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His Mercy Still Cover Today

Mercy comes running from the throne of God
It reaches us right where we are
We should never doubt and never fear
That His mercy is always enough

In the wilderness trip of the people of God
God dwelt in the Ark every day
A mercy seat covered this precious abode
And His mercy still covers today

Inside of that ark was the manna from God
And the rod that budded from death
Also, the tablets of law were put there
Then the mercy seat covered this wealth

These three things represent three aspects of God
The rod was His almighty power
He manna showed His provision for all
And the tablets of stone show His law

Yet the mercy seat covered it all in that day
And His mercy should still be in that place
Our witness, our strength, and the things that we say
Should all be covered by mercy and grace

For His mercy still covers today
Everything that we do or we say
Make your witness effective this day
By delivering words of grace

His Mercy Is Always Enough

It’s a wonderful, glorious day
The sun rises high in the sky
Jesus is walking here right by my side
It’s a wonderful, glorious day

He is right there with me each step that I take
When I stumble, He lifts me back up
Every day I’m alive I will trust in His grace
For His mercy is always enough

It’s a grand and spectacular day
I know that my Savior abides
He shows me His plan and is always my guide
It’s a grand and spectacular day


It’s a truly amazing day
The birds lift their song in the air
When I rest in Jesus, I don’t have a care
It’s a truly amazing day


The Song In My Heart

 The song in my heart is mercy
 Your mercy that covers me
 The song in my heart is mercy
 Have mercy, on Lord, on me
 The song in my heart is glory
 Glory to your great name
 The song in my heart is glory
 Glory and all my praise
 All of my praise, all of my worship
 All of my adoration
 All of my love, all my devotion
 All rises up to you
 The song in my heart is holy
 Holy are you Oh, Lord
 The song in my heart is holy
 You are the one I adore
 The song in My heart is Jesus
 Jesus, Jesus
 The song in my heart is Jesus
 Jesus, my risen Lord
 All of my praise, all of my worship
 All of my adoration
 All of my love, all my devotion
 All rises up to you

Effective Prayer

Help Me

 Lord I need your mercy
 For the sins I do
 Help me know your love, Lord
 Help me follow you
 Lord I need forgiveness
 For my thoughts today
 Help me cleanse my mind, Lord
 Help me find my way
 Lord I need your healing
 For my aches and pains
 Help me to believe, Lord
 Help me breathe again
 Lord I need compassion
 For all who are in need
 Help me to reach out, Lord
 Help me do good deeds
 Lord I need deliverance
 From the mess I’m in
 Help me see your grace, Lord
 Help me rise within 

Mercy Now Is Mine

 His mercy overflows
 Into my heart and soul
 Awakening my heart
 Mercy will not depart
 Enduring for all time
 Great mercy now is mine
 Redeeming me from sin
 Delivers me again
 I know His love is sure
 His mercy does endure
 My hope will rest in Him
 With mercy I will win
 Nothing will take away
 This love I feel today
 For mercy now is mine
 And will be for all time

I Love That Name

 I look up to the heavens and wonder Who Am I
 That you would send your Son to die for me
 And then I realize it’s not who I am
 But who you are that matters most to me
 You are mercy.  You are grace
 You are righteousness deserving of my praise
 You are holy.  You are awesome
 I will lift my voice and worship your sweet name
 The name of Jesus, oh how wonderful
 The name of Jesus, oh how marvelous
 The name of Jesus, oh how glorious
 I love that name.  I love that name 

His Mercy Has Covered Me

 My Savior rescued me
 From all my misery
 He set my heart on fire
 He gave me His desire
 He’s with me every day
 He guides me in His way
 He is my hope and strength
 I lay my life at His feet
 And I sing Holy, holy, holy is the Lamb
 I sing Holy, holy, holy is the Lamb
 What a wonderful gift He has given to me
 His grace washed my sin away
 Now I rest in His arms and I look in His eyes
 I see His mercy 
 His mercy has covered me 

You Overrun Me

Sometimes I find myself running. Running away from you
Habits and traits of the past will surface and I don’t know what to do
I feel I have called on your mercy much more than you want me to
So I turn and just start running.  Running away from you
But you overrun me.  You won’t let me go
You catch me in full stride.  My running is slowed
It’s then that your mercy and grace is bestowed
You pour out your love.  You pour out your love
Then I look into your eyes.  Tears roll down my cheeks
I know that your strength has overcome my weakness
You take me in your arms and I can hardly speak
My head rests on your shoulder.  Your mercy at its peak
You overrun me when life gets me down
I know in the flood of shame you won’t let me drown
You take off my garment and give me a gown
You pour out your love.  You pour out your love
You turn me around and we walk in your grace
I look and I see a smile on your face
I can’t help but wonder what you see in me
That when I run away you come after me
Your love overruns me when I go astray
Your mercy and grace will not go away
So I sing this song and give you my praise
You pour out your love on me
In the song Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing the last verse says “Prone to wander Lord I feel it. Prone to leave this God I love.”  That is our human condition.  This flesh we live in, that our souls live in, is prone to walk away from the statutes of God.  We find ourselves running from the very God who has saved us and died for us.  We run because we feel shame, or guilt, or unloved or alone.  We run because we don’t think God will forgive us again for that foul mouth, or that lying tongue, or our impulsive flesh. But nothing could be farther from the truth. 
In the parable of the prodigal son we find the father looking for His son to come home after he had been gone for weeks, or months or years.  We don’t know how long the son had been gone.  The father was always watching for him, hoping he would come home.  When that day came that he saw his son in the distance, he ran to meet him.  He ran to welcome his son home, to pour out his love on him and embrace him.  I can see the son as his father came running, turn and start to run away, afraid of what the father might do to him.  But the father overran him and wrapped his arms around him and pour out grace and mercy on him.  He loved his son just like God loves us!

God and God Alone

I will bow before your throne
You are God and God alone
With my hands uplifted high
I testify

You have been good to me. So good to me
You have been good to me everyday
You have been faithful, Lord. Faithful to me
You have been faithful, Lord everyday

You have shown mercy, Lord. Mercy to me
You have shown mercy, Lord, everyday
You have been gracious, Lord. Gracious to me
You have been , Lord, everyday

I will bow before your throne
You are God and God alone

Wings of Mercy

God rides on wings of mercy
Proclaims His majesty
The greatest wonder in this world
Is His love for me

He lavished grace upon me
When He set me free
The cross He bore made Him my Lord
For all eternity

I always want to stay in His presence
I always want to hold His hand
I want the feel the essence of His Spirit
Filling me again

It is a wonder to me how he could love me so much He would die for me. I was a wretched sinner, guilty of breaking every one of His ten commandments. I blasphemed His name, served other Gods, didn’t give a hoot about the Sabbath and was not an honorable child. Did I murder someone? No, but my words were deadly. Maybe not adultery in it’s true sense, but fornication and lasciviousness again and again. I was a thief, a coveter and a liar. I didn’t not care about those commandments. On top of that I was a drunk who loved certain drugs. I was a mess.

But He found me where I was. He cried out to me and called me to come to Him/ His mercy beckoned me to ask for forgiveness and His grace washed me whiter than snow. The day I asked Him to be my Lord was the greatest day in my life because I started to understand His love. After walking with Him for over 35 years I am still trying to wrap my head around His great love. It is a miracle!

John 3:16 KJV
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever would believe in Him would not perish but have everlasting life.