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Into the Wilderness

This is an old song I wrote from 2012. I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to post it this morning. I pray it blesses you.

My life is filled with ups and downs trying to find my way around
In a world that keeps me guessing everyday
And when I pray I just don’t know if the answer’s coming slow
Or if he’s showing me his plan another way.

He leads me into the wilderness from the mountaintop
He rows me into the storm then he calms the sea
I don’t need to know where he’s leading me or what he’s going to do
For I know that all he does is for my good

I will follow where he leads me
I will go when he says go
If he opens up a door I will walk through
And if he suddenly turns quiet and I cannot hear his voice
I will wait…..I will wait


I will wait. I will wait. I will wait on the Lord. I will wait

He Shows Up

Though I’ve fallen once again on this journey
I’ve forgotten how to pick myself up
So I cry out to the Lord in my trouble
He shows up. He shows up

It’s amazing that in spite of my failure
He still loves me just the way I am
Every time I need a boost from my Savior
He shows up. He show up

He shows up when I am weary
He shows up when I am down
He shows up when I am reeling
In my fog of sin and doubt
He shows up and leans down to me
He shows up and lifts me out
When I cry out to the Lord
He shows up

I will do my best to follow in His ways
He has shown me what the best path is
I know that if I slip and fall again
He’ll show up. He’ll show up


All I have to do is cry out to Him
All I have to do is say His name
He will come and lift me out of trouble
He will come to save the day


You’re Always With Me

When I am weary you make me strong
When I am lonely you come along
When I am sad you give me a song
You lift me up, Lord Jesus

When I’m in darkness you give me light
When I feel blinded you give me sight
When all seems lost you ease my plight
You lift me up, Lord Jesus

Out of the storm
Out of the waves
Out of the ashes
And miry clay
Out of my sin
Into your grace
You lift me up, Lord Jesus

When I feel hopeless you bring your love
When I am wandering your Spirit comes
When I’m defeated you overcome
You lift me up, Lord Jesus


I do not have to live here alone
You’re always with me
You’re always with me
I can see clearly for your light has shone
You’re always with me
You’re always with me


Listen Closely

I can hear you calling
Calling out to me
Hoping I will listen
To your words of peace

I can hear you whisper
In my quiet times
Telling me you love me
Words that give me life

Help me to listen closely
To your words today
I want to draw in closer
I want to know your ways

For your ways are perfect
You’re always good to me
If I will listen closely
Forever I will be

Walk With Me

I stepped out of the path
That God had planned for me
Every day I found myself
In a place I should not be

I tried to turn and fix my course
But could not find the way
Ready to give up I wept
Then I heard Jesus say

Walk with me my son
I’ll show you the way
You cannot do this on your own
I’ll give you the strength
I’ll hold your hand on every step
Pick you up when you fall
Walk with me through every storm
Fulfill your heavenly call

When I heard His voice I wept
Peace came over me
I knew that it would be all right
He would carry me

I found myself back on the path
That God had led me to
My hope is in the Lord alone
His will now I will do


Praise & Worship

I Can

I can hear Him
Gently speaking
In a whisper
Above the noise of this world
Kind words
Gentle words
Words of life and hope
Words that lift me out of darkness
Into light
I can hear Him

I can see Him
Shining brightly
In all of His creation
The stars
And the birds
Testify of His presence
His presence that is always near me
Without question
I can see Him

I can feel Him
Flowing softly
Through my being
Letting me know He is near
Holding me
Helping me
Walking close beside me
Carrying me when I fall down
He is there
I can feel Him

Oh God of wonder
How precious you are
How wonderful your ways
You fill my days
With your great grace
Your mercy runs
When I am down and out
You always pull me through
And then I know
No matter what comes
With you right here
I can

Your Still Small Voice

I want to hear your voice
When the sunrise dawns
I want to hear your voice
When the sandman yawns
I want to hear your voice
Above all the noise
That crowds into my mind

I want to hear your voice
Not the enemies rants
I want to hear your voice
By my choice not chance
I want to hear your voice
To know in advance
Your plans for my life

Your voice is always directed at me
Your words are meant to bring me peace
Let not an hour go by, Oh Lord
That I don’t hear your still small voice

I want to hear your voice
When I wander away
I want to hear your voice
As it calls me to pray
I want to hear your voice
So I’ll know the way
To draw closer to you


Speak into my life this hour
Speak to me and show your power
There’s power in your voice
Power when you speak
Speak into my life today