I heard God Calling

In a voice sweet and low

He said “Child, you are ready

It’s time that you go

You’ve studied and prayed

That the harvest would come

So go out today

And touch everyone.


Hope for despair

Joy for their sorrow

Peace in the storms

Through all their tomorrows


Deliver the captive

Give sight to the blind

Bind up the demons

And cast them aside


Cleansing for lepers

Words for the dumb

Strength for their weakness

Heal everyone


Faith for the doubters

Forgive all their sin

Calm down their minds

Bring solace within


On top of all that

Show mercy each day

Give them my love

Teach them my ways


And treat everyone

With unrestrained grace

Never be harsh

Fill them with praise


And when you have done

All the things I have said

Then people will listen

And souls will be saved”

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