He Lifts Me

He lifts me
Out of fear into love
Out of doubt into faith
Out of sorrow into joy
Out of turmoil into peace
Out of despair into hope
Out of darkness into light
Out of defeat into victory
Out of pride into humility
Out of anxiety into patience
Out of selfishness into compassion
Out of ignorance into wisdom
Out of weakness into strength
Out of sin into righteousness
Out of bondage into freedom
Out of sickness into healing
Out of depression into optimism
Out of chaos into your plan
Out of being overcome into an overcomer
Out of the miry clay into His loving arms
Out of my will into your way
Out of my flesh into His Spirit
Out of this world into His Kingdom
Out of the lake of fire into eternal life

Ode to God’s Plan for Our Marriage

I’ve been thinking of God’s mercy
And His wondrous love for me
He was with me in my mother’s womb
Forming my head
My hands
My feet
My mind
My heart
Knowing that I would follow Him in my youth
Knowing that I would wander far away
In my teens and early twenties
Knowing that i would repent
And accept the amazing gift of His Son
And eternal life
In my mid-twenties
He formed my would -be wife when I was eight
He nurtured her in her youth knowing one day we would be together
Knowing exactly who she needed to be to deal with me
When I was twenty-six we met and were wed
Forty years later she is still my helpmate
My soulmate
My partner in worship
My everything along with Christ my Lord
What a Savior I have
What an awesome God I Serve
Who would prepare my bride so perfectly
To put up with a mess like me.
I praise Him
For we were both fearfully and wonderfully made
I write songs and hardly play
I do not write music
She plays by ear and can follow my voice
She does not need the music.
How awesome is my God
To prepare our way before us
For the ministry He has given each of us
What grace
What mercy
What love
Does my God have for us
I will praise Him
I will worship Him
I will adore Him
All the days of my life.

Psalmist Musings 1

I will lift my voice to praise my God
I will declare His goodness in all the earth
For He has walked with me through the valley
And held my hand in the pit of destruction
Great is His love for me
When I was in my deepest trial
He comforted me with His words
His voice spoke softly in my ears
I will continually lift my worship to Him
For His mercy endures forever
He will not fail me
Nor will He let me fail
But He will bring me through the storm
Through the wind and the rains
The torrential rains and fierce lightning
Through it all I will exalt Him
And He will quide me safely
For His love for me never fails
And His grace lifts me up.

Through Endless Obstacles

Through the ancient forest
Tall and majestic trees
Reaching to the sky
Raining leaves in a drizzle
To the ragged ground below
Some fall into the brook
Over small rocks
Through tiny culverts
Unceasingly advancing
Through endless obstacles
Nothing stops it
The brook continues on
Like that brook
Which murmurs as it flows
The voice of God speaks
Speaks to ears that will listen
Ears that are open
Hearts that are attentive
Waiting in anticipation
It comes amid this loud world
Thoughts fill our minds
Fleshly thoughts
Godless thoughts
Trying to block out His voice
Ever present
His voice speaks
He’s always there
Like that brook
Trying to find you
Find your ears
Find your heart
Through endless obstacles
Nothing stops it
Except our inability to listen
His voice continues on


Slowly moving
Along the ground
Up the trunk
Out on the branch
Onto the leaf
Food to eat
Bound to the branch
So as not to fall
Encumbered by this world
A slow but steady life

Slowly surrounding
Strong cord attached
Hanging from that branch
Encased in the cocoon
Waiting in the tomb
Bound to the branch
So as not to fall
Encumbered by itself

Glorious beauty
Wings of flight
Emerge from the cocoon
Flying high for all to see
Landing on the leaf
Free from the branch
No more bound
New life

Our souls cry out
Desiring freedom from sin
From our wicked ways
Christ crawls on the cross
He enters the tomb
He arises anew
Bringing new life in His wings
No more bound to sin
We are free to soar
Free from sin
Free forevermore


He is high and lifted up
Higher than the rooftops
They adorn my dwelling places
Where He protects me and shelters me
They protect me from rain and snow
They keep out the cold and heat
Higher than the treetops
Through which the wind gently blows
Rustling the leaves in symphony
Providing accompaniment to the singing birds
Letting us know He is near
So close, moving all the time
Their limbs reaching up to the light
Reaching up to the heavens in praise to Him
Higher than the mountains
Majestic and beautiful
Rising so elegantly to the skies
Reigning over all the earth in size and strength
Unmovable and unshakable
Higher than clouds
Roaming over the earth as the Spirit moves
Providing shade and beauty
Brining the former and latter rain
Clapping with thunder and bursting with lighting
Coming in on the wind
Ever changing their shape and size
Ever bringing new delights
Higher than the stars
Displaying the glory of God
Lighting up the heavens eternally
Giving us direction and stability
Beyond all we can see or imagine
Beyond what our minds can grasp
He looks down at the stars
He looks down over the mountains
He looks down through the clouds
He looks down past the treetops
He looks down past the rooftop of my house
And He lifts me up


Jesus, My Shepherd

Jesus is my shepherd and I am His sheep
He is my refuge and strong tower
A fortress built to withstand any attack from my enemy
He guards me and protects me
He keeps me safe in all situations
He watches over his flock with great diligence and with the utmost love.
As long as I follow him and stay in his flock
There is nothing that I shall ever want for
He provides everything that I need
He brings me to places that are lush with the things I have need of.
His provision is pleasing for both my body and my soul
He supplies life giving nourishment in the green valley pasture
That He lays out before me
I could not ask for a better place to be
There are streams wherever He leads me
Streams of clear, cool, refreshing water that is still
It is living water that never runs dry
I can partake of it easily and often because it is not rushing by me
There are no rocks or rapids in it
It is calm and it calms me
I stand beside it and enjoy the beautiful view
My shepherd restores all that is within me
I can be at peace in these wonderful valleys
My soul can be renewed and revitalize
By the soothing sound of the river of life slowly going by me
The river is full of those things that I need to keep me vibrant and alive
He guides me in the right way all the time
I never have to worry that He will lead me astray
He shows me the way to live my life
So that I will bring Him glory
It is also a way that keeps me safe from all harm
His way helps me to grow in my faith every day
He will never fail me
Even though I am facing the most difficult of circumstances
I will never be afraid
Even when it seems like the walls of my life or crashing in around me
I will not worry
Even when sickness comes in and could destroy me
I will not crumble or complain
I can have this attitude because I know that He is always with me
He will never leave my side
He will never leave me without remedy for my situation
He has the power and the strength to bring me out of anything
I can call upon this power and this strength in His name
It will arrive swiftly when I call
Even if my enemies are coming in around me
I do not have to worry about them
God will prepare a feast for them so they will be my friends.
He will give me calm in the midst of that storm
He is the one who lifts them up
He is the one who brings them down
He is the one who makes nations rise and fall
He is the one that puts their Kings on the throne and removes them.
There is nothing I need to fear from my enemies
Jesus anoints me as His follower with the Holy Spirit
His Spirit teaches me and guides me by His word
Whenever I need His help
He’s always there to comfort me and protect me
He shows me the word
He gives me the understanding on how to apply it to my life
That anointing brings in the fruit of the spirit
Which guide my life and everything that I do
He fills me so full that it runs over to other people around me
They can feel the love, joy and peace of God in their lives
I have no doubt in my mind that His goodness and His Mercy
Will always be my guiding light.
They will go wherever I go
They will be wherever I am
Every day I will have His mercy and His goodness alive in my life
Every day I will taste of the goodness of God for the rest of my life
Not a day will go by that He will not be my shepherd
I will be in his presence for all eternity


Note to Self (revised)

This is an updated version of a poem I posted about a week ago.  I am considering entering it into a contest, so made some revisions with suggestions from my grand-daughter, who is studying poetry in school right now.  I would appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have.

Day 1
As I sit at my desk
Pen in hand
Weary from the day
Note to self
Remember this above all else
Don’t worry so much
Don’t break a sweat over tomorrow
Just concentrate on the gift of today
The present

Day 2
Pen in hand and ready
As my mind wanders
To events of today
Note to self
Never feel alone
God is always with you
Whether you feel Him or not
Trust Him

Day 3
I pick up my pen again
My mind remembers
The troubles of the day
Note to self
This trial will end
It has only come for moment
To help you grow in the faith
It came to pass

I need reminding quite often
That the mercy of God is for me
This His grace will always cover me
That He loves me despite myself
So I write these
Notes to self

Day 4
Upon waking in the morning
Rubbing the sleep
Out of my weary eyes
Note to self
You’ll be okay
Don’t sweat the small stuff
Or even the big stuff for that matter
Give it to God

Day 5
In case I face troubles
In case II have doubt
Note to self
God loves you
No matter what you say or do
He will always be there for you
He is faithful

Day 6
My duty for today
And everyday
Remains the same
Note to self
Give Him your all
Don’t hold back in your witness
Let the world hear your testimony
Be bold for the Lord

Day 7
Note to self