Reach the Lost

I will cling to you, Jesus
All your words are true, Jesus
Everything you say
Everything you do
Is always for my good

I will follow you, Jesus
All my heart to you, Jesus
I will never fear
As long as you are near
Hold me in your arms

There is comfort in the arms of Jesus
There’s a peace that He only can give
Life is more when He is my Shepard
In His presence is where I’ll live

There is healing in the name of Jesus
Every hurt, every scar, every pain
Has to flee at his glorious mention
His mercy comes again and again

I will worship you,  Jesus
All my praise to you, Jesus
Lifting up my voice
I will rejoice
At the sound of your name

I will bow to you, Jesus
Lead others to you,  Jesus
You are King of Kings
You are Lord of Lords
Forever on the throne

Take my life and make me a vessel
Flow through me with your awesome love
Help me show all those who surround me
Glimpses of your amazing love

Give me words that reach to their hearts
Give them ears so they truly will hear
Guide my path every day to that person
Who needs your love to draw them near.


I will testify,  Jesus
Of your sacrifice,  Jesus
Your abiding love
Sent down from above
Reach the lost through me.

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