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Touch One

Be a blessing today
Don’t let time pass away
There’s a world out there needing your love
Find a real simple way
To touch someone today
We can all make a difference with love
Maybe a smile
Will take them a mile
Since this world doesn’t give them a care
One smile from you
Could make their life good
And the cost is so little to bear
Or it might be a hug
Instead of a shrug
When you see someone down on themselves
Don’t just walk on by
Be someone who’ll try
To lift them up off of the shelf
Do you have an ear
That can listen with cheer
To a friend that needs someone who’s quiet
Then just take the time
To sit and be kind
As he pours out his heart, and you wait
These are the little things
We can all do
To brighten up those who are blue
Maybe you don’t think
It’s all up to you
But if you can touch one, that will do.