The Believers Life

A Thousand Promises

 A thousand promises you made to me
 Are all sustained by your mercy
 I can depend on every one
 Because of your redeeming blood
 Your healing
 Your deliverance
 Your salvation are all mine
 Your forgiveness
 Your assurance
 Your lovingkindness are all mine
 A home in heaven
 A rock to stand on
 A firm foundation are all mine
 Your grace and mercy
 Your Holy Spirit
 Your peace in trials are all mine
 Your joy unspeakable
 Your faith unshakeable
 Your hope endurable are all mine
 Perfect redemption are all mine
 I could go on and on today
 Of all the things your word does say
 But I will stop right here for now
 Because these truths make me say WOW
 What a Savior.  What a friend
 On your word I can depend
 The King of heaven cares for me
 He caused my blinded eyes to see
 That every day throughout all time
 A thousand promises are mine 

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