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Keep Me Through the Night

 Early morning, waking up
 I rise from off my bed
 And realize quite instantly
 That I am not dead
 So I shake my head real slowly
 From side to side it flows
 And a smile comes upon my face
 It's time to praise the Lord
 I praise Him that He gives me breath
 To wake me up this day
 I praise Him that my eyes still work
 To see me on my way
 I praise Him that I hear the sounds
 That filter through my room
 I praise Him that He's there with me
 That I am not alone
 I praise Him that my arms and hands
 Still have the strength to hold
 I praise Him that my legs will work
 To take me where untold
 I praise Him that I feel His love
 Still shining from above
 I praise Him that His spirit
 Still comes in like a dove
 And now, five minutes in the day
 I know His wondrous grace
 Has kept me through the night again
 So I can praise His name

In Your Arms

 I have travelled here and there
 But I can’t find anywhere
 That is more reassuring than your arms
 I have seen some gorgeous sights
 But you are my guiding light
 I can’t find a better place than in your arms
 In your arms I’m safe from danger
 In your arms I find my peace
 In your arms no enemy can bring me harm
 In your arms I am no stranger
 In your arms I know your grace
 I can’t find a better place than in your arms
 Now each day I look to you
 For you show me what to do
 As I walk the path you planned for me
 I can know all things are good
 I have finally understood
 That your arms are where I truly need to be
 In your arms your mercy rests
 In your arms my healing lies
 In your arms there is no reason for alarm
 In your arms I’m always blessed
 In your arms I’ll never die
 I can’t find a better place than in your arms

Through the Night

 Through the night
 I rest assured
 That you alone will give me every breath
 Through the storm
 I am secure
 For you alone provide me with your strength
 In every situation
 I trust in your salvation
 To guide me down the pathway of my life
 You’re my Lord
 You are my King
 You are my Savior
 My everything.
 And I will trust
 In you alone
 Lord I adore you. 

This was the very first song God gave me back in 2010. After this, the flood gates opened and the songs and choruses just kept coming. I thank God for the advice of my Pastor, who told me to just keep listening when I told him the story of this song. Best advice I ever received!

He Protects Me

 I never will forget the day I found you
 Fifteen hundred miles away from home
 The preacher made me realize
 That I was headed for the fire
 I knew that place was not where I should go
 Later on that week the preacher stopped by
 The house where I was staying with a friend
 We prayed the prayer of faith
 I’m glad He came that day
 For the next day I’d return back home again
 I prayed that he’d forgive me of my sin
 That He would wash me thoroughly within
 A sweat built up inside
 It drenched me like a tide
 I had no doubt that I had been redeemed
 The next day I struck out to go back home
 The drive was long and filled with many tears
 My tire was wobbling bad
 And  I was driving fast
 I just wanted to get home and did not fear
 When I got home I checked with my mechanic
 He looked and said I can’t believe you made it
 This care should not be driven
 Your tire will soon be missing
 A tie rod underneath is loose and split
 My mind just started thinking of my Savior
 And how He rescued me that day from death
 Not just a death of soul
 But He spared my life I know
 If that tire had came off I would be dead
 Jesus  comes to wash my sins away
 Then He protects me every single day
 So I will lift His name
 And give Him all my praise
 I know that He will guide my on my way

Safe in the Arms of God

 I found a place, a quiet place
 Where I could rest, where I feel blessed
 No enemy could harm me there
 Safe in the arms of God
 I found a song deep in my heart
 That lifted up to heaven’s hearth
 I hope I never will depart
 Safe in the arms of God
 There is no reason to despair
 No trouble can alarm me here
 My refuge and my fortress near
 Safe in the arms of God
 A place of grace boundless and free
 A place where mercy covers me
 A place I’ll live eternally
 Safe in the arms of God
 Come join me in this joyful place
 Come look at His adoring face
 Come know His mercy and His grace
 Safe in the arms of God 

God Is With Me

 God is with me In the morning
 When the sun begins to rise
 God is with me in the evening
 When I lay and close my eyes
 God is with me while I’m working
 Giving wisdom for the day
 God is with me when I’m walking
 Guiding me along His way
 God is with me when I’m resting
 Giving peace at the right time
 God is with me when I’m troubled
 Let’s me know He’s right beside
 God is with me when I’m shaken
 By the troubles of this world
 God is with me as a refuge
 When the darts of doubt are hurled
 God is with me all day long
 God is with me in the night
 God is with me in the darkness
 Giving me His guiding light
 God is with me when I’m sleeping
 God is with me when I wake
 God is with me when I’m feeling
 All alone and out of place
 There’s no need to ever worry
 There’s no need to ever fear
 For His word has left the promise
 That He always will be near
 In my weakness He brings strength
 In my trouble He brings peace
 In my worry He brings hope
 In my sorrow joy’s released
 I don’t have to be afraid
 Or have doubt surrounding me
 For I know that every moment
 My great God will be with me 

The Place for Me

My enemy is standing at the door
Grumbling and complaining to get in
I could feel the evil he would pass to me
I didn’t freeze
Got on my knees
Then I heard a voice I had heard before
Saying get away from him, he is mine
I knew it was my Savior and my Lord
He heard my prayer
Down on my knees
The place for me is down on my knees
I can’t stand before the Son of God
His throne is where I want to spend my time
Giving Him praise
Lifting His name
He raised me to my feet and held me tight
I could heard the devil as he walked away
A smile came on my face in that moment
He say me there
Down on my knees
The place for me is down on my knees
There’s no other place I would rather be
It is there my Savior hears my every word
I need to stay
Down on my knees
I know my enemy will return someday
I know he won’t give up that easily
But when he does I know I have a weapon
A humble prayer
Down on my knees
The place for me is down on my knees
There is victory when I surrender all
So I’ll lift my voice and bow my head
And pray to God
Down on my knees

Big Brother

I have a big brother who calls me by name
Whenever I need Him He comes with a plan
No weapon against me will ever stand
My brother will save me by His mighty hand
I have a big brother and He has my back
When resources dwindle I have no lack
Because of His mercy the world gives me slack
And I have relief when the lender attacks
I have a big brother no doctor is He
But when sickness does come all symptoms will flee
When Pain tries to curse me His blood I will plead
Because by His blood I am healed and set free
I have a big brother with Him I’ll abide
When trouble comes near me in His arms I’ll hide
A refuge and fortress in He always provides
I know I am safe when he stands by my side
I have a big brother Jesus is His name
Once I cam to know Him I’ve not been the same
Each day I will rise up and give Him my praise
For He is on my side all of my days

Hide Me

Hide me in your presence
Hide me in your love
Hide me from the plot of the enemy
I can feel secure Lord
In the shelter of your wings
With all my heart I pray
Hide me
There’s a peace that comes from knowing the Lord has surrounded you.  In His presence, the enemy can not come near.  He cannot harm you, torment you, trouble you or tempt you.  The enemy is held at bay by the presence of the Lord.  God has a desire to always have you in His arms, but often we find ourselves prying those arms open and walking off on our own.  Just as we see the nation of Israel wander away from the Lord and then back again, so we wander in and out of His protection.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been curious how Israel could possibly forget how God delivered them from Egypt, or how He parted the Red Sea and the Jordan River.  How could they constantly turn away from a God who did so many miracles, over and over again.  Yet He has done many miracles in my life and before my eyes and I still sometimes walk away from His sheltering wings.
I need to nestle myself in His love.  I need to be captured by His everlasting joy.  I need to be captivated by the boundless hope that only comes from knowing Him.  And I need to reside in the peace that only comes from abiding in the vine.  I pray you find that place as well, because there we are hidden from the enemies attacks.  There we are safe!
Colossians 3:3 King James Version
For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.
The Believers Life

Storms Will Subside

When I’m feeling left out I look in
To see Jesus is right there with me
I’m never alone
When My Saviors along
Always in Him I will be

When I’m feeling down I look up
To see Jesus is looking at me
The smile on His face
Shows me His grace
This is where I want to be

When I’ve lost my way I look back
I see Jesus is running to me
I give Him the lead
He knows what I need
Behind Him is where I must be

When I do not know I look lost
My faith seems a long way from me
His word will I seek
His truth I will speak
My faith will rise up in me

When I might be faced with some trouble
His mercy is all I need
His love will abide
Even storms will subside
I know Jesus is right there with me