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All Day

There’s never a moment
Throughout the day
That I do not praise His name
For He is the one
Who gives me my breath
So He’s worthy of all my praise

When I rise in the morning
I sing out a song
Of honor and glory to Him
For He kept me through
The dark of the night
And buried His peace deep within

When I’m ready to go
And I sit down to eat
The very first meal of the day
I thank Him for all
He provides for me
As He guides me along my way

Through the day as I work
I give highest praise
For I have been blessed with a task
As people come by me
I take time to pray
Is this one the one I should ask?

Maybe He needs a Savior today
Maybe She needs a friend
Maybe you’ve placed them in my path
So I’ll be a witness to them
Speak to me Lord and give me the words
The words that only you know
That I might speak right unto their heart
And give them your love so it shows

My work day now over
I settle back home
And I praise Him for what He has done
If I said just one word
That brought comfort or peace
That person has already won

As I lay my head down
At the end of the day
I give praise that the Lord led me through
And I ask Him to give me
A good nights rest
So tomorrow will bring forth His fruit.

The Flow

There is a fountain of life

That flows from Calvary’s tree

It comes from God above

And washes over me

But when it hits my heart

It’s not for me to hold

I have an obligation

That others must be told


There is a river of hope

That tells me heaven’s my home

There is no doubt of where

I’ll rest when life is o’er

This hope should flow through me

To others that I know

For I am just a vehicle

To bring friends into the fold


There is a stream of joy

That flows throughout my heart

It reminds me of the blessings­­­

He does to me impart

These blessings are for everyone

Who call upon His name

So I must share this joy

By giving Him all praise


There is a flood of peace

That keeps me safe and warm

It flows from knowing God

Is always on the throne

My friends all need this peace

In this chaotic world

So I must let it flow through me

To touch and make them whole


And last there is His love

That flows eternally

It reaches out to everyone

No matter what they be

I must tell all I come to know

Of this great love divine

So the love, joy, peace, hope, life He brings

Will not just stay as mine

He Took and He Gave

When He died upon the cross that day
His love came down through time
He gathered all my sins away
And replaced them with His life
He took my unforgiveness
My bitterness and grief
And showed me what forgiveness really means
For I was undeserving
Of the mercy He gave me
Now I try to understand my brothers needs
He took my doubts and fears
Of who I really was
And showed me His great plan to change my life
For I was wandering aimless
Never touching anyone
Now I help the lost to change their lives
He took my insecurity
Of what the future holds
And showed me there’s a hope for all of time
For I was wasting all my time
On dead end pursuits
Now i can truly know that heaven will be mine
He took my lousy attitude
And the venom my mouth spewed
And showed me that His joy could overcome
For I was only happy
When things would go my way
Now this joy always reminds me He has won
He took away my anger
At all the hurts Ihad endured
And showed me that to love is so much more
For I was always lonely
And was closed off deep inside
Now I try to make myself an open door
The change He made in my life
Didn’t happen overnight
In fact He still has so much work to do
But one thing that I know
Is when I asked Him in my heart
My life became much better through and through

Restore The Land

The enemy gathers daily

Just before the dawn

To plan a way to take you down

They gather up the gossip

Rumors and lies

And start a chain to spread it all around


Wording carefully crafted

And very neatly spun

Their web of deception knows no shame

The little minions gather

One by one they flee

To the human destination with their name


The saints of God gather

Just before the dawn

To plan a way to lift you to the King

They sound aloud their prayers

For healing and strength

To fight the battles this day’s going to bring


Interceding Prayers

And praises to our God

Their voices sing a song of victory

The angels gather round

To protect the saints of God

From any and all attacks of the enemy


With which of these groups

Do you work today?

The one lifting up?

Or the one breaking down?


Because as Christians we seem

To take both sides in stride

One minute we tear up

And the next we edify.


This ought not to be

In our lives as His church

We ought to be always

Lifting up those who hurt


Gossip and tale bearing

Have no place in the body

Putting others down for fun

Is an affront to our Lord


So come on church, rise up

Let the good words win out

Let the body of Christ

Rise up with a shout

Encourage each other

Pray for the sick

Help out the lonely

Make your faith stick


If all of us would

Take the time for this plan

The church would rise up

And restore this land

True Worship

Sometimes Hallelujah does it

Sometimes Praise the Lord

But I find worship not just words

It takes in so much more


Jesus said to feed the poor

And help all those in need

This command is just as strong

As praying on our knees


He asked us His grace to show

To all we see each day

Yet often when that grace should show

We turn and walk away


Jesus said forgive them all

Our enemies and friends

But we hold grudges endlessly

And waste in bitterness


When will we learn that kind and gentle

Is our Savors hope?

When will we learn our highest aim

Is the lowest road?


When will we learn humility

Is His wish for us?

When will we learn His Spirit’s voice

And in Him put our trust?


So come on church lets rise and sing

With voices raised up high

And let’s be servants every time

A need should come on by

Touch One

Be a blessing today
Don’t let time pass away
There’s a world out there needing your love
Find a real simple way
To touch someone today
We can all make a difference with love
Maybe a smile
Will take them a mile
Since this world doesn’t give them a care
One smile from you
Could make their life good
And the cost is so little to bear
Or it might be a hug
Instead of a shrug
When you see someone down on themselves
Don’t just walk on by
Be someone who’ll try
To lift them up off of the shelf
Do you have an ear
That can listen with cheer
To a friend that needs someone who’s quiet
Then just take the time
To sit and be kind
As he pours out his heart, and you wait
These are the little things
We can all do
To brighten up those who are blue
Maybe you don’t think
It’s all up to you
But if you can touch one, that will do.