He Protects Me

 I never will forget the day I found you
 Fifteen hundred miles away from home
 The preacher made me realize
 That I was headed for the fire
 I knew that place was not where I should go
 Later on that week the preacher stopped by
 The house where I was staying with a friend
 We prayed the prayer of faith
 I’m glad He came that day
 For the next day I’d return back home again
 I prayed that he’d forgive me of my sin
 That He would wash me thoroughly within
 A sweat built up inside
 It drenched me like a tide
 I had no doubt that I had been redeemed
 The next day I struck out to go back home
 The drive was long and filled with many tears
 My tire was wobbling bad
 And  I was driving fast
 I just wanted to get home and did not fear
 When I got home I checked with my mechanic
 He looked and said I can’t believe you made it
 This care should not be driven
 Your tire will soon be missing
 A tie rod underneath is loose and split
 My mind just started thinking of my Savior
 And how He rescued me that day from death
 Not just a death of soul
 But He spared my life I know
 If that tire had came off I would be dead
 Jesus  comes to wash my sins away
 Then He protects me every single day
 So I will lift His name
 And give Him all my praise
 I know that He will guide my on my way

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