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Life Abundantly

 I can’t explain this peace that washes over me
 Every time a troubled sea is in my soul
 It seems I put my trust in Him to guide me safely home
 Because I know my God is in control
 I can’t explain this joy that brings a smile to my face
 When tribulation rears its ugly head
 I know that He will teach me of His wondrous grace
 And everything will work out for my good
 I can’t explain this hope that says I’m bound for heaven
 I’ve put my faith in Jesus Christ
 He promised He was building me a mansion home
 A place to dwell through my eternal life
 I can’t explain the love that God has shown to me
 His wondrous plan I didn’t even know
 He gave His son to die for me amidst my sinful ways
 Remove them all and wash me white as snow
 Even though I can’t explain it still I know it’s true
 That God became a sacrifice tor me and you
 If there is just one thing you really need to do
 Is call upon His name and He will pardon you
 Your sin was nailed to His cross on calvary
 Forgiveness He has spoken hanging on that tree
 He rose again and to show us His great victory
 Come before the Lord and pray with me
 Father forgive me. Father I have sinned
 Father take my life. Give me joy within
 I now make you Lord of my life today
 Come and show me your precious ways
 If you prayed that prayer now you have life abundantly
 The Son of God has saved your soul today
 I pray you’ll go to church and read your Bible more
 So God can lead you safely on your ay

The Father Has Promised

The Father has promised us rest
In the midst of the trial and test
He will always give us His best
Because He has promised us rest

The Father has promised us peace
He will always set us at ease
All our worries will surely release
Because He has promised us peace

The Father has promised us joy
All our sorrows He will destroy
No enemies weapons annoy
Because He has promised us joy

The Father has promised us hope
Through every trial we will cope
Heaven is ours this we know
Because He has promised us hope

The Father has promised us love
That flows down from His glory above
Throughout life He is enough
Because He has promised us love

Weary Soul

Weary soul
Can you not find peace
Look to the one
Who calms the seas

Weary soul
Can you not find joy
Look to the one
Who never annoys

Weary soul
Can you not find rest
Look to the one
Who says your blessed

Weary soul
Can you not find hope
Look to the one
Who helps you cope

Weary soul
Can you not find love
Look to the one
Who lives above

It’s easy to find myself looking inside my soul and trying to figure out why I am lacking in so many ways. Inside is where my trouble is, after all. My misgivings, misunderstandings, bad thoughts and evil desires all dwell within. They to do not come from outside of me. The lack of joy, peace, hope and rest in my day to day life is caused by outside factors, but it is within me that I have the power to overcome these shortcomings, isn’t it?

I have found the answer to that question is no, it is not a look inside myself that will fix any of those things that stem out of pride. The only way to have those attributes inside myself is to look above, to look to Jesus. He is all of those things and so much more. Lay your burdens at His feet and he will lift you up out of your weariness and into His arms.

Jeremiah 31:25 King James Version (KJV)
25 For I have satiated the weary soul, and I have replenished every sorrowful soul.

Just Amazing

Amazing is His grace
That flows from Calvary
To every heart it comes
To set the captive free

Amazing is His love
No mortal man can know
How much He gave away
Because He loved us so

Amazing is His peace
That calms our every storm
He left this peace for me
He holds me in His arms

Amazing is His joy
My sorrow He dispels
I’m full to overflow
With joy unspeakable

Amazing is the Hope
That comes to me each day
I know my final home
For He has made a way

Amazing just amazing
The things He’s done for me
I’ll give me life to Him
For all eternity

The Believers Life

Many Laughs

I once was a man full of laughter
I was happy for moments in time
I used many laughs through my years
But I never knew which one was mine

Sometimes I’d burst out a HA
Other times snickers were good
A guffaw a cackle or giggle
I’d laugh just as loud as I could

But all of this laughter was surface
I was hurting deep down inside
Because happiness lasts for a moment
After that sadness ruled my life

But then I met Jesus my Savior
He cleansed me from all of my sin
His peace settled into my spirit
He brought me true joy within

Now I have this joy forever
It’s not for a moment and gone
If always sad in your spirit
Look to Jesus and true joy will come

In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/10/20/your-daily-word-prompt-cackle-October-20-2018/

Our Salvation

Life Overflowing

When I think of His mercy
His grace
His passion
His wonderful love
That flows from above

When I see His creation
Hear the birds
See the sunset
His tapestry flows
As nature unfolds

When I think that He came down
From His throne
To die alone
He took my sins
Gave me peace within

When I think that He rose again
Seated on high
On heaven’s throne
He prepares a place
I will see His face

My enraptures my heart
Fills my life overflowing
I am overwhelmed by Jesus
He comforts my soul
His blessings surround me
What a glorious Lord we serve

In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/09/29/your-daily-word-prompt-Enrapture-september-29th-2018/


The Believers Life

Let My Words

Let my words be graceful every day
That whoever hears is blessed
Let me speak only what edifies
That the hearer will lift up his eyes

Let my words bring peace to troubled souls
Comfort in their darkest times
Let me speak only what soothes their pain
So that they might lift your name again

Let my words bring joy where sorrow lurks
That will bubble up inside
Let me speak only what brings a smile
To their saddened face for just a while

Let my words bring hope to those in doubt
That will build their confidence
Let me speak only what their souls need
So that once again through faith they’ll see

Let my words bring love to everyone
That they’ll know my Savior’s heart
Let me speak encouragement to them
That they’ll lift their praise to Him again

This poem was inspired by Ephesians 4:29
Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.

He’s All You Need

Find peace in Jesus He settles your storms
When lightning is flashing you’ll feel no alarm
When you’re in a battle He will bring calm
Find peace in Jesus safe in His arm

Find joy in Jesus that bubbles inside
When life brings a test His joy will not hide
When all seems so wrong He will always abide
Find joy in Jesus He stays by your side

All that you need
All you desire
All that your heart
Will ever require
All that you long for
All your desire
He’s all you need
He’s all you need

Find hope in Jesus that never will die
When all seems lost He’ll lift up your eyes
When darkness comes His light will shine bright
Find hope in Jesus for all of your life

Then there’s His love
His wonderful love
It never gives up
It flows from above
His love is deep
His love is enough
Wonderful love
Wonderful love

All that you need
All you desire
All that your heart
Will ever require
All that you long for
All your desire
He’s all you need
He’s all you need

A Blessing

Be blessed this day my friend
From dawn until the night
May God define your path
May love bring you delight
May joy be yours abundant
May peace make all things bright
Be blessed this day my friend
May Jesus be your light

Be blessed this day my friend
With every step you take
Find mercy all around you
Give mercy that’s not fake
Walk closely with your brother
Fill up their life with grace
Be blessed this day my friend
Show others Jesus’s face

Be blessed this day my friend
May hope be yours today
A hope that’s everlasting
A hope that will not fade
May every moment highlight
The depth of your true faith
Be blessed this day my friend
Walk in God’s holy way

Be blessed this day my friend
Fill up your heart with praise
Sing glory hallelujah
To Jesus’s precious name
Lift up your hands in worship
Let your voice be upraised
Be blessed this day my friend
This blessing’s yours today..

Your Mantra

Do you have a problem with worry
Does fear of the unknown lurk within
Your mind can find no peace
Your heart is not at ease
And it seems there is no joy life can bring

I have a suggestion you should try
That can change the outlook for each day
It takes a little time
But quite soon you will find
Your worries will dissolve along the way

Praise the Lord
Give it all you’ve got
Read His Word
Live it every day
Pray for needs
Listen for His voice
Give Him thanks
For each mercy found

And then take just one verse
Philippians four and eight
And make that verse your mantra
Follow it always

Think on things just
Think on things pure
Think on thing honest
Think on things true
Think on things lovely
Think on things virtuous
Think on things praiseworthy
Think on good reports

Then your mind will be renewed
Your heart will be restored
His peace will flow through you
His joy will overflow
Your life will be at rest
Your spirit will be eased
Worry will dissolve into the air
And you’ll be free

In response to the daily prompt
Your Mantra