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All For Me

All For Me

I was stuck in miry clay
All alone deep in my sin
When the Savior came to me
As I was

He shed His blood for me
Rose again to give me life
Today I stand with Him
As I am

Yesterday, today, forever He will never change
His love and His sweet peace always remain
I can place my trust in Him
For He washed away my sin
Forever I will lift my hands in praise

He’s coming back for me
I will look upon His face
Forever with my Lord
I will be


Yesterday I was lost, He paid the cost
Today I am set free He ransomed me
Tomorrow He will come in clouds above
All for me. All for me


The Believers Life

The Lord is My Shepherd

The Lord is my shepherd in him I abide
He is my provider and He is my guide.
When trouble surrounds me in am I hide.
The Lord is my shepherd in him I abide

The Lord is my shepherd He fills every need
When I fully trust him I am blessed indeed.
My troubles will leave me if his word I heed
When He is my shepherd He fills every need

He leads me beside the Still Waters by day
In everything I am refreshed by the way
If I listen to him and his word I obey
He’ll lead me beside the Still Waters by day

He restores my soul when my strength gives out
I know that by his word there is never doubt
When he lifts me up my praise is a shout
He restores my soul when my strength gives out

He makes me to lie down in pastures of green
He keeps me hunger on His word I feed
I’ll never let anything come in between
He leads me to lie down in pastures of green

He leads me in paths of His righteousness
He showers me with His love and I’m blessed
I cannot imagine anything less
Than walking in paths of his righteousness

Yay though I walk through the valley of death
The Shadows around me will not cause distress
My fear will be gone and He’ll give me rest
Whenever I walk through the valley of death

I will fear no evil for He is with me
When I’m feeling danger His help I will see
I never will doubt that He’ll fill all my needs
I will fear no evil for He is with me

His rod and His staff are comforts indeed
They help guide my path when I cannot see
His peace I will know as I sit at His feet
His rod and His staff are comforts indeed

He prepares a table before my enemies
They can see all the help that my Shepherd gives me
They run off with fear because He protects me
I feast at the table by my enemies

He anoints my head with heavenly oil
His Spirit is with me amidst all my toil
The enemy’s darts He will constantly foil
He anoints me head with heavenly oil

My cup runneth over with goodness from Him
Again and again I can feel Him within
Every day with Him I will win
My cup runneth over with goodness from Him

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
All the days of my life As I bow on my knees
In His house I’ll dwell for eternity
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me

The Believers Life

He is a Friend to Me

I can’t begin to tell you
What Jesus means to me
My Lord and my Savior
A friend when I’m in need

My head leans on His shoulder
His arms encircle me
His voice speaks in my ear
He watches over me

Everything I long for
Everything I need
Everything my heart desires
He has given me

I will praise His holy name
Jesus King of Kings
Lord of Lords Messiah
He is a friend to me

The Believers Life

Alive Again

Who am I Lord
A sinful man
Lost in my own ways
Trying to find a way
To make life right
To feel I’m worth something
To someone
Does anyone see me
Or hear me
Or even care I’m alive
Here in this flesh
Walking down this road
The wide road
The wrong road
Shattered by life
Crying for help
Looking anywhere I can
Drugs are not the answer
Neither is alcohol
Sex is not even close
Money comforts
But does not bring peace
Power is exhilarating
But is fleeting and empty
Fame only lasts for a moment
Like a vapor in the wind
All of life’s pleasures
Bring no joy that lasts
But only sorrow
And I despair in my condition
I am not sure of the way out
I do not know where to go next
Everyone looks at me and sees success
They see happy
They see what I want them to see
But it’s only an image
A projection
Of the external man
Not the internal man
Oh, wretched man that I am
Who will save me
Who will rescue me

In an instant
In an unanticipated moment
Jesus whispers into my ear
With words of peace
Words of joy
Words of a refuge
Safe in His arms
And I weep
My heart breaks
My spirit collapses
My mind is fixed
On His words
I cannot deny them
I cannot refuse them
So I ask Him to forgive me
For my sin
My arrogance
My wandering heart
My sinful ways
Surprisingly to me
He does
A wave of freedom flows over me
I can feel the filthiness leave
I can feel His Spirit enter in
There is no doubt
No way to undo
What he has just done
He has washed my win away
Like a tide washes the shore
Like the light dispels darkness

I am a new man
A new creation
Walking the narrow path
Walking with Him
Blessed by his Spirit
No longer alone
No longer in despair
But filled with joy
Hope and His love
Oh what a Savior
Jesus my Lord
Lamb of God
Wonder of wonders
He has done what I could not do
He has done what no one else could do
He has done what this world cannot d0
He changed my course
From hell to heaven
In the blink of an eye
I am saved
Washed by the blood
Redeemed from my sin
Forever forgiven
Alive again!

Follow Jesus

I have decided
To put my sin behind
To clean this filthy mind
Let light remove the blinds
And follow Jesus

I have determined
My path has gone astray
That I have lost my way
Please turn me back today
And follow Jesus

He is the way the truth the light
His is the only way that’s right
He’ll turn my darkness into light
Jesus only Jesus

Walking With Jesus

Out of the ashes
Up from the depths
I know that His grace
Is covering me

Jesus has freed me
Broken my chains
He gave a promise
To walk with me

Walking with Jesus
Talking with Jesus
Knowing He loves me
Covered by grace
Trusting His mercy
Keeping His word
Having His promise
I give Him praise

I walk along
Never alone
He is there with me
Wherever I go


Sing Hallelujah
Sing Hallelujah
Sing Hallelujah
To the Lamb that was slain (REPEAT)


I Have Decided

I have decided to follow Jesus Christ
He’s the King of all Kings
He’s the Lord of my life
He’s a friend that’s faithful
He supplies all my needs
I have decided to follow His lead

i have decided to live for Jesus Christ
He came down from heaven to offer His life
Creator of all my redeemer is He
I’ll share His love with each person I see

I have decided my life is in Christ
I’ll die to myself and give Him my life
For He has a plan that is tailored for me
He’ll make me all I’m created to be

Will you make this choice to make Jesus your Lord
it’s a choice you shpuld make it should not be ignored
Just ask His forgiveness and turn fro. your sin
And soon His sweet peace will enter within