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Then Alpha and Omega

He is the Alpha
The beginning
He was before anything else was
He spoke and there was Light
Before that only darkness ruled
He spoke the world into existence
He formed the sun
The moon and the stars
With His voice
The plants and trees
Came forth at His command
The animals and birds and fish
The insects
Flying and crawling insects
Appeared when He spoke
All of creation came forth by His Word
Except man
He formed man from the dust of the ground
With His tender loving hands
Every organ
Every muscle
Every bone
Hundreds of miles of veins and arteries
An intricate web of nerves
All assembled by His hand
Then He breathed life into the man
The only part of creation that was not spoken into existence
But lovingly
And carefully crafted
Molded like clay
Then He made the woman from man
From a rib He formed her
She was formed to be with Him
The same tender care went into forming her
As forming him
She is his helpmate
Because man needed help
Help to see his faults
Help to walk with God
Help to survive
He looked at all the creation He had made
And said it is good
Everything that is was made by Him
Nothing came by itself
He is the Alpha

He is the Omega
Time does not have hold on Him
He will be until forever
Until there is no more time
Even then he will still be
He will still be guiding us
Watching over us
Caring for us
Providing for us
As He made all things in the beginning
He will keep all things going for eternity
There is no end to Him
He will not die
He will not fade away
He will not disappear
He will be there
When we need Him
When we long for Him
He will come to our side
His Word will also be there
His Word will never fail
Every promise
Every prophecy
Every hope
Will come to pass
And will last for all time
When time is no more
He will still go on
His Word will still go on
His love will still go on
He is the Omega

Yesterday He is the same
Tomorrow He is the same
Today He is the same
He never changes
He is still creator
He still molds us
And shapes us
As a potter does the clay
So are we in His hands
He never stops loving us
Caring for us
Providing for us
Delivering us
Guiding us
Protecting us
From the very beginning
Until the very end
His love will not change
It will always remain
You can depend on it
Moe than the sunrise
More than the stars that shine
More than the day and night
More than anything
You can depend on His Word
It will never fail
It will never return void
His Word will accomplish what He desires
Every time
It will move your mountains
It will dispel your enemies
It will provide your needs
It will comfort your sorrow
It will turn storms into peace
It will guide you on your way
His Word is who He is
Forever and forever
The Alpha
The Omega
The here and now
Always the same
Always remains

Eye Wide Open

After the walk in the morning
After a breakfast so good
After the short drive to church
My body’s misunderstood

It’s not that the message is boring
Or that I can’t understand
It’s just that I’m languorous
My eyes close and close again

I find myself falling asleep
My wife gently nudges my side
I thank her for helping me wake up
From then on my eyes are wide

The message to learn is quite simple
It is one I have not learned yet
To keep from a nudge in your side
Eyes wide open would be your best bet



In response to the daily prompt /

Through Endless Obstacles

Through the ancient forest
Tall and majestic trees
Reaching to the sky
Raining leaves in a drizzle
To the ragged ground below
Some fall into the brook
Over small rocks
Through tiny culverts
Unceasingly advancing
Through endless obstacles
Nothing stops it
The brook continues on
Like that brook
Which murmurs as it flows
The voice of God speaks
Speaks to ears that will listen
Ears that are open
Hearts that are attentive
Waiting in anticipation
It comes amid this loud world
Thoughts fill our minds
Fleshly thoughts
Godless thoughts
Trying to block out His voice
Ever present
His voice speaks
He’s always there
Like that brook
Trying to find you
Find your ears
Find your heart
Through endless obstacles
Nothing stops it
Except our inability to listen
His voice continues on

For Me

This one thing I know.
Jesus loves me so
Died upon a tree
Just to set me free
Shed His precious blood
Just to show His love 
For me


I will give my life
All to Jesus Christ
His I’ll always be
For He’s done so much 
For me


How incredible
How amazing
How extraordinary is His love
I’m undeserving
Such a sinner
Yet His mercy reaches out to me
Great compassion 
Down from heaven
Grace will always be enough

For me


One more thing I know

One day I will go

Up into the air

He will meet me there

Never more to roam

He’s prepared a home

For me


How incredible
How amazing
How extraordinary is His love
I’m undeserving
Such a sinner
Yet His mercy reaches out to me
Great compassion 
Down from heaven
Grace will always be enough

For me

Hold Me Jesus

Hold me Jesus

Hold me close

In your loving arms

Keep me safe

From any danger

Keep me from all harm


Touch me Jesus

Touch me now

Heal me from this pain

Make me whole

In mind and body

Give me health again


You are such a merciful Savior

Always doing good for me

I can trust that all that happens

Is ordained so I can be

All that you would have me be.


Teach me Jesus

Teach me truth

From your Holy Word

Give me wisdom

Give me knowledge

So your truth I can discern


Guide me Jesus

Guide me now

On the proper path

Let me know

If I should wander

Bring me home at last


You are such a loving Savior

Always doing for my good

I can trust each day you give me

Will bring me right where it should


Glory be to you, sweet Jesus

Praise your mighty, holy name

I will worship you forever

Holy, Holy is your name

Holy, Holy is your name

Avoiding The Fire

I have to admit, I’m a sinner

I’ll never be perfect down here

Try hard as I can

I never will stand

As a sinless man, that’s for sure


But I made a choice long ago

To avoid being scorched for all time

I asked Jesus in

And He covered my sin

Now heavens my home for all time


I am sure that you don’t intend

To burn in hell when your life ends

Why not ask Him today

To take your sins away

And you can have peace in the end


In  response to the daily prompt Scorched

What A Friend

What a friend, an awesome friend

He’s with me all my life

He promised He won’t leave me

Or forsake me for all time


We have in Jesus, wonderful Jesus

Came to earth, God’s only Son

Gave His life, His precious life

Now the victory has won


All our sins, every one

Are washed as white as snow

Now I walk free and complete

Each day He shows me how


And griefs to bear, He gives me peace

And joy has filled me heart

His blessings overwhelm me

They flow when day does start


What a privilege, an awesome right

Has mercy will always be

It’s amazing I can approach Him

King of Kings and Lord to me


To carry. bring to Him

As He’s seated on His throne

Up in heaven, ruling all

The universe is His alone


Everything, every little thing

All my worries and my doubts

When I give them all to Him

I can know He cares about


To God in prayer, heartfelt prayer

To the King of Kings on high

He hears every word I pray

And He answers in His time


Oh, what peace we often forfeit

There’s no need be distressed

When we call out to the Savior

He will always give His best
Oh, what needless pain we bear

There’s no need for suffering

When we cry in heart felt worship

He will come and mercy bring

All because we do not carry
Everything to God in prayer