My Mission 

I looked out to the world

To see what there would be

And everwhere I looked

I saw pain and misery

There was no understanding

Compassion seemed misplaced

People were elusive 

They would lie right to my face

Then I looked to God

To see what I would see

His mercy and His grace

Did flow abundantly 

I saw it streaming to me 

Like rays shine from the sun

The blessings that they brought me

Did lift my heart in song 

I asked the Lord to show me

How this blessing could reach out 

To those who only saw the world 

Missing out on God above

He told me that’s my mission 

My calling from above

To share with everyone I know

The message of His love

I must admit I’ve faltered

At this task He’s given me

From this day forth I promise

This mission will drive me

Positive Things

So many people are often so blind
They have no idea what they leave behind
I know in my life, I’ll be prudent and kind
Leaving positive things for others to find

Words of encouragement will often flow
Deeds that are helpful often will show
Helping them in their desire to grow
We all need Jesus to love and to know


In response to the daily prompt Prudent

If You Could, Would You?

If you could walk up to a bind man
And pray that he would see
Then watch as his eyes opened
Would you?

If you could touch a deafened ear
And proclaim that he could hear
And watch as he rejoiced
Would you?

If you could look up at a storm cloud
And ask it to change course
Then watch as blue skies opened
Would you?

If you could see the homeless hurting
And give them food to eat
Then watch as they gained favor
Would you?

Well, you can
In Jesus mighty name
You can
All these things are possible
With faith
Step out of your comfort zone
And pray
That they be saved
And healed today

If your finances were hurting
Your desire was to give
To a needy missionary
Would you?

If someone asked for prayer
When you met them on a street
And you said you’d pray for them
Would you?

If a friend offended you
Very deeply in your heart
And asked you to forgive
Would you?

Well, you should
Trusting God each moment
You should
All these things are needful
For your peace
Don’t delay one moment
Follow through
So that God will bless you
And bless those around you
With His love

No More Hockey Pucks

When I was young I had much zip in every step I took
My days were filled with busy things not usually by the book
Climbing trees and catching frogs and slapping hockey pucks
The fact that I was rarely hurt I passed it off to luck

When I grew older, wiser too, I found myself messed up
I’d taken drugs and drink in droves and other nasty stuff
I needed remedy real fast or thought that I would die
No luck could get me out of this.  I wanted to survive

One day I heard that Jesus died to cleanse me of my sin
I asked Him to forgive me and come to live within
No luck or circumstance can ever take the place of Him
I now know peace and joy are real, and with Him I can win

So if your feeling down and out and have no where to turn
Please listen to these words of mine before you die and burn
Ask Jesus too forgive your sins, He’ll give a brannd  new start
You never wll regret the day He comes into your heart




In response to the daily prompt Luck

What An Amazing Story

I listened to the Lord when He spoke to me
Knew that He loved me abundantly
And I knew what He spoke would come to be
At a time He had already planned

He told me that I should tell everyone
Of the work on the cross that he had done
I should tell of the Father who sent His Son
Because of His love for the world

What an amazing story
What an amazing friend
He asks us to share
And make them aware
Of His love that will last ‘til the end

I asked Him for boldness so I could speak
To all those who lovingly I would seek
And tell them the story of His great deed
And hopefully they would be saved

He told me don’t worry about the results
My job was to tell them the truth that’s all
The Spirit would be there to give them a call
The word would not return void

What an amazing story
What an amazing friend
He asks us to share
And make them aware
Of His love that will last ‘til the end
I’ll tell them I’ll tell them of your great love
I’ll praise you forever for all you have done
Until all my friends have been saved and won
To your precious holy way

What an amazing story
What an amazing friend
He asks us to share
And make them aware
Of His love that will last ‘til the end

Now That I Know

There was a time
When I knew not
What Jesus did for me
I hadn’t heard
About His love
Or death on Calvary

I didn’t know
His sacrifice
Was given in my place
I hadn’t heard
Of His mercy
Or His amazing  grace

But now that I know I’ll praise Him
From the dawn ’til setting sun
I’ll lift my voice and hands up high
For all that He has done

I’ll praise Him for His goodness
I’ll praise Him for His love
I’ll praise Him for the mansion
He has built for me above

Now that I know
What Jesus did
To set me free from sin
Others must hear
About His love
And all He’s done for them

I’ll let them know
The price He paid
That He died to set them free
I’ll share the word
And testify
The He would die for me

I will worship Him on high
And I will praise His name
I’ll tell the world of His great love
I’ll tell them how I’ve changed

And when I gt the chance to pray
For someone to be saved
I’ll celebrate with the heav’nly host
And lift His name in praise

Oh, glory to the Son of God
Glory to His name
His love has saved us all from sin
I’ll lift my voice in praise

One More Soul

Come to Jesus
He is waiting
Waiting here to comfort you
Come to Jesus
He is calling
Calling out to rescue you

If you do not know my Savior
If you have not asked Him in
Now’s the time to pray in earnest
Today’s the day to call to Him

Long ago He died to save you
Took your sin upon that cross
You no longer have to worry
Jesus Christ has paid the cost

Listen close this is important
He is waiting just for you
Ask the Savior for forgiveness
Ask the Lord to rescue you

Tell Him that you need His mercy
Tell Him you will follow Him
Thank Him for His great salvation
When that’s done He will come in

He will bring you peace that calms you
He will bring abundant joy
He will fill your heart with His love
You’ll have hope forevermore

A song of praise will rise within you
Hallelujahs fill the air
Angels will rejoice in heaven
One more soul is saved down here

Then you’ll share it with your neighbor
He will see the change in you
He will want to share this blessing
One more soul will be rescued

Come to Jesus
He is waiting
Waiting here to comfort you
Come to Jesus
He is calling
Calling out to rescue you

I Am His Child

I knelt before the Lord today
I bowed my head so I could pray
‘Twas then I heard Him softly say
I love you, son.  You are my child

The words were music to my ears
I closed my eyes and felt my tears
The joy inside my heart was real
I felt His love.  It made me smile

I love you too, Lord.  That you know
I asked you in so long ago
You’ve been with me and helped me grow
I thank you, Lord.  I am your child

My child, you have grown in faith
Now it is time you run the race
Please go tell others of my grace
They need to know my love as well

Yes, Lord.  I will do my part
I’ll go tell them to give their heart
I know you’ve loved them from the start
I’ll testify you love them all

With that I lifted up my praise
To Jesus Christ for His sweet grace
I thanked Him for His love this day
Because I know I am His child

Heaven Is Waiting

Your mansion is ready
The streets are all swept
The Light of the city is bright
The angels are singing
The people are gathered
For the moment that you will arrive

There hoping and longing
That soon you’ll be with them
You’ve been apart way to long
But the questions remains
As the days dwindle past
Who will you bring along

Heaven is waiting for you
The crowds are all dressed in white
Find someone today
And show them the way
Take someone to heaven with you

We have been asked to preach
His good news to everyone
So they might believe and be saved
If we’ll just do that task
We’ll have our reward
Find someone who needs His grace

There will be singing
There will be shouting
There will be dancing around the throne
Lots of rejoicing
Loud Hallelujah’s
The day you bring someone else home

Heaven is waiting for you
The crowds are all dressed in white
Find someone today
And show them the way
Take someone to heaven with you


Like a beacon
Let the light show
So the world will see

For the Savior
Light the way for all
You are the light of the world
Because Jesus shines through you
Don’t let the darkness overcome
Let your light shine
Let your light shine
Bright and glorious
We’re victorious
Life in Christ is grand
Sing His praises
Lift His name up
Loud Hosannas raise
When we lift His name in high
He will draw men to Himself
Let’s shine the love of Christ
For all the world to see
So many will believe
They’ll come and be set free
Let’s shine