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If He Loves Me

If He loves me why do I suffer
If He loves me why do I hurt
If He loves me why do the trials of my life bring trouble at every turn
If He loves me why do I tremble
at what the next day will bring
If He loves me when will He come to my side and remove all the things that sting
Isn’t it enough that He died for me to take away my sins?
Isn’t it enough that the comforter comes to settle your heart within?
All that this life will throw at you will never compare to His love
So when trials and tests try to steal all your rest
Come to Jesus for He is enough
His love is always there.  It is always a comfort, always a resting place when trouble comes.  We don’t have to wonder if he loves us if we will just look at the cross.  Look at what he went through for you.  Look at how much He suffered because he loves you.  There is no pain greater than the pain of His heart breaking when the Father turned His head and darkness covered the sky.  He had never been separated from His Father, not for all eternity past.  And yet for three hours, He was covered with sin, and the Father could not look.  That is how much Jesus loves you and me.
When trouble surround you and it seems that a temptation is too hard to bear, get that picture of the cross in your mind.  Think about Jesus on that cross.  In your minds eye look at the blood dripping down from His brow.  Look at the tears in His flesh.  Look at the nails in His feet and hands.  Look at His love poured out.  This is the image that will get you through your tests and trials.  He loved you so much that he stretched out His hands and died for you.  Isn’t that enough?  Does He really need to do any more for you to show you His love?
John 3:16
For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believed in Him would have everlasting life.

Never Will I Ever Leave You

Never have I ever known a friend so faithful
Never have I ever known such joy
Never have I ever known a love unending
Never have I ever met one like you
Jesus what a name.  Name above all names
Mighty Redeemer. Healer of my soul
Jesus, Jesus. How I love that name
Never will I ever leave you
Never have I ever seen such healing power
Never have I ever seen such peace
Never have I ever seen a smile so radiant
Never have I ever met one like you

You fill my heart with joy unspeakable,
Peace unmatchable, love undeniable (REPEAT)
Never will I ever leave you

Poured Out

I can’t imagine why He would come down
From His throne in the heavens above
To become a little baby in a manger
It was His love.  It was His love
I can’t imagine why He would spend time
With a group of ragged men He called His own
He taught them of the ways of His kingdom
It was His love.  It was His love
A love that knows no boundaries
‘A love that knows no end
A love that keeps on giving
A love that calls me friend
A love that gives itself away
A love that welcomes all
His love is more than I can know
His love is all in all
I can’t imagine why he would give His life
To take away my sin and my shame
Then he rose again to grant me eternal life
It was His love.  It was His love
Poured out through the ages.  Poured out on the earth
Poured out from His heart of hearts to all who find His worth
Poured out for our sins.  Poured out for our souls
The blood He shed was poured out by His love
A love that knows no boundaries
‘A love that knows no end
A love that keeps on giving
A love that calls me friend
A love that gives itself away
A love that welcomes all
His love is more than I can know
His love is all in all

Little Old Me

You’ll go to great lengths to bring me home
When I’ve lost my way and am alone
You’ll scale the highest mountain
Or swim the widest sea
Just to come find little old me
You see, I have a tendency to wander
And you have a love that’s fonder
So when I’ve turned to doubt
All you have shown me
You come rescue little old me
I know you’re my Savior.  I know you’re my friend
I know I can trust you.  Your love will not end
But little old me still wanders away
My heart is so glad that your love never fails
Lord help me when I seem to drift
Keep me afloat in the ship
The storm rages strong
In my own troubles sea
Send your peace to little old me
No height. No depth.  No distance too far
No height. No depth,  No distance too far
No height. No depth.  No distance too far
For your love to find me.  Your love will find me
Your love will find little old me

A New Hope

I was shackled
Held by the snare of the enemy
Only I did not know it
I did not feel the chains
The weight
The burden
I was enjoying the pleasure
The high of life
The solitude of my sin
Each day brought new pleasure
New darkness
New shadows in my life
I had no hope
I did not care about the future
Only today mattered
Only what made me feel good today
There was no god
No judge
No one that challenged my way
No one that helped me see where I was going
And I cared not
I had today
I had pleasure
I had money
I thought I was free
I was free to do what I wanted
When I wanted
How I wanted
No guidelines
No destiny
No path to follow
Just a long and winding road
That led nowhere
Then I heard a voice
It sounded faint and soft
It was almost a whisper
In a place where there was shouting
A preacher spouting fire and brimstone
A preacher telling me my destiny
Telling me where I was heading
A place of horror
A place of darkness
A place of fire
I was scared
For the first time I confronted myself
As if looking in a mirror
I sat in that seat
Knowing my destiny now
Knowing it was not a good place
Knowing I did not want to go there
And I heard that voice
That soothing gentle voice
In the middle of my chaos
In the midst of this turmoil in my head
He spoke words of kindness
Of love
Of mercy
Of grace
An I wanted to follow that voice
I wanted to abandon my previous path
And start a new course
A new destiny
A new hope
He said I was chosen
He came to me
I was not seeking Him
I was not looking for a change
I was not wanting a change
But He found me
A wandering sheep
Lost and alone in a sinful world
In a dark place
In a place of bondage and shame
He found me
He loosed the shackles
He untied my hands
He loosened my mind from the enemies control
He set my fee on a new path
With a  new destiny
A new hope
A new life
He made me His own
He made me righteous
He sanctified me
He cleaned me up
He set my feet on higher ground
To stay
Now I write what He speaks
Words of praise
Words of blessing
Words of  grace and mercy
Words of protection and provision
I write His words for you
His voice speaks to me
And I write
My mind is free from clutter
Free from the noises of the world
Free from the shackles of my sin
He has chosen me
I am not sure why
I am not sure where it will lead
But I am sure this is what he has asked
He has called me
To write His words
To share His message
His love
His compassion
To a lost and dying world
Many are where I once was
Many are lost or have lost their way
I can only pray
That one will hear
That one will listen
That I can plant one seed
Touch one life
With His love
His words
Because God so loved the world
He gave His only Son
If you believe in Him
Hope is yours
Love is yours
Peace is yours
Joy is yours
Eternal life is yours
Just ask Him to be your Savior
Allow Him to be your Lord
And the Kingdom of God is yours
The Believers Life

Storms Will Subside

When I’m feeling left out I look in
To see Jesus is right there with me
I’m never alone
When My Saviors along
Always in Him I will be

When I’m feeling down I look up
To see Jesus is looking at me
The smile on His face
Shows me His grace
This is where I want to be

When I’ve lost my way I look back
I see Jesus is running to me
I give Him the lead
He knows what I need
Behind Him is where I must be

When I do not know I look lost
My faith seems a long way from me
His word will I seek
His truth I will speak
My faith will rise up in me

When I might be faced with some trouble
His mercy is all I need
His love will abide
Even storms will subside
I know Jesus is right there with me

Not Now

You come to me softly, calling my name
You ask me if I will do your will today
I say not now Lord, my sin is my game
I have such a hard time removing these chains

You say, Oh my child look around you and see
All the wonders I have laid out just for thee
The sun and the moon, the bird and the bee
How can you choose to have sin and not me

I hear His sweet voice whisper love in my ear
I realize now that it’s God whom I hear
The voice of the enemy soon disappears
I say to my sin, Not now God is here

Then I feel the soft breeze of His wonderful grace
I look for His eyes and the smile on His face
As I lift up my hands and sing out His praise
My sin has now left me and all is erased

Jesus, my Lord is so gracious to me
When I say not now He finds just what I need
A trial or trouble brings me to my knees
He turns my not now into Yes Lord indeed

I find it simply amazing that He could love me. I am an inconsistent brat of a child. I want my own way so often. I fuss and moan and complain when I don’t get what I want. Sometimes I’m like that kid in the grocery store who wants a candy bar but is told no. the cries can be heard throughout the store as the parent drags the child by the arm through the checkout lane, embarrassed by her child’s actions. Discipline is sure to some in some form. Once it is administered, the child comes running to their parent seeking only their love. It is there every time, with arms open wide and a hug for good measure.

God is so patient with me. I may be 68 years young, but I am still a work in progress. There are times I say not now Lord and he sits back and lets me make a mess of things. In the middle of that mess, He comes calling softly, saying He loves me, He wants me, He has forgiven me, He has washed my sins as white as snow. Just when I think I have tested His grace one to many times, He says “My grace is enough for thee.” I feel this rush of new life come inside me as I fall on my knees and seek Him once again, broken and ashamed. Even in my not now moments, He finds me right where I am.

Luke 15:20 King James Version
20 And he arose, and came to his father. But when he was yet a great way off, his father saw him, and had compassion, and ran, and fell on his neck, and kissed him.


Enduring Love

Nothing I have done. No riches I have gained
Nothing I have written. No fame that I’ve attained
Nothing in this life can ever take the place
Of your enduring love and your amazing grace

I look up at the heavens and see the stars so bright
The dawn will soon awaken and birds will sing delight
All nature points to you and sings their songs of praise
For your enduring love and your amazing grace

All that I am I owe to you
All that I’ll be. All that I’ll do
I will forever sing your praise
Enduring love. Amazing grace

I look back at my past and see all you have done
My sins you bore alone. My victory you’ve won
And now I can not help but sing my song of praise
For your enduring love and your amazing grace

I look ahead to what the future holds
I know there’s much that you would have me know
I yield myself to run this lifelong race
Enduring love. Amazing grace

I am always amazed when I hear people say they don’t believe in God. All of nature shows Him to us. He gave us this creation so we could see how much He loves us. Do you really think this just happened by chance? That humming birds somehow gained the ability to fly in place, their wings beating at 10 to 15 times a second? Or that the stars just happened to align themselves to form a big and a small dipper? Or that one star could be at the center of all stars and show us true north, becoming a means of navigation? How could that happen if things just scattered at a big bang? How could one planet be exactly far enough away from a sun to form plant life? How could animals even start to exist without a divine creator to begin the process? How could DNA become so complex without a designer? These questions, and so many more, need to be answered if one does not believe in a God who gives us all things.

As for me, I know He is real. I know he loves me. I know He has had grace upon me. I know He is with me every day. I know He carries me when I am down, heals me when I am sick, delivers me when I am in bondage and encourages me when I am discouraged. He calms my storms and gives me peace. He bore my sorrows and replaces them with joy. I am so thankful for His amazing grace and His enduring love. I don’t want to live without Him

John 15:5 King James Version (KJV)
5 I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.


The priceless love of Jesus
Flows down from heavens throne
His precious blood was spilled for me
That day He died alone

All that he did for me
On the cross of Calvary
Is written in His word
For all to see

I want to know your love, Lord
I want to have it in my heart
I want to know your love, Lord
Fill me up, Fill my cup

Overflow, Lord, overflow
Let the river of your love flow through me
Overflow, Lord, overflow
Let the river of your love flow through me

In John Chapter 4 Jesus told the Samaritan woman that rivers of living water would be given to her if she would drink of the water He had to give. She looked around and saw that he had no cistern or cup, and had nothing to draw water from the well. She asked how he could give her water when He had no way to draw it. What is this living water? How can rivers of it flow through me?

The answer to that has taken me years to figure out. I may still not have it quite right but I will share with you what the Lord is sharing with me. The living water is those precious fruit of the Spirit that come to dwell inside us once we get saved. These attributes of love, joy, peace, long-suffering,, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance are not only ours to enjoy, but also ours to distribute to others. These things should flow out of your life to everyone you meet, so much so that they want what you have. We must make a habit of regularly filling ourselves up again so that we have more to distribute. We can’t just sit back and enjoy our salvation and do nothing. These things will flow out of your life at first, but then they will slowly get corrupted, as a vehicle does with rust, until the fruit are all of no use anymore and have been replaced by opposites. Lover is replaced by .fear, joy by sorrow, peace by turmoil, patience by anxiety, gentleness by a mean spirit, goodness by a disregard for others’ needs, faith by doubt, meekness by pride and temperance by gluttony.. When you start to spread these things around, people disapprove. Your witness becomes boring and typical to them. They expect Christians to fail and be just like them.

Don’t allow your fruit to become moldy! Let the living water overflow from within you so that rivers are formed in the desserts of other people’s lives!

Isaiah 43:18-19
21st Century King James Version
18 “Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old.
19 Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.

Yet He Does

I’ve had my disappointments. I’ve had my ups and downs
I often find that failure has followed me around
So many times I wonder why Jesus stays with me
Too many times I’ve struggled With why He still loves me
Yet He does

When I find I’ve faltered and traveled off the path
My heart will become restless. My faith just does not last
Doubt rises up within me and hope seems far away
I cannot find a reason for Jesus to remain
Yet He does

He loves me. In the midst of my mistakes
He loves me. And He showers me with grace
He loves me. From the dawn to setting sun
He my victory has won.
His loves always overcomes
He loves me

When I know He’s by my side I am thankful He is near
I know that I can call to Him and He will always hear
When difficulties rise His mercy comes around
He doesn’t have to save me from sinking tof o the ground
Yet He does


When I need a healing, He does
When I need delivered, He does
When I need a counselor, He does
When I need a helper, He does

CHORUSGod’s love38 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,

39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.