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Mercy To Me

When I think of His mercy 
His wonderful mercy
I can’t help but lift up my voice
For it is His mercy
Magnificent mercy
That gives me great cause to rejoice


I was a sinner
A mess of a man
When mercy came calling to me
I heard His voice
And accepted His words
His mercy has now set me free


Mercy saved me
Mercy raised me 
Mercy gave me a brand-new life
Mercy healed me
Mercy sealed me
I’m a child of the King for all time


Now I have Jesus

Beside me each day

He guides me with His gentle hand

I call on His mercy

Whenever I fall

And He will restore me again


Mercy touched me
Mercy cleansed me

Mercy washed all my sins away
Mercy called me
Mercy loved me
And this love follows me every day


So, I sing of His mercy 
His wonderful mercy
I lift up my voice to His name
For it is His mercy
Magnificent mercy
That’s worthy of all my praise


Praise be to Jesus

Wonderful Jesus

The author of mercy is He

I worship you Jesus

Magnificent Jesus

You have shown mercy to me


What A Change!

I have long been searching

For fulfillment in my life

As a child the toys and play would fit the bill

Then my friends would fill my life

But I always needed more

And I searched both in the dale and up the hill


I turned to drugs and alcohol

Thinking this would be the way

Girls were thrown into the mix quite often too

But the more I went that  way

The more I needed more

I just nver got enough to make me full


Then I met Jesus, and all that changed

Every need I had He did supply

His mercy forgave all my misgivings

And His grace has sated every thing inside


I  no longer need to search for my fulfillment

Because all that I need is in His love

If today your life is wandering, not sated

Then why not look to Jesus up above!


In response to the daily prompt Sated

He Is Your Sacrifice

I can’t imagine heaven

Beyond what I can read

A paradise unlike

Any that I’ve ever seen

Prepared from the beginning

For those who find the way

And no one knows when Jesus

Will declare “This is the Day”


Way back in the beginning

The Father had a plan

He created all this earth

And then He made a man

But man’s seed became sinful

When he chose to disobey

And God chose Cherubim

To block our access to the way


Many centuries went by

Before a virgin heard the call

The Holy Ghost descended

And His seed produced a child

They named the child Jesus

He was born to save the world

He taught men of the Father

And healed them with His words


He was hated by the leaders

For the people all loved Him

So, the leaders of the day

Decided He they should condemn

They beat and crucified Him

As He hung His blood dripped down

Then He died before they killed Him

And they buried Him in the ground


Before He went He told us

That He was the Way

And that no one came to God

Unless they came through Him by prayer

His blood would cleanse their sins

And bring healing for disease

And because He rose again

He gave us life eternally


Those who have accepted Him

Will make heaven their home

We’ll dance upon the streets of gold

Never more to roam

If you have not accepted Him

And His wondrous gift of life

Any not ask Him in today

He is your sacrifice.

Don’t Be Psychotic!

Life is full of ups and downs

And ins and outs

And all arounds

It can be so chaotic

We almost get psychotic


But Jesus changes evrything

The joy and peace I found

Keep my life real sound

He loves me oh so much

And I can feel His touch


Do you know Him and His grace

Do you know His love today

If not, dont wait

It’s not too late

Ask Him in your heart today

And bid chaos goodbye!



In response to the daily prompt Chaotic

Are You Prepared?

This time of year is thrilling

As Christmas lights get lit

Anticipation fills the air

As Santa has his list

The children are all smiles

Awaiting the big day

It couldn’t come to fast

For they’re prepared to play


Much like the signs of Christmas

Are the signs of the end times

Calamity throughout the world

And loss of civil minds

The church awaits the coming day

With great anticipation

Are you prepared for Christ’s return

Do you have His salvation?


If not we can take care of that

Right now if you don’t mind

Just ask Jesus to forgive your sins

And make Him Lord of your life

Acknowledge that He died for you

And that he rose again

To give eternal life to you

Forever up in heaven



In response to the daily prompt Anticipation

Pray and Give Thanks

Lord, I thank you for my family
As we share this special day
You know they mean so much to me
In a multitude of ways
And especially I’m thankful
For the wife you’ve given me
She’s more thank I could ask for
She is my everything

I pray for those who are not blessed
With family on this day
Or for those who’ve lost a loved one
And don’t have the words to say
I ask that you would comfort them
In this theirytime of need
And help me to avail myself
To be their friend indeed

I thank you for my health dear Lord
For all that’s going right
Even though I have this cancer
That has given me a fight
I know that you will heal this
And my feet and shoulder too
So I thank you for my health
Because my healing comes from you

I pray for those who suffer
Through sickness and through pain
And do not trust you fully
To bring them health again
I pray you give me words to say
That will encourage them
And then they’ll know your healing
Will touch them in the end

Lord, I thank you for your joy and peace
They are with me all the time
I am filled with great awareness
Of the blessings that are mine
Your joy fills me abundantly
And helps me feel just fine
And your peace keep me from fear
When the trials are so nigh

I pray for those who suffer
With depression or dis-ease
And I ask your Holy Spirit
To bring comfort and bring peace
Help them feel the joy you promised
Down deep inside their soul
So that even in their troubles
Their heart will be made whole.

Lord, I thank you for salvation
You paid the price for me
When you gave your life a sacrifice
Your blood did set me free
You rule my life as Lord of love
And now I plainly see
Whom the Son of God has purchased
He has been set free indeed

I pray for those who don’t know you
That this Thanksgiving day
As we share about the blessings
That you have brought our way
That our words will reach their hearing
And someone will boldly say
How can I get salvation
I want to ask today!

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Have a blessed day!

When Tomorrow Comes

Tomorrow is a day.

We stop to give our thanks

For all the things that bless our earthly lives

We gather with our loved ones

And eat a worthy feast

Remembering all the wonderfully good times


When we give our thanks for family

And those who eat with us

Will we also pray for those we know

Who a close one they have lost?


When we thank God for the meal we eat

So abundant and so good

Will we pray for those who have much less

And perhaps take them some food?


When we give thanks for all the things

That we have been blessed by

Will we pray for those in poverty

That a blessing they will find


When we give thanks to God above

For His salvation plan

Will we pray for those who don’t know Him

And give to them His plan?


When tomorrow comes it’s easy

To give our thanks to God

But this year let’s remember

That’s really not enough


Let’s lift our prayers for others

Who suffer through this day

Let’s lift our hands to help them

With aid along the way


Our blessings weren’t for us to hoard

And save up for some day

They were given so we can give

So let us find a way.


Yes, when tomorrow comes

Let the Golden Rule win out

We can change the world this way

By simple acts of love