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Plant The Seeds

I wish I could speak to myself when I was just a child
When innocence was bliss and my thoughts were not too wild
I wish when I was a teen I knew what I know now
Instead of becoming a hippie and letting my hair grow down

I wish when I entered my twenties I would have been a grown up
Instead of listening to friends and think drugs were enough
I wish I could go back there with the lessons I have learned
I think that life would be different today if the alcohol I‘d spurned

My life has been shaped by these things and made me the man I am
It drove me to my knees so I would call to the great “I AM”
He brought me out of that darkness and into His glorious light
Now I know the struggles of man and can understand His plight

You see life is all a lesson that will teach us of ourselves
Then we can help out others who do not know themselves
Their heart is aching inside and they know not what they need
The emptiness inside will surely change with just one seed

The seed of faith we plant in the heart of those we know
Will one day break on through and start the heart to grow
Some will water, some will weed to help that seed produce
Until it becomes mature and a new life is introduced

All of us can plant those seeds and help our neighbors out
Out of the miry clay and into life that’s come about
Make sure that you are walking in Jesus Christ alone
Then you’ll become a light that shines and brings His children home

It is impossible to change our past, or anyone else’s for that matter. We can pine away all we want and it won’t change one second of what has happened days, months and years ago. Every work spoken and deed done has been written on the minds of those affected and there is nothing we can do to erase it or make it go away. However, all of life’s trials and test, the misery and doubt, the failure and heartache has all come to this moment in time to shape us and mold us into the person that we are. If we had a time machine and could change just one minute of our past, we would not have the same wisdom and insight into life that we have today. We are uniquely qualified to help others in the areas where we have been tested. If we have Jesus Christ as Savior, that qualification enables us to minister to others with our words and deeds on a daily basis.

Don’t waste the precious time that you have on this earth. Make the mist of it. Be a light that shines on everyone you come in contact with. Give a smile, say a kind words, do a helpful deed and pray for those in need. You can change the path of someone, just like the seeds planted by my friends changed my path. Be a difference maker!
Matthew 5:16 King James Version
Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

The Desk

I had a dream about a desk
No ordinary desk mind you
But a big desk
Curved and outstanding
This desk had a glass top
With a front panel that shone like silver
Big enough to fill a stage
A stage under multiple lights
They shone brightly
Almost an electric feeling
About the desk

Behind the desk sat a woman
Young and pretty
Blonde hair and blue eyes
Her face mostly neutral in feeling
Soft in compassion
Warm in engaging me
Wanting me to hear what she had to say
Her hair falling around her face
Short of her shoulders
She had on a light blue blouse
Or dress
One could not tell as she sat
Behind that desk

On the desk was a tablet
Which was glanced at by the woman
And she spoke into a microphone
Clipped to her blouse
She spoke of fires
And murders
And trials
And earthquakes
And trade negotiations
And other countries
Far away
Bringing news
News of trouble
News of tragedy
News of wonder
Things I could not imagine
Scrolled across her tablet
Upon that desk

Then one day
In my dream
She got up from the desk
And said she had had enough
Of bad news
And trouble
Enough of things that bring us down
And she was going to leave
But before she did
She sat back down at the desk
Put her tablet aside
And pulled out a big book
The big book was opened
And laid out in front of her
Behind that desk

Then she said
I want to say something good
Good news for all to hear
Good news that crosses the barriers of time
Good news for you
Good news for me
Jesus is alive
H rose from the dead to give you eternal life
He died to set you free from sin
Because He loved you
Romans road tells us so
Verse 3:23
Verse 5:8
Verse 6:23
Verses 10:9-10
Verse 10:13
1 John 1:9
She read with conviction
With passion
Like a fire was within her
Then she looked
Directly into the camera
And quietly said
Have you been born again

Then she got up
And walked away
From the desk

Fill Every Pore

God so loved the world
That He gave His only Son
That all who would believe would have new life
He called to me one day
That I would share His ways
And tell all men of His great sacrifice

Truly my desire
Is that I would be on fire
With a passion for the lost
Give my life at any cost
Just to see a soul get rescued
From their sin

Fill my mouth with truth, Lord
Fill my heart with love
May compassion for the lost fill every pore
Fill me with your Spirit
Guide me to the lost
That I might share your word with all my soul

All my heart cries out
That my words turn them about
So that they would see their sin
Then their spirit groan within
Causing them to cry to Jesus
Save me Lord

Fill my mouth with truth, Lord
Fill my heart with love
May compassion for the lost fill every pore
Fill me with your Spirit
Guide me to the lost
That I might share your word with all my soul


Take Control (Music Video)

This is a new chorus the Lord gave me yesterday.  Hope you enjoy it!

Here are the words.

What else can I do but to worship you
What else can I say but give you praise
What else can I offer you but this life you’ve given me
All I have is yours Oh Lord

All of my heart
All of my soul
All of my spirit take control
All of my heart
All of my soul
All of my spirit take control

Open Me

Open me up Lord so others may see
The love that you’ve placed inside of me
Open my heart and mind and soul
That I may show joy to young and old

Open my eyes to see the pain
That others are facing again and again
Open me up Lord to let you shine
The light of the world for all of time

Open me heart Lord to help the lost
To let them known that you paid the cost
Open my mind to understand
What words it will take to reveal your plan

I want to be open to follow your way
I need to be open to your will today
I vow to be open to others in need
I promised to love them in word and deed

Open me. Open me. Open me Lord
Open me up to witness for you
Open me up to touch those for you
Open me up as a light for you
Open me Lord. Open me for you

I Listen

I wait for thee
In the morning
Before dawning
Stars aglow
Snow below
Air is cold
Wind is bold
I listen

Heart for you
Thoughts anew
Your voice I hear
In my ear
You speak to me
These words of life
And sacrifice
I listen

Thank you Lord
For your words
For these psalms
That bring calm
You speak to me
Words that seek
To set us free
That we might be
Found in thee
Help me Lord
To listen


The Vine

Lord feed me wisdom
That I might see
All the injustice
That’s all around me
All of the heartache
All of the pain
All of the suffering
All the disdain
Feed me a heart
That will reach out in love
And touch all the broken
So they’ll know your love

Lord feed me courage
That I might know
How to change doubt
Into faith that shows
All of the fear
All of the worry
All of the sorrow
All of the hurry
Feed me the strength
To open their eyes
And lead them to you, Lord
So faith will arise

You are the vine
I am the branch
Fill me with love
Give me a chance
To bear you much fruit
As I follow your plan
Tend to my life
With your loving hand

Feed me compassion
So others  may see
Your love for them, Lord
Through the life that I lead
All of the joy
All of the peace
All of the grace
All the mercy
Feed me with life
In all that I do
So I can successfully
Lead them to you

And all of the fruit I bear dear Lord

I owe it all to you

It is your loving hand that prunes the branch

To make it bear more fruit

So do with me what you will, dear Lord

To shape and mold this branch

No matter the trial or test that comes

My life it will enhance

You are the vine
I am the branch
Fill me with love
Give me a chance
To bear you much fruit
As I follow your plan
Tend to my life
With your loving hand

It’s Not Up To Me

It’s not up to me

To save a soul

To take their sins

And make them whole

But it is up to me

To tell them of Christ

So That they can accept Him

And change their lives


It’s not up to me

To heal the sick

To take their pain

And help them live

But it is up to me

To help them see

The one who heals

And dries their tears


My task is to tell them of Jesus

And the wonders He’s done for me

To open their eyes to the light of His love

So that they will truly believe


It’s not up to me

To convict of sin

To judge the lost

And purify them

But it is up to me

To witness each day

Of the love of Christ

And to pray and pray


It’s not up to me

To look down on them

Or to think I’m better

Because I have Him

But it is up to me

To love them with all

My heart must go out

To both big and small


My task is to tell them of Jesus

And the wonders He’s done for me

To open their eyes to the light of His love

So that they will truly believe


For I do not know what tomorrow brings

It just might be their last day

I need to tell them of Jesus

And pray, and pray, and pray

No Contest

I sit and wonder why, Lord
Do people not choose thee
When they hear you’ve paid the price
From sin to set them free

Down here they feel so happy
And they think it’s the best
But if they just choose you today.
They would be richly blessed

In this life they party
Thinking all of life’s a game
If you would fill them with your joy
They’d never be the same

And when the party’s over
And the happiness is gone
They sit their all alone and wonder
When some peace will come

But I can tell them truly
That the peace that Jesus gives
Will permeate  their soul each day
As long as they shall live

You ask me how I know these things
So I’ll tell you here and now
‘Twas not that long ago my friend
That I refused to bow

I loved the party life at night
But hated waking up
My mind was filled with torment
My thoughts were so corrupt

It took at least 10 times
For me to head His call
But when I did, He kept His word
And gave to me His all

He blesses me each day
With His presence,  oh so sweet
He fills my heart with joy
Happiness just can’t compete

His peace is so remarkable
It soothes me every day
And His love is unforgettable
He walks along my way

But most of all His mercy
Is always reaching me
And His grace is so amazing
As it works to keep me free

You see it really is no contest
What the best life is
So why not turn your life around
And make your heart be His.

Touch The Lord

I see the Lord

Most every day

He’s right beside me

As I pray

He walks with me

Along the way

He’s everywhere I go


When I see someone

Steeped in pain

I see the Lord

Inside of Him

I go and pray

That health would win

And I have touched my Lord


If someone’s feeble

In their home

And I go visit

When their alone

They brighten up

That someone comes

And I have touched my Lord


Jesus said that when we touch

One of His children, him we touch

He asks us to go out of our way

To make a difference in the world today


If one’s in prison

For their crime

And I go visit

And give my time

It cheers them up

They glad I came

And I have touched my Lord


Do you see Jesus

As you walk

In other people

In the park

He’s right there

Inside their heart

Waiting for a touch


Open your eyes

To others needs

And soon you’ll see

Their needs are real

It’s up to you

To help them heal

Your time to touch the Lord