preach the word”



I see so many Christians

(Or at least that’s what they say)

Who profess that Jesus is their Lord

But they live a different way

On the surface they look very good

And they fool me quite a bit

But underneath and in their heart

They really don’t have it.


They gossip of their neighbors

And do honof them

They tear apart the pastor

When they should pray for him

Their ways are full of sinful things

When Christ asks righteousness

And often they complain and gripe

When they are oh so blessed


Hidden is humility

Pride is on display

Hidden is forgiveness

Anger comes each day

Hidden is compassion

They just walk on by

Hidden is their love for God

They just don’t testify


I pray today that you are not

One who hides their faith

That you are not ashamed to say

That Jesus is the way.





In response to the daily prompt Surface

Reach the Lost

I will cling to you, Jesus
All your words are true, Jesus
Everything you say
Everything you do
Is always for my good

I will follow you, Jesus
All my heart to you, Jesus
I will never fear
As long as you are near
Hold me in your arms

There is comfort in the arms of Jesus
There’s a peace that He only can give
Life is more when He is my Shepard
In His presence is where I’ll live

There is healing in the name of Jesus
Every hurt, every scar, every pain
Has to flee at his glorious mention
His mercy comes again and again

I will worship you,  Jesus
All my praise to you, Jesus
Lifting up my voice
I will rejoice
At the sound of your name

I will bow to you, Jesus
Lead others to you,  Jesus
You are King of Kings
You are Lord of Lords
Forever on the throne

Take my life and make me a vessel
Flow through me with your awesome love
Help me show all those who surround me
Glimpses of your amazing love

Give me words that reach to their hearts
Give them ears so they truly will hear
Guide my path every day to that person
Who needs your love to draw them near.


I will testify,  Jesus
Of your sacrifice,  Jesus
Your abiding love
Sent down from above
Reach the lost through me.