Now I Can See

I can see, I can see said the blind man

As he wiped the mud out of His eyes

He’d been touched by a man whom he did not know

And His sight was now fully realized

He cried where is the man who touched me?

Jesus came up and stood by him

He said I am the one who brought back your sight

Will you now give witness to me?


The man looked at Jesus and smiled

He said surely I’ll ell the whole world

Because I was just blind and now I can see

Just help me to speak the right words

Jesus told him to just tell his story

Of how he’d received his sight

And the man went his way as a witness for Christ

Sharing with all of his might.




In response to the daily prompt Witness

3 thoughts on “Now I Can See

  1. kurtislunz

    Nice one. I read something in Santana’s autobiography I think you would like. It may not be the exact words, but he said, “If you believe in gravity and drop something 100 times; then, 100 times it will fall. But if you believe in Grace as strongly as you believe in gravity; then, 100 out of 100 times you will witness a miracle”



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