The Little Dash

We all live our lives the best that we can

Trying to leave some mark on the land

When our time is done and our life is at rest

Our bodies are laid in the ground


The graves are all marked with a stone of some kind

With some words written to keep through time

And the dates of the life of the person are there

Separated by a dash of a line


That dash is now sandwiched between birth and death

All of your life is wrapped up in it

What does that dash say about you?

That is the question we one day will get.


So let’s make a sandwich that touches our friends

That reaches beyond to incredible ends

Don’t let that dash just be a small line

Let it bring joy and peace through the land



In response to trh daily prompt Sandwich

2 thoughts on “The Little Dash

  1. thoughtsnlifeblog

    Aww …so powerful. Life is the dash. Sandwich between two dates..

    As you know i believe we are immortal soul and jyst the body dies. This piece of yours is so powerful… i feel more determined to be the best i can be so my character , my haburs are good because that is what i the soul will carry to next birth…. not this body or bodily relations… thanks for sharing really enjoyed.

    Liked by 1 person


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