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The Believers Life

A Thousand Promises

 A thousand promises you made to me
 Are all sustained by your mercy
 I can depend on every one
 Because of your redeeming blood
 Your healing
 Your deliverance
 Your salvation are all mine
 Your forgiveness
 Your assurance
 Your lovingkindness are all mine
 A home in heaven
 A rock to stand on
 A firm foundation are all mine
 Your grace and mercy
 Your Holy Spirit
 Your peace in trials are all mine
 Your joy unspeakable
 Your faith unshakeable
 Your hope endurable are all mine
 Perfect redemption are all mine
 I could go on and on today
 Of all the things your word does say
 But I will stop right here for now
 Because these truths make me say WOW
 What a Savior.  What a friend
 On your word I can depend
 The King of heaven cares for me
 He caused my blinded eyes to see
 That every day throughout all time
 A thousand promises are mine 

I Will Abide

 I can’t get over what He did for me
 He healed my body and He set me free
 He changed my life beyond what others see
 When He died for me upon that tree
 Precious Lord, all that I need
 I come to you on bended knee
 Please hold me closely to your side
 With you I always will abide
 Now every day He shows me the way
 He fills my mind with words that I should say
 In peace and joy I walk through every day
 I have it made in His sweet grace
 The future looks hopeful and bright
 As He shows me the path to win the fight
 My destiny is in His glorious light
 Close by His side I will abide

I Love That Name

 I look up to the heavens and wonder Who Am I
 That you would send your Son to die for me
 And then I realize it’s not who I am
 But who you are that matters most to me
 You are mercy.  You are grace
 You are righteousness deserving of my praise
 You are holy.  You are awesome
 I will lift my voice and worship your sweet name
 The name of Jesus, oh how wonderful
 The name of Jesus, oh how marvelous
 The name of Jesus, oh how glorious
 I love that name.  I love that name 

His Mercy Has Covered Me

 My Savior rescued me
 From all my misery
 He set my heart on fire
 He gave me His desire
 He’s with me every day
 He guides me in His way
 He is my hope and strength
 I lay my life at His feet
 And I sing Holy, holy, holy is the Lamb
 I sing Holy, holy, holy is the Lamb
 What a wonderful gift He has given to me
 His grace washed my sin away
 Now I rest in His arms and I look in His eyes
 I see His mercy 
 His mercy has covered me 

He Protects Me

 I never will forget the day I found you
 Fifteen hundred miles away from home
 The preacher made me realize
 That I was headed for the fire
 I knew that place was not where I should go
 Later on that week the preacher stopped by
 The house where I was staying with a friend
 We prayed the prayer of faith
 I’m glad He came that day
 For the next day I’d return back home again
 I prayed that he’d forgive me of my sin
 That He would wash me thoroughly within
 A sweat built up inside
 It drenched me like a tide
 I had no doubt that I had been redeemed
 The next day I struck out to go back home
 The drive was long and filled with many tears
 My tire was wobbling bad
 And  I was driving fast
 I just wanted to get home and did not fear
 When I got home I checked with my mechanic
 He looked and said I can’t believe you made it
 This care should not be driven
 Your tire will soon be missing
 A tie rod underneath is loose and split
 My mind just started thinking of my Savior
 And how He rescued me that day from death
 Not just a death of soul
 But He spared my life I know
 If that tire had came off I would be dead
 Jesus  comes to wash my sins away
 Then He protects me every single day
 So I will lift His name
 And give Him all my praise
 I know that He will guide my on my way

Oh, Lord Most High

 Oh, Lord most High, you are merciful
 You brought me out of the grave
 I was dead in my transgressions
 Then all of my sins you forgave
 Oh, Lord Most High, you are gracious
 You pour out your blessings on me
 Peace and joy, hope and love are all mine
 As my heart is laid down at your feet
 Or, Lord most High, you are patient
 There is so much you want me to change
 My life is still not quite perfect
 My priorities you rearrange
 Oh, Lord most High, you are loving
 Despite my enduring pride
 You allow these trials and temptations
 So that only in you I can hide
 Oh, Lord most High, you are holy
 My desire is to be more like you
 Take my heart, my soul and my spirit
 Show me what you want me to do
 Oh, Lord most High, you are worthy
 The praise of my lips I will give
 I will bow down at your footstool
 And love you as long as I live 

My Guiding Light

 All of my life I have been searching for someone to help me out
 All of my days are spent in wandering about
 All of my trials and temptations don’t lead me anywhere
 I have not figured out why I am here
 I have looked to drugs and alcohol to bring me some relief
 But they only added to me sense of grief
 I had money, I was wealthy, I had riches and much fame
 But life only seemed to be a tiresome game
 Then I found the Lord or He found me
 And He told me what I was made to be
 A child of God and forever free
 Now He’s here walking with me
 Jesus is my guiding light
 Jesus is my help at night
 Jesus is the one who saved my soul
 From the depths below
 Now I choose to walk with Him and He shows me the way
 His love shadows over me each day
 I have given everything to follow in His past
 Because I know it will last
 I know the Lord and he knows me
 All that I do and all that I see
 I pray that He will help me be
 All that He has desired for me
 Jesus is my guiding light
 Jesus is my help at night
 Jesus is the one who saves my soul
 From the depths below 
Mercy and Grace

His Mercy is There

I struggle some days to see
The mercy of God for me
I know He is there
I know that He cares
I just don’t know why He loves me

I know He sees all my faults
He sees the worst parts of me
But He quickly forgives
Then He helps me to live
In the mercy He pours out to me

His mercy is always there
His mercy is always there
No matter where I go
His mercy is there
I cannot escape His love
He showers me from above
When I look at myself
His mercy is there

I have to open my eyes
To see all the love He provides
It’s more than enough
To fill up my cup
He has an enormous supply

Now I can plainly see
That His mercy is meant for me
I raise up my hands
I thank God for His plans
He always does the best for me

His mercy is always there
His mercy is always there
No matter where I go
His mercy is there
I cannot escape His love
He showers me from above
When I look at myself
His mercy is there

To Tell

Why do I write these words of mine
Words from my mind that come out in rhyme 
Why do I often take the time
To write down these words of mine

To tell of His love, His wonderful love
That came down from God,  our Father above
Born in a manger, that was enough
To tell of His wonderful love

To tell of the peace He has for you
That helps to sustain you in all you do
And lead you through trials that you’ll go through
To tell of His precious peace

To tell of the joy that bubbles inside 
No matter what life may ask you to hide
This joy overcomes every time you might slide 
To tell of unspeakable joy

To tell of His mercy so rich and free
For on that cross He pardoned me
Rose from the grave so with Him I’ll be
To tell of His marvelous mercy

To tell of His grace so abundant and vast 
To me He brings blessings that will always last 
He showers my life with a glorious blast 
To tell of amazing grace

To tell you that you can be saved today 
All you must do is call on His name 
And Jesus will came so you can give praise
To tell you that Jesus saves

Those are the reasons I write my rhymes 
I desire salvation for all of mankind
These blessings are yours if you’ll take the time
To ask Jesus Christ to abide.

Beneath the Light

The stars shine so brightly at night

They really are quite a sight

I love when they twinkle

My heart feels a sprinkle

Of joy as I watch in delight


Yet as soon as the sun shows it’s face

The stars are all faded away

And though they’re still there

Way up in the air

They seem to be gone out of space


When Jesus came into my life

I faded beneath His pure light

Jesus shines through

In all that I do

I pray that His ligt outshines mine






The starsIn response to the dailly prommpt