Get Busy

“What is your will, Lord” I asked Him today
As I knelt down this morning and started to pray
I want to know that I’ll walk in your way
For all the days of my life

“My will is that all will come to know me
Go into all of the world is my plea
Preaching the gospel and setting them free
My will has never changed ”

I bowed my head as I knew I’d done less
I hadn’t been doing His work to my best
And still He had seen that my life was blessed
I praised Him for His sweet grace

He said “Son, I am pleased with your life at this time

You have done a great work, many souls are now mine

Never believe that your light has not shined

Your testimony is sure”


“But I know there’s so much more I can do

To bring others along so they can know you

And save them from lives of eternal doom

Why have I been so laid back?”


I heard Him smile as He said “That is past

Remember the future is mine, and it lasts

So start today and give me your best

Get busy and preach the word”


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