Your Great Love for me

As i look at all you’ve done for me
My heart explodes with love
This undeserving sinner
Knows that you have done enough
And if all of your great mercy
Were to ens this very day
I would atill lift up my voice ro you
And give you all my praise

Great God of grzce and holiness
You’ve made my heart brand new
I think about all you have done
And draw my strength from you
My prayers are always heard by you
You answer ecery time
All that I am and will become
Comes from your great supply

Great God of peace and joyfulness
I come to you today
And ask that you will hear my cry
And gyide me on my way
I don’t deserve all that you’ve done
I don’t deserve your grace
But you have sent yoir only Son
He came to take my place

So i will lift my voice to you
My worship I will give
Because you have redeemed my soul
You’ve given me this gift
All of my days I’ll lift your name
All of my days I’ll give my praise
All of my days I’ll celebrate
Your great love for me

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